Memorable Yogscast Moments

- Raising 200,000 pounds for charity
- Raising 1,000,000 dollars multiple times in their charities
- Lewis being in a bee costume
- Reaching 1,000,000 subscribers
- Reaching 1,000,000,000 billion views
- Creating a classic survival minecraft series
- Landing on the moon after many attempts
- Putting belts below their arses
- Making a Jaffa Factory
- Creating a Space station
- Managing to Destroy the Jaffa Factory
- Landing on Mars
- Creating a lab of innovation
- Winning a world record of hosting the largest server in minecraft

(Missing many and would be happy if anyone else added on!)

I dreamt i was in a big hotel by the beach and this big-ass tsunami was headed straight towards up. My sister’s third grade teacher appeared and told us we needed to use minecraft to survive, so i, being an idiot, cut open a pearl and tried to use the oxygen inside of it.

Looking for a friendly survival economy minecraft server?

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  • an economy/survival server
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It’s always up and has a daily restart to clean up server~

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So I might have made the creepiest place in Minecraft

As you can see, my nether portal is there & I thought I’d build a supply shack/spawn point to spawn at whenever I do nether trips BUT it couldn’t just be a normal supply shack…

So I built a church… complete with worshippers.

Yes, that’s like holy water/the place they baptise babies…

The upper level is my bed/tool supply.

TL;DR: I built a church, complete with armour stand people, just so I’d have somewhere to spawn after dying in the nether.

Hey There ♥

Hey there! 

I run a little minecraft survival vanilla server called Pancakia and we’re looking for new members! 

The server is based around the mindcrack/hermitcraft servers and is currently on Survival Vanilla Minecraft 1.12. We started our new map about a month ago, so we don’t have too much going on yet. We have our own cute little discord channel and you can chat with the group to your hearts content! I promise we don’t bite ♥

Message me here or send me a tumblr message for more details!

Minecraft: Loaded up the hardmode survival world my group have got going on and waited for @thechaoscauser to join. In the middle of a storm I saw what looked like a skeleton horse so I decided to check it out…

Bare in mind that I have never seen or heard of this mob until after this encounter, it was one of the creepiest moments I’ve had on the game.

anonymous asked:

how do you think squidassbitch2 would react being in the minecraft world? would she survive? Would she die? I think she would do much better in Mario. She would give Luigi the appreciation he deserves. But really tho, would squid survive in minecraft or Mario??

i wouldn’t know. you should ask her.


For Minecraft Pocket Edition, “creed” is a nice seed. You spawn on a small island with caves and trees. There is another island within swimming distance. If you like survival island type worlds, this one should work.

When you spawn, survive on the island for a while. Then, go out to the end of the peninsula and swim straight from there. It will take forever. Make sure you stay straight. You will see land to your left, but don’t veer away from you path. Keep swimming or flying. You will soon come to a rocky tower and a cove. Keep going straight. Soon you will come to a large lake/river system with an island in the middle. Go right and cross the lake at a narrow point, then follow the lake until you get to this weird ice tower colony thing. I haven’t explored much farther than that. Enjoy!

So, since the Pokemon Moon nuzlocke failed..

and Miitopia has now finished

The only things coming to the blog after this week, would be Kingdom Hearts, Undertale and Skyrim, maybe more Minecraft survival


anonymous asked:

Im reaaaally new to minecraft and I was wondering is your server a survival thing? Or like a place to play games? And can anyone join?

Hi dear! The server is just a normal survival minecraft world! Just a place for people to play together. And as long as you’re nice to people you can join yes :)

@8bitracingking looks worse for the wear.

     “I was more expecting a fox. Or a rabbit that I could’ve caught for stew.” Head tilted to the side, she sized up the gray-skinned, red-and-white-clad gentleman before her, hands on her hips. How out of place he seemed, here! Behind her, the makings of a campfire were being manifested, somewhere between the kindling stage and the log stage.

     “Well, I’ve got plenty for supper, either way. Are you hungry? You look awfully thin, dear. Thin and pale.