survived on the winds breath

      So, I just hit 700 followers and I’m super excited. I’ve had this blog for little over a year and interacted with so many fantastic people! I just finished this project and thought – why not do a follow forever too? Also I probably forgot some VIPs – so if I did, PLEASE FORGIVE ME.


shotapenguin – my beautiful best friend. i adore you so much you have a whole tag named for you. you are the reason this whole thing called “anime” started in my life and i’m not sure whether to thank you or curse you? you’re the tooru to my iwa-chan and the kenma to my kuroo. we’re just made for each other.


These are some rad people I feel the needs to call out separately. I have had the privilege of talking with some of you this past year, and even if we don’t talk now, you’re still very special to me!

guurei-sama, coachtachibana, tsukkiaf, kirschthirsty, tsukkiichan, zastrogat, sensitive-chest-raisin, aki-sae, al-benedetto, eruriya, nishinoyafanboy, survived-on-the-winds-breath & my-beautifulinsanity


Fantastic people I will follow forever! I sorted this into alphabetical order! 


aciddragoons, angelusmusicorum, asanoya, asexualnishinoya, bigdaddymakoto, bigspoonnoya, captain-fucking-levi, causeofdeathmakoharufeels, changbak, corw, dancing-with-decim, derpkip, fabulouskerfuffle, flawlesslevi, grandvolleyking, hajimeiwaizvmi, hyakyuyas, jesusasahi, k-agehina, kageyllama, karosuno, kataphraktanna, kirschteinswaifu, kizumis, kougmi, lev-haibae, literallymikayuu, makoharuheartandsoulmakooharuu, minimikasa, moaniwa, naff-nife-nice, nishinoikawa, reiconcorps, rosyumie, sawamura-san, sociallychallengednerd, semezukas, sukekou, syoish, thetachibabe, thirstylevi, thisinsignificantpride, ushjima, vicecaptainsugawara, virus-nipple, yaboykageyama, yamayachis

    Like I said, I am almost certain I forgot some very important people, but hopefully I’ll remember them and fix this before I cause a huge scandal.
    Thanks for a great year!