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People actually expect me to believe that if you throw a group of only one sex inside a fucking maze with no memories, no social, cultural or religious discourses forced upon them, no outside influences of any kind for years and years with only each other to grow close too, trust, survive with, protect, build with, bond with etc. 



Sunrise over the balcony. And the branch mine entrance, the design is a ever so slightly modified version of Mumbo Jumbo’s from the Hermitcraft server. I hate having a really boring branch mine, so I like to decorate them with entrances and I thought Mumbo’s looked awesome I liked having the little bit of green running through it just to give it a more lively feeling.

Survive, Support, Resist

Prioritise your own survival using whatever ways and means are at your disposal. Your life is valuable and deserves to be preserved above all.

If you have the ability, do what you can to support those equally or more vulnerable than yourself but with less means to affect their own survival. Build and sustain networks and communities of support.

Where you have the ability, actively resist systems of injustice, dehumanization, and physical or institutional violence against vulnerable people and communities. Leverage any privilege you possess to lend strength to resistance while being mindful to not expose people without those privileges to more danger from your resistance.

I was just rewatching the first Iron Man movie and something stood out to me

When Tony wakes up in the cave and the terrorists come in to tell him to build the Jericho missile, Tony’s immediate response was “I refuse.”

No hesitation at all. It was clear and steadfast refusal. And even after they WATERBOARDED him multiple times, he still wasn’t willing to do it.

People say Tony Stark was just an arrogant womanizing jerk before he was Iron Man, yet even before he was the man in the armor, when faced with threats to his survival, Tony refused to build weapons that would be used by terrorists to hurt people.

Yes perhaps Tony was ignorant and naive to the reality of what his weapons could be used for or fall into the wrong hands, but his weapons manufacturing was never about the desire to hurt people but rather the desire to protect. His father built weapons for the government to help end wars and save lives, and here he is trying to continue that legacy of smarter and better weapons that would strike out enemy targets that don’t end up with collateral damage.

He had no idea that the man who helped raised him, a man he trusted, had all this time been double dealing behind his back and using him - he had no idea Obadiah was making deals with terrorists - yet the moment Tony found out his weapons were falling into the wrong hands, he put an immediate stop to it with no care about how it would effect his wealth or the fact that they were now suddenly a weapons manufacturing company that makes no weapons. What mattered more was not allowing his weapons to harm any more innocent lives.

“I saw young Americans killed by the very weapons I designed to protect them.”

The real tragedy of Tony Stark is that he cares, he cares so much, yet that care and desire to protect can also be the thing that drives him to the extreme that allows something like Ultron to come into being.

Ultron wasn’t just born out of Tony’s fear, it was also born out of Tony’s desire to save and protect lives, which is incredibly sad and tragic, that someone who has so much care and love for people, who tries so hard to protect lives, always end up creating the things that did more harm than protection.

Even in Civil War, in trying to protect the team, in trying to keep them all safe and together, the harder he tried, the more the team crumbled and broke.

Tony Stark has always wanted to save lives, to protect people, yet it almost always never goes his way, it almost always fall apart and he’s left standing in the wreckage tying to rebuild and try again because that’s all he knows how to do.


Early setup at Red Rocket

I’ve always set up my main home at Sanctuary in previous playthroughs, so I decided to instead use Red Rocket as my main player home for my full survival playthrough. Canonically speaking, I imagine that Deborah would have had a hard time living at Sanctuary, and instead longed for some privacy.  She set up a makeshift bedroom in the back room of the station, and gathered posters and mementos to cover the wall with. Her few belongings were kept close to her bed. 


one of my favourite achewood gags is this use of “from Circumstances” to vaguely mean “had a horrifying traumatic childhood” and i want to adopt this into my own vernacular. e.g., “i have an anxiety disorder and ptsd because i’m from Circumstances” “oh dude don’t ask him about his parents he’s from Circumstances” “she’s from Circumstances but she managed to survive and build a life for herself she’s so strong” this has been a post

How rey is shown in Star Wars:

19 years old, lived alone, can kick your ass, knows how to survive and build things, also knows what parts can get her the most food. Figured out how to use the force really quick no training needed 

How antis see Rey: 

Kylo ren hit a child the monster. @antis did yall watch the same movie ?

This is a few days late, but I’m thinking about the Spanish only speakers in this country who are already confused and struggling enough now not having basic lingual access to government information. That an administration had the audacity to say in actions “you’re not one of us unless you speak English.” I’m thinking about how my father moved here in the 80s on a student visa and used those Spanish translations not only to survive but to actually build the stepping stones to learning English.
My heart is so heavy. To say that this is disgusting is such an understatement.
Sha Ka Ree: Chapter 11
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The year is 2258. Jim Kirk is a Lieutenant on the U.S.S. Farragut, Spock the science officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise. When the ships come together for a priority landing party, these two strangers find themselves fighting against the odds for a chance at life in an alien world, and the only way they’ll make it through is by relying on each other.

HERE IT IS! I’m so glad to finally get this chapter out. It was by far the hardest one to write and I’m hoping it turned out okay. Honestly at this point I’ve read it so many times I don’t even know if these are WORDS anymore. So! Enjoy! Let me know what you think! I love you all!

I didn’t know...

…that I needed the next Fallout to be simultaneously a Sims, Minecraft, base defense, animal companion, exploration/survival shooter until Bethesda told me so.


How to Survive in a Post Apocalyptic World

A series of natural disasters (or perhaps a zombie invasion) have led to the loss of electrical power, food, water, and shelter. See how well you would survive in this post apocalyptic world by trying out these DIY challenges in four categories: 


Food and Water 


Farmer builds a house for just £150 using materials he found in skips
Michael Buck, 59, used only natural materials or unwanted items to build the 'cob house' (pictured) at the bottom of his garden in the Oxfordshire countryside.
Michael Buck used only natural materials or unwanted items to build ‘cob house’ at bottom of his garden

He said he wanted to challenge the notion that paying for a house should take a lifetime

This cottage cost just £150 to build, using only natural or reclaimed materials.

And with no mains electricity, gas or water, the bills don’t come to much either.

Below: Thatched roof: Former art teacher Mr Buck taught himself how to thatch in order to create the cottage’s intricate roof

Natural materials: Mr Buck said that a house ‘does not have to cost the Earth - you only need earth to build it’.

‘I wanted to show that houses don’t have to cost anything. We live in a society where we spend our lives paying our mortgages, which many people don’t enjoy.’

Mr Buck originally aimed to build the house for nothing, but miscalculated the amount of straw needed so had to buy more. He also had to buy nails to keep the thatch attached.

Rimworld story: me and Toph

So to anyone following me who has never heard of Rimworld: it’s awesome, you control little people in the future on a distant (randomised) planet and you have to survive, build and research and fight off (randomised) raiders, but all the people have their own (randomised) traits and skills, and it’s fairly addictive. (I LOVE randomised stuff). The only thing is that having babies is not yet a thing in the game, but it’s not finished yet anyway so we might get that later.

The game I’ve played the most was starting with just me (or what I’m playfully dubbing my Rimself) by using the Prepare Carefully mod, and this is the story of what happened when my Rimself decided to marry a really questionable guy.

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I made a set of Yogscast-themed questions! Please send me a couple of names? :3 And feel free to reblog.
  • Lewis: Favourite video?
  • Duncan: Favourite Minecraft series?
  • Simon: Favourite song by the Yogscast?
  • Hannah: Name a non-Yogscast song that reminds you of the Yogscast.
  • Sips: Favourite rivalry?
  • Sjin: Favourite build (survival or creative)?
  • Kim: Talk about a headcanon you like.
  • Nilesy: Make up a random AU, described in one sentence.
  • Rythian : Favourite non-Minecraft series?
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  • Strippin: Which games have you bought because of the Yogscast playing them?
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  • Strife: Who is your least favourite member?
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