Okay. Let’s see. I’ve known you for ONE year. Wow. Times have changed man. I mean I never thought that this is where I’d be this time last year, I wasn’t even sure that we’d still be talking to each other. Jeeze. I mean I guess in part we’ve saved each other numerous times, just in everything. Dude, I love you so much. You’ve given me tremendous support and love and like I just can’t thank you enough. Remember when we used to plan out what time to go online just so we could talk? Alright well let’s see, our friendship started off with PINEAPPLES and has made it all the way to DTF? ;DDD Yup, we’ve come a long way and sure have matured. I literally can’t thank you enough, I have no idea where I’d be right now if I hadn’t met you, but I can guarantee it wouldn’t be good. So again, I just love you and our friendship and our random Bohemian Rhapsody breakouts on Skype and everything else that is our love. So here’s to my first internet friend. My first buddy on HGA.<3

I feel a little better.

I feel a little better, because I know I have a friend that loves me unconditionally. A friend that would do anything for me. A friend that wants me to know how much I mean to him. A friend that literally would not be here today if it wasn’t for me, and what an awesome person I am. A friend that sees past all my flaws and can only comprehend my perfections. A friend who is always there for me, through the thick and the thin. A friend.