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If high school kids are even lucky enough to hear about the Black Panthers, they definitely aren’t hearing about this part of their mission.

In the mid-1960s, the Black Panther Party developed several social programs that provided assistance to not only African Americans, but also poor whites. These were called “Survival Programs.” The above photo is of people receiving food thanks to the Community Pantry / Free Food Program, operated by party members. Other programs included Free Breakfast for Children, community health classes, free clothing, free dental work, free pest control, legal clinics / workshops, tutoring programs, and youth training.

If anyone ever says that the Black Panther Party was solely focused on violence and intimidation, they are lying.

10 Rookie K-Pop Groups To Look Out For In 2017

This year has brought us an incredible amount of new music, new groups, and all around incredible talent. But with the new year right around the corner, it’s time to get ready to usher in even more. Here are ten rookie groups — including the ones who will soon be making their official debut — you can expect to see a lot more of in 2017.

1. K.A.R.D
Making the most unexpected debut of the year, DSP Media’s new group K.A.R.D is a co-ed one already turning a lot of heads with their extremely catchy debut, “Oh NaNa.” The group, consisting of both male and female members, is a venture not often seen in K-pop. And the change of pace is not just refreshing. It’s impressive. In less than three weeks since their debut, K.A.R.D has already garnered three million views (and counting) for their first single. We can’t wait to see what other milestones they’ll reach in 2017.

2. Pledis Girlz
The first girl group from Pledis Entertainment in four years, Pledis Girlz is set to make their official debut in 2017. But the girl group hasn’t been sitting around idly until then. Members Lim Nayoung and Zhou Jieqiong have spent the year promoting as members of project group I.O.I., while the remaining members have dropped countless practice videos showcasing their vocal and dance talents.

In addition to this, the group also released the pre-debut track “We” written and composed by the members. Pledis Girlz is overflowing with talent, and their official debut will definitely be one to keep on your radar.

3. Varsity
Varsity is a 12-member boy group set to debut within the first week of the new year. The group has seven Korean members and five Chinese members, and is aiming for a debut exploding with charisma and power. Coined as a “global idol group,” Varsity also boasts multilingual members such as Seungbo — who will be able to communicate with fans in Arabic, English, Korean, and French. With qualities like that, we can’t wait to ring in the new year with their official debut.

4. Bolbbalgan4
Two years after competing on “Superstar K4,” female duo Bolbbalgan4 made their official debut earlier this year. The duo is already making waves with their single “Galaxy,” which showcases their unique indie style. In addition to the lead single and mini album “Red Ickle,” Bolbbalgan4 has also released a full album titled “Red Planet.”

5. Pentagon
Having dropped two EPs already since their October debut, rookie boy group Pentagon is on no track to slow down. The group is the latest addition to Cube Entertainment’s artist roster, and have already shown their dedication and talent through their survival program “Pentagon Maker.” Through songs like “Gorilla,” “You Are,” and “Can You Feel It,” Pentagon is proving that they can tackle any genre and make a name for themselves in the new year.

Having debuted only a month ago, VICTON is already separating themselves from the pack with their addictive title track “I’m Fine.” The song feels fresh, yet affectionately familiar with its throwback vibes; it’s also a firm indication of what the group can bring to the K-pop scene in the future. Their first EP “Voice to New World” houses their introduction track “What Time Is It Now,” which makes you anticipate their future concepts and comebacks for the new year even more.

7. Bonus Baby
Definitely one of the more younger groups in K-pop, girl group Bonus Baby will showcase their cheerful image with their debut in the new year. Artists such as NC.A, GP Basic, and NCT Dream have proven that a young age is no reason to overlook true talent, and we can’t wait to see what Bonus Baby will have to offer with their official debut soon.

Seven-member boy group MYTEEN hails from the label Music Works, which notably features Minzy and Baek Ji Young. Former “Superstar K6” contestant and soloist Song Yu Vin is also a member of the rookie group. Although MYTEEN hasn’t made their official debut yet, the group regularly meets fans through “MYTEEN Show” from their official YouTube page and performs in various cities in Korea. 2017 will definitely be the year they make their mark.

Bypassing the usual cute and innocent girl group concept, quintet Bulldok burst onto the scene with a fierce image and an even bolder debut with their single, ” Why Not.” The ladies are ready to claim their spot in the ever-competitive music scene, and with a sound like this, they’re sure to find their true breakout in 2017.

Debuting earlier this year with the funky single “She,” MAMAMOO’s brother group VROMANCE is a fresh vocal quartet worth keeping an eye on. The group features four members with incredible vocals, charisma, and style. In the new year, VROMANCE is set to showcase a different, softer facet of their talent with their upcoming comeback. And if it’s anything like their debut, it’s sure to be breathtaking.


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For those who are saying that “iKON had it easy”


In 2013, B.I, Bobby, Jinhwan, Junhoe, Donghyuk, and Yunhyeong competed as Team B on the Mnet reality survival show WIN: Who Is Next, competing against other trainees in “Team A” for the chance to debut as a group. 

Despite lacking public recognition and being younger than Team A, they still did their best putting every bit of effort in each performances and sacrificing any thing possible.

 But they unfortunately lost.

They left us with good songs, good memories, and a favor asking us to wait for them cause they’ll be back soon. iKONICS, remember when team B made us cry during their Climax performance?

Originally posted by hanbeanss

In order to debut, Hanbin, as a leader did this:

And he really did.. YG released one of their songs. It’s entitled ‘Wait for me’.. a song from Team B to us, iKONICS. 

‘Wait for me’ video link:

In June 2014, Team B appeared in the reality survival program Mix & Match, a follow-up to WIN: Who Is Next. The aim of the show was to determine the final lineup of iKon. While Bobby, B.I, and Jinhwan were confirmed members, the remaining members of Team B competed against three new trainees; Jung Jin-hyeong, and Yang Hong-seok, and Jung Chan-woo.

And everyone was like “PLEASE JUST LET THEM DEBUT” or “WE WANT TEAM B”… even Bobby agrees.

Their friendship was even at stake at one point. After YG announced that Junhoe, Donghyuk and Yunhyeong should still fight for their place in iKON, they just couldn’t handle their emotions.

While these dramas are happening, Bobby and B.I fight for their titles as idol rappers in SMTM3.

After being dissed and looked down by some of the underground rappers, Bobby eventually won breaking prejudices among idol rappers.

But when we talk about Mix & Match, we can’t forget about this episode when:

1. Due to a lot of pressure by doing Mix & Match and SMTM at the same time, B.I almost broke down. He was incommunicado for almost 6 hours and was found at a park writing lyrics. He said he just cleared his mind. Our precious leader was having such a hard time at the age of 18/19. :(

2. Or when Yunhyeong almost failed to make it in the group. Yunhyeong smiling amidst going through this pain plus Junhoe crying is just….. </3

And after performing their final stages, waiting was our enemy, but eventually, Yunhyeong, Junhoe, Donghyuk + Chanwoo made it.

The painful part about this is saying goodbye to the other 2 members. As the program continued, we witnessed how close they got with each other. It must’ve been hard for Team B. :(

Following several postponements, iKon’s official debut was announced on YG Entertainment’s website for 15 September 2015. That means iKON and iKONICS waited for a year again just to see them on stage again.

I know it’s all in the past now, but whenever you see haters say that iKON had it easy, or iKON is just famous because they’re in YG then you should definitely show this. They definitely don’t know how much iKON worked hard and how much iKONICs waited for them. 

[OP-ED] Why do K-Netz love Somi but not Samuel?


Often compared due to their young age, experience and biracial backgrounds, Jeon Somi from Produce 101 Season 1 and Kim Samuel from Produce 101 Season 2 had ultimately very different fates on the show.

However, if we really think about it, these two contestants actually have a lot of differences which set them apart and also speak volumes about South Korean society. 

Keep reading to see my thoughts on this and feel free to share your own thoughts in the comments below.

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PLEDIS CEO Updates With Long Awaited OT5 Selfie, Draws Attention With Caption

Caption: #NU’EST #L.O.V.Es #Aron #Minhyun #Baekho #Ren #JR

NU’EST fans rejoice as PLEDIS CEO took to his Instagram to update with a long-awaited selfie of all five members, taken after Produce 101′s Finale Concert today; this marks the first group photo revealed after four members were announced to be participating on the said program, and Aron was spotted showing support by turning up in the audience.

L.O.V.Es were buzzing not only because the photo was taken recently, but also at the captions, where the hashtags labeled the boys under their stage names. Considering how Baekho, Ren and JR had entered the survival program under their real names and having returned to a trainee status, this seemed to mark a return as NU’EST members.

In related news, the four participating Pledis boys have successfully wrapped up the finale concert alongside fellow trainees from various companies, performing to legendary stages from the program. A total of top 35 trainees participated in the 2-day concert.

JR has apparently mentioned that he’s been writing lyrics and preparing for their next album in his solo vapp just few hours before, so it would not be long before we see the boys on stage again.

Source: pledis_boss ; NU’EST vlive

Black people already know they’re poor and powerless. They just don’t understand the nature of their oppression. They haven’t drawn the line from their condition to the system of capitalism. The Survival Programs begin to do that. The people will undoubtedly start asking themselves why the party can do so much with so little, and the capitalists so little with so much. They’ll motivate them to start making some demands - not begging - for shit. And the Man will be forced to make little concessions. The more concessions, the more demands…In other words, the programs are another tactic for revolution.
—  Elaine Brown, A Taste of Power
New studyblr!

This is a sideblog that I am dedicating as a studyblr specifically relating to resources that will hopefully aid my survival in the IB program :)

My name is Victoria and I am sixteen years old. My family is moving back to Norway from America so I’m going to an international school that offers the IB program. I will be starting on August 15, 2017 and I will be taking:

  • HL Chemistry
  • HL Geography 
  • HL Norwegian B
  • HL Mathematics  
  • SL English Literature 
  • SL Biology

I’ll be posting different resources for all these subjects as well as resources for CAS, TOK, Extended Essays, etc.

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Here’s what we know about the upcoming MNET hiphop survival program SCHOOL RAPPER:

  • 2000+ high school aged contestants tried out for the program
  • Includes MC GREE (Brand New Music), MARK (of NCT), Young B (SMTM), and Luda (SMTM)
  • Qualifying rounds are judged by the program “mentors”
  • Mentors (7):
    • Deepflow
    • Mad Clown
    • Swings
    • YDG
    • Jessi
  • Program emcees (2):
    • Jeong Joon-Ha
    • HaHa
  • Tiger JK will be leading as the music producer for the winner of ‘SCHOOL RAPPER’
  • First episode will air mid-February.

Red Wolf Pups Born in Captivity

Four pups were born this spring in the U.S. at Chehaw Park. Boone and Belle were born on March 29th, and Flint and Faith were born on April 4th. 

These wolves are a part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ Species Survival Plan Program. There is an estimated 100 red wolves in the wild, all within North Carolina in the United States. 200 red wolves, which are in the Red Wolf Recovery Program, live in captivity.

Currently, the program to establish a stable red wolf population is being reviewed for revision or abolition. 

Full article and more images 

Photos by: Chehaw Park

[RUMOURED/UPDATED] Produce 101 season 2 trainee list

So I made a list of Produce 101 Season 2 trainees, including their backgrounds (not all trainees)

*sorry for the mistakes I may had made because I gathered it from a few sources, explains why my heading is *RUMOURED*. Hence, this list is not 100% confirmed (in fact nothing is confirmed). Please tell me if there are mistakes and I would correct it immediately to avoid misunderstanding. Thank u! ✌

✌ = confirmed joining; otherwise, everything else is almost rumored.

BIG 3 (JYP, SM, YG) and notable company’s ex-trainees

Jung Jinhyeong: Ex-YG trainee, participant of Mix and Match, the survival show that created iKON, and quitted the show at last due to the termination of contract with YG entertainment.

✌ Lee Daehwi: Ex-JYP trainee, representing Brand New Music now, 2001 liner

Park Youngju: Ex-SM trainee under smrookies, participant of Super Idol (unsure)

Seoh Daehwan: Ex-SM trainee

Ex-Idol participants

Shin Dongjin: Ex-pledis trainee (prepared to debut with SVT), 2000 liner

Lee Insoo (stage name Jaguar): Ex-member of A6P, participant of BOYS24, 1996 liner

Jung Wonchul: Ex-member of A6P, currently Happy Face Entertainment trainee, 1996 liner

Samuel (stage name Punch): Ex-1punch member, currently Brave Entertainment trainee, 2002 liner

Kim Yongjin: Ex-Underdog member, currently Wings Entertainment trainee, 1997 liner

*some of them may not have left their groups, I’m not very sure. 

Idol participants

Im Joonhyuk: Ex-Day6 member, Member of Be-blossomed, 1993 liner

Kim Sanggyun (stage name A-tom): Member of ToppDogg, 1995 liner.

Lee Woojin: Maknae and vocal of TheEastLight, child actor, 2003 liner

Chan Yul (stage name Yul): Former member of A.T.O, Current member of JJCC, 1992 liner

Choi Hadon (stage name Sangchung): Member of JJCC, 1993 liner

✌ Son Dongmyung: Member of M.A.S.0094, 2000 liner

Seokyu: Member of Pure Boy (IT Entertainment), 1998 liner

Choi Minki (stage name Ren): Member of NU’EST, 1995 liner

Kim Jonghyun (stage name JR): Member of NU’EST 1995 liner

Kang Dongho (stage name Baekho): Member of NU’EST, 1995 liner

Hwang Minhyun: Member of NU’EST, 1995 liner

No Taehyun (stage name Kid Monster): Member of Hotshot, 1993 liner

Ha Sungwoon: Member of Hotshot, 1994 liner

Joo En: Member of AFOS (The Rebel Entertainment), 1996 liner

Jung Dongsoo: Member of Offroad (Kairos Entertainment), 1991 liner        

Kim Namhyung: Member of Offroad (Kairos Entertainment), 1994 liner

Well-known participants

✌ Lee Gwanghyun: Boys24 participant Unit White, eliminated from the show, 1998 liner

Kim Taedong: Boys24 participant Unit Blue, eliminated from the show, 1997 liner

Yoon Yongbin: Could potentially made his debut with EXO but rejected SM, participant of I Can See Your Voice, representing Banana Culture Entertainment (EXID’s label), 1995 liner.

Kwon Hyunbin: YG model, 1997 liner

Lee Hoo Lim: YG model and trainee

✌ Jung Sewon: Kpop Star contestant, Starship trainee, 1997 liner

✌ Jang Moonbok: Superstar K contestant, ONO entertainment trainee, 1995 liner

Jung Shihyun: EXO next door actor, GNI Entertainment trainee

✌ Park Jihoon: AKA the boy who winked in the Pick Me video, Maroo Entertainment trainee, 1999 liner

Kim Donghan: Former member of D.O.B (not the FNC survival program, it’s a dance cover group), 1998 liner.

✌ Byun Hyunmin: Popular online dance cover group K-tigers member, 1999 liner

✌ Kim Donghyun: Brand New Music trainee, Son of South Korean MC Kim Gura

Others (trainees)

✌ Lee Eui Woong: Jellyfish trainee, 2000 liner

✌ Lai Guan Lin: Cube Entertainment trainee, Taiwanese, 2001 liner.

✌ Kang Daniel: MMO Entertainment trainee, 1996 liner

✌ Joo Jinwoo: MMO Entertainment trainee, –

✌ Choi Taewoong: MMO Entertainment trainee, 1992 liner

Yoon Jisung: B2M Entertainment trainee, 1993 liner

Im Woohyuk: Blessings Entertainment trainee, 1994 liner

Yoo Jinwoo: Blessings Entertainment trainee, 1997 liner

✌ Yeo Hwanwoong: RBW Entertainment trainee, 1998 liner

✌ Choi Jaewoo: RBW Entertainment trainee, –

Kim Taewoo: Narda Entertainment trainee, 1993 liner

Choi Seunghyuk: Yuehua Entertainment trainee, 1999 liner

✌ Jungjung: Yuehua Entertainment trainee, 1995 liner (?)

✌ Ahn Hyungseob: Yuehua Entertainment trainee, 1998 liner (?)

Park Sungwoo: HIM Entertainment trainee, 1988 liner

✌ Park Woojin: Brand New Music trainee, 1999 liner

✌ Im Youngmin: Brand New Music trainee, 1995 liner (?)

Kim Taemin: Hanahreum Company trainee, 1995 liner

Hong Eunki: Makestar Entertainment trainee, 1997 liner

✌ Han Jongyeon: Maroo Entertainment trainee, 1998 liner (?)

✌ Kwon Hyub: Maroo Entertainment trainee, 1996 liner (?)

✌ Bae Jinyoung: Jellyfish trainee, 2000 liner (?)

Takada Kenta: Not much known, 1995 liner.

✌ Joo Hak Nyeon: Cre.ker Entertainment trainee, 1999 liner

Ong Sungwoo: Fantagio trainee

Lee Yoojin: Namoo Actors trainee

✌ Justin: Yuehua Entertainment trainee, Chinese

Zhu Zheng Tian: Not much known, but reported from Fujian, China.

TOP5 Sexiest PRODUCE101 Trainees – #4

In my last post, I’ve mention that you need the right attitude if you want to be sexy – and some men out there are just simply born with it.

Among all those handsome and gorgeous trainees of Produce 101 Season 2 are several candidates who can be easily called sex gods. But there is only one that overflows with confidence, which makes him sexier than most of the other boys of the popular survival program.

#4 – ONG SEONG WOO // 옹성우

Originally posted by binsmoon

When Ong Seongwoo appeared on our screens for the very first time, you could hear girls all over the world moan with pleasure. This guy has the face, the moves, the voice – and damn, this bastard is savage as fuck. And that is exactly what makes him so incredibly hot.

Originally posted by peudyu101

Seongwoo is totally aware of the fact that he is good looking and extremely talented – and he has no shame to mention it all the time. His confident personality combined with his unique sense of humor makes it so easy to develop a huge crush on this sexy Fantagio trainee. Even other Produce 101 participants had to admit that his sex appeal can be fatal, and that’s why they chose him as center for one of the sexiest boy group songs ever.

Originally posted by ong-seong-wu

Do you know why girls like assholes? Just look at Seongwoo. He doesn’t sugarcoat things, he brags about his looks and skills, and he usually gets what he wants. Sounds pretty much like a huge jerk, right? But ladies still can’t get enough of his shameless behavior and handsome face.

Not only his confidence and looks makes girls all around the world drool. Who would have thought that being funny and sarcastic can be this fucking hot? Seongwoo loves to joke – mostly about himself since – thanks to his confidence – he is not scared of embarrassment.

Originally posted by extraongdinary

However, I’m not sure if Seongwoo is a guy I could date. I wouldn’t be able to introduce him to my mother, my sister or my female friends, because every single one of them would fall for him as well – and he kinda looks like he has no problem dating multiple girls at the same time.

Originally posted by ong-seong-wu

I’ll just admire this perfect example of intense sex appeal from afar, and let my dirty mind do the rest.








Has it occurred to you all that fake underrated stans be like “oh my god ××× needs more attention! They are hardworking! How dare you sleep on them” but when we ask them about NU'EST they went like “who?” And when we brought the name ‘Ren’ they went “ooh… that guy that looks like a girl? He’s debuted? He’s in that group? Gosh, I didn’t know… wish they’re more well-known and more published by their company, oh well! But do you know about ×××??? THEY’RE SO FUCKING UNDERRATED! THEY NEED MORE ATTENTION!” And now that produce 101 season 2 brought the matter about how devastating their state is y'all fake tears and words of support. Yeah, I know a snake when I encounter one. Takes one to know another biatch.

I mean how can you 'know how devastating they are’ or 'feel what they felt’ WHEN YOU FUCKING KNOW THEM IN 2017 AND NOT IN 2012


I’m sorry, but to those of you who genuinely care about NU'EST I’m legit thankful, I’ve been a L.O.V.E (I’m sorry, I don’t know how to change the v upside down in my phone i’m one dumb ass bitch) since 2012, hell you can ask my old junior high school friends that I used 'FACE’ as the song for my dance test in school and I even taught them the dance break (FUCK IT JR’S HIP ROLLS ARE KILLING ME SINCE 2012) and it really hurt me knowing that NU'EST just got recognition now when they just made a comeback last year.

I’m not even sorry for the amount of cuss I’m using, I just want you to see the frustration in me when I read comments like 'oh my god why is pledis like this???’ 'Their company should pay more attention to them’ 'I hope NU'EST will become a greater group’ BITCH DON’T EVEN START WITH THE FAKE-ASS CARING WORDS. I could smack your face like snooki in jersey shore for being as fake as kim kardashian’s tits and ass. (It’s out of context but I feel like the metaphor is appropriate).

So instead of going words-only and give no shit why don’t you really support them because hoe if y'all fakes still talking bullshit these hands will fly over the pacific ocean to smite the living devil out of you I’m sure your ancestors would rise from their graves to make sure you’re okay.

They deserve to be more well-known for their music and talent not just because they’re in a survival program.


I’ve said it once and i’ll say it again; I ain’t sorry for cussing and cursing, you fake hoes deserve it and us real supporting hoes better stick together like glue and show them what this fandom got.

Wann fight me on this matter? You know where to find me and I ain’t pussying out of it. But since i need my daoly dose of imagines scenarios and other fangirl needs shits i might reply late.



Peace out

Love, BooNana 💕

mecherabbit  asked:

Any advice for surviving a PhD program as a young black feminist? Especially when people argue the academy is out of touch with the communities it should strive to serve?

Keep your head down, make sure you have some kind of life outside of your program, find mentors you can trust, whether they are at your institution or not, and remember the end goal.

WINNER Discusses Comeback Album “Fate Number For” And The Meaning Behind Its Title

WINNER is back with new album “Fate Number For,” and they’ve waited a long time for this moment.

At an interview, they revealed their thoughts on the departure of Nam Tae Hyun, saying, “We can feel his absence, and so can our fans. To make up for that, we tried to raise the quality of our songs. We felt insecure, but we all worked hard to become better artists. We’re confident now. Rather than feeling pressured about how well we do on the charts, we want to enjoy our promotions this time.”

Their comeback track “Really Really” is different from what people are used to seeing from WINNER. While their previous songs like “Empty” mostly gave off a gloomy vibe, “Really Really” is an upbeat track with elements of tropical house.

“We weren’t able to show our bright sides yet, so we wanted to let people feel our youthful energy while we’re young,” they explained, and continued, “We made two songs while preparing for this album. ‘Really Really’ was the first one we made, and then we wrote ‘Fool.’ Both got really good reviews from both our members and our agency (YG Entertainment). Everything happened at lightning speed.”

WINNER’s new track also provides us with the chance to see their dance moves. Before their debut, they had proven their dance skills through survival program “WIN,” but after their debut, they had no opportunity to showcase those moves. They revealed, “Through ‘Really Really,’ you’ll be able to see us dance freely. At the end, there’s a fully synchronized choreography as well, so look forward to it.”

The name of their new album is “Fate Number For,” and “For” is a homophone for the number four. They explained, “It’s a play on words. You could say four is a fated number because we are four members now. You can also take the word ‘for’ at face value and have it mean things like ‘for us,’ ‘for the fans,’ and ‘for the four-member structure.’ You can interpret it in many ways.”

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[Clarification] YG’s New Survival Program is NOT for their own Trainees + New Variety Shows for WINNER, iKON & BLACKPINK

Originally posted by kimchiwon

The past few days there has been rumors circulating the web that YG Entertainment has a new “WIN: WHO IS NEXT” / “MIX & MATCH” styled survival program for YG’s male trainees. While there has been much pushback on another program to create a new YG boy band since YG already has three young groups, the company has offically responded that there has been a massive misunderstanding.

It appears that YG’s upcoming survival program is for unknown rookie idols who are NOT a part of YG Entertainment. YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk, free from his K-POP STAR judging duties, will be collaborating with Mnet “Show Me The Money”’s PD Han Dong Chul, to make a “PRODUCE 101”-style program featuring YG’s training system.

For more information on this show’s format and YG’s upcoming variety shows, keep reading.

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