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5 Most Useful #Bowline #Knots!!

The Standard Bowline is not a perfect knot as it can slip and release over time. These 5 variations should help you out when the need arises. Knots covered:
Yosemite Bowline (Yosemite Finish)
Water Bowline
Round-Turn Bowline (Double Bowline)
Bowline In A Bight (Not at the End of a Line)
Twin Bowline (Bowline Bend)

rei-drome  asked:

I have never watched the bachelor in my life but I'm always down for guys falling over themselves to woo Yuuri. Who were the most popular guys during filming? Like Yurio got pretty far just because Yuuri (unexpectedly) got along with him, but who were the others that people thought they had a legitimate chance with the beauty before he crushed their hearts?

so i may or may not be currently trying to make a fake wikipedia page for the Yuuri Katsuki season of the Bachelor, because i’m a piece of shit and this has overtaken my life.  

these are the top six in yuuri’s season, although SHOCKINGLY the proposal as we all know goes to victor nikiforov, executive producer.  the runner-ups are christophe and minami who are high-key longtime fans of yuuri’s, and yuuri likes them for different reasons.  christophe makes it far on his sultry charm and secret sweetness, because he’s surprisingly intuitive once he stops playing ass grab.  

minami gets far, because even though he comes across as a little intense, he’s very sweet and very determined and a good team player.  he’s not a serial killer like yurio had joked early on in production, but ends up working well with everyone when they have to use team work to survive a ropes course in peru.  

emil gets far because he gives good hugs.  like, really, really good hugs. also, yuuri admits to victor after he’s had too much red wine, he really likes leaning up to kiss a guy.  (”hey,” he says dopily, “i would have to lean up to kiss you, victor.”)

we’ve talked about yuri making it to week eight.  i briefly considered that otabek would beat him, but otabek clearly falls in love with yurio and drops out of the competition, because he’s fallen for someone else and doesn’t feel right pretending to give a fuck about katsuki.  but yuuri likes both him and seung gil because they don’t really try to put on characters, and they shy away from drama.  also, otabek is totally the contestant that comes in with a song written for yuuri on the first night, and yuuri likes seung gil, because when things get awkward they can just talk about their dogs.  MUST LOVE DOGS: the yuuri katsuki story. 

things to know :

- wynter hustles.
- wynter is not ashamed of being an exotic dancer. 
- wynter is an addict of many drugs / alcohol / sex. 
- wynter always acts her best when she’s at her worst.
- she’s got an attitude. 
- she’s smart / knows exactly what she’s doing. 

Rules: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on: writing, art, gifsets, whatever.

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This list isn’t nearly as long as I’d like bc I’m on week two of my new job and the other half of my two person team is on vaction for the next two weeks so I’m juggling the full workload while simultaneously learning what the hell I’m doing and GISHWHES starts on Saturday so basically

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I am working on my deancasbigbang and by “working on” I mean I’M DONE BITCHES and by “done” I mean I have a crap-ton of editing to do and maybe a scene or two to add and a beta to contact and request services of and hahaha rough drafts are due in two days and i need to do that still so i need a summary of 200 words or less and visual word blurb thingies so basically

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But anyway my fic is so good I’m so excited. If you’re into roadtrip au’s turned to found family domestic adventures with Cas, Dean, Claire, and Krissy with fun bursts of Sam hit me up. I think the promos start in like a month and posting doesn’t happen until friggin October BUT IT’S GONNA BE GREAT

EDIT: I forgot to tag people because I’m a mess and my life is falling apart. I’m not necessarily tagging authors, just tell me what you’re up to!

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Warning: Spoilers below for those who play Ikemen Vampire, esp. Napoleon’s route.

Isaac looks good with the background colours. This guy actually reminds me of Ieyasu. He’s a bit aloof towards the MC yet he’s gentle with her.

So this scene, Isaac was going somewhere and he took MC with him. They went to a not so popular street in France where Napoleon was teaching kids how to use a sword. When MC voiced out her concern on how the kids were using a real sword, Isaac replied that it wasn’t a real one. He then proceeded to explain that in 19th century France, education is not compulsory so Napoleon teaches the kids how to survive. Even Isaac was roped into teaching them. He teaches them Physics, his specialty (of course).

They were then interrupted when Napoleon finally noticed them. The kids immediately gathered around Isaac, who looked a bit lost on what to do with them, which made the MC (and me lol) smile. Napoleon then asked MC what she was doing there and MC told him that Isaac invited her along to see Napoleon. Napoleon could only say, “That guy” before one kid approached them and asked if MC was Napoleon’s girlfriend.

It was a pretty cliche scene, but I am a big fan of cliche so no harm done. Lol. MC was surprised, as expected. She began to stutter a response but Napoleon beat her to it by saying, “This girl is my lover.”



P.S. I was so eager to find out the next scene I didn’t realise I ran out of tickets and used up ¾ of my diamonds. Fuuuuuuuー diamonds equal to coins (or so I think) in the game. You can buy premium attire and gacha special events stuff with diamonds. The nice thing tho is that they give you diamonds randomly in the daily login bonus. I just received 100 diamonds today (w/c I unknowingly used up immediately tsk).

Sorry if this isn’t Midnight Cinderella. I just like this game so much I need somewhere to rant. My main blog is concentrated on Haikyuu!! and its stage play as of the moment so all otome-related stuff goes here. (*´▽`*)

I can’t place this under cut as well since I’m always on mobile. _(:3 」∠)_

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I have other items that change daily depending on the assignment, but these are always on my person.

I said i was gonna do it to show you how much i appreciate you getting me to this milestone cause omg

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Stay with Me

A simple diplomatic trip. That’s all this was supposed to be.

With just a few words and a treaty, the war between Asgard and Vanaheim was to end. Having left early in the morning, after kissing Calista good bye, Loki went to Vanaheim where his soldiers had been for months now. These warriors, of Asgard, Alfheim, and Midgard, worked together well, but not well enough to stop the Vanir.

The Vanir, who hated Loki. Who blamed Loki for the death of Queen Frigga. He never would admit that as the reason for all the war and bloodshed. I never meant for her to die. I loved her more dearly than any of you.

But she did die, and the Vanir did blame Loki. Now with Odin gone as well as Frigga, the Vanir took this opportunity to seek vengeance against Loki.

It was only supposed to be a diplomatic trip.

Loki brought no weapons, though he wore a bit more armor than he typically did. He walked onto the battlefield as a king should: with confidence and peacefulness. After showing the Vanir king that he had no weapons or want of violence, Loki stepped closer. And that is when it all fell apart.

Loki’s senses, still dull from having just woken up, were unable to detect the soldier behind him until it was too late. By turning around to face his attacker, Loki fell into the Vanir’s trap. A rope was tied around his neck and yanked roughly; Loki fell to his knees with a gasp. Before he was able to move, Loki was dragged across the battlefield, slowly at first. As the pace quickened, Loki realized what was dragging him: a horse.

They mean to kill me.

With a weak tug at his and Calista’s new bond, Loki’s eyes began to close, his lungs struggling to fill with air. The horse stopped; the rope still suffocated him. Loki rose into the air as the Vanir soldiers hanged him by the neck.

Long live the king,” a soldier whispered to Loki with a manic grin.

Days passed before Loki finally woke. A few of the Asgardian warriors were able to save him and bring him to the healing ward, but not before Loki had already fell unconscious. No one was certain he would survive.

The rope had torn away at the flesh around his neck, leaving deep scarlet marks. The rest of his body was bruised and cut, from the metal of his armor piercing his skin and from whatever sticks, rocks, and glass was on the battlefield.

Loki awoke with a choked groan of pain (the healers thought his vocal chords could be damaged forever). “Bloody hell,” he groaned. “I feel like death.”

What happened? Loki thought. Sigyn. Sigyn died. Maybe I tried to go with her? I can’t remember. Why can’t I remember?

Sherlock using a bungy jump rope to survive the fall

Sherlock smashing through the window and snogging Molly

The Sherlock mask being put onto Moriarty’s body

Sherlock and Moriarty kissing

Janine walking out of Sherlocks room wearing nothing but his shirt

Sherlock and Janine kissing

Moriarty’s return

Mary shooting Sherlock

Sherlock’s disguise at the restaurant


John being put into a bonfire

Series 3