Open a Padlock with a Coke Can/

Emergency Water Filtration

This can save your life and your families life in an emergency.

Most people think that finding food is going to be their biggest problem if the grid goes down in an emergency. The truth is that good clean water will be your first priority unless you live near a spring or a well. 

So here is what you do. Get a big can or plastic bottle. punch several small holes in the bottom of the can. Add some porous cloth if you have it. Add a layer of sand. Then crunch up some charcoal briquets if you have them if not then burn a piece of wood and break off chunks of charred wood as the next level then add a layer of gravel on top of that. Now, pour your muddy or dirty water into this filter and accumulate the clean water. Add a few drops of household bleach to this clean water or boil it for three minutes and you are good to go.


Gifts for Gardeners

#14: A Hori hori, or Japanese digging knife

This is simply one of the best gardening tools out there: it’s great for weeding, planting, clearing roots, and has the added bonus of providing a measuring tool.

Aside from functionality, they’re frequently beautiful tools as well.

Images: DigDigTM


This guy walks into the bush with nothing but a pair of shorts, He can make an ax and knife. Then a waterproof and snug hut. Weapons. Tools. Fire making tools. Baskets, rope, charcoal and even kilns and forges.

It is fascinating. Here is his channel: Primitive Technology

Of course I always saw myself in the monsters. Of course. Of course I wanted to be like them.

The monsters are misshapen and hated and terrible. They howl and roar and are broken inside. They are wicked and wrong and unholy.

But they strike fear into those who would harm them.

A monster is powerful.

Of course, of course, of course.


I want this guy on my team when the apocolypse hits.