survival for soda

Ouran Drinking Game - With Soda: 5/10, kind of recommend???

So once upon a time two summers ago, Jade, Alice, and I (Sam) played our very own version of the Ouran Drinking Game. 

Every time we saw a weird hand motion, we took a sip of a singular two-litter bottle (because we didn’t have any shot glasses.) 

We ended up taking 42 sips in one episode. Fast forward to tonight and the three of us are reunited (and yes it feels so good); so of course we wanted to relive that great memory - but this time it would be better!

We came across this game on TV Tropes.

To summarize we had to take shots for every common trope in the show. Examples include, but are not limited to: 

  • bishi sparkles and roses
  • commoner’s coffee
  • the pink clock tower
  • the twins incest love shtick.
  • etc.

This time, we had shot glasses. It ended up being 55 shots for episode one. We downed over a liter and a half of soda, leaving very little in our individual two-litter bottles. 

We were nauseous and our stomachs were visibly bulging out. Burping and crying/laughing was a common. 

Alice was a martyr in the process. (Too much carbonation + constant indulgence = a lot of “cookie tossing”)

Since soda wasn’t good, we definitely do not recommend alcoholic drinks. Safer alternatives might be either taking sips instead of shots, or healthier liquid options like juice or water.

So all in all, it was an experience! It was fun until things went awry.

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