So today during my impromptu Pokemon Go walk I met:

- The dude at Fred Meyer who sold me an external power pack for my phone (my local Fred Meyer is having a discount on power packs and is sold out of all the super cheap ones) and informed me, without me saying anything and with the air of someone imparting essential survival information, that there was a Pokestop around the corner if I didn’t know already.

- The five-year-old girl out with her mom, who explained that she was the expert in the family: she was taking her mom out on her very first Pokemon hunt (she’d taken her other mom out yesterday).

- The dude who walked by me, glanced up from his phone, somberly intoned “there’s a Bulbasaur somewhere in this park,” and kept walking.

- This cat (named Cassie)

This game is fucking wild.

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Bump lessons

Pregnancy has been the most informed and unpredictable time of my “I don’t have a child yet but I’m having a child” life.  Every week I get a dozen emails about “what’s happening to your body!” “your child is the size of a blueberry/avocado/watermelon” and “this is what you need to do today to survive life!”  Very informative, yet you still feel completely in the dark about what’s to come.  

There have been so many things I’ve come to learn over the past 6.5 months - here are a few:

Lesson 1: Your capacity for pain infinitely increases with your faith in what’s to come.

I’ve never vomited more in my life than the first 4+ months of pregnancy (~3x a day on average). I would say I’m intimately acquainted with many of Singapore’s public bathrooms.   Admittedly, during the first few months there would be many times I’d look at my husband and say “maybe let’s just stick with this one baby” and/or “I have no idea how people have more than one child”.  When mothers would tell me how you forget about the pain once you see the baby, I’d look at them dubiously and get a flashback of all the bathrooms I’ve thrown up in, all the meetings I missed, all the times all I could do was just roll over in my bed and call it a day.

Now that the baby is more active, the fatigue and dispersed bouts of nausea are wayyyy more tolerable because I get so many more physical reminders of baby.  As I’m 6.5 months pregnant and get to interact with my baby more and more inside of me, I can see how quickly and easily my anticipation to meet baby Yun replaces all of the pains/fatigues.

pictured above: giving new meaning to the LIFE group name “BIG”

Lesson 2: Everyone grows and shows differently

I’m sooo thankful to have friends to be pregnant with at the same time.  It was funny because when I was meeting up with some sisters to tell them the news, we all had a feeling that the other was pregnant – like when I spotted one of them eating crackers or another drinking milk…I just knew.  And while we’re all around the same timeline, it’s interesting to see how differently our bodies are showing the growth – some look way more pregnant, some (I mean me) look more like I haven’t done sit ups for..ever. 

I think the comment I’ve been getting the most is “you don’t look that pregnant!” I think at first I would get very worried when people would keep telling me, fearing that baby wasn’t growing enough, that I was throwing up too often, that “I’m a bad mom already!!!”, and the like. But my doctor is always excitedly telling us that the length and weight of my baby is healthy and on track, which puts me at ease.  Now  I attribute my not-very-pregnant-looking-belly to my strategic choice of pre-pregnancy clothes to hide all of my food babies that are now hiding my human baby. 

It makes me think back to all of the times when I would compare my progress in life – whether it be professionally, spiritually, physically – with the peers around me and be confounded by the disparities. More and more all I can see is that, no one goes through anything in the same way. We all have our unique bodies, minds, and journeys

pictured above: me and a fellow preggie on our recent missions project

Lesson 3: Having a good doctor makes a huge difference

I love my gynaecologist (that’s how they spell it here in Singapore).  She’s seriously one of God’s greatest blessings in this pregnancy.  She’s a believer, very generous, very kind, and really knows how to walk me through everything that’s happening.  I had a health scare over the course of the pregnancy where I had to go to different doctors – and my interactions with them would often leave me feeling scared, confused, and alone. Everything ended up being ok and the experience only grew my appreciation for my gynae and how awesome she is.  With her, I’m never afraid to ask questions, to say stupid things (like how our baby looked like Casper on the screen during week 16, or how I didn’t know babies peed inside the womb), or to even throw up in her office because…pregnancy.

Having an “expert” walk me through this new path where literally everything is a surprise has only affirmed my belief that mentorship is so important to our growth – especially in times of stress/transition.

Lesson 4: All humans are miracles

Ever since I found out I was pregnant, there are times where all I do is stare at everyone passing me by on the street and think “someone was pregnant with you and gave birth to you”. Still blows my mind. and yes…it’s a creepy thing to do and think, but I don’t think I’m the only one to have done this…am I?


Overall, this has been an insane journey of carrying a growing person inside of me. As each day passes I become more excited to meet the person inside of me that has caused me to puke, cry, think, and change in so many more ways than anything/anyone else has in my life (besides God..except God hasn’t made me puke much…unless maybe He has in an indirect “EVE, WHY DID YOU EAT THE APPLE” kind of way..but I digress).  It’s surreal that I’m one day going to be a mom and that all these lessons I’m learning right now are only the tip of the iceberg. 

To say I’m thankful, privileged, humbled, and scared would be an understatement. Thank You God for all of Your miracles. 

anonymous asked:

My apologies in advance that I am no scientist or expert, but I do like your approachable explanations and hope this question may be thought provoking (perhaps not). As I was reading a discussion of time and whether a block universe model is the best explanation, I began to wonder about probabilities of events. My question then is are there any interactions which, despite known initial conditions, the results could go one way or another, i.e. are probability based? Thanks for any thoughts!

The block Universe model is a philosophical model, in that it’s scientifically non-testable. What it says is that the past, present and future are already written – and therefore, determined – and we simply travel forward in time along that set path.

There is, of course, all of quantum mechanics to account for, but the huge number of plausible interpretations means that determinism isn’t ruled out. For example, if you have non-local physics (where two causally disconnected entities exchange information), determinism survives just fine. But if you’re asking about whether there’s such a thing as indeterminism, it’s the fundamental property inherent to quantum physics.

For a fun example, collide an electron and a positron at rest. They will annihilate into photons of known energies, moving at the speed of light in opposite directions. But what are those directions? They are completely indeterminate and random. Good luck writing down a known, future history of those based on what we can measure at present.

Believe me, I love Noah much as the next scream fan, but we can’t deny the obvious connection between him and Randy from the original scream series. They both play the role of horror fanatics that supply the main character with information regarding survival, defeating the killer, ect. (SPOILER) Randy dies in scream 2 while helping Sydney deal with a new killer a few years after Billy and Stu’s endeavor. Because of their similar qualities(and last episode’s deflowering) I believe Noah will die this season but remain crucial to those surviving another 3rd season. Before dying he’ll create a secret episode of the morgue (that he’ll somehow leave for Audrey) which contains crucial information that will change everything we thought was true about seasons 1 and 2. We know by now that he’s highly capable of hiding crucial information. Remember, by the third installment everyone is as good as dead, including Emma. It’s too early to tell really but I just wanted to get this idea out there and hopefully spawn even better theories. Thanks