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To the girls with...

To the girl with the pregnancy test in the grocery store bathroom, waiting impatiently to see her results, you will survive.
To the girl with the packed backpack full of clothes and photos, getting kicked out by her parents because she is pregnant, you will survive.
To the girl with the boy who left her because he won’t own up to his responsibilities of being a father, you will survive.
To the girl going into labor who is scared of the change her life will have when she gives birth, you will survive.
To the girl with the life plan who can not bring a child into the world yet, you will survive.
To the girl with the pain in the hospital room alone without an infant to take home, you will survive.
To the girl with the crying infant who has not slept in weeks, you will survive.
To the girl with the scrutiny of society because she became pregnant as a teenager, you will survive.
I will not lie and say you will be ok, because life is a roller coaster and no one knows if life will get better or worse, but I do know you will survive through this journey.
You will come out stronger and wiser than before.
You are not defined by the words and judgments of others.
You are defined by your perception of who you are, not anyone else’s.


it’s always sunny in philadelphia character tropes charlie kelly; would it be weird if you survived an abortion? would it be weird if, like, you shared a bed with a man who may or may not be your father? would it be weird if you eat cat food to go to sleep and you have such a fascination with cats that maybe you glue cat hair on the back of your neck every now and then?

I don’t get people who ask others to give them money to get an abortion (in the situation where the only reason why they want an abortion is because they don’t want a baby). Like I understand that you don’t have the money to rise a baby but guess what, if you don’t get abortion you can give a baby up for adoption, and you don’t have to beg people to give you money to kill someone.

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im kind of confused by always sunny like what is it actually about? like some of the things in it make me rly uncomfortable like the whole thing with carmen and mac's homophobia and the casual racism nd stuff in it nd i just dont kno how im supposed to react to it like am i supposed to love it and find it funny or hate it and the characters or? idk nd ive been on the iasip reddit as well and its a lot different from what ive seen the fandom on here talk abt tbh? idk

this is a really good question! and one that i had myself before i started the show. unfortunately it’s not something i can answer very briefly so please bear with me. i’m just gonna throw out the facts and things as i see them and then you can draw your own conclusions on how to feel about the show; i will readily admit that it has more than its share of legitimate issues and that the show just isn’t for everyone.

so the basic premise of the show is that four self-centered assholes (joined by a fifth self-centered asshole in season 2) own a shitty irish bar in south philadelphia. they never actually RUN the bar, though, because they’re too busy trying to run get-rich-quick schemes or because they’re doing other stupid things.

if you ask the writers, they will say that there IS no premise; it’s just a show about these horrible characters living out their sad, pathetic lives.

the truth is somewhere in the middle– the show is one third social/political satire, one third nihilist comedy, and one third character-driven tragedy.

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I'm pro-life because

Aside from the fact that life begins at conception, and all life is beautiful and valuable:

I’ve had conversations with people who actually believe that abortion at 9 months is okay. (I want you to really think about that. Think about slapping your nine moth old newborn baby in the face. Would it hurt? Think how bad an abortion would hurt.)

Women in other countries can be forced to have abortions.

We have a president who does NOT support the Born Alive act and actively voted against it before he was elected president.(The Born Alive act offers protection and medical care to babies who survive abortions)

There are several cases of babies being born after abortions and being left to die in closets of hospitals because that’s how little we value infant life. (Infanticide is murder, in case ya’ll forgot)

Doctors have done studies on babies in the womb and figured out that yes, they are capable of feeling pain.

People can decide they want a boy child and abort their baby girl over and over again to get it right.

I have heard testimonials from women who have had abortions and have reported that they could hear their baby screaming. (Whether it really happened or was because of the emotional bond between mother and child, that’s really something to take into consideration)

People can decide a disabled child isn’t worthy of life and abort it. If that isn’t a slap in the face to me and every other disabled person I don’t know what is.

I’m against the gross dismemberment of defenceless children, NO MATTER WHAT.

Abortion takes a child away from the father. Yeah, remember the father? He’s 50% the reason that the child is even there? It’s his flesh and blood and he gets no say in it. ABORTION IS NOT A WOMANS RIGHT.


Funny how everyone who is pro choice has already had the privilege of being born.

I’ve seen the photos. And if you haven’t, maybe that’s the reason you’re still pro choice.

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Fuck-Marry-Kill. doriannasteiner, dollybells2blog1971 and elisabeth-brown

My first question is how old you are? Second question is why is frozen water are sooo intelligent more than you and my last question is how you survive abortion from your prostitute mom and Shrek? Fucking hell you are seriously the biggest embarrassment of nature!!!

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Kinda out of nowhere but do you think that the overwhelming negative response to metal gear survive killed any chance of it being released? I think I saw something talking about it months ago and now nothing. It's almost like it was them being our gf being like "I'm pregnant" and us being like "I don't want it" metal gear survive was aborted basically I think but still honestly no matter how shit it might have been I still wanted to give it a fair chance

They’re still releasing it, they released screenshots yesterday and it’s at the E3 showfloor.

I was certain it was dead at this point but they’re deadset on releasing it in a few months.

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Thank so much for your kind and thoughtful words. I hold on to them dearly. I'm very sorry you went through it too. It really is a painful experience. I do beat myself up for it even though I shouldn't and I will look after myself and try to find a positive outlook on this. I have to return to the clinic in a week and I'm nervous, I was told that since the baby was less than 6 weeks there could be a chance that it could've survived the abortion but I feel emptiness so I don't have much hope. ❣️

My love, as hard as it is, those odds are extremely low, and you might only be hurting yourself more if you go into it believing you’re still carrying. The loss and its grief are tremendous, bigger than anything I’ve ever known. But it made me a better person, a kinder person, and I don’t take nearly as many things (other people, my body,) for granted. My understanding of life was turned upside down, and I’m sure yours has also.

But I want you to know that I love you, and that I’m praying for you and your babe up in heaven. You deserve to forgive yourself. You did the best you could–you did the least violent thing you could. You are not a murderer. You are forgiven and held and loved in your grief, and anything you feel about it from this point on is okay.

And, you’re not alone. I love you, and you have a whole world of women (and others) who’ve been there and are loving you in this moment. I don’t know if you’re religious, and if so, what you believe in, but I would love to say a prayer for you - I hope that’s alright?

I’m glad you’re taking it easy and working on forgiving yourself. Honestly, the bf is so secondary to that. Love the person you were that day the clinic. She needs to know you love and forgive her. That’s what matters most. I’ll be thinking and sending loving thoughts her (and your) way too. ❤️


Girlfriend & Muse

Suze Rotolo [Susan Elizabeth Rotolo; 20.11.43 - 25.02.11]

Suze Rotolo was an artist, and the girlfriend of Bob Dylan from 1961 to 1964. Dylan later acknowledged her strong influence on his music and art during that period. Rotolo is the woman walking with him on the cover of his album The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan. As an artist, she specialized in artists’ books and taught at the Parsons School of Design in New York City.

Rotolo became pregnant in 1963 by Dylan and had an abortion. Their relationship failed to survive the abortion, Dylan’s affair with Joan Baez and the hostility of the Rotolo family. They broke up in 1964, in circumstances which Dylan described in his “Ballad in Plain D”. Rotolo has been credited as the inspiration behind several of his finest love songs, including “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright”, “Tomorrow Is a Long Time”, “One Too Many Mornings”, and “Boots of Spanish Leather”.

Right from the start I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was the most erotic thing I’d ever seen. She was fair skinned and golden haired, full-blood Italian. The air was suddenly filled with banana leaves. We started talking and my head started to spin. Cupid’s arrow had whistled past my ears before, but this time it hit me in the heart and the weight of it dragged me overboard… Meeting her was like stepping into the tales of 1001 Arabian Nights. She had a smile that could light up a street full of people and was extremely lively, had a kind of voluptuousness—a Rodin sculpture come to life.” -Bob Dylan

Bob was charismatic: he was a beacon, a lighthouse, he was also a black hole. He required committed backup and protection I was unable to provide consistently, probably because I needed them myself. I could no longer cope with all the pressure, gossip, truth and lies that living with Bob entailed. I was unable to find solid ground. I was on quicksand and very vulnerable.” -about the downfall of her relationship with Dylan

People say I was an influence on him, but we influenced each other. His interests were filtered through me and my interests, like the books I had, were filtered through him … It was always sincere on his part. The guy saw things. He had an incredible ability to see and sponge—there was a genius in that. The ability to create out of everything that’s flying around. To synthesize it. To put it in words and music.

Plants Are Far More Intelligent Than We Ever Assumed

Like higher organisms, plants appear able to make complex decisions. A new study shows that plants may be able to initiate a survival mechanism by aborting their own seeds to prevent parasite infestation.

Plants have previously been shown to draw alternative sources of energy from other plants. Plants influence each other in many ways and they communicate through “nanomechanical oscillations” vibrations on the tiniest atomic or molecular scale or as close as you can get to telepathic communication.

Plants exhibit intelligence with an intrinsic ability to process information from several type of stimuli that allows optimal decisions about future activities in a given environment.

Stefano Mancuso from the International Laboratory of Plant Neurobiology at the University of Florence, Italy, and his colleagues are starting to apply rigorous standards to study plant hearing (Trends in Plant Sciences, vol17, p323). Their preliminary results indicate that corn roots grow towards specific frequencies of vibrations. What is even more surprising is their finding that roots themselves may also be emitting sound waves. For now, though, we have no idea how a plant might produce sound signals let alone how they might detect them.

Scientists from the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research (UFZ) and the University of Gottingen have now shown from their investigations on Barberry (Berberis vulgaris), that it is is able to abort its own seeds to prevent parasite infestation.

The results, as reported in a news release, are the first ecological evidence of complex behavior in plants. They indicate that this species has a structural memory, is able to differentiate between inner and outer conditions as well as anticipate future risks, scientists write in the renowned journal American Naturalist — the premier peer-reviewed American journal for theoretical ecology.

The European barberry or simply Barberry (Berberis vulgaris) is a species of shrub distributed throughout Europe. It is related to the Oregon grape (Mahonia aquifolium) that is native to North America and that has been spreading through Europe for years. Scientists compared both species to find a marked difference in parasite infestation: “a highly specialized species of tephritid fruit fly, whose larvae actually feed on the seeds of the native Barberry, was found to have a tenfold higher population density on its new host plant, the Oregon grape”, reports Dr. Harald Auge, a biologist at the UFZ.

This led scientists to examine the seeds of the Barberry more closely. Approximately 2000 berries were collected from different regions of Germany, examined for signs of piercing and then cut open to examine any infestation by the larvae of the tephritid fruit fly (Rhagoletis meigenii). This parasite punctures the berries in order to lay its eggs inside them. If the larva is able to develop, it will often feed on all of the seeds in the berry. A special characteristic of the Barberry is that each berry usually has two seeds and that the plant is able to stop the development of its seeds in order to save its resources. This mechanism is also employed to defend it from the tephritid fruit fly. If a seed is infested with the parasite, later on the developing larva will feed on both seeds. If however the plant aborts the infested seed, then the parasite in that seed will also die and the second seed in the berry is saved.

When analyzing the seeds, the scientists came across a surprising discovery: “the seeds of the infested fruits are not always aborted, but rather it depends on how many seeds there are in the berries”, explains Dr. Katrin M. Meyer, who analyzed the data at the UFZ and currently works at the University of Goettingen. If the infested fruit contains two seeds, then in 75 per cent of cases, the plants will abort the infested seeds, in order to save the second intact seed. If however the infested fruit only contains one seed, then the plant will only abort the infested seed in 5 per cent of cases. The data from fieldwork were put into a computer model which resulted in a conclusive picture. Using computer model calculations, scientists were able to demonstrate how those plants subjected to stress from parasite infestation reacted very differently from those without stress. “If the Barberry aborts a fruit with only one infested seed, then the entire fruit would be lost. Instead it appears to ‘speculate’ that the larva could die naturally, which is a possibility. Slight chances are better than none at all”, explains Dr. Hans-Hermann Thulke from the UFZ. “This anticipative behavior, whereby anticipated losses and outer conditions are weighed up, very much surprised us. The message of our study is therefore that plant intelligence is entering the realms of ecological possibility.”

But how does the Barberry know what is in store for it after the tephritid fruit fly has punctured a berry? It is still unclear as to how the plant processes information and how this complex behavior was able to develop over the course of its evolution. The Oregon grape that is closely related to the Barberry has been living in Europe for some 200 years with the risk of being infested by the tephritid fruit fly and yet it has not developed any such comparable defense strategy. These new insights shed some light on the underestimated abilities of plants, while at the same time bringing up many new questions.

By: April McCarthy

“I was delivered alive after 18 hours. I should be blind. I should be burned. I should be dead and yet I’m not. You know what is fantastic vindication is the fact the abortionist had to sign my birth certificate. It also says on my medical records ‘born during saline abortion survivor.’ Ha, they didn’t win!”

-Gianna Jessen,

 saline abortion survivor

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How do you feel about Hobby Lobby denying their employees the right to buy birth control? Their reasoning is opposing it on religious grounds even though birth control is used for more than just preventing pregnancy.

Hey, there’s a lot of misinformation going around. Here’s a few facts that often get missed. 

1) Hobby Lobby is ok with paying for 16 out of the 20 required types of birth control under Obamacare. 

2) They have a religious objection to 4 of them, specifically the morning-after pills. The types that stop a baby from surviving after conception. Abortion inducing drugs. The birth control they are talking about isn’t used for anything except preventing pregnancy after conception.

3) They aren’t denying their employees the right to buy birth control. They can buy those 4 drugs themselves if they wish. They pay their employees well, and they have stated again and again that they aren’t trying to control anyone’s decisions. In fact, this whole discussion is about the right to make decisions, and whether or not you can force someone to pay for something they have a religious objection to. 

Here’s a nice video of a spokeslady that blinks a lot. She does a nice job of explaining it. 

After botched abortion, Italian parents sue hospital to pay for costs of raising daughter...who is now 14

You read the headline correctly. Parents in Italy, who attempted to abort their unborn daughter 15 years ago, are just now suing the hospital where the procedure was performed due to the fact that the abortion failed to kill the child. They claim that the hospital should reimburse them for the costs of raising their daughter.

From UK Daily Mail:

Elisa Bellandi is a ‘smart and beautiful’ teenager according to her doting father. Like many 14-year-olds around the world her favourite band is One Direction and she loves singing.

Elisa dreams of one day being a lawyer or psychologist. And it is not hard to understand why. Because in many ways she is very different from many teenagers.

She has had to come to terms with the knowledge that not only was she a 'mistake’ baby, conceived when her mother had already passed 40, but that she survived both a miscarriage and a failed abortion.

And if that were not bad enough to deal with, her parents are suing the hospital claiming that a botched operation caused 'psychological trauma’ to Elisa’s mother and father - in a case that has shocked Italy.

Giuseppe and Aurora Bellandi, who live in the Italian beach town of Rimini with Elisa, are demanding £700,000 (€1m) in compensation for not just the psychological trauma of having a second child, but also the material deprivation it caused to their lifestyle.

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Elisa claims to support her parents’ decision to sue. But unless she’s trying to get a reality show or she’s been promised a pretty sweet chunk of the lawsuit cash, I really don’t see how that’s possible. Being “okay” with it would be admitting that her birth was an unwanted mistake and that her entire life has been nothing but a drain on her parents’ bank accounts.

Either way, this is horrible and tragic on several levels. This young girl who miraculously survived an abortion should be looked upon as a walking miracle for whom everyone is grateful, not a mistake.