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"MARIA G.D. HILL!! What the BLOODY FUCK was that about!???"

Maria huffed out a breath and looked back, past the spinning blades of death, to her friend left behind in the next compartment over. She’d made the short journey, against all the odds and her own expectations, and the rescue of the stupid ship could go on.

“Cut off switch is over here,” she said matter-of-factly. “One of us had to go press it. Plus, if I died there’s no one I would rather have to yell at the sons of bitches in Engineering for designing it this way than you.”

She reached over and pressed the damn button, which was not only red, but really big. The alarms sounding throughout the Helicarrier choked off, and there was silence. The mobile base was going to survive underwater mode after all, and the icy water of the North Atlantic was not going to come flooding in.

“Now, the only question is can I do that twice…” She’d just realized there was no escape on this side; she would have to go back to get out.

1 week!

Our new addition to our family has been with us for 1 whole week!

McCoy is doing great :)

As of Monday, he weighs 8 pounds, 2 ounces. Breastfeeding is going really well, he’s eating like a champ! The first night home was a little rough for both mommy & baby, especially since we only stayed one night in the hospital. I was a little nervous if I would remember how to care for a newborn, but it all came flooding back {thank goodness!}. McCoy is a very relaxed baby, hardly ever crying, and definitely just going with the flow!

My postpartum recovery has been TOTALLY different than the first c-section birth {I had a VBAC with no drugs this time!!!}. I’ll be writing more about it in my birth story post later, but it’s completely amazing at how different the healing process has been. A week out, and i’ve nearly stopped bleeding, am not in any terrible type of pain, and am pretty mobile. My mom is here to help for a few weeks {so I don’t do too much}, but I’m starting to be able to participate in getting meals ready, laundry, and taking care of Drew, which is huge. The c-section last time caused me to be un-mobile for weeks, and yet this time around I really feel good and very positive!

Big brother has adjusted very well. I’m quite impressed. Perhaps it’s because of all the extra attention he received from his grandparents, daddy & uncle over the weekend. We’ve managed to keep his routine the same, with naps and food, so that his world isn’t completely thrown off. Honestly the only thing that has really upset him is when I wasn’t up and moving around when we first returned home. He likes looking at “baby” and touching his head, hands, and feet. I was slightly nervous at various types and sizes of athletic balls being thrown at McCoy, but so far so good! The Lacrosse sticks did get moved outside…

I’m not going to lie, it is overwhelming when I actually stop to think that we now have two babies under two. And, I have cried a few times, worrying about Drew and what will happen when I’m all alone with the two if them. BUT, it’s totally worth it! I can’t thank my husband, my in-laws, my mom, our friends and family enough for all their support recently and these past few weeks {shout out to Megan who texted with me the entire first night home}.

I can’t begin to describe how much love is in our home right now :)