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Exciting stuff! Penguin Random House have just published the very first Terraria guide in physical format! It was released a few days ago, and it’s actually not bad!

Okay, I know what you’re all thinking. “Why would I ever buy this book when there’s a comprehensive Terraria wiki online?!” I feel ya, person reading this, I feel ya. To make things worse, this volume only guides you up until hard mode. I honestly wasn’t expecting much until I picked this up, but it’s been a worthy purchase so far. Here’s why:

1. The layout in the book is actually really awesome. It’s not just text on a page, and the quirky layout means I actually remember pages easily, and hence, where to go to find information quickly mid-game. It ends up being more time-saving once I sort of learnt my way around the book vs. alt+tabbing from Terraria, opening chrome, searching for the wiki, searching for what I want to know about, spelling it wrong, having to re-type it, and finally finding what I want. Time is everything when you have the inventory pause setting turned off ;)

2. It’s in a book format. Hear me out on this. The online wiki is amazing for finding very specific information about something in Terraria, given you know what to search for. The book, however, is a set number of pages. You just read it, knowing you have all the information in front of you, not hidden by an obscure search term.

3. It is actually very informative. Literally, as soon as I opened the book on a random page, I learnt that you can get a Stylist NPC to change your hairstyle… That’s crazy! Here’s me thinking I couldn’t learn anything else new about one of my favorite games, but I stand corrected yet again…

3. It’s Terraria merchandise. So just take my money :L but no really it seems like a great gift for anyone just getting into Terraria, or just if you really love the game. It came out on the 7th of July and sells for around £7/$7 at the moment. Well worth the pick up, or check around amazon for a bundle deal of all 3 volumes (meaning you pre-order the next two).

Sorry for the massive post :L mainly all me justifying myself. I’ll probably use excerpts from this book in future posts, really awesome stuff! Anyway, see you all soon ;)

Ultimate Survival Guide: 15-Books-Mega Bundle That Will Get You Safe From Any Dangerous Situation

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Ultimate Survival Guide: 15-Books-Mega Bundle That Will Get You Safe From Any Dangerous Situation

Book#1: Surviving With Condom: 20 Situations (Except Sex) Where Condom Can Save You

Book#2: Survival Navigation: How To Exit From The Wilderness Without Gadgets Or Map On Hand

Book#3: Survival for Children: 15 Dangerous Situations Little Preppers Should Know How to Handle

Book#4: Survival Medicine: Medicine Handbook You Need In Your First-Aid Kit That Will Save Your Life

Book#5: Foil Packet Food: Best Way To Cook On Fire: 30 Delicious Camping Recipes

Book#6: Homemade Survival Weapons: 10 Badass DIY Weapons That Will Save Your Life When SHTF

Book#7: Surviving In The Water: Navy’s Course On How To Survive More Than Two Weeks Drifting In The Open Water

Book#8: Survival Communication: 20 Ensure Ways To Connect With Your Family While Cataclysm

Book#9: Wild Survival: Learn How To Escape Attack Of A Dangerous Wild Animal When No One Around

Book#10: Poisonous Mushrooms You Shouldn’t Be Tricked With: A Must Have Book For Mushroom Hunting

Book#11: Situational Survival For Women: 10 Dangerous Situations That Can Await Every Woman And Proven Methodic To Come Out Of Them As A Winner

Book#12: Wise Prepping: Important Things Every Beginner Prepper Needs And List Of Mistakes To Avoid

Book#13: Survival: Disappear Without Trace, Find Food, Build Shelter, Filter Water And Start A Fire In The Deepest Wilderness

Book#14: Navigation For Dummies: 30-Minute Guide On Map Reading, GPS, Compass Use And Advanced Navigation Methods In The Wilderness

Book#15: Winter Survival: How To Stay Warm, Dry And Alive In Freezing Wilderness

Download your E book “Ultimate Survival Guide: 15-Books-Mega Bundle That Will Get You Safe From Any Dangerous Situation” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

The party’s descent into the depths began as easily as any other. Clanking in armour, testing each other’s weapon weight and balance, and singing somber tunes:

Down, down, down they went,
hopeful, respectful with heads bent.
The darkness could not swallow them,
- oorae oorae oorae

Every snap and pebble loosed,
twitch, shudder through the darkness peer,
comes ghastly figures felled before,
- oorae oorae oorae

Still they ventured deeper down,
to find that which had slayed their kin,
blood and sweat on nervous brow,
- oorae oorae oorae.

Never were they ever seen,
nor mentioned in an open song,
the books would have no place for them
the temples chant no psalms.

- Oorae oorae oorae - sing somber new
with sword and cane and power great;
in Goven’s Maw, on treasure bent
will find those who beyond, are spent.

- Mo!

PS: artwork from The Dungeon Survival Handbook

Zodiac Scene #1 - Zombie Apocalypse

There is a zombie outbreak!

Capricorn, busy working in her office when she heard the news, is trying to figure out a logical explanation on how this is happening and if there is a cure to fix this.

As she rushed to get back home, she bumped into Sagittarius, who was in the midst of running away for his life while simultaneously trying to get a good recording of the zombies on his phone. He succeeded in this. Most of it is due to pure dumb luck, the other reason is Capricorn mowing down the zombies like weed with her car.

Meanwhile, back at the Zodiac’s house, there is chaos. Leo has taken charge, planning out a survival guide that nobody is going to follow as she had mostly learned all that stuff from reading books, watching TV, and playing Resident Evil.

Aries, wearing a completely unnecessary bulletpoof vest that he had pulled out of nowhere,has already armed himself with whatever household item that can be used as a weapon and was googling on the best ways to kill and destroy an undead.

Gemini is online too; already spreading the word to all of his friends while searching for an escape route out of the zombie infested area.

Cancer was fretting. He was calling up friends and family, the police, the CIA, the local church, etcetera.

There is a strange noise coming out of Scorpio’s room, where he had locked himself in the minute he heard about the outbreak.

Libra was trying to convince herself that Scorpio is not doing any scary voodoo magic/ritual/spell thing to combat the zombies as she tried to calm the panicking Cancer.

Not surprisingly, Aquarius was the only one who had seen this coming. Also not surprisingly, she had no plan in motion at all. At least the multiple copies of Zombies Survival Handbook that she bought would be put to good use.

Pisces had packed up all of her precious belongings, which includes but is not limited to: her diary, her photo album, a music box that she had ever since she was a kid, the necklace that her grandmother gave her, that little teddy bear that her first boyfriend gave her, etcetera.

Taurus had followed suite and packed up all of his precious belongings, which includes and is limited to: money, and non-perishable foods.

Finally, Virgo had returned from her little excursion to the department store, and had returned with various tools needed to survive the apocalypse. This includes but is not limited to: flashlights, swiss army knives, a compass, a portable radio, etcetera.




Aries: “I need a weapon that be used for long-ranged combat! Hey, where’s the shotgun? Do we have a shotgun? We should have a shotgun.”

Taurus: “Damn, canned foods are pretty heavy….Granola bars it is.”

Gemini: “A zombie apocalypse is NO EXCUSE FOR SLOW WIFI.”

Cancer: *panicked gibberish*

Leo: “GUYS, you’re not listening to me! Trust me, I know what I’m doing! I WATCHED THE WALKING DEAD OKAY.”

Virgo: “Portable water filter system. Check.”

Libra: “I’m freaking out but I’m fine. I’m freaking out but I’m fine. I’m freaking out but I’m fine. I’m–”

Scorpio: *ominous chanting*

Sagittarius: “Why am I even running? Those zombies are slow as hell.”

Capricorn: “They could have prevented this whole thing from happening if they had payed more attention to the early symptoms. Tsk, when I find out who’s responsible…”

Aquarius: “It’s okay everyone, we’re not gonna die. I have handbooks!”

Pisces: “I-Is this a s-sign from…God? Is humanity being punished?! LORD, FORGIVE ME FOR I HAVE SINNED!” *sob*

Austria & America...

You both begin in the forest, standing at the foot of a large oak tree with no low down branches. The bark is wide, and it’s quite obviously extremely ancient and towers above the other trees of the forest. There’s a note pinned to the tree.

Upon the note is a simple message, an arrow pointing up. Following the line the arrow points in with your eyes, and you can spot two bags high up in the tree. Each bag has name tags on them.

The closer branch, yet still high up in the tall tree, a bag sits behind a nest of irritable wasps. When you’re up in the tree, you’d see from closer inspection that it is, in fact, Austria’s bag. You must get past the wasps to reach it.

So America’s bag must be the one further up the tree, sitting behind an extremely inviting looking Big Mac with a little ’Eat Me~’ tag on it. It smells really good and is very difficult to resist.

Austria’s Bag Contains:
A torch to share with America.
A bottle of Poison that will kill anyone whom consumes it, there’s only one dose.
A Survival Handbook containing survival techniques and information about the local wildlife.
A Light Waterproof Blanket that is large enough to be wrapped comfortably around 3 people, plus a bit more. Can be used as shelter or something else, you decide.
1 Spool of Brightly Coloured Thread, the colour is your decision. Unfortunately, no needle is provided.

America’s Bag Contains:
A Hammer.
20 Water Purification Tablets, any small amount of water dosed with these will be safe to drink; but it will taste rather disgusting.

How to free your leg from a bear trap

Anonymous asked thecharactercomma:

I was wondering is you could take pictures from the “how to free your leg from a bear trap” part

Tumblr’s throwing a fit over letting me reply with pictures, so I’ll answer it this way! Looks like this one might depend on which kind of bear trap you’ve stepped into. Luckily in writing, you get to decide that. So, here you go!

Anyone else want a few pages from the Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook?!

riakai  asked:

Survival book recommendations would be great. I have three in my repertoire right now and I don't know of any great ones!

  • The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide: Self-Reliance Strategies for a Dangerous World by Robert Richardson
  • SAS Survival Handbook: The ultimate guide to surviving anywhere by John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman
  • US Army Survival Manual: FM 21-76 by Department of Defense
  • Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook by Department of Defense
  • Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants in Wild (and Not So Wild) Places by Steve Brill
  • Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties: The Classic Guide to Building Wilderness Shelters by D. C. Beard

anonymous asked:

I have a character from a medieval-esque tropical area trying to move around without being detected by the nation's army. Do you have anything on how I could keep at least his face hidden while not suffocating him in the heat of the tropics? I've looked through the setting tags and location tags, and I /did/ find one post about living in the tropics, but it was more for present day than past settings. That and anything else related to past tropical settings would be very appreciated!

The only thing I can think of at the moment is mud.

You should also look into the lives of rainforest dwellers like the Yanomami, the Huli, and other groups. That should give you an idea of premodern rainforest cultures.