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The Reality-Spido: As a genetically superior Military Working Dog, Spido had a gift at detecting humans and making them pay for their deception. Spido was doing what he did best, detecting while on lead across a field of tall grass. The assault force already had killed over 30 terrorists on a massive target set including multiple buildings.

Before anyone else could, Spido detected a terrorist waiting prone in the reeds at the ready with an AK-47 with armor piercing rounds. Spido pounced while simultaneously being shot twice through the chest. The two rounds ripped through the American flag patch velcro'ed onto his kit. He had put himself between him and the terrorist, giving him no time to site in the operators behind him.

The burst of rounds would also find his handler. The bullet ripped through his 416 cutting through the bolt carrier group like a laser and indexing into his front armor plate. The operator adjacent to Spido’s handler dispatched the terrorist, and the handler drug Spido’s limp body to cover where he would take his last breath.

After the dust settled, 36 terrorist were killed; 4 operators were either shot or fragged, and Spido paid the ultimate sacrifice. Never forget the brave souls no matter the form factor that give their lives so we can live ours. #neverforget #spido #soothersmaylive #hero #GlobalRecon #mwd #k9 #malinios #patriot #kia #memorial #freedom #dogsofwar #specialforces #usasoc #americanheroes #heroesofsf #dog #love @ronintactics @dogsoffreedom @trikosdogs @malinoisofficial @northamericanrescue @thequietprofessionals @_the_us_army_ @adamhousley @marcusluttrell @markowenseal @livehard18d #fieldcraftllc #survival #survive

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