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Richonne “Say Yes” Review by Lauren Avila


I’m the queen of the world! Woo-hoo! I feel like I’m flying at the front of the most magnificent ship on television. Rick and Michonne Grimes are honestly one of the strongest, healthiest, and inspiring couples I’ve ever seen in any media form. I know it sounds cliche, and they are anything but cliche, but they complete each other. It’s remarkable really because independently they are already capable warriors who don’t NEED anyone but that’s essentially what makes this pair so amazing. Rick and Michonne on their own are survivors, but together they are an unstoppable force. This episode really was a beautiful tribute to each character but a undeniable display of their impressive teamwork. I loved this episode so much I can hardly express why. It was the little things that made me the happiest. I truly appreciate the hardwork that goes into The Walking Dead. The whole cast, crew, writers, and producers are in a caliber quite different from any other tv show out there. It’s such a gift to be able to pick up on new things each time you see an episode. As some fans might have noticed. There was a lot more to the episode than just what was at the surface, as often there is in any episode. Okay, so let’s dive in. There were parts of the episode that I was swooning over as a fangirl but other parts that I found I was completely fascinated by as a regular viewer. I found there was a lot of symbolism and signs going on especially regarding callbacks to other episodes and possible foreshadowing to the future. Let’s first discuss all the callbacks. As a whole, I feel like this episode sort of embodied their journey so far, individually and together. If you look enough into it (as a fangirl), you might even say this was like going down an AISLE of memory lane. ;)

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This goofy OC has a story behind him.

Basically I dreamed I was in a Walking Dead-esque scenario, I was in a group and we wanted to survive the walkers, later I found a city where there were GOOD zombies who could talk and be normal lived among the living and the city looked like a very traditional rural Mexican town, with all the decorations and people in folkloric outfits and idunno one of the undead who greeted me looked like Jack Skellington but in a mariachi outfit. 

My group of survivors didn’t trust the undead, whispering and muttering that “just wait and see how they’ll turn against us too.” We were later on a humble werehouse/home thing and got served fried beans and tortillas. 

We ate and then the Mariachi Skellington guided me and we found ourselves on the town Main Street and then I decided to enter the library and they were playing some obscure 90s “kewl” high school version of Scooby Doo that was considered lost media, some lady in there was re-constructing and retracing old posters or lost books of that particular show. And because I do graphic design, she asked me to help her. Then one teenage werewolf gothic character from this non-existent scooby doo show my dream made up, turned out to be Mariachi Skellington when he was alive.

This character is the werewolf from the dream.

Reparenting Affirmations:

I am so glad you were born. You are a good person. I love who you are and am doing my best to always be on your side. You can come to me whenever you’re feeling hurt or bad. You do not have to be perfect to get my love and protection. All of your feelings are okay with me. I am always glad to see you. It is okay for you to be angry and I won’t let you hurt yourself or others when you are. You can make mistakes - they are your teachers. You can know what you need and ask for help. You can have your own preferences and tastes. You are a delight to my eyes. You can choose your own values. You can pick your own friends, and you don’t have to like everyone. You can sometimes feel confused and ambivalent, and not know all the answers. I am very proud of you.

—  Pete Walker, Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving

SUMMARY: I have a request! I was wondering if you could do one where the reader is almost raped, but before anything bad happens Negan, reader’s husband from before everything went to shit, saves her by killing the guy like he killed David

WARNINGS: Strong language, attempted rape, violence, death

NOTE: I do not condone rape or any type of violence. I’m not trying to romanticise serious topics such as rape either, this is only an imagine, nothing more.


“Baby.” Negan’s voice was low, his arms wounding tighter around your waist,“It’s time to get up.”

You whined, holding his hands to your chest and refusing to let go,“I don’t wanna do anything.”

He chuckled and kissed your cheek before gently slipping out of your grasp.

"Babe, you don’t have to do shit but I have a muthafucking Sanctuary to take care of.” Negan’s naked form appeared from under the duvet as he stood up from the bed. His body shone under the rising sun that was peaking through the blinds and the scratches and hickies all over his body reminded you of your adventures the night before. Soon, you heard Negan go into the bathroom. After a few minutes, he finished brushing his teeth and went back to your bedroom.

Begrudgingly, you sat up, holding your blanket to your chest to hide your breasts. Negan crawled on the bed towards you, the smell of the mint collided with your classic case of morning breath. He bent down and kissed your cheek before secretly taking the blanket with him as he stood up. You squealed and tried to get the blanket back, never really caring for your bare body but you were cold.

"Baby, get ready.” Negan ordered when all the laughter died down after you both heard gunshots outside. 

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Daryl Dixon Imagines Masterlist

Promise - You’ve escaped the prison alone. Being close to death you only wish for one thing

Too far gone - You have a fight with Daryl and run away, but he comes after you

The Father’s Heart (Part 1) - You’re pregnant. A few days before the birth Daryl gets injured

The Father’s Heart (Part 2) - the baby arrives.

Out in the woods - Daryl asks you to spend the night in a small cottage 

Summer Heat - it’s a hot summer day and you get to enjoy it with Daryl

A new Life (Part 1) - you think you might be pregnant

A new Life (Part 2) - you’re actually pregnant. Now you have to tell Daryl

The Strength to Survive - you get trapped by walkers and think you’re done for until you realize there’s so much for you to live for

The philosophical View - a story about a glass.

This Day and Never Again (Part 1) - You’ve been seperated from the group after the prison feel, now you meet Joe’s group.

This Day and Never Again (Part 2) - Daryl is with the group, but what looks like a good turn of events turns out to be not

First Snow - Staring at the freshly dug graves you try to remember the names of the dead

You are my World - you’re very close to Daryl, but one day that isn’t enough anymore

One Step Ahead - Carl and you have a prank war. One day you and Daryl decide to prank Carl together

The Day You Survived - you and Maggie are anxiously awaiting the return of your loved ones

Glimmer of Hope (Part 1) - you find a man trapped by walkers and decide to help him

Solitude (Part 2) - Back at the prison you meet with Rick who had been a friend of yours for years

Always With You (Part 3) - You decide to leave the prison after you hear Rick and Daryl arguing about you

Lessons to Learn - You’re a foreigner who doesn speak english. Daryl doesn’t care

If You Leave Me (Part 1) - You’ve been married to Daryl for years and have a son. While trying to survive you discover you’re pregnant again

I won’t leave You (Part 2) - You’ve been married to Daryl for years and have a son. While trying to survive you discover you’re pregnant again

Under my Skin - Daryl brings you to a small tattoo parlor

Back Again - you’re with Rick, Carl and Michonne when you meet the Claimers

For all Eternity - Teenager AU: you and Daryl have been dating for a while. Now you decide to tell your parents

The Treatment (Part 1) - you’ve been secretly dating Daryl in Highshool until you left him for your career. Now you meet again

Starting Over (Part 2) - you’ve been secretly dating Daryl in Highshool until you left him for your career. Now you meet again

Out of the Ashes - Sequel to I won’t leave You - You’re in Alexandria, pregnant. When you go into labour things start to get complicated

Curiosity killed the Cat - you find a cabin surrounded by walkers and decide to look for what had attracted them

Kiss me - you’re a scientist and you have been working on a cure. One day you talk with Abraham who is more than excited about the new. His reaction does not amuse Daryl

Shot - you get injured while on a run. Back at Alexandria Daryl has to tell your son

Nearer - you’ve been close to Daryl, but since you got to Alexandria he started to seperate himself from you

Brother - you’re with Merle and Daryl from the very beginning. One day Daryl finally stands up to his brother

Unravel - you fell in love with Daryl. However you worry that he loves you for the wrong reasons

Sing for Me - you’ve been a singer all your life but since it’s Beth’s thing you barely sing anymore. One night Daryl catches you singing to yourself

Oh Deer - you’re dating Daryl when you meet the group in Atlanta. One day the two of you go hunting together

One last Time - After your break-up you decide to leave the group and go with Abraham and his group

Nearer (Sequel) - After Daryl made clear to Glenn that he better stays away from you, he asks you to join him on a run

By your Side - Daryl finally proposed to you. In an attempt to surprise you he starts planning the wedding ceremony on his own

Still his Brother - Sequel to Brother, you meet with the group in Atlanta

Christmas Carol - Carol had a little christmas party planned and you drag Daryl with you

Rueful Past - When you start to live in Alexandria your past finally catches up with you

Losing You - you’ve escaped the prison with Daryl but he got quite an attitude towards you making you wonder what exactly you did wrong

Your Voice - you stopped talking a while ago. When Daryl and Aaron find you you decide to give it a try again

Ever let the Stars fall Down - you’re stargazing with Daryl

She loves Me (Sequel) - Daryl’s determined to confess, but things always turn out different than expected

Hope - Glenn is your best friend. After he hooks up with Maggie he spends less time with you, so you start looking for company and find it in Daryl

Mr. and Mrs. Dixon - You and Daryl are enjoying a nice day in Alexandria when suddenly Daryl asks you to marry him

Cold - you got shot and left behind. After months had passed you meet Daryl again

Finding You - Daryl finds you tied up and bloody. He has to fight his way through to you

Always Mine - you and Daryl have been close since Atlanta. One night he confronts you about Shane

Narrow Spaces - you and Daryl are out on a run when you get trapped in a small room

One Last Time (Sequel) - you left Daryl to got with Abraham and his group. Now you’re back

Stuff and Things - you’re teasing Rick and later enjoy some time with Daryl

Conquering the stars - you’re outside with Daryl telling him stories about the stars

Related by Blood - your family and ex-boyfriend join the prison family. Daryl’s not too happy about your ex being there.

Truth or Dare - while playing a game of Truth and Dare you’re dared to confess to Daryl.

Grateful - you watch Daryl being with your kids and you’re really proud of what he had become

Monster - after Daryl suddenly left Alexandria you’re going after him and find him in an old store

Mother of Two - you’re a mother of two girls. You get trapped by walkers. When there’s seemigly no way out Daryl comes to your rescue

Dance with Me - you and Daryl have a little game going one. Then one day it’s finally your turn to win and make a wish

Thunder - you’re afraid of thunderstorms. Daryl helps you through a panic attack

Safe Bet - the group bet on you and Daryl getting together. One day Glenn lets you in on the plan trying to convince you to confess to Daryl

Mother’s Heart -you couldn’t imagine a life without Daryl…just as he can’t imagine a life without you. One day he has to face the bitter reality

A Good Night’s Sleep - one night you wake up after a long nap on the couch. After asking Rick and Carol where Daryl might possibly be you find Daryl on the roof of your house

War never changes - you’re married to Daryl. When everything starts he has to leave you behind. Months later you meet again.

I breathe therefore I am - Daryl is seemingly not over Beth’s death yet. He spends a lot of time with you and you develop feelings for him. One day you confront him.

Scream - You’re attacked by Shane. Daryl comes to your rescue.

Tears of Joy - You’re pregnant and decide to announce it to the group. Daryl gets upset thinking you’re embarrassed to admit he’s the father.

Scarred - While on a run you get injured leaving a long scar across your face. After weeks of hiding in your room Daryl tries to talk to you.

Happy Birthday - You’re out on a run with Daryl when he reminds you that it is your Birthday.

Safe and Sound - After you get left behind by Father Gabriel Daryl goes on a rampage to rescue you.

Over - You’re really close to Daryl. One day you decide to confess your love to him. When you arrive to Alexandria your life gets turned upside down again.

Good Enough - You overhear an argument between Shane and Daryl.  When they finally seperate you decide to follow Daryl

One of Us - You’re one of the Saviors. When Daryl sees you for the first time he decides to spare your life and bring you to Alexandria with him.

Breathe - You have asthma but won’t tell the group. One day Daryl finds out.

Lazy Sunday - You spend a lazy Sunday in bed with Daryl.

Not her - When the Wolves attack Daryl is worried about your safety. When he loses you out of sight he’s preparing himself for the worst.

Inseparable - Daryl has a surprise for you. You’re not too happy about being surprised at first but that surprise is absolutely worth it.

Darkness - The group is captured by Negan. In a desperate attempt you try to rescue them by convincing Negan to take your life instead.

Innuendo - Much to Daryl’s annoyance you keep calling him cute. One day he urges you to tell him why you keep doing this.

Not their Problem - Happy Birthday Part Two: After your first kiss you start dating Daryl. After a month of hiding you decide to tell the group.

Fight me - After you’ve been almost injured and almost killed twice Daryl decides that you need a little extra combat training.

Holding on and Letting Go - Rick asks you to deliver a box to Aiden’s house. When you reach it Aiden starts insulting you and even hits you. When you get home to Daryl the pain in your stomach becomes unbearable.

Keep Breathing - Sequel to Breathe - Daryl had been visiting you every evening. One night he comes home late and your conversation does not go as expected.

One of Us: Chapter two - Daryl finally got enough faith in her to let her out of the cell under one condition: She’s not going to leave his side, stay where he can see her. When they walk out of the prison room they meet Denise who asks to join them on a run.

It is You I had Loved - Bethyl Imagine

The Devil’s Daughter - After the attack against the Saviors, Daryl and Glenn find a girl handcuffed to a pipe and decide to take her with them.

Center of his Universe - You’re Rick’s eldest daughter and secretly dating Daryl. When Rick finds out he’s furious.

Love Lost - You’ve been married to Daryl for years and you’ve always considered the two of you happily married. You watch in shock as Daryl gets closer and closer to Carol while slowly getting away from you. One day you don’t come back from a run and Daryl dashes out to find you.

Pieces of You - When arriving at Terminus Daryl finds a few pieces of your most treasured possesions, leading him to the assumption that you’re dead. After months of grieving he stumbles across a familiar figure in the woods.

Angel with a Shotgun - Daryl keeps picking at you. When you save him one day he confesses why he kept bullying you.

Heartbeat - After a fight with Daryl you storm out of the prison and into the woods.

Lost Wings - Ever since you left Terminus and Atlanta Daryl had been acting strange. One day you confront him about it without knowing that the reason he’s acting so strangly is because of what he thinks happened to you at Terminus.

Moonlight - You and Daryl have been seperated when the outbreak hit. Not one day goes by where he doesn’t miss his wife and daughter. One day Maggie and Glenn bring in new people…

Moonlight Sequel - You and Daryl have been seperated when the outbreak hit. Not one day goes by where he doesn’t miss his wife and daughter. When they finally reunite Daryl is overwhelmed.

A Night like This - Daryl overhears you talking to Maggie and Glenn about your feelings for him. Later that night you have an unexpected visitor at your door.

Nights like These - A Night like This Sequel - After you spend the night with Daryl he promises to come back this evening. Coming back from a run with Maggie and Glenn you wait for Daryl to show up.

Of Weakness and Strength - You’re out on a run with Daryl completely lost in thought wondering if you would one day become a fighter like the others.

High as a Bird - You’re Daryl’s younger sister. One day you get injured and get painkillers to ease the pain. When you wake up you don’t feel like yourself. 

Home, sweet Home - Daryl had been injured on a run and he’s not too happy with not being able to do anything himself. However, when you find him under the shower you are finally able to propitiate him.

But if I’m it, the last of my kind, the last page of human history, like hell I’m going to let the story end this way. I may be the last one, but I am the one still standing. I am the one turning to face the faceless hunter in the woods on an abandoned highway. I am the one not running but facing. Because if I am the last one, then I am humanity. And if this is humanity’s last war, then I am the battlefield.
—  Rick Yancey, The 5th Wave

anonymous asked:

Since this story makes it seem that Nissa's shift into GU might be more permanent than we initially thought, we might end up without a mono-green planeswalker. Do you know of any good candidates for the mono-green planeswalker spot? Perhaps a surviving pre-mending walker or post-mending walker who never got a card? Just wondering.

I think it’s more likely that we get a new green planeswalker than have an old one return for the ongoing story (it’d be different if we’re talking a supplemental product). A cleansed/cured Garruk is the most likely candidate for an existing character shifting mono-green, I think.

Basically everyone who mattered pre-mending is dead. Apocalypse and Future Sight did a great job tying up loose ends.

shoutout to meera reed bc i would’ve fuckin ran for my life and left bran with the white walkers but homegirl carried bran through the snow while being chased by the got zombies even if that meant like a .000000000000000001% chance of survival and when the white walkers caught up to them, u know what she did she fucking shielded his body with hers so yep she is underappreciated queen and just wow i need friends like the reeds in my life