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I need help

I was denied SSI not even 3 months after finishing applying. They say I’m not disabled enough to not be abled to complete significant work. I’m SO FUCKING DISHEARTENED I haven’t been able to look at the letter since I got it, a week and a half ago.
I have no emotional labor to spare to continue working on this. It is too hard. I have less than 50 days to appeal and I have no idea how I can go about it. I had so much medical evidence submitted. So fucking much. I have no work experience, had to cut my schooling to part time when I was 13, essentially drop out at 17. There is no job at this time in my life I could do. And I would fucking love to work.
I’m not asking for money I just need your advice. If you’ve been through the process of getting governmental assistance (not just in the U.S.) I need any bit of insight you can offer. Tips, encouragement, ideas, anything please. I couldn’t even make it through writing this post without crying so I’m really not tryna become suicidal because of this grueling and unfair process. Reply or message me? Even send anons. I’m just a cripple who needs help.

strangers. | (M)

Don’t talk to strangers. You might fall in love.

Words: 5K

Genre: CEO!Jimin, Dom!Jimin, Smut, Fluff, Hints BDSM.

A/N: Surprise~! Happy Birthday Jiminnie (and happy belated birthday to @jiminniemouse! I hope you like your extremely late birthday present!)  I know this is a day late but this is my first smut ever and I spent a large amount of time cleansing my soul while writing this. I would like to thank @amazon-bookworm all the hours she spent drilling the do’s and dont’s of smut I literally wouldn’t have been able to write this without you!. I would also like to thank @creamsicklesz for editing this and surviving my horrible sentence structure and grammatical errors. Thank you also to @ihearteyesmilesss, @jungee, @we-go-hard-in-the-coffeehouse, @ktaehyngs, and of course the lovely birthday girl @dailydoseofdia for motivating my to write this! Please have mercy on my smut writing abilities this is my first time (/).(\) 

Reminder: all the writing from @chokemejimin is being moved to @the95liner

Okay no more delays, enjoy! 

The first day I saw him, I was running late. As I ran through the train doors just as they were about to close, he was perched comfortable against the opposite closed door. I leaned against the walls of the train compartment, my breathing embarrassingly heavy. His eyes briefly left the book in his hand and flashed towards me, the disruptor of a perfectly silent train during his early morning commute. His gaze lingered on my face for few seconds, making my cheeks heat up, before he turned back to his book.

As I steadied my breathing, I took the chance to gaze at the man. Needless to stay, he was handsome. No, not handsome, beautiful. A dark grey suit hugged his frame paired with a simple black shirt and a silky black tie. His grey hair combed away from his face with just a few strands falling on his forehead. His eyes were downcasted, trailing on his book. 

His tongue darted out habitually licking his lips; he sensually pulled his lower lip in between his teeth. Suddenly, his gaze flashed towards me, the darkness his of irises boring into me. His appearance might be that of an angel, but his gaze was purely sin.

I calmly looked away from him and gazed out the window. Maybe if I hadn’t looked away, I would’ve noticed the beautiful smile his lips had curved into. Maybe if I hadn’t looked away I would’ve noticed his silent glances. Maybe if I hadn’t looked away I would’ve noticed that he hadn’t turned a single page in his novel since I had gotten on the train.

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Here’s another reason language matters. “Democratic socialism,” the sort Bernie Sanders talks about and his supporters advocate, isn’t socialism at all, it’s welfare capitalism, meaning capitalism with more robust social safety nets administered by state institutions. The key takeaway there should be obvious: Calling capitalism socialism doesn’t make it socialism. It plays off the populism and altruism of socialist ideals to better seat a capitalist framework. Are safety nets good? When they help the working class and poor, yes. But as long as capitalism survives the structures which generate poverty survive, meaning poverty will endure – meaning social “safety nets” are less about ending inequality and more about fine-tuning its institutionalization.


Did you know that the Great Sphinx has been buried by sand for much of its history?  It is also true that the most eroded and weathered part of the sphinx is the body, which is odd because, aside from being buried in sand most of the time, the Giza Plateau has not seen significant rain fall in 10,000 years.  In fact, the only two structures surviving from ancient Egypt with significant erosion by water are the Sphinx and the Sphinx Temple which were both carved from the same stone. Some believe the head of the Sphinx was re-carved from the head of a lion to resemble a Pharaoh because the head is not in proportion with the body.  Just how old is this thing?

i thought it was a dry season
long thick amber brown
and rather rigid
sterile boundaries
trenches dug with bare hands in hard soil
waiting for a war that never comes
a chasing after the wind
oh humans
so shortsighted
trusting what our eyes can see
what a lack of imagination
no it wasn’t the desert sand
suffocating and shifty
it was growing downward
roots binding deeper into the soil
pushing, persisting, weaving
an underground crown
sweet woody smoky garland
of brownish-purple flowers
built to withstand mudslides and rockfalls
resist frost and wildfire
survive heavy pressure
chaotically structured
the waters will not carry me
unless i choose to embrace the flow
it was a necessary season
even if the all this growing left me feeling like a hollow oak
a home for everyone else but me
yet a time is coming and has now come
i’m ready for the sunshine
fragrant lemongrass days
pine tree mistery nights
i can finally taste the air
it’s intoxicating

vetyver prophecy // julia m.

inspired by @nosebleedclub ‘s prompt for napowrimo, “Vetiver”

Morocco.Marrakech View of the ornate ceiling of the Koubba Ba'adiyn,  ,It is the oldest building in Marrakech (c.1100) and the only surviving Almoravid structure in Morocco

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Bipedal crow person.

The Creenak are a group of bipedal land dwelling crows descended from the ancestral stock of European Raven that were only minorly mutated after the events in Europe. While not the builders like humanity, their larger size boost and brain growing allowed them to settle into a world fraught with strange monsters, often dwelling in the upper levels of abandoned human structures that survived. Their tool usage is restricted to their beak manipulations and their feet, but leads to a surprisingly dexterous amount of tools. They’re ominivorous, often scavenging from larger monsters, hunting small prey, and farming on the roofs of the buildings that they dwell within. It’s not uncommon to see a Creenak residence from other abandoned buildings by the variety of vegetables and fruits from the roof as well as the planted trees that keep aging buildings supported.  Most groups are friendly with what remains of humanity, often trading for things like stories, shiny metal bits, and important information.

Why you should vote for Anatosaurus as the new Saurian playable: A short essay by Meg

Look, we already have two herbivores that are built for defense: Triceratops and Pachycephalosaurus. And it’s true, typical gameplay tends to enjoy fighting and combat. That’s something people like to do. 

But consider this: Herding 

Anatosaurus required the family group structure to survive. If you lost the herd, you were seriously fucked. It’s not typical gameplay or even thought process for gamers to try and stick with a group and cooperate. Keeping up with the herd as a young one (or if you get injured), making sure to keep your younglings and all the younglings and the infirm with the herd - or else you lose herd strength and are more vulnerable 

The need for communication - both through color and through sounds - becomes more important when you’re an Anatosaurus. Perhaps the game could incorporate a language system of some sort, obviously a simple one, that the player would have to master. Using the herd to intimidate, say, a pair of Dakotaraptor, rather than trying to face one head on, by using communication to get the whole herd to honk and display at the predators and fear them - but you have to know the right communication structure to do it, or else the whole herd will panic, break up, and you’ll be vulnerable 

I see this as being especially difficult for certain people during Multiplayer mode - and imagine forming up a huge herd with all of your pals! (*cough* ADAD herd *cough*)

I feel like there are a lot of different game play dynamics that you wouldn’t have with Triceratops - which can fend for itself if necessary - or Pachycephalosaurus - which is a small, fast runner, with self defense, so it also wouldn’t need the group structure as much - that would be interesting, as opposed to a slow-moving, solitary defense tank like Ankylosaurus, which adds very little that isn’t already present in Triceratops and Pachycephalosaurus play without being ridiculously, annoyingly slow. 

Anyways, that’s my thought. 

Back the Saurian Kickstarter here so we can have Multiplayer and all meet up in the world of Saurian! 

And here is the Saurian tumblr! @saurian-game



Graphene Ink 3-D Printed Medical Implant Grows Nerve Cells

There is no shortage of excitement for the possibilities of 3-D printing. The manufacturing technique uses a machine that squirts layer upon layer of material to build three-dimensional objects. The prevailing vision for 3-D printing is that one day we’ll be able to make smartphones, sensors, drones or other complex machines right in our homes.

But if we’re ever to have desktop devices that can output things like consumer electronics or novel biomedical devices, there are a number of obstacles that need to be overcome. Today’s consumer units most commonly use hot plastic that quickly solidifies to build shapes. This material is neither particularly strong nor is it electrically conductive, a characteristic necessary to build electronic components into devices.

Researchers all around the world are looking for materials that can unlock some of 3-D printing’s bigger promises. Now Northwestern University researchers say they have created a 3-D printing ink that is stronger, electrically conductive and biocompatible using another material that has been generating much excitement over the last decade–graphene. See more gifs and learn more below.

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Which arcade versions of XX, in all its incarnations, include being able to play as EX characters? Or, is it just a console thing? Are there moves that are exclusive to CPU-controlled characters in the arcade games?

To my knowledge, Guilty Gear Isuka is the only Arcade Game in the series to feature battles with EX versions of characters (though I’m unsure if they were selectable, including Leopaldon and the others).  I’m fairly certain Robo-Ky Mk II was Console Exclusive, though A.B.A. was playable.

The reason for this is because in Isuka, Arcade Mode was structured around Survival Mode, giving players Daredevil challengers to fight as they progressed and earn Titles and Bounty Names to customize their player records with as bragging rights.

Every 100 Levels, the player would fight Leopaldon as a boss and the session would loop back to a higher difficulty.

1 > 100

101 > 200

201 > 300

301 > 400

401 > 500

… Up to Level 901  > 1000, with EX characters attacking you every few levels in sets of 2 on 1.

Solo play in Isuka was discouraged for this reason, though, the higher the Level and Difficulty, the better Titles you obtained.

For those who couldn’t complete it, the Console version had EX Mode and boss versions of Awakened “Kakusei” Sol and Ky you could unlock via the Console version’s Boost Mode beat em up game.

Beyond Isuka, Guilty Gear X 1.5 was the only other game to have unique movelists for the Arcade Game.

As for Boss exclusive maneuvers, those have been granted to only a select few characters in the series, and most instances are Console Exclusive.

(Prior to GGXrd) Sol, Dizzy, and I-No were the first to get such moves: Savage Gunflame, Wings of Light, and Megalomania respectively.  The latter two are considered Burst Overdrives as of Accent Core Plus R, and only ever seen in Survival and Mission modes versus Gold Characters.

There is an option to play Gold EX Arcade Mode, but that is Console Exclusive.

Beyond these are the hidden Superbosses of Xrd’s M.O.M. Mode, which granted unique equipment or currency if you manage to win.  To Xrd Sign the bosses were Sin and Elphelt, and in Revelator it was Sol and Ky.

Read the Survival Mode and M.O.M. Mode tags for more information.

Search the Term “Wings+of+Light” to find more info on Dizzy’s secret Burst Overdrive when you can as well.

Safe Haven || Lucille & Gabe


Lucille had to fight back the tears in her eyes as she looked around the ash of her home. The broken window gave it away - someone had torched her home. The kitchen and study were completely gone, the living room half turned to a crisp… Only her bedroom had really survived, but the structure of the whole building would have been weakened by the flames, and the roof had burned through before she could put out the flames she found. She knew why they had done this, and it hurt. It hurt her to her core. She was different, and that had to be punished. Trudging away with a bag of her things slung across her back, she put on a brave face. No one would help her but herself.

Heading into the local tavern, she smiled weakly at the owner, ignoring the glares she could feel pierce her fleeced cloak. “Hello, Gabe. I- I’ll have a brew for now, if that’s okay?” She mumbled, and dug out some coins from her pocket.


As a native of Phoenix, AZ, Kristin Forbes-Mullane grew up with an obsession for anything having to do with art. At a young age she began painting and drawing every chance she got. This love of art came from her father, who as an artist and graphic designer himself has always inspired her. 

Without any formal training in art, hating high school enough to know there’d be no way she’d survive the structure and rules of college, she has managed to learn about art by studying on her own. She has found herself being drawn to anything with a dark, sad feeling. Her love for all things sinister portrays itself in her art as religious icons, old family photos and figures, twisted into something dark, no longer serine and beautiful. This transition from light to dark allows the viewer to create their own story…

The iconic architecture created by Frank Lloyd Wright has been idolized by the world over. His work can be found in many places, including New York, and California.

Here’s a little history on Mr. Wright and his famous work:

• In 1915, the Japanese Emperor commissioned Wright to design the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. He spent the next seven years on the project, a beautiful and revolutionary building that Wright claimed was “earthquake proof.” Only one year after its completion, the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 devastated the city and tested the architect’s claim. Wright’s Imperial Hotel was the city’s only large structure to survive the earthquake intact.

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Can we hear some of those Classist ARK Messes Up Delinquents head canons? It's v interesting and I agree w the classist society part

Okay. Consider this a meta about classism on the Ark

(First of all, I need to say that I didn’t read the 100 book - so I don’t know if any of this makes sense in that context. But I also have the sensation that it wouldn’t matter anyway.)

My little headcanon/theory/rationalisation of the Ark as a society is based on the - rather cynic, but overall i think realistic - assumption that if sexism and racism, as oppressive power structures, seem to have been eradicated completely within the Ark society, then there must have been at least one surviving oppressive power structure at play. In this case, I think it was classism. 

Reasons to back this up:

  • I don’t believe that humanity, when forced to cohabitate in a very limited space - in this case a spaceship - would be able to erase the primal instinct it has to create some sort of divide within the society it inhabitates. If anything, it would get worse. Ergo classism.
  • There is a clear power rank within the Ark. The Chancellor rules over the Council rules over the Officers and the Guard rules over the rest of the Sky People.
  • It’s clear that some professions - engineering, medical - are more rewarding than many others within the society. It’s been made clear through things like costume desigm and set design that Clarke, for example, enjoyed a much better lifestyle than the Red Haired Man who Sacrificed Himself for his Daughter or even much better than Bellamy and Octavia, whose mother was a seamstress.
  • Bellamy desperately wanted to be a part of the Guard because it would have clearly given him and his family the reassurance that they wouldn’t have needed to worry about Octavia being discovered. (I presume that members of the guard rarely get surprise home visits by other members of the Guard.). 
  • Bellamy’s mother resorted to prostitution to ensure Bellamy had a place in the guard and that she’d never have any surprise visits from the Guard itself. The mere fact that she had to do that indicates that she didn’t have that much power within the Ark society. In other words: I don’t think Abby Griffin, for example, would have had a problem just telling an Officer of the Guard not to make any surprise visits, or just straight up recommending Clarke for the Guard. Privilege.
  • The fact that Wells and Clarke were considered “privileged”, hated and repeatedly mocked by the Delinquents for being related to certain people - the Chancellor and not one but two members of the Council.
  • Bellamy managed to convince a whole group of teenagers that they’d be shunned, mistreated and belittled once the rest of the Arkers come to Earth in literally half a minute. He managed to convince even people like Miller, whose father was part of the Guard, and Monty, whose mother worked in the pharmaceutical department of the Ark (presumably valuable-ish jobs?)
  • The sole fact that the Council didn’t include, at least to our knowledge, any member of the supposed “lower” classes is telling. All the known members of the council, who made ALL the decisions, were high ranking in their own profession - but there were no rapresentatives of the “lower” professions such as blue collar workers. 
  • The elective system doesn’t count in the wishes of the lower classes: Each Council member is appointed by the Chancellor and approved by the other Council members. Same goes with the Officers and the Guard.
  • Information from the Council is disseminated to the rest of the Arkers only after it was approved by the Council - which is why Clarke and Jake Griffin were named traitors in the first place. “Traitors” of the Sky People, when the Sky People were exactly the people they were trying to inform.
  • Clarke seemed to almost expect that Bellamy wouldn’t know who Oppenheimer was. Why would she make that assumption about a grown man whom se perceives as an equal at the moment? I think she thought his education was worse than hers, which is probably true.
  • Murphy seems to not know how to spell/write properly ( die =/= dye). That might be classist of me to assume he’s not educated, but given the fact that we’re led to believe Murphy was part of the lower-lower classes (He was really poor on the Ark, and he’s literally the first person Bellamy turns to when he’s looking for angry lower class Delinquents for his posse on Earth), I think it’s plausible to think that he’s received a worse education than average. 
  • On that same topic: many have interpreted Murphy’s “dye” incident as Murphy having some sort of learning disability, such as dyslexia. It could be, and I think it could even reinfoce my case: dyslexia can be managed, I understand, through a whole lot of support from the educational system, therapy and alternative learning strategies. As it’s true for the real world, often those things aren’t provided to the lower classes at all. This could have been Murphy’s case.
  • The fact that Raven’s mother was unfit to raise her, was an abusive drunk and didn’t care for her, yet Raven didn’t receive any help from the Ark society at all - in fact, needed to rely on her Friendly, More Privileged Neighbour Finn Collins to survive. Ergo: lacking or nonexistent child support for the lower classes.
  • The fact that Murphy’s mother was an abusive drunk too, yet he had to live with her for years after his father’d death. Ergo: lacking or nonexistent child support for the lower classes.
  • The fact that the Ark only started to value Raven as a person when she became useful to them - aka when she started to show incredible mechanical skills and could work for the Ark. (This one is more of a personal observation)
  • Some in the lower classes were so poor that they couldn’t afford to satisfy basic human needs - John Murphy’s dad couldn’t afford medicine, for example.
  • Crimes against Sky people are always considered worse than crimes against outsiders - a questionable notion which I think could have stemmed from the fact that the Ark is in itself a place that promotes “us vs them” mentality.
  • This hierarchy was extended to Earth. Newsflash: Bellamy was right. The delinquents, after having enjoyed their own little Lord of the Flies moment in s1, once again bowed to the same exact power structures the MOMENT the Arkers came to Earth ( cue Kane’s “We’re in charge now”). The Council is back. The Chancellor is back. The Guard is back. No one except a selected few seem to even consider that maybe it’s time to stop relying on a class system that was designed to make humanity coexist under strict control, without possibility of change, in a small spaceship, in the fucken sky. (Maybe it’ll happen in season 3? But I don’t think the show has any time to explore that at all).
  • When Major Byrne wanted to punish Abby for breaking the rules on Earth, Kane immediately objected by stating that she was a Council member - implying that she should therefore be immediately pardoned. Ergo: te old classist power structures still exist on the Earth.
  • On the same note: The Sky People are shocked to see Abby getting punished. They don’t expect her to have the same treatment as they would have had in her position!
  • The Arkers’ justice system is inherently flawed, as it tends to distribute punishment in regards to who’s more likeable, important of influential. It’s the reason why Finn was almost pardoned for having massacred a whole village (more on that later) while Bellamy was arrested for attacking Murphy under Kane’s nose, Murphy was given forced labour for punching a grounder under Kane’s nose during a treaty, or Raven was thrown in jail for slightly attacking a guard under Kane’s nose.
  • Finn was almost let off the hook for having slaughtered a village. Were it not for the insistence of the Grounders (I cannot stress enough how clear it is that the Grounders were 130% the reason Finn was killed. It was 130% a political move), he would probably have survived it all, and he’d have been pardoned instantly while still being considered a “good person”. Finn didn’t get any dirty looks from anyone after the massacre. That didn’t happen to Murphy, for example (”I was pardoned - slate wiped clean. I’m still treated like dirt.”).
  • Bellamy trying to murder Jaha is considered more serious than Murphy killing two Delinquents because Bellamy tried to kill an authority figure, while Murphy “only” killed two Delinquents. (AND Bellamy has already been established, at this point, as one of the new Leaders arising from the Delinquents AND he had bargaining power since he knew who was plotting against Jaha)
  • BUT Murphy killing two Delinquents is more serious than Finn killing 18 Grounders because Grounders don’t matter (AND Finn is considered way more important and likeable than Murphy)
  • Which shines a light on Murphy’s Law as an episode: 99 power hungry delinquents blindly accuse someone who is exercising his own power in a disruptive way (lil ole equally power hungry Murphy, peein’ on people cause u gotta) of murder and decide to kill him, then banish him. Both of those decisions were based on the fact that he wasn’t likeable at all - Wells’ murder and (I guess) Charlotte’s suicide became pretexts to get rid of someone who was innocent, but unwanted. I am 100% convinced that the classist society in which they lived was the reason why they all, including Clarke “let’s jump to conclusions” Griffin and Bellamy “let’s give up to Mob Mentality or they’ll no longer see me as a leader” Blake, reacted the way they did.

It’s therefore clear that, in a flawed and classist justice system, it becomes easier for someone to get away with a crime when they’re considered important, valuable, or likeable.
This leads me to believe that probably a good number of those Delinquents are undereducated, angry, and have probably been locked up for nuisances for which their more privileged peers wouldn’t have been.