*curls into a ball* don’t talk to me

Bonus pain: Hunk blocking all memories of his family by thinking of food; the perfect decoy because no one will question it

This is for the procrastinators, but slightly more extreme. Get your caffeine and snacks ready kids, we’re gonna do an all nighter.

1. Make sure you get some sleep beforehand.

This can be regular sleep on the nights leading up to the big night, or perhaps a 30 minute nap right before. It doesn’t really matter, as long as you feel you are mentally and physically prepared to stay up for 12 hours.


We need darkness to have the onset of melatonin, which is the hormone that makes us sleepy. So if you’re trying to stay awake, bright light can be very effective. Specifically, turn on lights close to your eyes (for instance, a desk lamp or your computer screen) will kick your brain into high alert.

3. Keep your room temperature moderate.

We sleep best in a cool room, but if you are wanting to stay awake, then a medium temperature is perfect.

4. Only snack on protein.

Eating things like sugar will just give you a crash later on. This is because sugar isn’t a sustained energy. Instead, have some protein snacks. (I always munch on beef jerky)

5. Drink a little coffee, but even more water.

The key here is to not overdo the caffeine. This is because you need to concentrate on the studying. Never drink more than two cups, as you may get jittery and find it hard to learn. Once you’re done with coffee, just drink buckets of water.

6. Chew gum

Studies show that chewing gum increases alertness, so get a pack on hand!

7. Get up and walk around

Take short breaks every 45 minutes or so. Why? I don’t think I need to answer that.


1. Don’t drive

Ask a friend to drive you the next morning. We all know being tired and driving is a big safety issue.

2. Nap if you want but not too much.

Take a 20-90 minute nap, but after that wake up and get going again.

3. Go easy on the coffee

A cup in the morning is fine, however do not drink it after 4p.m, as you may disrupt sleep patterns.

4. Do a little exercise.

Eat lots of fruit and drink water as well.


YOU WORKED HARD FOR THIS! If you are allowed, bring a cool water bottle in with you and press it to your face to keep yourself awake.

In case y'all were wondering why I haven't been putting up anything recently...

…this is why.

(Yes, this was built in Survival Mode.)

From up close:

The main hall:

The main hall’s ceiling:

North Wing: Furnace Room (34 Furnaces!), Mines (the ladder at the far end), and Transit Station (right side, past the chest).

West Wing: Storage Room, Crafting, and Enchanting. It’s a bit plain at this point, but I’ll put more stuff in here later.

South Wing: Guest Rooms (16 of them! 8 on the ground floor, 8 on the second floor. May be overdoing it a bit, but I plan to have some friends over in the future. Might as well be prepared.)

A guest room:

East Wing: Farms. I’m never going to hungry again.

East Wing, second floor: more farms!

West Wing, second floor: enchanting, more storage, brewing, etc.

View from the third floor:

Third floor, looking down the East Wing (which is ~2x as long as the other three wings).

Looking back from the far end of the East Wing:

The four wings meet at this point on the third floor; it’s right above the ceiling of the main hall:

View from the fourth floor:

On the fourth floor, looking up:

My living quarters on the fifth floor:

The crow’s nest (sixth floor):

The view from the crow’s nest:

From off in the distance:

(This is as far away as I can get while still being able to see the beacon.)

So. That happened. Time to get back to business around here and spend a little more time drawing, I think.


A hand made Spleef arena! While the rest of the PvP arena is the only true creative mode construction on the server, the Spleef arena was done by hand - only the TNT was put in as I would never willingly use blocks like that for that kind of purpose. I’d have more fun actually blowing it up.

The PvP arena has several modes and functions:

  • King of the Hill Lever Mode with Defensifable Positions and Counter-Measures - Keeps track of score by flipping a lever
  • Deathmatch Mode - Several spawn points so players can search and destroy
  • Limited Light means during the night mobs also join in
  • Zombie Producer during night means a massive zombie horde can be activated
  • American Gladiator Style Pit with regenerative pads so players can punch each other off the old fashioned way
  • Power Up Potion Dispensers with random effects
  • Arena Style Gear crafted specifically for balance and equality in fighting without instant death
  • Platform for summoning the Wither for a PvE experience

I’ll be putting in a basketball court later.

After hours of work in survival mode, it is finished!

This is a view from atop one of the two staircases inside the structure. The fences keep them from falling off the ledges, they do that when they run sometimes.

Here’s a view from below the staircase.

The top of the building, the ladder serves as the way in and out of the containment area. Villagers won’t climb ladders intentionally and the area is not cramped enough for them to accidentally push each other up the ladder.

This building is pretty big. The fences on the outside keep villagers inside where they will be safe, they also keep zombies out. Skeletons, Creepers, Endermen, and Spiders all ignore villagers. The ladder serves as the way in for players who wish to interact with the villagers.

If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say this took around 10 stacks of stone bricks and 15 or more stacks of birch wood to construct. It also took at least 4 hours, maybe more to build. I'mm kinda bad at estimating time and I didn’t really time myself.

anonymous asked:

what do each of the skill ups in AC's survival mode do?

Okay, since AC+R is going to be showing up soon, might as well refresh everyone’s memory (since my AC+ Survival Mode FAQ might not cover all the bases).

First and foremost, you can only equip 3 equips. If you equip a 4th, it will push the first thing you equipped out of the slot, so be really picky about what combinations you come up with, at the end of this I will give you a few suggestions on what you can put together to make the most out of your Survival Mode runs.

[Max Health]: Pretty self-explanatory, restores your HP to 100%. Use this for emergencies when you had a close shave.  As a side note, much like [Time Travelling] it doesn’t push your equips out of the slot.

[Limit Break]: I do NOT recommend using this one unless you plan on getting that “True Double-Edged Hell/Shin Goku Moroha” Trophy. Basically what it does is force opponents into fixed counterhit state, but in exchange, you can’t BLOCK, and you take double damage for any hits you yourself take!

[Easy FRC]: This one would make more sense once you turned it on in Extra Menu once that unlocks. It basically “expands” the amount of frames with which you can use a Force Roman Cancel during certain attacks. And, characters will have a Blue color around them to signify what frames you need to do them at. For the purposes of Survival Mode, however, it’s not really useful other than praciticing FRCs a bit. If you plan on using this outside of Survival Mode, set the Frame setting to 5 to keep it at a minimum so that you can really get the hang of those darned FRCs (I hear Zappa’s are some of the hardest, so keep practicing!)

[Yellow RC]: A Yellow Roman Cancel basically reduces Tension loss to 25%, meaning Roman Cancels are reduced to 25% and Force Roman Cancels only cost 12% Tension. I don’t think this particular equip is all that useful, since it doesn’t apply to Forcebreaks, since those will always cost 25%.

[Chaos RC]: Chaos Roman Cancels were introduced in Guilty Gear Judgment, basically you cancel one special move into another special move at the cost of 50% Tension. This equip actually STACKS with [Yellow RC], so it can be useful. Just keep in mind that certain moves, such as Grand Viper, can’t be executed well with this equipped. I personally don’t recommend this item, since it tends to make a mess out of your moves and burns more Tension than you really need to burn.

[Hunter Saving]: More or less reduces your stats by a certain percentage, but in exchange you gain more Experience and Level Up faster. Honestly, there are better equips out there, so I don’t recommend this one.

[Bonus Up]: Usually whenever you Level Up, you gain a certain percentage of HP back. This more or less increases that amount. Most Level Ups occur during counter-hits, perfects, Overdrives/Instant Kills, so really you don’t need this equip, so I don’t recommend it unless you have a hard time early on getting HP back in some fights.

[Experience Up]: Makes you Level Up faster. Likely it stacks with [Bonus Up], but I personally don’t recommend this one, much more useful items are out there.

[Guard Mist Finer]: You get this item exclusively from Black EX Johnny at Level 340. While in and of itself it may seem like a worthless equip…if you tend to use a slow-reaction character (like Potemkin) with a lot of easily countered attacks…you’re going to need this as a counter-measure against Gold Johnny at Level 920 later on. It reduces the damage of his Mist Finer to non-fatal levels, plus reduces his overall damage by a percentage. I like to live dangerously and ignore this equip myself, but if Gold Johnny gives you problems you might want to reconsider this one. Just keep in mind, this equip won’t save you if you have [Limit Break] equipped.

[Flame Attack/Guard Flame/Lightning Attack/Guard Lightning]: Primarily these would be useful against specific elemental-based opponents or as a means to buff your own elemental attack. Gold Ky, Gold Sol, and Gold Zappa in particular tend to benefit the most from these abilities. Gold Zappa in particular is a major threat if you don’t know his A.I. patterns, so equipping [Guard Lightning] might be useful early on, otherwise try to boost your defenses as much as possible. Also keep in mind that some characters like Kliff, Slayer, and A.B.A. don’t benefit from elemental attacks at all…I’ll list some decent combinations later on at the bottom of this article.

[Guard Beat]: Reduces the amount of damage you take in a combo down to the first hit only. While this is useful in most situations, it’s not going to help much against one-hit wonders like Slayer, Potemkin, Zappa and even Sol. The A.I. tends to have extremely advanced combos in some situations, some of which would be impossible under normal conditions (i.e. because of Infinite Tension), so be extremely careful around the likes of Black Faust, who can FRC his Scalpel Enema poke and wipe you out if you guess incorrectly.

[Berserker]: Triples your attack power in exchange for Gradual HP loss. You get this exclusively from Black EX A.B.A. (Level 460) and Gold A.B.A. (Level 970). This ability stacks with [Life Recovery] and [Vampire Form] so it works well in those situations. Just don’t take your sweet time dishing out attacks or you’re going to be left with 1 HP.

[Life Recovery]: The trick with this ability is to know how to Block attacks. If you can do that, you won’t have to worry about taking much damage. It’s a useful counter-effect to [Berserker]’s life-drain. If you’re a real health-nut you could even stack it with [Vampire Form], but other than that it won’t be all that useful.

[Tension Increase]: Oh, I love this ability. It gives you automatic Tension Gain, even if you’re not doing anything especially offensive (i.e. airdashing or running or attacking). I highly recommend this, but the trick is equipping it at a point when it’s most beneficial to you so you’ll have to strategize a bit. By the time you max out your “Start Tension” and “Tension Rate” stats, you won’t need it much, but it’s useful to have before that happens. Just keep in mind that having this won’t make up for lack of Defense or Offense, so you’ll have to work on your blocking and combos to make up for any Tension you may have. The A.I. gets crazy sometimes.

[Soul of Zepp]: Exclusive Equip to Gold Potemkin (Level 720… Haha 720, get it? Nevermind.) It gives you Auto Instant-Blocking. While that IS useful…it’s only good if you know how to block well in the first place. And it isn’t going to help you at all with executing Slashbacks. I personally don’t recommend this one unless you find yourself stuck blocking a lot or are using Baiken for one reason or another. Also as a side note, this ability is called “Chokuzen” in the Extra Menu once you unlock it.

[Time Travelling]: Exclusive to Gold Axl Low at Level 860. If you plan on maxing your stats and finding the right equips for completing Survival Mode, you’re going to have to beat him and use this a few times. Ironically it doesn’t take up any slots so even if your slots are full of equips it won’t push any out, so I  actually consider this a “mandatory” equip. If he doesn’t throw you back down low enough in the Levels, you may have to make a second pass to get everything you need. You’re going to need it when you go up against your first major challenger in Gold Slayer.

[Vampire Form]: An Exclusive Equip to Gold Slayer (Level 880). Good luck getting it from him. You may have to resort to a Time Up if he gets especially annoying. If he has full Tension I suggest blocking as soon as you can because he WILL use his Overdrives to turn the tide of the fight. If you do manage to beat him, Vampire Form basically turns you into a Guilty Gear equivalent of Ragna=the=Bloodedge (i.e. you get HP back with every attack you land within a certain % of the damage dealt). Just keep in mind that so long as your attacks are blocked, you won’t get any Health Back, so you need to land some serious damage to get HP back. I personally favor [Life Recovery] over this ability, since that ability is more effective in Neutral situations.

[May’s Fist]: Exclusive to Gold May (Level 910). This one is just plain silly. It essentially makes your dizzy stun rating values skyrocket and you can even easily put Potemkin or some gold characters in Faint status…useful for Instant Kills. I only recommend this equip if you feel it’s going help you against certain Gold fights, otherwise generally there’s a far better item than this to pick up.

[Sheer Heart Attack]: The Mother of all equips, EXCLUSIVE to Gold Sol Badguy! Good luck getting this one. This one makes any attack you throw out, projectile or otherwise COMPLETELY UNBLOCKABLE. Remember all those headaches you had trying to get past the A.I.’s impregnable defense? You can blow past them now. Though, powerful an equip though this is…do NOT let your guard down! The A.I. is a wily beast when cornered. This equip is critical for the Double-Edged Hell Trophy strategy I will describe later on.

Obviously you should assume to have max stats in EVERYTHING, including Burst, Airdashes, Jumps, and Tension Rate/Start Tension for most of these setups, so you should expect to do a lot of [Time Travelling] to get it set up.

For starters here’s my Justice Build:

[Lightning Attack]
[Tension Increase]
[Life Recovery]

When she gets full Tension, she can beat out most attacks with Imperial Ray or Michael Blade, making her ideal with Leveling Up.

Then, later on, you can swap out [Lightning Attack] for [Sheer Heart Attack], essentially making her unstoppable.

Since Guilty Gear is primarily an Offense-based game, I stick with the elemental attacks, so for example Axl Low, Jam, and Sol would use [Flame Attack], and Ky, Anji, and maybe Zappa, and Justice would use [Lightning Attack]. Potemkin, Testament, A.B.A., and Slayer would do well to use more useful equips though.

For Potemkin:

[Guard Beat]
[Tension Increase]
[Life Recovery]

Saves him a lot of trouble later on. Then, when you manage to beat Gold Slayer, you can swap out [Guard Beat] for [Vampire Form] and later [Tension Increase] for [Sheer Heart Attack] to really lay on the hurt. Just keep in mind that [Guard Beat] won’t help you much vs Gold Zappa, Gold Slayer, and Gold Sol so keep them blocking and if possible, force them to Dead Angle to spend their Tension (unless it’s Gold Sol, then just hope he doesn’t hit you much).

Now then…for the “Shin Goku Moroha/True Double Edged Hell” Trophy…the requirements being that you equip [Limit Break] and [Berserker] and beat Survival Mode.

A very very VERY DANGEROUS combination…but, I will highlight a method through which you can do it, here:

First, use one of the initial builds to stabilize and max your stats. You need to be able to make it up to and BEAT Gold Sol and pick up [Sheer Heart Attack]. That’s the first Step.

So, assuming this you’re at Level 960 with [Sheer Heart Attack], you’re going to need a build that looks like this:

[Life Recovery]
[Sheer Heart Attack]

I left the top slot blank because that could be anything for this setup…Level 970 assumes you will be facing Gold A.B.A. and will be picking up [Berserker]. This will push out the top-most equip, leaving you with:

[Life Recovery]
[Sheer Heart Attack]

Now, here’s where you need a little luck. Your next fights will be against Gold Kliff Undersn and Gold Justice…assuming you maxed out all your stats…there is a CHANCE that either of them will have the [Limit Break] item you need to fulfill the Trophy requirement.

So with a little luck, you picked up [Limit Break], your build should look like this:

[Sheer Heart Attack]
[Limit Break]

If you picked up [Limit Break] from Gold Kliff you’re in for a Gauntlet of Heaven or Hell as you still have to face Gold Justice…more Darkside Trash, and then finally Gold Order Sol.

You better HOPE no one hits you with ANYTHING. You can’t block, they can’t block, all you can do is lay on the hurt before they do and hope it works.

If you manage to kill Order-Sol…you got your Trophy! Congrats.

Anyways, if you still have questions about Extra Menu or whatever feel free to ask.

Hey guys, so yeah I’m not dead or anything so that’s good, but I these last few weeks have been literal hell for me because of various events, and honestly I just haven’t found myself able to interact with anyone. This means anyone. I’ve just needed time alone, even from the people I normally talk to or are friends with, and I’ll probably do this for a little while longer because I have some stuff to process on my own, and I can’t deal with all the constant messaging. 

I will, however, try to respond to threads, memes, and IMs involving rp. Just don’t ask/talk to me about the personal stuff. I’ve never been good at ooc bonding, but I feel this way now more than ever. So if you have a plot or something, hit me up, but if you’re going to say “hiiiiiii”, don’t expect a reply from me. I’ll be honest when I say I just don’t care.

This isn’t going to be forever, of course, but please be conscious of the fact that I’m not going to small talk to anyone, regardless of how close we are. Sorry, I need this space right now.