survived on the winds breath

A world built from Chaos  Prologue:

Author’s Note: I promise this will get better! It was so hard to think of how to start it, I’ve rewritten this thing soooooo many times! I and @senpaiweird created the picture it deleted… twice! It didn’t want me to write this! XD

Note: Just maybe slight sadness? 

Pairing: Mother Nature!Reader x Deadly Sins!Avengers

Summary: Mother Nature was beauty and hope that spread her love to the people of the Earth. Sadly with Seven Sins who are destroying everything she’s sot to protect, (Y/N) refuses to sit by and allow her home to be destroyed. She isn’t happy.

Prologue: {Mother Nature}

Once there was darkness, quiet and piercing. Pitch black with no sites to be seen and nothing to be heard. Then there was a loud band that broke the soundless barrier and with that light flooded throughout the darkness. And from that small light formed galaxies, the galaxies formed the solar systems. Stars, planets, moons and suns all formed through the vast space with millions upon billions of creations. In the galaxies there was one known as The Via Lactea, or The Road of Milk, within that solar system nine planets formed around a sun. And in those nine planets there was one planet, third away from the sun started the creation of civilization. On this small rock, water flowed, grass and trees grew and animals grazed throughout the land.

Then from the depths of the darkness seven deadly sins were spawned from the hatred and evilness that plagued the people of this new world. Pride, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Envy, Sloth, and Wrath stood at the top of civilization as kings on the new land called Pangaea. Now in the early years the supercontinent began to divide apart and after its division each sin conquered one of the seven continents and took control of one the people who inhabited it. From their chaos that infected the land there was disease, death, and destruction was conceived. The land and people were die and there was nothing anyone could do and that is when the hope for the Earth, the light in the darkness, the beauty through the pain that the world faced was devised.

A young woman who had been made from the purest water, the cleanest earth, and the quietest winds. She was named mother nature, but her name to the simple people of this modern era was (Y/N). They would rejoice in her presence, and throw feasts in her honor for she was something to be celebrated. She took care of the land, along with the people because she provided the resources they needed to survive. Her breath was the wind that blows and the rain was the tears she cried for she was the Earth itself. (Y/N) would only make an appearance every now and then for she saw no reason to travel to the surface until the sins began to wreak havoc once more on, not only the people, but themselves, along with the poor planet as well.

There was a tree in the Amazon rainforest that grew white leaves and this willow tree was named the tree of Life. For within the light bark, Mother Nature laid inside, resting and waiting for a time when she would be needed. Due to the recent stir through the Earth she was forced to take action or be forced to lose what she was created to protect. The bark of the willow tree slowly peeled open and out stepped Mother Nature, wrapped within her vines. Her facial held anger while darkness swirling in her heart and the wrath of seven suns. Her people, her land, her home was being condemned through their actions, through their bitterness towards the others. She glanced around the horizon, her once beautiful forest was cut down and it hurt.

There was physical pain drilling through her body at the sight around her. She could feel the pain of the trees, of the ruined forest as they cried for help. She walked over to the first tree she had grown aside from the tree of life seeing it cut down. They were like her children and to see them in such a state caused her to grieve for them. She fell to her knees and gently touched the dying wood as she growled from angry before images of it being cut down flooded her thoughts. “No… I… I’m sorry.” She whispered laying her head down onto the stump. “I did not protect you.” She spoke softly as tears dripped onto the wood, staining it in her sorrows. She wanted to know who was harming her trees, her children, herself. She stood up wiping her tears away in anger.

Storm clouds formed above her as disgust bubbled through her chest when she heard rustling through the bushes. She glanced back to see an elderly woman down in the soil. (Y/N) stormed towards her, ready to demand what has happened to the forest when she stopped seeing the woman place a small sapling down into the dirt where it belonged. She froze in place when the elderly woman glanced back, her eyes a milky blue. “Hello? Is someone there?” She asked. “Yes, It is me.” (Y/N) responded with a smooth voice that caused the woman to relax. “Who are you young lady?” She asked when (Y/N) chuckled. “I haven’t been young in a very long time.” She whispered before walking over to the elderly woman. “Really? You sound beautiful.” She smiled.

“Thank you, I am Mother Nature… I see you are helping resort my land.” (Y/N) placed her hands over the elderly woman who looked to her in surprise. “You… You have returned.” She whispered in disbelief. “I have.” She said before she laid both of their hands onto the sapling and she watched as it grew to full height. “Who is taking away my beautiful children?” (Y/N) asked. “He is the king of this land. He takes what he wants. It does not matter who or what gets hurt.” The elderly woman explain brushing back her silver hair with her wrinkly tanned hand. “Does this king have a name?” She asked when the woman nods. “Anthony Stark. The king of South America.” She said as (Y/N) growled standing up from the tree. “Lust.” She murmured softly.

“What?” The elderly woman tilted her head. “Nothing, thank you for your help and thank you for restoring my home. Tell me your name.” (Y/N) whispered. “Rosalina.” She said when (Y/N) smiles. “Thank you Rosalina, I shall not forget you.” She whispered she turned towards the cut down trees. “I must take back my Earth.” She said as Rosalina smiles. “We have been waiting for you to come home.” Rosalina whispered. “We have prayed for you and they have been answered!” She exclaims in happiness when (Y/N) looks back. “They have been answered.” She agreed. “I’m sorry that we have not been taking care of your home.” Rosalina spoke with her hands clasped together when (Y/N) smiled softly. “You have nothing to be sorry for.” She said and with that being said she left to find the king.

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