survey thursday

Meanwhile, on Paradis...

These facts are absolutely, 100% accurate. I swear on my life becausethatclearlymeansalotinsnkuniverse lol wut?

Here’s what the dearly beloved Survey Corps (or what’s left of it) has been up to these past 4 long years

  • Commander Hange one day decided that the stone integrity of the walls, now that they knew the truth, was too depressing. Thus they were all painted green.
  • Commander Hange also went on to accidentally invent hair dye in her lab as a result of some rare free time from paperwork and a little too much coffee. It took over a month for poor Jean’s hair to go back to normal…
  • After an explosion of flour in the kitchens and already being in a particularly black mood, Levi managed to invent the vacuum after a little tinkering with his 3DMG rig. That poor sod of a broom was never given a second look.
  • As a result of his training, Eren screamed so much that he required his tonsils be removed. Armin took care to ensure that Mikasa has a significant BAC during the procedure.
  • Due to his new responsibilities to the corps, Jean worried about his mother being lonely and one day surprised her with a cat. That feline eats exclusively omu-rice with ketchup whiskers and has a special basket with a blanket by the hearth. That cat has got it made for its nine lives.
  • In the months following the missing to reclaim Shiganshina, Sasha grew especially concerned about food shortages after a particularly shitty winter. In response, our Private Braus goes on to establish the Wall Rose Potato Society where the blessings and graces of the magnificent spuds are sung every other Tuesday night. Connie is the poster child of the organization.
  • Despite being the Queen, Historia quickly discovered her title did not absolve her orphanage of  all financial burden. When she sought advice, Connie’s answer to the problem was to sneak into the Orphanage and close-cut shave all the orphans in order to cut down on shampoo prices. I hear he might be allowed to return from his banishment up north in the coming months.
  • In order to earn some extra funds for the building and installation of more Titan Guillotines at all of the districts, the Survey Corps establishes the first beach resort with the aid of the Garrison. Rico Brzenska holds training classes for wannabe lifeguards every week.
  • After leaving the Survey Corps after his disastrous social outburst, Flocke comes to the conclusion that military life is not for him. Last I heard, he’d opened and was running a very successful ice cream stand in Mitras district and is looking to expand if you’re looking for employment.
  • Armin unwittingly makes a jack-o-lanturn from a fossilized squash he found in Shiganshina. Eren thought it looked a little like Mikasa waking up on the wrong side of the bed. It took a lot of coaxing to get Armin to make another.
  • On a particularly muggy day, Jean decided he was fed up with Levi’s nagging and decided to hide his clippers. He still has remnants of shoe polish in the vicinity of his nether regions and rectal sphincter.
  • In his ripening age, Keith Shadis decided to retire from military life. In response to his sudden abundance of leisure time, he started a rather-successful tabernacle choir. Coming to a tavern near you!

#ThrowbackThursday to our first Attack on Titan set debuted at Ultimate Brawl 2014!!  Before we went Beyond the Northern Wall, humanity was reminded of the TITANS!!!!!!!!


While most Americans approve of the work being done by their local police, nearly a third feel that some officers “routinely lie to serve their own interests,” a survey released on Thursday by Reuters and the IPSOS polling organization showed.

The number rises to 45 percent among African-Americans.

The findings come as scrutiny on police has been heightened in recent months by the killing of unarmed blacks by white officers, which has raised questions about police treatment of racial minorities.

While distrust is significant, nearly three-quarters of respondents approve the job done by their local police, the survey said. The survey showed that 56 percent of African-American respondents approved of their local police.

MarQuis McClee, a small-business owner from Bloomington, Indiana, who took part in the poll, said that he generally trusts police and has officers among his relatives, but as an African-American, he can also be wary around law enforcement.

“I have been involved with officers who give police a bad name,” McClee, 38, said, pointing to a recent incident where he was pulled over by an officer be believes was profiling him.

Nearly 70 percent of African-American respondents believe that police target minorities.

In November, simmering tensions exploded with violent protests in several U.S. cities following a grand jury decision not to indict a police officer in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson for shooting an unarmed black teenager.

When asked about the Ferguson police, 60 percent of respondents had a favorable impression but among black American respondents, only 32 percent had a favorable impression.

When a gunman fatally shot two police officers in New York in December in apparent retribution attack, the public was reminded of the dangers police face on a daily basis in trying to keep the streets safe.

While attention on policing has been in the spotlight, racial disparity in the criminal justice systems has become a fact of life in the United States. A study by the Sentencing Project research group showed that one in three black men are likely to be imprisoned sometime during their life. The figure for white man is one in 17.

Proactive tactics aimed at keeping crime rates down in economically stressed areas with a high number of racial minorities can also cause friction between police and minority youth who are likely to be stopped and questioned, said Larry Hoover, director of the Police Research Center at Sam Houston State University in Texas.

“There is no way that is going to be a pleasant experience, no matter how courteous an officer is,” Hoover said.