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hey girl, I follow you on insta and I was wondering how can you afford new stuff all the time when you don't have a job? Tell me your secret

To be honest I saw people talking about survey sites and decided to try it myself. I’ve been doing it for few months now and I make about $50 per day which is way more than I expected, and super easy since you basically get paid just from answering questions.

The best ones I found are: Survey Junkie, Toluna and Vindale.

It doesn’t cost anything to sign up and try it out, and it doesn’t require a lot of time, so I’d really recommend you to try it out.

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what are some easy ways to make money online?

A few months ago, I started doing surveys online to make some quick cash. Over time, the money has really started to build up, and I’m now making over $100 PER DAY using these sites!

Toluna - Get a $5 bonus JUST by signing up, just make sure to verify your e-mail address before you start taking the surveys!

Harris Polls - Very similar to Toluna, just without the $5 start up bonus. Quick and easy way to earn money, there’s tons of different (lowkey fun) surveys, and it’s definitely one of the fastest money making sites I’ve found!

Survey Junkie - SIGNING UP TAKES LITERALLY 5 SECONDS and the surveys take 3-5 minutes and pay REALLY well. A great option if you don’t want to get into something that’s a huge time commitment.


People automatically think these sites are a scam when they see a post like this. But I’ve been doing this long enough to know that it definitely NOT a scam. I’ve been paid by these sites several times over the last few months. If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to message me and ask!

Oh, and after you complete the surveys, you can redeem your points for paypal cash, a check, or giftcards! I’m seriously sooo happy I finally found a quick and easy way to make money online (THANK U TUMBLR omg). It’s definitely worth the extra income if you spare a few minutes a day taking a few of these surveys!

Peanut Butter Cookies

*throws allergic!Lance at you and runs away*

Summary: When Pidge’s birthday rolls around, Allura remembers her offhand comment about liking peanut butter. Little did she know that Lance is actually very, very allergic. (angst and fluff, and a bit of established klance because I have no self control and I ship it leave me alone)

I hardly ever post anything because I have no confidence ha so if you like it, let me know! This is very short compared to lots of other stuff I’ve written.

@taylor-tut I don’t think this is that good or even if it counts as langst/whump but I’ll tag you anyway and @voltronpaella thanks for actually getting me to post this my dude

When Allura called the Paladins into the kitchen, Lance expected some sort of emergency.

Why they’d be meeting in the kitchen, he had no idea, but he slid out of bed regardless. After removing his face mask he padded out into the hall, slightly resentful that he didn’t have time to straighten his hair.

Lance nearly bumped into Hunk in the hallway, who was also still in pajamas. The two were the last to arrive in the kitchen. He surveyed the others and found Shiro in full armor, Keith with an activated bayard, and Pidge rubbing the sleep out of her eyes with a laptop tucked under her arm.

“Princess, we’ve talked about this,” Lance grumbled. “You have got to stop interrupting my beauty sleep.”

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On the Coastal Tip of Jamaica, actress Candice Patton stands barefoot in a sheer yellow dress before settling turquoise waters. Her arms sway back and forth as the Caribbean air billows through the thigh-high slit. She gives the camera a small smile as the sun radiates off her skin and the tide tiptoes towards the shore. The Instagram boomerang I’m glancing at has now been viewed over 200,000 times by her 1.2 million-user following.

It’s mid-June; a median between two milestones in Candice’s life - two weeks before her 29th birthday, and two weeks after the Season 3 finale of The Flash aired in homes nationwide. The superhero fiction show, based on the DC Comics character of the same name, stars Candice as Iris West, opposite Grant Gustin as the titular hero, Barry Allen. In the last three years, The Flash has garnered over 15 awards, with Candice herself most recently winning a Saturn Award for “Best Supporting Actress on Television”. It makes sense that CBS Watch! Magazine would send her over to the Caribbean for a photoshoot. 

The CW star calls me from her residence in Los Angeles on a Friday afternoon, after her trip in Jamaica. I expect her to sound exhausted from her jet setting, but she’s not. To my astoundment, there’s a lot on her mind. I come to realize that, unlike Iris West, Candice Patton is equipped with a power of her own.

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5 Things rich men notice

quality successful men noticed in women was their hair. Most disapproved of women who had unkempt locks and/or sported an unnatural color or style. A man of stature is under constant scrutiny, but also keep in mind that he is likely an alpha male in his own right; running into colleagues or business partners at lunch would prove awkward and deeply embarrassing if he is seen with a moving Hot Topic ad. Keeping hair to a natural hue and focusing on how healthy it looks ups your chances greatly. After all, hair growth and quality is highly dependent on hormones and nutrition — an alpha male wants to show that he picked the best out of the dating pool.

A sense of self was the fourth on the list. A common deal breaker with employers during an interview is a candidates pretending or exaggerating their understanding of a certain subject. Our survey found that this was also a big pet peeve among successful men looking to date, particularly in cases where women lied about the extent of their knowledge when it came to current events, politics and culture.

The way a woman carries herself when she walks, or her gait, was third on the list. 26% of those surveyed said that a proper balance of speed and posture exuded grace, which caught their attention regardless of what task they had at hand. Gait defines public presence.

Posture was the second most important quality. It shows manners and confidence, two key qualities successful men sought in wives. 78% claimed that beautiful women who slouched greatly decreased their overall beauty.

The number one most important quality or indicator that successful men noticed in a woman was the quality of verbal and written communication. Although most used text or email messaging, 53% of the men surveyed preferred verbal communication. Misspellings or inappropriate abbreviations were considered deal breakers. The ability to hold a conversation is vital when dealing with men of high power and wealth, as most meetings and deals are still handled face to face.

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Hey! Do you know of a quick way to make money online? Prom is coming up and i need to make a lot in only a month or two!! TIA :) <3

Hey Girly!!

Yes! Oh my gosh. I remember when i had that struggle a few years ago. Lately, i’ve been using a few but, this survey website i found. I’ve only been working with them about 6 months now  BUT i have made $20-65ish a day (depending on how determined you are) haha.
Here is the link for the one i use if you want to give it a try! :) 

Other new ones i’ve started the last few months  that seem to work pretty well as well are going to be HERE AND HERE. ( so yes 3 in total haha) 

**ALSO when you sign up for this site you get a bonus of $5 just for signing up to help you get started! I’ve been paid about 8 times so I know it’s not a scam. It’s easy and quick to sign up and it’s worth giving it a try if you need money quick.

You’ll be able redeem your points for paypal, a check, or giftcards. Good luck and have fun! Keep me updated and PLS send me pictures of your prom dress when you find one!! I love seeing prom dress pics c:


this guide will teach you the ins and outs of realistic gangs, roleplaying gang members, and how all of that works. almost all gang roleplays i’ve seen are so inaccurate, glamorized and romanticized. movies are not realistic. even if it isn’t a gang rp - a gang related character could be interesting in any sort of character development plot. so here we go –

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Roughly half or more in each region say gender equality is very important. Pew Research Centre. Guess who was at the bottom of that list? The Middle fucking East. And you want more of them in Europe, right? Brilliant.

We’re guessing that you’re talking about part of the Pew Research Center’s 2015 Global Attitudes Survey (since you didn’t bother to properly cite your source).  This studied several different topics, surveying 38 countries around the world but just five in the Middle East (Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey).  They measured the importance of gender equality by asking “how important is it that women have the same rights as men in society?” 

Now that we got that out of the way, here are all the reasons why you’re fucked, Anon:

1) Generalizing about regions - yeah, you’re right, the five countries that = “the Middle East” for this survey came out at the bottom on the gender equality question.   What do people in Syria, Iran, the UAE, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, or Kuwait think about gender equality?  We don’t know because Pew didn’t survey those ten Middle Eastern countries, just five others.

But in every Middle Eastern county polled, the majority said it is somewhat or very important that women have the same rights as men in their society.  

In fact, gender equality was more important to people in Lebanon than people in three of the European countries polled.  You know Lebanon - the country hosting the most refugees per capita in the world?  Yes, that one.

So let’s not get too excited about what the results from this one poll done in five Middle Eastern countries actually means.
2) Ignoring the other factors that were identified - you probably didn’t bother to actually read the Pew report on the survey you’re histrionically waving about here, but if you did you’d know that women, the higher-educated, and the more left-leaning were all more likely to prioritize gender equality.  But of course you want to paint the world in broad, xenophobic strokes, so better for you to just ignore what women, better-educated people, and leftists in the Middle East think about gender equality and just ban ‘em all.  And of course never mind the less-educated and more right-wing dudebros where you’re from that don’t care about/are against gender equality.  Just pretend they don’t exist.  “Brilliant.” 

Hey Anon, don’t you think that maybe refugees coming to a country where there are still functioning schools they can attend that aren’t bombed-out or where they don’t have to worry about being violently attacked on the way to/from school might = more people achieving higher levels of education, which in turn would (according to this study) = better attitudes towards gender equality, as shown in the very survey you’ve referenced?  No, you didn’t stop to think about much before you wrote to us, did you?  

3) Ignoring the other parts of the survey - Like we said, this was a just a part of a larger survey on social attitudes.  

Did you know that four of the five Middle Eastern countries surveyed were more supportive of free speech than countries like Japan, Russia, or Ukraine?  That’s from the same survey, Anon!

Did you know that the same survey found that the five Middle Eastern countries were more likely to support people’s right to practice their religion of choice than the countries polled in Europe, North America, and Latin America?

Did you know that the same survey showed that people in the Middle East were more supportive of the rights of citizens to criticize their governments than people in Asia, Africa, or Russia?  

Same survey shows that people in the Middle East are less-likely than people globally to support government censorship of large political protests.  Bet you didn’t know that, huh?

It’s almost as if you cherry-picked the data you wanted to support your claim and ignored data that contradicted it.  That’s a particular logical fallacy we sometimes call The Texas Sharpshooter, Anon.  Stop doing it because it makes you look like a clown.

4) Prioritizing an opinion poll over people’s actual lives - Let’s assume for a second that you were right and that a survey done by a private Western research company that asked exactly one question about gender equality to people in just five of fifteen+ Middle Eastern countries = an accurate reading of people’s attitudes towards gender equality in the region and that attitude is not as positive as it is elsewhere.

Let’s also assume that, contrary to the very survey you’ve cited, these attitudes about gender equality cannot be swayed by things like better education and that the people that hold them will never change their minds no matter what.

Let’s also ignore the data from the same survey you’ve cited that shows that people in the Middle East are more likely to support free speech, freedom of religion, the right to criticize governments, and freedom from government censorship and focus solely on their attitudes towards gender equality.

Assuming all of that, what you’re saying still comes down to this:  you think we should refuse safe haven to refugees - people literally fleeing for their lives - if they come from a region that scored low in an opinion poll on gender equality.

That’s what you’re saying here - “we’re sorry that you’re going to be murdered or die in a bombing or starve to death, but we can’t have people from a country that scored low in an opinion poll on gender equality coming to live here!”  

What kind of fucking monster would suggest that?  That people and their families should all be condemned to unimaginable horrors and violence and death because you don’t think they scored high enough on a fucking opinion poll.  

You know what, Anon?  We’ve had it with people like you that pretend to care about gender equality as a fucking smokescreen for your Islamophobia; your racism; your xenophobia.  We see right through you.  GTFO with that shite.


When you think of illegal immigration in the U.S., do you picture a border crosser or a visa overstayer? A family or a single person? A farmworker or a waiter?

People living in the U.S. without legal status are frequently invoked in American politics — especially in recent months. But the conversation is often short on facts about the millions of people who fall into this category.

There are, however, outdated beliefs: A Pew Research Center survey in 2015 found that very few Americans are aware of recent changes in immigration patterns.

And, of course, there are stereotypes, which often don’t always match up with reality. Most people in the U.S. illegally have been here for years, for instance, and people working service jobs far outnumber migrant farm labor.

Here’s a look at the actual statistics about people living in the U.S. illegally.

How America’s Idea Of Illegal Immigration Doesn’t Always Match Reality

Charts by Alyson Hurt

Jeremy Corbyn: Empty homes owned by rich should be 'requisitioned' for Grenfell Tower residents

Jeremy Corbyn has called for the empty homes of rich people in Kensington to be seized for Grenfell Tower residents who have been made homeless by the fire.

The Labour leader said that the London Borough was a “tale of two cities” between a wealthy south and a rich north. 

He suggested that “requisitioning” expensive vacant properties could help ensure that residents are housed locally.

The Government has committed to rehousing all those who lost their homes in the fire in the local area.

However Mr Corbyn said: “Kensington is a tale of two cities. The south part of Kensington is incredibly wealthy, it’s the wealthiest part of the whole country.

Sadiq Khan confronted by residents at Grenfell Tower

“The ward where this fire took place is, I think, the poorest ward in the whole country and properties must be found - requisitioned if necessary - to make sure those residents do get re-housed locally.

“It can’t be acceptable that in London we have luxury buildings and luxury flats left empty as land banking for the future while the homeless and the poor look for somewhere to live. We have to address these issues.”

It came as Theresa May announced a public inquiry into the blaze but faced questions over why she did not meet with residents, in contrast with Mr Cobryn.

Asked why she had not met survivors and those who lost loved ones, Mrs May replied: “Well, I visited the scene of this terrible fire this morning. 

"I wanted a briefing from the emergency services. They’ve been working tirelessly in horrific conditions and I have been overwhelmed by their professionalism and their bravery. 

"I heard stories of firefighters running into the building being protected from the falling debris by police officers using their riot shields. And we thank all our emergency services for the incredible work that they have done.”

Sadiq Khan, the Labour Mayor of London, faced an angry crowd as he was visited the scene of the fire.

He was confronted by a young boy who asked “how many children have died?” as he talked to an angry crowd at Grenfell Tower today.

The boy added: “What are you going to do about it?” The Mayor replied: “People are justifiably angry and I share their anger and I share their demand for answers.”

He was also heckled by a supporter of Mr Corbyn about his failure to back the Labour leader and there were suggestions that a bottle was thrown at him. More than 20 police officers rushed in to calm the crowd.  

Nick Hurd, the fire minister, said that the fire was a “national tragedy” and no moment for “cool plodding democracy” as he vowed to leave “no stone unturned”.

It came as a new poll found that Theresa May’s poll ratings are now lower than Jeremy Corbyn’s were before the General Election. 

A survey by Yougov found that the Prime Minister’s “favourability score” has fallen from plus 10 to minus 34. In the meantime Mr Corbyn’s popularity rating has climbed by 42 points.

It came as John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, urged the unions to mobilise more than a million people to protest in London on July 1 in a bid to pressure Mrs May into standing down.

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If you don't mind.... Hanzo, Genji, and McCree with a S/O who steals their shirt? Can get a little NSFW, I know how the boys get possessive lmao.,.,.,

(It’s not true love if you don’t steal his clothes. I went more fluff than NSFW.)


Hanzo trudged down the hall toward your room. He was exhausted and sore, and, after nearly two months away, he missed you so much it hurt. At this late hour he was certain you would be asleep, but he would be satisfied as long as he got the chance to hold you. He let himself in to your room and crossed to the bed where you curled into your pillow. You were sound asleep, one hand gripping the collar of your shirt and holding it near your face. He recognized the shirt you wore as one of his, and the sight only made you more endearing to him. He climbed into the bed beside you and put one arm around you to pull you close. You stirred weakly at the motion and let out a small yawn.

“Go back to sleep, my thief,” he whispered to you.

“Who’s a thief?” you murmured, still mostly asleep.

“Keep it. It suits you.”


You knocked on the door and let yourself in to Genji’s room. Shutting the door, you surveyed the mess and found him digging through the closet. What ever he was trying to find had eluded him.

“Lose something?” you asked, nonchalant.

“My shirt,” he answered. “My favorite one.”

“Which one’s that?”

“It’s the-” Genji stopped when he noticed you standing by the door. “The one you’re wearing, you fox.”

Approaching you, he grabbed the hem of the stolen garment and pulled you against him.

“Give it back,” he said.

You shook your head in defiance.

“Then you leave me no choice.”

You tried to run but were too slow. You let out a yelp and giggled while he tickled you. The torture continued until you surrendered.


It was Sunday, and you and McCree had agreed to sleep in. At something close to ten you decided to at least get up and brush your teeth. You rolled out of bed. On the floor beside your feet your boyfriend’s crumpled shirt sat discarded. You picked it up, shook it out, and slipped it on over the tank top you had slept in. Pants would have to wait until you decided to get lunch. You shuffled to the bathroom to clean up. You had just finished brushing when McCree stepped into the bathroom behind you, looking disheveled and rubbing sleep from his eyes.

“Dressing like that’s gonna get you into trouble,” he said in a rumbling tone. He wrapped his arms around you and buried his face in you neck.

“What kind of trouble?” you asked and patted his hair.

“Come back to bed and I’ll show you.”

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Has Batman ever had encounters with Harley and Ivy as Bruce Wayne? Would he ever try using that part of his identity to help them or any other of his rogues, for things like trying to start a new life away from villainy and such?

Someone was in Bruce Wayne’s office, and there was no graceful way to avoid them without making it obvious that he knew they were in there. There was a smell in the air like mulch and roses.

He had no frame of reference for what would constitute a normal amount of things to notice, and so chose to err on the side of oblivious moron.

If there’d been a smell like marzipan dipped in bleach, he might have chosen differently.

“Heya, Mister Wayne,” Harley Quinn greeted, sitting on his desk. She waved as much with her feet as her hands. He closed the door behind him.

Bruce considered his response. Hopefully his momentary indecision with regard to his facial expression could pass for surprise, or confusion, or fear. “Hello, Dr. Quinzel.”

“Don’t worry,” she said. “I’m not with Jay no more.”

“She’s with me,” Poison Ivy said.

“Hello, Dr. Isley.”

“I really prefer Ivy.”

“Dr. Ivy,” he corrected.

“Doncha love the way he says doctor?” Harley asked Ivy.

“Charming,” Ivy said. She did not sound charmed.

“I told her we oughta come talk to ya,” Harley explained, “on account of you’re a real nice guy an’ all.”

“Thank you?”

“I was just going to kill you,” Ivy added.

“Thank you. For not doing that.”

“Isn’t he just like a puppy?” Harley asked, pressing her hands to her cheeks.

“You can’t keep him.”

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This is a sample of what the Day Without Immigrants protest looks like in my Chicago neighborhood. The quest to buy a simple lunch during a work break quickly became an exercise in futility. The new place near our house that sells pupusas that I’d been curious about? Closed. The usual Mexican place I was thinking about hitting up for tacos. Closed. The Mexican market and its lunch counter? Closed. The diner? Closed. The Ecuadorian place? Closed. The produce market I was going to purchase tonight’s dinner ingredients from? Closed. And on and on. I had to resort to buying a bean and cheese burrito from 7-11 (full disclosure - I’m not above doing something like this on other days). I decided to walk off my terrible American meal by surveying the neighborhood and found numerous businesses shuttered, some with signs and many without.

Additionally, all this week a team of Polish roofers has been working on our house. They are an amazing, hard-working and reliable bunch. They start on time, they end on time, and they are clearly ahead of schedule on their job. This morning the foreman called about an hour after they normally start and told me they have a big job they need to complete at another site and will be back tomorrow to finish up. I believe he used the word “emergency.” I didn’t question this because it’s true. Forcing a massive change in this country is a big job. It is an emergency. You want a country without immigrants, documented or undocumented? Enjoy your shitty 7-11 burrito.

Theory time! - Levi's cravat

To preface - I just got all of the Attack on Titan volumes up to the current one and DAMN it’s nice to not have to be online to read them. :)


During my rereading of the official translation, I noticed something interesting that I think indicates something important about Levi’s character that I don’t think I’ve read yet from anyone else.  Remember this in Chapter 51? 

In case you don’t remember, it’s when Levi finds out from Hange that Titans were previously human.  Cue guilt and Erwin creepy smile (man, him and Armin have the creepy smile game on LOCK, BTW). 

However, in every chapter since, Levi’s been missing something that we all associate with his character, his visual cue, if you will -

His cravat.  Yeah, I understand that at this point in the story, they’re on the run and haven’t worn their uniforms and such, but I feel like this little detail is actually pretty important. As momtaku has mentioned in previous posts and her readthroughs (which are great, btw), Levi is fairly horrified that what he’s been doing up until now (to paint in broad strokes) is killing humans, and is starting to lose it.  From what we’ve learned in later chapters with the appearance of Kenny and learning more about his past with the underground, this is what I’m thinking -

Levi and Kenny clearly don’t get along, and they lived together for a while.  Kenny raised him, to an extent, and Levi’s accustomed to squalor.

Once Levi joined up with the Survey Corps, he found a way out.  Keeping in consideration some of the information we’ve gleaned from character interviews and tidbits (like why he holds his teacups in his particular way), I think Levi’s preference for his cravat is another way for him to give an appearance of being more well off than what he actually is/was AND a way to signify a new beginning for him, where he isn’t learning how to stalk and kill people - in essence, “using his powers for good”.

Once he realizes Titans were/are humans, I think he realized at that point he’s no better than Kenny, and everything he’s done to change things for himself have been for nothing - to paraphrase Kill Bill, he’s not a worker bee, he’s “a renegade killer bee”, and everything he’s done to “disguise” himself is pointless, because nothing in the world can change his Ackerman heritage.  As he tells the 104th -

He’s pretty uniquely qualified to deal with Titans and killers.  Like Erwin and Armin, because of what he knows now, he (and Mikasa, once he tells her about their shared heritage) knows what he has to do now and has “discarded” that part of himself to fight monsters.  Hell -

In summation, I think at this point, Levi is probably being the most honest with himself that he’s been in a long while.  Whether or not he puts it back on once everyone starts donning their uniforms again remains to be seen, and if he does, that raises interesting questions, as well.  Either way, I love Levi, and I get why people don’t understand certain aspects of his character, or broadly characterize him in broad strokes for fanfic purposes and such (I ONLY LOVE CRAVATS AND CLEANING kind of stuff), but I think that’s probably because I’m also “abnormal…probably because I’ve seen far too many abnormal things”.  I feel like that makes it easier for me to understand his headspace and some of his decisions (like his behavior towards Historia or using odd, long winded non sequiturs to explain himself).


Yuri On Ice Survey

Sadly I didn’t have time today to do an overview of the YOI survey by today, but once again I want to thank everyone for taking it. I also want to thank everyone for following this side blog I made to only keep my main blog not crowded with Yuri On Ice posts one year ago. So, Thank You Everyone ^^

Originally posted by rightinthecrystalfeels

The results of the survey can be found *HERE*

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Supercat 16 sleeping together on the couch

This is the conclusion(?) to two other ficlets of the same prompt.   So, you can maybe all stop being mad at me now?  Best to read the others first probably:

Part 1     Part 2

Part 3

“To Carter.”  Kara raised her glass of sparkling apple cider and the rest of the room followed suit.  Carter rolled his eyes and blushed, but lifted his own glass at his mother’s quiet glare.  “For a clean bill of health and a full head of hair.”  James ruffled Carter’s floppy curls at the mention of his newly grown hair and he giggled and ducked away.

“Here Here!” The room called in unison and everyone took a sip.  Kara’s eyes met Cat’s and her skin erupted in goosebumps where cool hazel eyes swept over her and sparkled with mirth.  Cat was happy.  She looked relieved and free and full of the life she’s had to fight so hard for over the last few months.  The urge to cross the room and sweep Cat into a hug nearly overwhelmed her, but instead she drained her glass and began gathering frosting-coated paper plates, crumpled napkins and empty punch cups in an attempt to get a head start on cleanup and avoid the pang in her chest at Cat’s easy smile.

She tossed an armful of plates and cups into the trash compactor and turned to gather more but found her arms full of gangly teenager.  Kara rubbed his back and pulled him away so she could see his face.  He was beaming.  The shine in his eyes matched his mother’s.  Happy, unburdened, free.

“Awesome party, Kara.  Thank you so much.”  He shoved his hands in his pockets.  He was still the shy boy he’d been before all of this.  Before surgeries and doctors and physical therapy.  Kara was so happy to see him back, she thought she might burst.

“You’re so welcome, buddy.  How are you feeling?”  She knew he was sick of them asking, but she couldn’t help it.  It was almost reflex by now.

Carter rolled his eyes but gave her a half smile.  “I’m fine, Kara.”

“Oh, I almost forgot.”  Kara reached for her bag on the counter.  “Supergirl is really sorry she can’t be here today.  She’s, um, she’s really proud of you.  She said you’re the bravest kid in National City.”

Carter’s smile could have powered the city for a year.

Kara cleared her throat in an attempt not to cry.  She dug around in her bag for a moment and pulled out a small wrapped gift.  “She wanted me to give this to you.”

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Feedback on apps/websites that the LGBTQ+ community needs!

Now I need your help! I’ve made a survey, which can be found here, that takes the four most popular and asks you to vote on which one you would prefer! Again, thanks so much for your help in this matter, it means a lot to me.


@aquadalion, @ilovemybeautifulwolfe, @never-forget-viva-la-pluto, @demigender-positivity, @wildtendermythologia, @shit-happens-bitchachos, @tree-of-blue-squirrel

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Hello it's me again. I found the survey now. Thank you so much!😘😘 Oh and i saw the possible hero names for bakugou and it hits me, why "Ground Zero" is part of the answers. Is it just random or there's a meaning behind that.?

Glad you found it, anon!

The “Ground Zero” thing is based on Horikoshi’s old sketch of Bakugou. Here:

The Code Name is  爆心地 (bakushinchi) which means “Ground Zero”. In terms of nuclear explosions, it describes the point on the Earth’s surface closest to a detonation.