The trailer for the upcoming survival horror game City Shrouded in Shadow, a survival horror game where the player tries to guide their character out of a city under attack by giant monsters.  There are several scenarios including ones involving:

Godzilla fighting King Ghidorah

Gamera fighting Legion

Evangelion Unit-01 battling the 4th Angel

The Ingram from Patlabor fighting a runaway labor

and Ultraman battling Nise Ultraman/Alien Zarab

You could say I’m a wee bit interested in this game!


some shitty doodles which i made during hiding in lockers. Miles Upshur 🔋📹📰 Chris Walker 💪😬👣 Dr Rick Trager (i love this guy XD he has sense of humor) 😷💺✂ Waylon Park and Eddie Gluskin 👬+🔪=👰👨 -> 👰💔 -> 🔪😲💢

coloring brush pens~

my animation (also outlast) ->

my other outlast art ->