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Max Pacioretty.

ALRIGHT so here we go my hand has been forced and ill probably sound extra but I’m way past that at this point. These are some essentials you need to know about Max Pacioretty and why I think he’s one of the most underrated players. 

1.) I just want to point out, right off the bat, that this beautiful man plays out his heart and fucking soul. Sometimes, he has his moments. Sometimes, he isn’t 100% and that’s okay, because he still plays with all that he is able to give. You know who ELSE has their moments? Every single player in the NHL. Including Carey Price and including Sidney Crosby idk just name any NHL star’s name and they have most DEFINITELY had their low moments. 

Can we also remember that Max Pacioretty played with a broken ankle, and that he scored a goal and got two assists in a game while he was sick with the flu? So for all the people claiming he didn’t try his best throughout the 2016-17 season, please rethink this. 

2.) A lot of people forget that Max Pacioretty was nearly paralyzed from the neck down. Y’all know who Travis Roy is? Long story short, Travis Roy was basically a hockey prodigy and got to play on varsity his freshman year at BU. However, he only got to play for eleven seconds before he went to check someone and fell head first into the boards and broke his C4 and C5 vertebrae. Travis Roy is fascinating and I actually had the pleasure of meeting him earlier this year, so if the spirit moves you, you should check out his story.

Why is that important? Well, because of that injury, Roy was paralyzed from the neck down. 

You know what happened to Max Pacioretty? He received an illegal check that broke his C4. People who survive spinal cord injuries above this level need ventilators or machines to breathe. Yet here he is, six years later, and now the fucking captain. Idk about y'all, but that’s so amazing to me. Sometimes I wonder what health issues he still deals with today, but that’s a mystery.

I feel like surviving and recovering from an injury like that MIGHT leave a guy a bit traumatized? But that’s just me. I’ve never had someone nearly snap my neck so I can’t speak from experience. I certainly would be scared shitless to play the dangerous sport of hockey again.

3.) This gift to humanity scored his first NHL goal on his first NHL shot when he was brought up from the AHL. They sent him back down after that, but when he was brought up for a second time, he ended up being the highest goal scorer that season. When he returned from this injury? He had a 33 goal season and won the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy

“’If I walk by him, I’d say hello,“ said Pacioretty of the guy who broke his neck. "It’s not awkward. It’s all part of the sport.’”

I’m a bit petty and hold grudges, so I personally wouldn’t have forgiven him. This isn’t a hate post towards the guy, which is why I didn’t name him.

His teammates stick up for him no matter what, and that’s when you know you’re a good and respected captain. Your teammates want to defend you and value your reputation. Let’s not forget the time that rumor was passed around that Therrien claimed Max Pacioretty was the worst captain in Habs history, and Nathan Beaulieu came quick to his defense with:

So please don’t tell me that Max Pacioretty isn’t allowed to have his moments. Or that he single handedly let the Habs down this season. Or that he doesn’t deserve to be the captain.

Please stop using Max Pacioretty as a scapegoat for everything that goes wrong in the Montreal Canadiens season. 

If anyone has more to add to this list, please do. 

Returning Home

by Thich Nhat Hanh

Do you remember anything from your stay in your mother’s womb? All of us spent about nine months there. That’s quite a long time. I believe that all of us had a chance to smile during that time. But who were we smiling at? When we’re happy, there’s a natural tendency to smile. I have seen people, especially children, smiling during their sleep.

Our time in our mothers’ wombs was a wonderful time. We did not have to worry about food or drink. We were protected from heat and cold. We didn’t have to do homework or housework. Protected in our mothers’ wombs, we felt quite safe. We didn’t have to worry about anything at all. No worry is wonderful. I believe many of us still remember that time spent in our mothers’ wombs. Many people have the impression that they were once in a safe and wonderful paradise and now they have lost that paradise. We think somewhere out there is a beautiful place without worry or fear, and we long to get back there. In the Vietnamese language the word for uterus is “the palace of the child.” Paradise was inside of our mothers.

In the womb, your mother took care of you. She ate and drank for you. She breathed air for you, in and out. And I guess that she dreamed for you as well. I imagine you dreamed your mother’s dreams. And if your mother smiled, I think you smiled too. If your mother dreamed about something difficult, and she cried in her dream, I guess that you probably cried with her. You shared her dreams and her nightmares, because you and your mother weren’t two separate people. You were physically attached to your mother through the umbilical cord. And your mother channeled to you through that umbilical cord food and drink, oxygen, everything, including her love. You mother probably took care of her body differently when you were in it. She may have been more careful while walking. She may have stopped drinking or quit smoking. These are very concrete expressions of love and care. You were there, you had not been born, and yet you were the object of love.

Your mother nourished you before you were born, but if you look deeply you will see that you also nourished your parents. Because of your presence in her body, they may have smiled more and loved life even more. You hadn’t done anything to your parents yet, and yet they were nourished by your presence. And their life changed from the moment of your conception in your mother’s womb. Perhaps your mother talked to you before you were born. And I believe, I am convinced, that you heard her talking with you and you responded. Perhaps it happened that occasionally she forgot you were there. So perhaps you gave her a kick to remind her. Your kick was a bell of mindfulness, and when she felt that she may have said, “Darling, I know you are there and I am very happy.” This is the first mantra.

When you were first born, someone cut your umbilical cord. And quite likely you cried aloud for the first time. Now you had to breathe for yourself. Now, you had to get used to all the light surrounding you. Now, you had to experience hunger for the first time. You were outside of your mother, but still somehow inside her. She embraced you with her love. And you embraced her at the same time. You were still dependent on her. You may have nursed at her breast. She took care of you day and night. And although the cord was no longer whole between you, you were linked to your mother in a very concrete, intimate way.

As an adult, you may fight very hard to convince yourself that you and your mother are two different people. But it’s not really so. You are a continuation of both your parents. When I meditate, I can still see the cord connecting me to my mother. When I look deeply, I see there are umbilical cords linking me to phenomena as well. The sun rises every morning. And thanks to the sun, we have heat and light. Without these things, we can’t survive.

So an umbilical cord links you to the sun. Another umbilical cord links you to the clouds in the sky. If the clouds were not there, there would be no rain and no water to drink. Without clouds, there is no milk, no tea, no coffee, no ice cream, nothing. There is an umbilical cord linking you to the river; there is one linking you to the forest. If you continue meditating like this, you can see that you are linked to everything and everyone in the cosmos. Your life depends on everything else that exists — on other living beings, but also on plants, minerals, air, water, and earth.

Suppose you plant a kernel of corn and seven days later it sprouts and begins to take the form of a corn stalk. When the stalk grows high, you may not recognise it as the kernel you planted. But it wouldn’t be true to say the kernel had died. With Buddha’s eyes, you can still see the corn seed in the corn stalk. The stalk is the continuation of the kernel in the direction of the future, and the kernel is the continuation of the stalk in the direction of the past. They are not the same thing, but they are not completely separate, either. You and your mother are not exactly the same person, but you aren’t two different people either. This is the truth of interdependence. No one can be one’s self alone. We have to inter-be to be.

When we are inside our mothers, there is no tension in our bodies. We are soft and flexible. But once we are out in the world, tension creeps in, sometimes from our first breath. Before we can release the tension in our bodies, though, we have to release the tension in our breath. If our bodies are not peaceful, then our breath is not peaceful. When we generate the energy of mindfulness and embrace our breath, the quality of our in-breath and out-breath will improve. As we breathe in mindfulness, our breathing becomes calmer and more profound. The tension in our breathing dissipates. And when our breathing is relaxed, we can embrace our bodies and we can relax. The exact word that the Buddha used translates as “calm.”

There is a Pali text called the Kayagatasati Sutta, the Sutra on the Contemplation of the Body in the Body. In it, the Buddha proposed an exercise for releasing the tension in each particular part of the body, and in the body as a whole. He used the image of a farmer who went up to the attic and brought down a bag of beans. The farmer opened one end of the bag and he allowed all the beans to flow out. With his good eyesight, he was able to distinguish the particular kind of beans and see which were kidney beans, which were mung beans, and so forth. The Buddha recommended that, like this farmer, we learn to pay attention.

To begin, you can lie in a comfortable position and scan your whole body, and then focus on different parts of the body. Begin with the head, or the hair on the head, and finish with the toes. You can say: “Breathing in, I am aware of my brain. Breathing out, I smile to my brain.” Continue with the rest of your body. Like the farmer with his seeds, scan the body — not with x-rays but with the ray of mindfulness. Even fifteen minutes is enough time to scan your body slowly with the energy of mindfulness.

When the fully conscious mind recognises a part of the body and embraces it with the energy of mindfulness, that part of the body is finally allowed to relax and release its tension. This is why smiling is such a good way to help your body relax. Your first smiles in the womb were completely relaxed smiles. There are hundreds of muscles in your face, and when you get angry or fearful they get very tense. But if you know to breathe in and to be aware of them and to breathe out and smile to them, you can help these muscles release the tension. With one in-breath and out-breath, your face can transform. One smile can bring a miracle.

If, during your scan, you come to a part of your body that is sore or ill, stay focused on that part longer. We tend to hurry past pain. But this hurrying causes more tension instead of healing. If we spend more time with what hurts, using the energy of mindfulness, we can smile at our pain and release some of the tension. If we know how to help release the tension in that part of the body, the healing will take place much more quickly.

You may be in real physical pain. Mindfulness will tell you that it is only a physical pain. The Buddha spoke about the second arrow. He tells the story of a person struck by an arrow who is in a lot of pain. Suppose a second arrow hit the man in exactly at the same spot. The pain would be a hundred times more intense because he was already wounded. Worry, fear, exaggeration, and anger about an injury act as a second arrow, aggravating a part of the body that is already wounded. So if you are struck by one arrow, you can practice mindfulness so that another arrow of fear or worry doesn’t hit you in that same spot.

In the Sutra on the Contemplation of the Body in the Body, the Buddha advises us to become aware of the four natural elements within the body. In the womb, these elements of water, fire, air, and earth are completely balanced. The mother balances the womb for the baby, sending in oxygen and nutrients as the baby rests in water. Once we are born, if we have a balance within the four elements, then we are in good health. But often these elements are out of balance; we can not get warm or we find it difficult to take a full breath. Often, our mindful breath can naturally bring these elements into balance.

The Buddha also recommended that we become aware of our body’s positions and actions. In sitting meditation, the first thing is to be aware that you are in a sitting position. Then you can sit in a way that brings you calm, solidity, and well-being. In each moment we can notice the position of our body, whether we are sitting, walking, standing, or lying down. We can be aware of our actions, whether we are getting up, bending down, or putting on a jacket. Awareness brings us back to ourselves, and when we are fully mindful of our body, and living in the here and now, we are in our true home.

Did you know you had a true home? This question touches everybody. Even if you have the feeling that you don’t belong to any land, to any country, to any geographical spot, to any cultural heritage, or to any particular ethnic group, you have a true home. When you were in your mother’s body, you felt at home. Perhaps you long for a return to that place of peace and safety. But now, inside of your own body, you can come home.

Your true home is in the here and the now. It is not limited by time, space, nationality, or race. Your true home is not an abstract idea. It is something you can touch and live in every moment. With mindfulness and concentration, the energies of the Buddha, you can find your true home in the full relaxation of your mind and body in the present moment. No one can take it away from you. Other people can occupy your country, they can even put you in prison, but they cannot take away your true home and your freedom.

When we stop speaking and thinking and enjoy deeply our in- and out-breath, we are enjoying being in our true home and we can touch deeply the wonders of life. This is the path shown to us by the Buddha. When you breathe in, you bring all yourself together, body and mind; you become one. And equipped with that energy of mindfulness and concentration, you may take a step. You have the insight that this is your true home — you are alive, you are fully present, you are touching life as a reality. Your true home is a solid reality that you can touch with your feet, with your hands, and with your mind.

It is fundamental that you touch your true home and realise your true home in the here and the now. All of us have the seed of mindfulness and concentration in us. By taking a mindful breath or making a mindful step, you can bring your mind back to your body. In your daily life, your body and mind often go in two different directions. You are in a state of distraction; mind in one place, body in another. Your body is putting on a coat but your mind is preoccupied, caught in the past or the future. But between your mind and your body there is something: your breath. And as soon as you go home to your breath and you breathe with awareness, your body and mind come together, very quickly. While breathing in, you don’t think of anything; you just focus your attention on your in-breath. You focus, you invest one hundred percent of yourself in your in-breath. You become your in-breath. There is a concentration on your in-breath that will make body and mind come together in just one moment. And suddenly you find yourself fully present, fully alive. There is no more longing to return to the womb, to your perfect paradise. You are already there, already home.


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anonymous asked:

jikook nonmafia au where jikook are not mafias and just normal parents to yoongi?


“I’m so scared Jungkookie, so scared, what are we going to do? We’re kids we can’t have a baby we can’t even take care of oursel-”

“We’ll be fine, we’ll make it through this just like we’ve made it through everything else okay.”

Never in his life did Park Jimin ever think he’d end up being pregnant at seventeen. He wasn’t dumb, even if his mother thought differently, he knew he was sexually active and that put him at risk for this but he’d always thought they were safe about it. Condoms, birth control, honestly he’d done everything he could think of to make sure this never happened yet there he was; Seventeen years old and sitting in their bathroom with Jungkook’s arms around him and five positive pregnancy test mocking them.

“What if we fuck up his life?”


Jimin furrows his eyebrows. He’d already somehow made up his mind that the baby growing inside of him was a boy and he hadn’t even realized it. He’d already given an identity to the little mass growing in him and he didn’t even know how.

“I don’t think we’ll do too bad we have each other and love. I’m sure this little dude will come out great.”

The smile Jungkook shoots him has Jimin falling in love with his boyfriend all over again. He’s scared out of his life but he trust what the other boy says. He trust that their love will get them through everything just like it always has and for now that’s all he needs. Just Jungkook, their love and the small life that grows inside of him.


“I like Yoongi.”


“For the baby, a name, I like Yoongi for a boy and Minah for a girl.”

A giggle leaves Jimin’s mouth as Jungkook tickles the small toes that rest in his lap where Jimin has stretched out his legs. They’re watching some cooking show and he knows it’s a pretty random time to mention the names that has been in his head all day but whatever. Jungkook doesn’t seem to mind as he looks to his lover with a nod.

“Yoongi is pretty.”

The kick that comes from inside Jimin’s stomach seems to agree as well and it has warmth shooting through him as he grins.


“Well Mr. Park, there he is.”


“He! You’re having a baby boy, he looks a bit small for where you are in your pregnancy but healthy so it’s nothing to worry about.”

The world spins for Jimin as he looks at the small screen where the doctor is pointing. It’s grainy white against black but in that grainy mess he can see the shape of a baby, see the shape of his son, and the tears begin to fall before he can stop them.

“We’re having a son.”

Jungkook squeezes his hand as the doctor prints out the pictures, one for Jungkook’s office at work and one for their fridge at home, and Jimin turns to his lover.

“We’re having a son.”



Everyone in the emergency room winces as they stare at the two boys walking in. Jimin whimpers with every pain that shoots through his body as his contractions get closer together and Jungkook does his best to try and sooth his smaller lover while trying to get them checked in. His hands are shaking as he writes down Jimin’s information and he can’t stop bouncing his leg as the nerves rake him. In just a few hours he was going to be a father. The nurses take Jimin into a room and suddenly the urge to vomit is filling Jungkook. In a few hours he was going to welcome his son to the world.

Jungkook hands the forms over to another nurse and dresses in the scrubs they hand him before he takes in a deep breath and walks into the room where Jimin’s surgery was going to take place.

He was going to be a father.


“Welcome to the world little dude.”

The clear box that holds their small baby does nothing to stop the love both Jimin and Jungkook feel for the small being. They both do their everything to keep the tears from falling as they stare at Yoongi’s little chest rising. It’s too slow and the tube connecting to the baby’s nose that helps him breathe looks so scary but they have hope. Their baby was a fighter and would survive just like he survived the cord wrapped around his neck.

“Welcome to the world Jeon Yoongi, daddy and papa can’t wait to hug you baby boy.”


“It’s your turn.”

“I got up last time.”

“I had diaper duty.”

“I had medicine duty.”

“I birthed him.”

“I put him in you.”

“Fuck you.”

Jimin groans loudly as he gets up from the warm bed. The short walk tot he room next door seems so much longer with the way the cold floor numbs his bare feet but he ignores it as he enters Yoongi’s room. The baby is wailing as loud as he can and even if it’s not that loud due to his weak lungs, Jimin still hates the sound. If he had it his way his baby would never cry because his baby would always be happy.

“Hey little prince what’s wrong huh?”

The teen furrows his eyebrows when Yoongi rejects his bottle and when he checks the baby’s diaper to see it’s mess free a sighs escapes his mouth. It was going to be one of those nights.

“Are you just not happy? You can’t cry like this Yoonie it’s not good for your breathing. Do you want papa to sing you a song?”

It’s a bit silly for him to be talking to the baby as if he would be able to respond but Jimin can’t help it. He takes a seat in the rocking chair nearby ad mentally thinks of any song he knows as he begins rocking the baby on his chest gently. The clock on the wall read three in the morning and it would be a long time before Yoongi fell asleep again but it was okay because Jimin loved his baby and he’d give up his sleep every night if it meant Yoongi was happy.


“Jimin please stop crying.”


“Papa please stop crying.”


Jungkook and Yoongi share a look between them as Jimin wails loudly. Honestly speaking Jungkook thought it would be the small child that cried yet his husband was proving to be the champion of tears this morning.

“Jimin this is worse than when he said his first word babe please.”


As Jungkook watches his son walking into his classroom with his too big Iron man backpack bouncing against his back he feels bad for making fun of Jimin sobbing. Tears are gathering at his eyes and he has to quickly wipe them away before they fall. Their baby was really growing up.


“Daddy can I ask you something?”

“Sure what’s up baby?”

“What is love?”

Jungkook stiffens in his spot. The wet dish in his hands threatens to fall but he’s quick to catch it, the last thing he wanted was Jimin kicking his ass for breaking his favorite bowl.

“Love is… well… how to I put this? . Love is a feeling you feel when you’re around someone you like a lot. When that person smiles you feel happy, when they are crying you want to make them feel better, you want to protect them from everything because seeing them hurt makes you feel hurt too. When papa kisses your bruises from playing or when he makes daddy chicken because he knows that’s daddy’s favorite and will make me happy, he does it because he loves us.”

The little boy grins, wide and full of gums with small baby teeth peeking out, and nods his head.

“Is there a reason why you asked?”

“No! No reason.”

Yoongi has that mischievous glint in his brown eyes as he giggles but Jungkook decides to let it go for now. He watches Yoongi skip way with his own smile on his face and a sudden rush of affection fills him when he realizes something; Yoongi and Jimin shared the same giggle.



“what’s wrong babe?”

“Yoongi’s school just called, he bit and hit another student and they want us in the office right now.”

Surprise is all either parent feels as soon as they look at the child on the far side of the room. Song Minho has a light bruise forming under his eye and a bright red bite mark on his hand and Yoongi seems nothing but proud about it.

“Thank you for joining us Mr Jeon, Mr Park,  I will say I was surprised when I saw it was Yoongi waiting in my office. He’s never been in trouble before but I cannot let what happen slide, we do not accept violence here and he will be suspended for three days.”

Yoongi shrugs when everyone in the room turns to look at him and it only drive anger through Jungkook. Their son was in no way a troublemaker yet there he was uncaring that he’d be unable to go to school for three days because he hit another student. He’s a few seconds away from scolding the boy as soon as they walk out the room but before he can a high pitched yell is stopping him.


Jungkook and Jimin watch, confused, as a little boy with shaggy brown hair and wide puppy like brown eyes runs over to them and latches himself onto Yoongi’s arm. The boy seems to be or just finished crying and the parents share a worried look.

“Taetae it’s okay Hyung is fine.”

“Y-You got in trouble because of me.”

“Nah I got in trouble because Minho was being dumb,”

The parents have no idea what’s going on but decide to stay quiet. The boy seems to know what happened to their son before he got in trouble and they themselves are curious since Yoongi only stayed silent when they’d asked what led him to hitting Minho.

“T-Thank you for saving me h-hyung.”

A teacher comes by to drag away the little boy and Yoongi sighs as he waves goodbye to him. Later when in the car Jimin decides to speak up.

“How did you save that boy?”

“Daddy said when you love someone you protect them and Minho was being mean to Taetae so I hit him and bit him, because I love taetae and I want to protect him.”


“Papa c'mon are you really going to cry every time it’s the first day of school?”


“Jimin babe please stop crying.”



“I wanna confess something.”

Jimin and Jungkook share a look of worry before turning to stare at their son. Yoongi is biting at his lip nervously and running a hand through his dyed silver hair as he tries to catch his breath and he figures it’s best to just be out with it.

“I’m dating Taehyung.”  

“Honey I hate to break it to you but you’ve been dating that boy since the third grade that’s not really a confession.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes as he looks at his father. He’d expected more. Not really a whole parade or anything but definitely tears, his papa was a known crybaby after all. Though he can’t really say he blames them for their non reactions. It was kind of true, he’d been saying he was going to marry Taehyung since he was a little kid. He grins as he presses a kiss to both their cheeks and thanks them for the support before going off to call his boyfriend completely missing the fond look his parents shoot at him.

“He’s so big now, my baby.”

“Our baby.”


“You know this is a bit weird. I always thought they were already married.”

“Yeah I asked them about it once but they always said the timing was off.”

“Hm, it’s nice though, watching them love each other like that.”

Yoongi nods as he stares at the alter where his fathers share a kiss after exchanging their rings. Taehyung’s hand is firmly gasped in his own and he agrees with his boyfriend. It was nice seeing his parents getting married, even if it was a little later in life.

“I’m sure we’ll look like that when it’s us up there too.”


“Really Jimin please stop crying.”


“Papa you’re squishing Taehyung please let him go.”



“Do you Kim Taehyung take Min Yoongi as your husband?”

“I do.”

“Do you Min Yoongi take Kim Taehyung as your husband?”

“I do.”

Honestly if  you asked Yoongi about his wedding he’d respond with a wince. Not because it was horrible, no, it was the best wedding ever. Everything he dreamed about and more. He’d wince because talking about his wedding made him remember the way his papa had sobbed so loud they needed to repeat their vows and then he would remember the way his father had gotten so drunk he told the room of friends and family about Yoongi wetting the bed at age thirteen. They embarrassed him but he wouldn’t change it, wouldn’t change them, he loved his parents no matter what and his wedding had been perfect. If he’d knew what would happen only months later he’d never even complain about those moments at all that day.


“I’m sorry sir. They didn’t survive the accident.”

Yoongi spends that night on the hospital floor in the arms of his husband sobbing over the parents that he’d just lost. He couldn’t even realize what was happening, just hours ago he was on the phone with his papa and now they were gone. A drunk diver had taken them away.


“Dad, papa, Taehyung’s pregnant. I’m scared out of my mind,  I need you both, what if I fuck up this kids life?”  

The wind blows gently almost caressing Yoongi’s face and he takes it as a sign form his fathers. He’d be just fine.


“Dad, papa, this is Jeon Jungmin. He’s named after the two men that meant the world to me. I hope you both are proud of me.” 

The baby in his arms stirs quietly as he sit in front of the graves side by side to each other and Yoongi smiles sadly. He knows his father’s would have loved Jungmin just as much as they loved him and he can’t wait to tell his son exactly how amazing his grandfathers were.

During the past months I did a lot of research regarding Richard. The things I found I saved in a kind of “working timeline” , that I want to share with you today. It is far from being complete and it contains also events regarding other people in Richards life and details which maybe are not very relevant, but I saved them anyway, bc. they helped me to structure my research. This timeline contains also crimes, Richard was suspected to have committed them, but was never charged of them, or charges were dropped bc. of lack of evidence. These crimes are written in cursive. The sources for this timeline are mostly old newspaper-articles. I tried to avoid the known documentaries and Philip Carlos book.

Date              Event

02/29/1960  Richard was born in El Paso TX

1962/63       hit by a dresser, forehead laceration, 30 stiches, scar still visible

1966            hit by a swing, unconscious for hours

1966           Head start programm

1966           Cooley School

1968           Richards brothers were molested by a teacher, who also came to their house, where he probably also had contact with Richard

01/31/1970 Roberto, 18  (?) and Julian (19) arrested, „auto burglary“

12/02/1970 Julian (20) arrested, auto theft  (out on bond on three similar charges)

1971/1972  epileptic seizures at school,

04/22/1973 gas explosion / Miguel Valles, 23, Josefina Valles, 22 critical condition, Miguel Valles jr., 5, dead (born Sept. 21, 1967), Jose (?Pablo?) Valles, 2, injured

1974-1977 Jefferson Highschool, El Paso

05/04/1975 Cousin Miguel Ramirez Valles (25) shot his wife Josefina in front of Richard and the two children of Miguel (Pablo, 6, and Oswaldo, 3) 

05/15/1975 Josefina Valles died at Thomason General Hospital

1977           dropped out of school (early 1977)

1977           was sent to half-way house for delinquent youths

12/07/1977 arrest on suspicion of marijuana possession (first entry in El Paso police records)

1978           pretrial intervention programm (marijuana possession)

1979           charge of marijuana possession dismissed (insuff. Evidence)

1979           Richard went to LA and lived there with his brother Julian Jr during  the first year. After a fight over who should pay for a car repair Richard moved out.

1979           met Donna Myers when she went down to El Paso with Armando   Rodriguez and Tony Reys, two friends from the San Francisco area. Richard was a friend of Armando’s in El Paso

1980          spent summer in SF, lived in Richmond with Earl Gregg for 4 months (May to October) and later in other parts of the Bay Area (until 1983)

10/07/1980 death of his best friend, Nicholas Nevarez, in a gruesome traffic accident. Richard was in the back seat when a van, driven by another friend, crashed into a fence. His friend got impaled, the pole went right through him. Richard saw the whole thing.

1981          Pasadena, petty theft charge, first arrest in California

1982          pleaded guilty of marijuana possession, 50 days suspended sentence and fined 115$

1983          moved to LA  (in late 1983 acc. to Earl Gregg), in LA started injecting cocaine

1983          imprisoned in LA for nearly five months on an auto theft conviction

March 1984 acc. to Earl Gregg his last meeting with Richard, who told him that he had broken off a needle in his arm while trying to inject cocaine

03/25/1984 medical record on which Richard listed his address as Coronado Hotel, 373 Ellis Street, SF

04/10/1984 Mei „Linda“ Leung murdered / 765 O'Farrell Street, SF (TL Hotel)

May 1984   in early May Richard was back in LA and stayed until August

06/28/1984 Jennie Vincow, murdered in Glassel Park (stabbed repeatly, nearly decapitated)

11/13/1984 Masataka Kobayashi is found dead in his Nob Hill apartment at  1111 Pine St. (SF)  later (first in 1987, again in 2016, SFPD said that they suspect another man, who molested a relative of Kobayashi, but they have not enough evidence to charge him)

12/1984     Richard met Felipe Solano at the bus depot, where Solano was waiting to take a trip to tijuana and started to sell him stolen goods (until August 1985)

12/12/1984 arrested (mugshot) car theft, 36 days in LA County Jail (75 days ?) (used alias Richard Munoz Moreno) Richard had apparently lived several days in the stolen car.

01/23/1985 released from LA County Jail (?? +/-)

01-07 1985 acc. to Sandra Hotchkiss about 25 nonviolent daytime burglaries in Atwater, Los Feliz, Pasadena, Silverlake, Glendale, West LA, Montrose and Santa Monica

02/20/1985 Mary and Christina Caldwell, ages 70 and 58, respectively, are stabbed dozens of times in their Telegraph Hill (SF) apartment.

02/25/1985 a 6-year-old girl was abducted from Wilcox Elementary School in     Montebello

03/11/1985 a 9-year-old boy was abducted from his home in Monterey Park between 9 and 10 p.m.

03/17/1985 Maria Hernandez, Dayle Okazaki, Rosemead / Tia-Lian Yu, Monterey Park (shot .22)

03/20/1985 an 8-year-old girl was abducted from her home in Glassel Park

03/27/1985 Vincent and Maxine Zazzara, Whittier (shot, .22, Maxine Z.: eyes gouged out)

April 1985  shortly after Easter (April 7th), Richard tried to sell a .25 (?) automatic to Earl Gregg and showed him also a black small-caliber revolver. He had also a couple of rifles for sale (acc. to Gregg, source Carlo – source says too, that Halpin during the trial showed Gregg the pistol recovered in Tijuana. And Gregg said that it looked similar . The gun was missing when the jury began deliberations.) However, Richard apparently was in SF in  April 1985.

05/09/1985 burglary Clara Hadsall, Monrovia (not charged bc. Victim died before trial began, but fingerprints and Avia-footprints found in her house, were used as evidence)

05/14/1985 William and Lilian Doy, Monterey Park, 1586 Trumbower Avenue                        (shot .22), Lilian Doy survived

05/17/1985 dentist records, Dr. Peter Leung, LA (using alias Richard Mena)

05/21/1985 dentist records, Dr. Peter Leung, LA (using alias Richard Mena)

05/23/1985 dentist records, Dr. Peter Leung, LA (using alias Richard Mena)

05/29/1985 Mabel Bell and Florence Lang, Monrovia (bludgeoned with a Hammer)

05/30/1985 dentist records, Dr. Peter Leung, LA (using alias Richard Mena)

05/30/1985 Carol Kyle, Burbank (raped,threatened with gun)

06/02/1985 Edward Wildgans, 29, is shot through the right temple by a late-night intruder. His girlfriend fights off the attacker.

06/05/1985 an 8-year old girl was abducted at 7 a.m. from Ralph Waldo Emerson Elementary School in Rosemead

06/15/1985 stopped by police in Northeast division, suspicion of driving a stolen car, fled on food (business card of dentist Dr. Leung was found in the car)

06/27/1985 a 6-year-old girl was abducted in the early morning from her home in Arcadia (between 1:30 and 3:00 a.m.)

06/27/1985 25 Patty Elaine Higgins, Arcadia, West Naomi Street (throat cut)

07/02/1985 Marie Louise Cannon, Arcadia, East Haven Street (stabbed with   10- inch-kitchen-knife, which he found there)

07/03/1985 dentist records, Dr. Peter Leung, LA (using alias Richard Mena)

07/05/1985 Whitney Bennet, Sierra Madre (bludgeoned with tire iron, strangled with telephone-cord, survived)

07/07/1985 Joyce Lucille Nelson,  Monterey Park, 340 E. Arlight (beaten to death, fists, kicks)

07/07/1985 Sophie Dickman, Monterey Park (raped, threatened with gun, silver pistol)

07/20/1985 Max and Leila Kneiding, Glendale, 1431 Stanley Ave (shot, .22, machete)

07/20/1985 Chainarong Khovananth (shot, .22), Somkid Khovananth (raped) , Sun Valley

08/06/1985 Chris and Virginia Petersen in Northridge, shot in temple/face, both survived (released from hospital after 31 hours) (.25)

08/08/1985  Elyas and Sakina Abowath in Diamond Bar, (.25) (stadia shoeprint found)

08/13/1985  Richard stayed at Bristol Hotel, 56 Mason Street, SF

08/15/1985  burglary at 3637 Baker Street, SF ( Jack Saroyan), ring and bracelet were given to Deleen Gregg, who went to the police with them (29.08.)

08/16/1985  Richard visitied Donna Myers and gave her an octagonal jewelry box to hold

mid08.1985  Richard stayed briefly with Armando Rodriguez in El Sobrante

08/17/1985  Peter and Barbara Pan, Lake Merced, SF (shot, .25)

08/21/1985  Earl Gregg and his wife bought a ring and a bracelet from Richard

08/23/1985  Richard came to Donna Myers (with Armando Rodriguez) to retrieve the jewelry box

08/24/1985  orange Toyota (license plate 482 RTS) stolen

08/25/1985  Bill Carns, Inez Erickson, Mission Viejo (call 911 at 2:40 a.m., shot, . 25) – at about 1:30 a.m. he was seen at the house of James Romero.

08/26/1985  stopped by police in Central Division on a motorcycle for a minor violation (driving without license), they cited him and let him go

08/26/1985  Donna Myers called the police, saying that Earl and Deleen Gregg 5 days before had bought a ring and a bracelet from an old aquainstance, whom they knew only  as Rick

08/27/1985  the stolen orange Toyota (license plate 482 RTS) was found in Wilshire (parking lot near Alexandria Ave/6th Str.) at 7 a.m. / Detectives watched the car from hidden positions until after dawn Wednesday

08/28/1985  car was taken to Orange County early in the morning and searched with laser/superglue etc., a fingerprint was found on the rear view mirror, it was fed to database and produced about 100 fingerprint sets bearing similarities, which had to be looked at by hand, they also got hints from persons who knew Richard (Donna Myers,

08/29/1985  Deleen Gregg went to the police with a gold bracelet (engraved with a CA driver licence number) and a pearl ring, saying that she got them from a certain Rick, who sometimes stayed with her mother

08/29/1985  police staked out the houses of Donna Myers and Armando Rodriguez

08/30/1985  Tucson, AZ, Richard visited his brother Robert (by Greyhound bus)

08/30/1985  fingerprint match found / mugshot released

08/31/1985  mugshot published in newspapers / capture, Hubbard Street, LA

08/31/1985  on Saturday afternoon, four officers arrived at the bus depot and confiscated a large brown tote bag, that Richard had left there

09/03/1985  Richard was arraigned on a single murder count (William Doi) and seven other charges (Doi: burglary, robbery, rape, sodomy and forced oral copulation; Clara Hadsall: burglary, robbery)

09/05/1985  line-up and presentation of about 2000 items, recovered from Felipe Solano, Donny Myers and from the house of Richards sister (about 300 pieces of jewelry)

09/10/1985  Police is searching (again) the house of Richards sister for Maxine Zazzara eyes, they are also looking for clothing that may have been splattered with blood anf for weapons like handguns, knives, double- edged daggers, carpet knives, also for handcuffs, binoculars and ammunition that might have been used in the killings and assaults

10/09/1985  Richard fired Adashek and engaged  Joseph Gallegos as his attorney

10/24/1985  Richard pleaded „not guilty“, also the day he showed his hand with the pentagram and shouted „Hail Satan!“ Richard also switched his attorneys again. Gallegos was fired and Arturo and Daniel Hernandez were engaged

12/02/1985 Richard was arraigned on eight charges in Orange county (one count of attempted murder, two counts of rape, two counts of forced oral copulation, two counts of robbery in a dwelling, one count of burglary)

01/10/1986 Richards former attorney Joseph Gallegos died of a heart attack at age 56

03/03/1986  begin of the preliminary hearing in LA

01/30/1989  the trial in LA starts

09/20/1989  convicted of all charges: 13 counts of murder, 5 attempted murders, 11 sexual assaults, 14 burglaries

11/07/1989  19 death-sentences (gas chamber)

12/04/1989  Richard is taken to SF’s Hall of Justice

01/05/1990  first day of SF-pre-trial

06/07/1991 December 9 1991 was set as date for the trial of the Peter Pan case in SF, Richard pleaded innocent to the 6 counts connected with this case

08/19/1991 Richards father, Julian Tapia Ramirez died of bone cancer (64)

09/21/1993 Richard was returned to San Quentin after a court ordered him out of SF County Jail, where he still was awaiting his trial in the Peter Pan- case. When he came back to San Quentin, the metal detector went off and they found a metal canister in his rectum, containing a part of a handcuff key, a ball point pen, a hypodermic needle and a sticker, saying ‘I love chocolate’.

04/08/1995 death of Miguel Angel Valles (heart attack)

10/03/1996 marriage, Doreen Lioy

07/25/2003 Prosecutor Phil Halpin died on his 65th birthday from cancer

10/22/2009  Richard was linked by DNA to the 1984 killing of Mei Leung in SF

05/28/2013  Richard was taken to the Marin General Hospital

06/01/2013 Richard was released from hospital and brought back to San Quentin

06/05/2013  Richard was taken again to the Marin General  Hospital

06/07/2013  died of complications secondary to B-Cell-Lymphoma, Marin General Hospital, Greenbrae CA

03/14/2016 SF-police released information, that a second suspect was linked to the murder of Mei Leung (10.04.1984 in SF Tenderloin)

04/12/2016 Richard’s mother Mercedes died  


Kryptek kydex tungsten carbide fire- steel striker I recently made up for a US LEO .

This version has a removable fire steel holder to take a 6mm thick ferro rod with shock cord tether . The main striker unit has double sided cyflect Glint & Glow markers and multi -cam 550 cord  lanyard .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from

submitted by Grey timber wolf

External image

Add more if traveling or if taking kids to the forest I add my tomahawk and fixed knife and a dedicated survival pouch

Todays EDC.
(Top left down)
Fenix LD12
SAR Global Tool Titanium comb
Maxpedition Micro wallet
Custom SKINTH belt pouch

Inside the SKINTH
Leatherman Juice S2
Fisher X-Mark Space pen
Exotac Nanostriker
Diamond wire saw
Kevlar survival cord
Plasters & Isopropyl wipes
Uncle bills Tweezers
Atwood Ghost
SERE Black Ops “V” Cutter
2 UK First class stamps

Keys: 2 S-biners. Daniel fairly knives Pry tool, House key and skeleton keys for lockers/filing cabinets V-Cutter and a Tritium glow marker

Todays Knife, Michael Morris friction folder.

North Face e-Tip Gloves, Paracord bracelet, Timex Camper, and my iPhone 4s in a gear4 case.

Phew, that’s all for today folks.


GB SFA Kydex mask .

 Its been awhile since I made up kydex masks for some smaller Gransfors Brucks belt hatchets  but wanted to make up a prototype version for my own small forest axe as well .

This Proto version has x3 points of retention , the first  the kydex mold itself , secondry retention comes in the form of a self tightening screw allowing the user to set the required retention and 3rd in the form of a Mil-spec shock cord loop with ITW Nexus hardware.

 I plan to make a few more versions of these including a full survivor model and will probavbly make a leather version in the same style for those anti -plastic kydex haters out there .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from Submitted by Jack

External image

Grid-It and Pocket Dump: these are part of my EDC on an average work day. I also keep a small custom survival kit in my bag at all times and an M&P 9mm on occasion, but if I included that all, I figured it would be a bit overkill haha. Top Row (Grid-It): I keep the Grid-It in my laptop bag or backpack and it holds everything on the top row and keeps it accessible and organized. Couple highlights new to the group are the Boker Plus Urban Survival knife with imitation pen end (so I can carry it openly in more formal meetings) and the Breach Cruiser Pry Bar and Marlin Spike from Vehement knives, which I am honestly surprised at how often I have used since I started incorporating in the EDC. Middle: Can’t say enough about the ZT. It is on the edge as far as EDC knives go on size, but carries like something much smaller and performs like something much larger. Couple custom items on the keychain which really come in handy. Bottom Row: Custom black-washed SOG Snarl for my concealed backup. The Skinth is by far the best multitool holster I have ever used: high quality, low profile and it holds one of my bit cards, a Preon, Ti Charge, and Fisher Space Pen. Also, love the thin, leather Zeroz wallet.

for your Sunday, here’s a thing i started a while ago, when someone asked me to write something about New York City

My best friend is leaving New York, and it feels like the city will tumble to the ground behind her.

She moved to New York from upstate in April of 2010 and I moved here 4 months later from Portland.  We followed each others’ blogs and we had sent messages saying we were scared and excited and glad to know somebody else was doing the same thing.  When I got here, I sent her an email with the subject line “Non-coffee related activity” and we set up a time to meet, hoping we’d recognize each other in person.  “I feel like it will be the awkward, platonic version of You’ve Got Mail,” I told her.   We met on a street corner, I rushed up to her and said “Hi!” and almost immediately felt I wanted to talk to her about everything every day forever.  We spent that evening wandering the streets of SoHo, going in and out of stores, telling each other about boys we’d kissed and books we’d loved and all our hopes and plans.

After that, the city was ours.  We built it, shining, exhilarating, terrifying, as we went along, a map based in memories rather than geography, skyscrapers made out of whatever pop song made us feel invincible that week.  I was 20, so we spent nights at a bar in the Village where the bartender–Trevor, Irish, inveterate winker–knew and liked us and never carded.  One night it snowed and we stayed there with him until 4:00am, in front of the fire eating pizza, like it was our living room.  One night we commandeered the iPod and put on Footloose and everyone in the bar followed our lead and started dancing.  We took the R train out to the public pool in Astoria and the A train out to the Rockaways.  We went to every 24-hour-diner south of 14th Street, and a few north.  She ordered a Turkey Club, I ordered a B.L.T. and she gave me her side of coleslaw.

Emails and texts and links and Facebook posts flew back and forth during boring night shifts.  “Should we go to this midnight screening of Jaws?” “This is the message that creepy guy sent me on OK Cupid” “Here’s a video of me lipsyncing to That Thing You Do” “What do you want to do tonight?”  Once, we spent an entire night on her couch, watching Showgirls and taking silly Photobooth pictures and videos and posting them to our bar-review sideblog, until we suddenly realized it was 6:00am and the sun was rising through her kitchen windows.

I am always happy to see Caroline’s face.  I am always excited to get her texts.  When I’m with Caroline I never worry that anything more fun is happening anywhere else.  She is the most fun.  

When I cried that my family would never be there for me like I needed, she said, “You’re my family.”  

One day, two years after we’d met, all the magic of our shared city seemed to have run out.  Caroline had just broken up with her boyfriend. I had dropped out of college and been robbed at gunpoint and she hated her job and we both felt helpless and hopeless and heavy.  We were both, I think, starting to wonder if all of this, the long hours and the longer rides home when the R train wasn’t running, was adding up to anything.

With my phone and computer stolen, I couldn’t contact her.  I rode the Subway uptown to the school library–the last time before I withdrew–and left a message for her on Facebook that I would stop by, and hoped she’d see it.  When I got to her apartment she wasn’t there and I sat down on the dirty grey-green carpet outside her door, too sad to cry.  I would have sat there for days if she hadn’t come.  But she did, arms full of shopping bags, not even surprised to see me sitting there on the landing.  "I did some retail therapy,“ she told me.  

“I dropped out of school,” I told her. We stayed there on her couch, until we somehow made it out the door to go across town to meet a friend.  She handed me one headphone cord of her earbuds and through 2 train rides, one transfer at Canal St., over 2 bridges, in the sweatiness and duskiness of late summer in New York, we listened to the same Rilo Kiley songs, we walked carefully through doors and up stairs, she leaned her head towards mine, being sure neither of us lost the cord.  

We survived that day.  After, everything was less sparkling, but more real.  We made two whole, beautiful, separate but connected, lives.  Not out of magic, just out of hard work and time.  We fought, we made up, we cut our hair, we learned how to live and shared our lessons.  We grew up.  

Then, several months ago, she posted on her blog that she’d signed her last lease in Brooklyn.  I read it and shut my computer, stunned.  I guess I’d thought she’d be here forever.  A few months after that, she and her boyfriend took a roadtrip to the South.  She came back and told me, one bright afternoon in July, that they were looking for jobs in Savannah.  I tried to school my face into a neutral expression, but I was crushed.

Caroline is leaving New York and it feels like the city will tumble to the ground behind her.    

But it won’t.  I moved to Portland two years ago and came back.  It is, after all, not fair to expect her to stay forever.  There is the internet, for long emails and short notes.  When I left, we started a new blog, Dear Caroline/Dear Lily, to write to each other.  It’s still there, waiting for us to need it again.  “Dear Caroline,” I’ll start my first new post after she leaves, “Dear Caroline, I miss you so much it hurts.  But the city is still standing.  I miss you, and I’m proud of you.  Tell me everything.”  Over and over we choose each other.  Growing up means accepting change.  Keeping a friendship through adulthood means letting go, being excited for her new adventures, looking forward to someday meeting her babies.  Caroline says our lives are too intertwined to untangle now, and grown up friendship means I trust her to be right.