survive the distance

10 things to appreciate in your LDR:

  1. You don’t always need to shave
  2. The texts you get from them make you smile at your phone like an idiot
  3. You still get butterflies just hearing their voice
  4. You get to have the cutest Skype dates
  6. You get to be a total romantic when writing letters and mailing them stuff
  7. You always get excited planning visits and talking about closing the distance someday
  8. Every visit is technically an adventure
  9. You really appreciate the little things that close distance couples overlook
  10. You know that if you survive the distance, you both can pretty much survive through anything

I really enjoyed the free game from the students at Digipen called Nitronic Rush, and now three of the students who worked on that are now working on a spiritual successor called Distance - which takes the best bits from Nitronic Rush and adds new features that the fans wanted including multi-player. They are almost at 20% of the required minimun funds needed, but they do have stretch goals prepared for once they reach the goal. So help them go the Distance.

and the days blur into one

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10k au in which the reader is reckless and takes things too far

While the zombies only showed up a few years ago, your world ended a long time before, and you rebuilt it overtime. When things officially went to shit it was almost a relief. The rest of the world had caught up to the chaos that was your everyday life. You were no longer alone; everyone else was just as lost as you.

You’ve survived. You’ve kept yourself safe, kept yourself alive, kept yourself alone.

Then 10k came in and screwed it all up.

You’ve never cared about others; you haven’t been able to. Your entire life has been a game of survival, a game of distance. But now, there’s that boy with his clear eyes and his weapons and his shy smile.

Most of the time, you’re able to forget that you care about him. That’s the only way you can survive.

It’s just that your method of survival is a bit more dangerous than everyone else’s.

“You’re not actually going in there, are you?” Addy asks, brows pulling together. You look through the dusty windows of the grocery store, mentally counting the Z’s that amble inside, looking past them to the fully stocked shelves of food.

“I’ll be fine. I can get in and get out.” You say.

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distance. distance is sitting here typing out “i miss you” rather than being able to say it to you. distance is sleeping in your t-shirts to feel like you're close to me again. distance is shitty connections, and dropped calls, its fights where someone hangs up the phone and you can’t reach out and stop them from walking away. its sleeping with the phone on the pillow next to me, rather than with your head on my chest. distance is running to you in an airport and hugging like we’re the only two there, but standing in that same airport days later tear stricken face trying to walk away from your world, its leaving the person who feels like home, for the physicality of the “home” that is the roof over your head. distance is spending more days apart than you do together. distance is anything but easy. distance will test every aspect of your relationship. but if you can beat this, if you can survive the distance, you can survive anything with her by your side. this is the hardest test your relationship will face. distance is anything but easy, but with the right person it’s more than worth it.
—  you’re worth it.

Does long distance relatioship last?
Was it fine? Loving someone whom you can’t be with every time you miss him?

He’s the moon while you’re the sun. He’s the sky while you’re the earth. He’s the fire while you’re the water. To sum it all up, there’s a lot of effort for the both of you to meet and there’s a lot of differences between you and him. But those hindrances does not matter, you took the risk of being with him out of the distance in between because you love him, because you wanf him in to you life. A moth passed and everything went well, both of you survived the life. A year passed by and everything went well, both of you survived the distance, the differences, survived the relationship.

Not until this day came. He changed, he became someone you don’t know. He’s not the man who used to love you and the man you used to love. But you choose to bare with it, you tried to understand the rude and mean inside him. You tried to set aside the pain because you thought he’s gonna change and love you the same way as he loved you from day one. But you came into realization that everything wasn’t easy as you thought it would be, he can just let go of your hand for a second but you’re holding on so tight.

People, I just waant to tell you my realization about long distance relationships. It really was easy, not until the day that only one is holding on so tight. It was easy to keep when everything was perfect but not when everything is falling apart, not when everything became…. one sided.

wow bear with me but I’m crying watching train to busan, I thought this was gunna be some casual zombie movie with all the people surviving n looking into the distance @ the finale but boy…………was I fucking wrong. I’m a year late, if you haven’t seen it don’t read this but when gongyoo turns……that was so fucking sad I was not stable whatsoever. that was way Too Much like that one scene was honestly fucked but also such a work of art. when he has flashbacks of his daughter n hes smiling n then jumps off the train ugh BITCH !!!!!!! I HATE YOU !!!!!!!! its finally over…………that was so fucking depressing like first ma dong seok, then woosik, then gongyoo…talk about overkill, literally.

  • If you survive the distance, your relationship can survive anything.
  • Knowing how important communication is in a relationship. You value any and all messages from your partner.
  • You have the chance to become more independent and be in a relationship.
  • You get better at planning and know how important good planning is
  • The relationship is more than just physical. 
  • You get enough “me” time.
  • If everything goes well, distance helps trust grow exponentially.
  • You can travel. Adventures are great, especially when the person you love is your destination.
  • Gifts and surprises are worth more.
  • You can unleash your inner romantic. Writting handwritten letters and postcards are the best.
  • You learn to appreciate the little things you get from your parnter.
  • If you are successfully maintaining a long distance relationship you can be sure he/she means a lot to you and vice versa.
  • You can rest assured that your relationship is pretty golden.