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Last Night

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Prompt: can you do one where the reader is Tony’s daughter but he doesn’t know the reader and peter are together and he tries to set he reader up with a close friend or whatever and Peter gets jealous ??

Word Count: 1,793

A/N: Written by Claire xx

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You wake up with your neck aching and your hand resting on something soft and warm. As your eyes slowly open and register your surroundings, you find yourself looking at the piles of books that you and Peter had abandoned during the night. Speaking of Peter, you were half tucked into his side, his slow breathing dusting the side of your neck.

You smiled softly, sitting up to move the books off of your bed and snuggle deeper into Peter, wrapping your arms around him and surrounding yourself with his warm scent.

The alarm comes on what feels like seconds later, jolting the two of you awake. Peter groans, rubbing his eyes. You’re already sitting up again, slamming your hand on the alarm to stop the obnoxious beeping as your heart rate begins to return to normal.

“What time is it?” He moaned, halfway through a yawn.

“Um,” you checked the clock. “6:30. You better get out of here before my dad gets up.”

Peter curses, beginning to gather his books from the floor and running a hand through his sleep-mussed hair. You took a moment to appreciate him; the rising sun through the window painted him multiple shades of gold and his messy hair waved over his forehead. His voice was low with sleep, and you couldn’t help but smile at the way he looked at you.

“I really didn’t mean to crash here last night, sorry Y/N.” You were already rolling his comments off.

“Oh, please, you know I never mind.” You grinned at him, leaning forward and kissing him on the cheek.

Your smile was reciprocated on his face. “What time did we even fall asleep last night?”

You began tying your hair up, thinking back to the previous night. The last thing you remembered was leaning against the palm of your hand as your eyes began to shut with exhaustion, Peter’s fingers absentmindedly twisting a strand of your hair, listening to the gentle sound of his voice as he talked you through the equation again. “I have no idea.”

The sound of a door shutting heightened awareness in both of you as you exchanged wide-eyed looks. “I really gotta get out of here.” Peter finished cramming the last of his things into his backpack, pressing a kiss to your forehead before turning to leave. You grabbed his wrist before he could leave, pulling him in for a sweet kiss before pressing your forehead to his.

“I had a nice time last night, Parker.”

“I’ll see you at school, Y/N. But now I really have to go, you know I don’t want to but if Tony Stark catches me in his daughter’s bedroom this early in the morning, we’ll have some problems.”

You laughed, pushing his chest away. “I’ll see you later, Spiderman.”

The last thing you saw before Peter’s head disappeared behind your door was his blinding smile, dimples and all, before he was gone.

By the time you came into the kitchen, coffee was already waiting for you on the counter. Your father was seated, scrolling through the news on his tablet. “Late morning, Y/N?” He didn’t even have to look up.

You grimaced. “Yeah, big science test today. I stayed up to study.” You sipped your coffee, reaching to grab cereal from the cabinet.

“You didn’t forget about tonight, did you?” You freeze, looking questioningly at him.


“The Thompson’s are coming over tonight, we have to talk business but they have a son for you to entertain.”

You made a face. “Entertain?”

Your father shrugged at you, his familiar boyish smile tugging at his lips. “One way or another, he needs to be distracted. I’ve heard he grew into quite a handsome young man, who knows what could happen?”

“Dad…” You groan, nudging his shoulder with yours. Ever since you had asked him to not be opposed to the idea of you dating, he had done a complete 180 and insisted on “looking out” for you everywhere he could, doing everything short of designing your dating profile.

If only he knew that you were dating possibly the only boy that he wouldn’t want you to date.


The dinner was going fine, if not achingly slowly. Harry, the son that was supposedly your age, turned out to be a year older. He was actually quite good-looking, with strong features, and might even have been your type if he hadn’t had all the personality of wet cardboard. He didn’t seem to really want to discuss anything with you other than his mission trip to Haiti and his future in his father’s business, but he smiled along nicely enough to hear your own ideas on what you wanted to do after school.

After dinner, Tony took Harry’s parents into his study for “adult mumbo jumbo”, as he so fondly referred to it, leaving you and Harry in the living room alone. You wanted desperately to take off the unfortunate heels you had chosen for the occasion, but Harry’s stiff gaze didn’t quite make you feel comfortable enough to do so.

“Do you want to watch a movie?” You suggested, your cheeks almost hurting from the smile you had glossed over it. You were desperate to avoid struggling through more discussion.

“Yes, I would love that. Do you have any documentaries you would like to watch?”

You half thought he was joking, but his choice of a political documentary about George W. Bush’s presidency proved you wrong. You weren’t sure if it was your late night with Peter catching up to you, or just the nature of your ever-so-boring company, but you felt yourself becoming more and more exhausted.

When the doorbell rang, you were more than excited to answer. “I’ll get it!” You announced, although Harry hardly glanced at you and you weren’t entirely sure who else would answer it. You checked the monitor on your way to the door and were surprised to find your boyfriend on the screen.

You swung the door open excitedly, already feeling your mood brighten at the thought of even a few minutes in Peter’s company.

“Hey! What are you doing here?” You felt frenzied, almost too excited to have an excuse to leave Harry.

“Oh, uh, I was just testing these for your dad and he said I could drop them off today, I just got off work.” Peter held up a bag, presumably of new tech for his suit. “What’s the occasion?” His eyes roamed over your makeup, stronger than it had been at school, and the dress and heels you were wearing.

“Are those my gifts I hear?” Your dad’s voice rang from behind you. “Ah, yes, Mr. Parker, I believe you have something that belongs to me.”

You stepped aside so Peter could come in, finding yourself facing the Thompsons and Harry as well. Peter set the bag down, surveying the scene before him.

“Right! How rude of me. Angela, Brian, this is Peter Parker, one of my scientists in training.” Tony addressed Harry’s parents, although you’d never heard him introduce Peter like that. “Peter, this is the Thompson family.”

Harry stepped forward, his posture admirably straight. “I’m Harry Thompson, please to meet you.” His hand gripped Peter’s so intensely that you cringed from your position. “I take it you and Y/N are friends as well.”

Everyone’s eyes went to you, and you felt an involuntary blush warming your cheeks.

“Yes, Y/N and Peter are good friends from school.” Tony’s smile brightened just a bit. “You know, Harry, I’m sure Y/N wouldn’t mind making other close friends, if you’re interested.”

Harry nodded. “Noted, sir.” You made immediate eye contact with Peter, trying your best to express how little you wanted Harry to be your “friend”. He was chewing the inside of his cheek, staring at the ground like he was trying not to draw attention to the sting of being called just your friend. You felt it too.

It didn’t take long for your father to use his social prowess to escort the entire group out at the night drew to a close. By the time the door shut, his entire face shifted.

“Dear lord, could those people be any drier?”

Had he made that comment any earlier in the evening, you would’ve laughed in relief and agreed heartily, but all you could think of was getting to Peter and explaining.

“Yeah, although I just remembered that a friend borrowed my notes and I really need them back before tomorrow, I’m just going to go grab them okay? Thanks, Dad.” You spoke so quickly that you weren’t even sure he knew what you said, but he waved you off.

“Oh, and Y/N?” You stopped just short of the door, turning to face him. “I’m one of the world’s most famous geniuses. Give me a little credit with the excuses, okay? Just don’t come back really late from wherever you’re actually going.”

You smiled at him. “I won’t.”


The drive to Peter’s seemed to be much faster than you remembered, but soon enough you found yourself standing on his stoop, your knuckles rapping on the door. He answered in his pajamas, clearly confused to find you there.

“Y/N? What are you doing here?”

“Peter, let me explain, I-”

“Oh yes, please do explain to me how I seemed to have interrupted quite the little date between you and some other guy tonight. I’d love to hear it.” You winced at the hurt in his voice. “Look, Y/N, what’s th-”

You couldn’t take it anymore. You surged forward, your hands seizing around his shoulders and pulling him in for a strong kiss. His hands tightened on your waist, and you almost began to lose yourself before reminding yourself what you had to say.

You broke it off, looking straight into Peter’s eyes. “Tonight was one of the most boring nights of my entire life, Peter. I was thinking about you the whole night, I couldn’t wait until Harry left so I could text you literal direct quotes of all the terribly boring things he said to me.” Your hand found his and you intertwined your fingers with his, bringing them to your lips. “Peter, I-”

He kissed you before you could say anything else, his hands buried in your hair. You eagerly retaliated, wrapping a hand around the back of his neck. He ended the kiss, grinning ear to ear.

“I want to tell your dad about us.”

You laughed, pulling him closer. “Well, if you would let me finish, I was just getting there, Parker. I want to tell him too. He loves you and I can’t imagine why he would turn this down.”

You almost didn’t get to finish your sentence before he was kissing you again.

Much Better

A/N: This is another one inspired by the brilliant minds over at @spn-imagines-nation hope you enjoy it.

Warnings: none

Word Count: 779

Pairing: DeanxReader

It had been a rough week at Casa Winchester. You could cut the tension with a knife. The last hunt had left everyone particularly drained. It was a kid this time and let’s just say they didn’t make it in time. Sam’s insistence that they could never save everyone did little to ease the pinch Y/N and Dean felt in their chests. Not that they would ever verbalize it. They rode home in silence, burying the discomfort under sarcastic jokes and a stiff drink. Y/N and Dean were always so much alike which made communication difficult sometimes but for the most part they understood each other better than anyone else in the world. They arrived back at the bunker in the middle of the night and all went straight to bed. The showers could wait.

Y/N’s alarm started blaring at 6am on the dot. Within only 4 hours of sleep under her belt she was tempted to hit snooze, but she was a stickler for schedule and there was too much to be done. She rolled out of bed, careful not to disturb Dean. Poor guy needed the rest. Y/N washed the grime out of her hair and her mind, changed into a freshly borrowed flannel (courtesy of Dean Winchester), and started with her day.

First task was to put the bunker back in order. Books, news clippings, and beer bottles littered the library. The boys hated her picking up after them but she didn’t mind. It was the one thing in the world she had control over. Next task was to do some serious grocery shopping. If Dean went he would only pick up beer and hot pockets and if Sam went he would only pick up kale, fruit juice, and vitamins. So that left the job to Y/N, but again, she didn’t mind so off she went with a wallet full of stolen credit cards.

3 hours later, Y/N pulled into the garage with a car full of groceries. The bunker had never seen this much food at once.

“Dean! Sam! Come help me carry in these groceries.” Y/N called out. Her arms were full as she made her way to the kitchen. Seconds later the brothers came around the corner, still rubbing the sleep from their eyes.

“Sweetheart, why didn’t you let me get that?” Dean asked, taking the bags from Y/N.

“You forget I can out lift you any day of the week, dear.” Y/N said. She gave him a peck on the cheek and went back out to the car.

Sam just chuckled and followed Y/N out to the car while Dean dropped the first set of bags off in the kitchen.

“Christ, Y/N. Do you think you went a little overboard?” Sam asked her as he surveyed all the bags she managed to fit in her car.

“Maybe. But now I don’t have to listen to you and your brother complain all the time about there being no food.” She said with a smirk.

“Me? Complain? Never!” Dean said, walking up behind Y/N and wrapping his arms around her waist. He kissed her cheek and went back to unloading the car.

A few minutes later all the groceries were inside and completely organized. The team effort made it a quick job. Y/N decided to start preparing dinner for the evening since she wanted to make tacos and it would take awhile. While the meat was cooking she went to go check on the boys. Sam was in the library reading some book and Dean was sitting at the table nursing a glass of whiskey. The strain in his back was visible and his knuckles were white around the glass. Y/N figured she would try to lighten the mood. She went back to the kitchen and switched the radio to the local classic rock station. They mostly just played Free Bird on a continuous rotation but it did the job. She turned it up as loud as it could go and sang every word to every song. The music drifted into the library and Dean could just imagine the way Y/N was dancing around the kitchen. It actually made him smile. His shoulders were less tense, his grip loosened on the glass, and he felt okay again.

He made his way to the kitchen and scooped Y/N up in his arms as she was cooking the peppers. She laughed as he swung her around to the beat of the music, only putting her down when the song ended.

“You feeling better?” She asked with a smile.

“Much better.”

Fanfic Recommendations

DISCLAIMER:  These are a list of fan fics I have read and enjoyed. It is just a beginning, I am sure to add more later. In addition, there are excellent fics not on this list, I am sure. 

I have added a little about what I love about each story, so this is a rather big post, and it goes under a cut.

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CEO: Part four. [Smut]

A/N; So I know it’s been a hot minute since I wrote the last part to this story but here it is again, back in all it’s filthy awkward glory! I hope you enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo  

Pairing: StilesxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: NSFW.

Word count: 5,998

Listen to this.

Part One  Part Two  Part Three

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with you

kirigakure hotaru x mc (misaki kasagi)

a/n: @bakers97 requested more hotaru, and my love for the littlest kirigakure just keeps growing, so here it is! this one is prompt 44 - “don’t leave me behind.” @jemchew and @demon-princess-anastasia

She places the last of her necessary belongings into her travel bag, surveying the room. Lord Shingen, upon hearing her little brother’s birthday was approaching, had allowed her a brief return to Kyoto.

Upon seeing that all her belongings were successfully packed away, she placed the strap over her arm and started out the door.

She barely stepped into the hall before Lord Yukimura was there.

“Oh, Misaki! Let me carry that for you,” he says, taking it from her before she can reply.

“Ah, thank you, Lord Yukimura.” She falls into step beside him to the gates, where her horse waits. Sasuke drops from the rafters, walking alongside them. Seeing him just makes her all the more excited to see Yahiko again, and she can’t keep the smile from her face.

“Glad to be going on vacation, little lady?” She startles, and there is Saizo standing beside her horse, a smirk playing at his lips. She laughs.

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Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 903

Warnings: Swearing, sexual comments, terrible flirting on my part. ;)

Notes: Eh.. Don’t love the ending but my thoughts ended. Lol.

Bull’s-eye. Another knife hit in the centre of the target, followed by another, and another blade after that. Rolling your shoulders, you sighed, your jaw clenched. You had woken up on the wrong side of the bed today without any particular reason and felt the need to get rid of your frustrations. The best way to relieve your tensions, any form of violence.  

You walked over to the target, pulling the knives from the thick material, checking to make sure they were still in pristine condition and making your way back over to the weapons table where you sat them down. Your eyes scanned over the table and landed on your brass knuckles that had blades sticking out from either side. Your eyes lit up, slipping them over your fingers and letting out of sigh of content. They weren’t your favourite for nothing.

You set up a few dummies, placing them at different parts around the training room. Then, you took your fighting position.


You ran to the first dummy and jumped, wrapping your legs around its hips while your blades took no mercy on its throat. Red goo dripped from it, signalling you had succeeded in your aim and you jumped off, knocking it to the ground and stabbing it once more through where its supposed heart was. Then you moved onto the next dummy. You ran towards it, ducking at the last minute and sliding through its open legs, slitting the arteries on the back of its knees and then standing up, landing a huge gash to the main artery in the neck. More red goo was falling, and you turned your gaze to the last of your victims. Again, you took off at top speed and jumped to the side, towards the wall and pushed off, grabbing the dummies neck on the way down to the ground where you pushed your right blade into its forehead, instantly ‘killing’ it.

“You know, I’ve never been a cat person but that just sealed the deal,“ Bucky laughed, setting his gym bag down, surveying the damage you had done.

"What, feeling faint Barnes?” You rolled your eyes, grabbing a towel and wiping the sweat from your face. You took a glance at Bucky who was smugly smiling, and you could tell you were in for another one of his games.

“No, just impressed,” he replied and paused, and you raised an eyebrow. He never just flat out gave a compliment to you. Something was up. Just when you were about to reply thanks, he added, “You know, for a girl.”

Your jaw clenched at that, eyes narrowed, seething. Bucky knew how to get you rattled, and top that off with the mood you were already in, it wasn’t a good match.

“Barnes, how many fucking times have I told you this isn’t the 40s, and you can’t go around saying shit like that,” you paused, hands rubbing your temples, “especially because it’s not fucking right.”

“Oh cmon, you know that’s not right Kitty-”

“Don’t even start with me Barnes, I’m not in the mood today,” you sat your knuckles down on the table, wiping off some of the goo that had dripped on them from your target. Bucky made his way over to you, moving closer so that you couldn’t ignore him any longer. You turned your gaze to him, his arms crossed over his chest.

“Make me.”

“Fine.” You strode over to the sparring mat, motioning for him to join you. He sauntered over, pulling his t-shirt over his head as he did so and you groaned, “Really? That’s not even necessary, especially when I’m going to drop your ass so fast.”

“Wow. Me-ow huh? Am I distracting you already doll?”


“You sure?”

“Yeah. Now shut up.”

“Like I said before doll, make me.”

At that you sprinted towards him, and following there was an entanglement of bodies moving every which way, striking at any moment possible with no mercy. Bucky was robust and swift, but you were faster and agiler allowing for you to twist away from him whenever he thought he was getting the upper hand. Of course, the one plus he had was his metal arm, and to attack them when you were sparring didn’t do much good. More so you had to avoid it.

“Ready to give up yet doll?

“Are you?”

“I’m just getting started.”

Bucky’s metal arm wrapped around your waist as he flipped you over his shoulder. As he was off guard thinking about how he had the upper hand, you took a page out of Natasha’s book and flipped around so your legs were around his neck and you began to assault his head with jabs and punches. Finally, after one especially strong punch, you could feel Bucky losing his footing, and you further shifted your weight, bringing him down to the ground. Victory.

“I’m not going to lie doll, that’s not one of the most pleasurable times I’ve had between a women’s legs,” Bucky spoke, grinning up at you as you sat on his chest, “But we can work on that.”

You rolled your eyes, shoving him as you began to pull yourself off of the large body beneath you.

“You’re going to have to buy me dinner first, Barnes.”

Candy-filled Capers Walkthrough (Liar! Uncover the Truth event)

If you find this walkthrough useful in any way at all, please like or comment to let me know! It’s greatly appreciated :D

Please only click “keep reading” if you are willing to know the answer. If you are on mobile and do not wish to see, please scroll down fast!  

Note: Answers are translated from Japanese by me so wording is not exact however A/B/C choices are guaranteed. Official translations are up now.

Event requirements
Stage 1 - 5300 CP
One Route - 7000 CP
Two Routes -  8800 CP
Three Routes - 10700 CP 
Four Routes - 12700 CP 
Five Routes - 14800 CP
All Routes - 17000 CP 

Routes for Kohei, Shinji, Itaru, Haruichi, Azusa and Shuto are available after the main story.

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Fic 479: Moppy

In which Scout finds a friend.

Reliable Excavation Demolition had a lot of things going for it. A well-trained team of competitively priced mercenaries, a base that was more or less up to the strict building codes of the late nineteenth century, and a (mostly) regular cash flow with which to pay said mercenaries. What it didn’t have was much in the way of luxuries.

Luxuries like regular supply drops.

Supplies meaning groceries.

Which was how Scout found himself in the parking lot of Bag’em Up, Cowboy! Grocery Mart with a list a mile long and a wad of cash in his pocket that Engineer had assured him was enough to cover it.

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A ficlet that I didn’t have the time to write and I definitely did not have the time to check, but I felt like doing anyway. I hope somebody enjoys it :)

Also, thanks to @hushwatson and @one-thousand-splendid-stars for encouraging me to post it. I would have just deleted it from my computer otherwise!

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Inception 30 Day Challenge - Day 15: What would Eames spend his Inception money on?

Arthur doesn’t even open their front door before he realizes he’s about to deal with something unpleasant.

And it’s because the front door is opening slowly, laboriously, because clearly Arthur’s stupid husband has once again made a mess large enough to expand to the very boundaries of their flat.

As Arthur pushes the door fully open, he hears delicate, soft slides and thuds. “What did you do?” he’s asking before he’s even stepped inside.

Arthur looks around. He counts fifteen paper shopping bags before he stops counting. They’re all filled with wads of fabric of every loud color of the rainbow, and then some. It all looks like some gruesome warning from a thief who was holding Joseph’s amazing, technicolor dreamcoat for ransom.

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Lunatic: Part II

Werewolf!AU Yoongi x Y/N

Rated: M smut, slight gore/blood

Word Count: 3300

Part I | Part III

A/N: Wow guys this is so filthy honestly.  Yoongi’s grey hair just does things to me.  I hope you like this part two as much as you like part one.  Also be expecting another smutty part three and maybe even four for this.  I just keep having dreams about werewolf Yoongi.  

The weather has gotten considerably cooler in the past month and a half.  The leaves have all turned and have begun to fall steadily.  There’s a chill to the wind that has you slipping your hands deeper into your pocket.  It is quite a deal colder in Seoul than it is in your southern home.  

The wind winds through unusually empty city streets.  It urges you along to your destination.  You appreciate the extra boost to help you hurry along happily to meet Jungkook.  

It was time for most people to head home to their families for Chuseok.  Jungkook normally came home to visit you and his family but this year Bangtan are stuck in the city with promotions and deadlines.  

You had spent Chuseok with Jungkook for as long as you can remember.  A little distance wasn’t about to change all that.  As soon as you got of work today you headed straight to the train station to catch the last one headed for Seoul.  

You’re only 10 more minutes from the dorm building when Jungkook calls you.  


-Hey, where are you?

-A few blocks away.  I’m almost there.  

-Oh! Hey so um…

Jungkook is stalling for some reason and you slow your pace.  

-Can we meet outside?  

He asks and you’re a bit confused.  Jungkook almost never wanted to meet you outside the dorm.  Maybe he wasn’t worried about being spotted since most people weren’t around.

-Uh, sure what’s up?

-Nothin.  It’s just that um.. Hoseok, Taehyung, and Yoongi hyung are uh..sick.  They don’t want you to catch it and they should rest.  

-Oh no! That’s too bad.  Maybe I should come cook someth-

-No, no.  They specifically asked you not to.


You sigh a bit disappointed.  Jungkook’s parents sent you with lots of holiday snacks and you had been so excited to chow down on them with the boys.  

-Great so let’s go to the dumpling restaurant that you like.  

That turns your disappointment a little.  It had been a while since you ate those delicious dumplings.  

-Yay! See you soon!

You hang up the phone and continue your speedy pace towards the restaurant.  You’re almost there when you realise how simple minded and forgetful you are.  How were you supposed to avoid the dorm when you were sleeping there tonight?  

The two of you reach the restaurant almost at the same time.  Jungkook has a beanie and a face mask on just in case.  He picks you up in his usual bone crushing hug as soon as he reaches you.  “Yay! You’re here again! And yay you brought food!”  He says letting you go in favor of taking the large bag out of your hands.  

Your arms praise him for finally taking that weight from you.  “Always left behind for the gifts.”  You mumble just loud enough for him to hear.  After surveying the bag contents he wraps his free arm around your shoulder and drags you towards the restaurant door.  

Once you’re settled at a table, your orders taken, and a hot tea in your fingers you decide you question your guilty looking friend.  “I’m really surprised no one else wanted to come with you.”  You say casually.  Jungkook looks nervous right away.  “Yea well they’re..already out.”  “Mhmm”  You hum acting like you believe him.  

“I’m also wondering where you expect me to sleep tonight if I can’t come to the dorms?”  You bat your lashes at him.  He almost chokes on his tea and panic spreads across his face.  He hadn’t thought about that.  He honestly hadn’t even told the guys that you were coming.  You watch the gears turn in his mind as he tries to make up a lie.  

“With me in my room.”  That’s not the response you were expecting.  When you don’t respond right away he keeps explaining.  “Namjoon won’t be home until really late so you can sleep in his bed.  No one is sick from our room.”  He’s starting to get a bit smug with himself for thinking up such a great plan.  

“And what about when he does get home?”  You ask.  “The couch.”  He retorts quickly.  “That’s not very nice.”  You think about poor Namjoon being kicked out of his own bed without his knowledge.  “I’m the precious maknae.  I can do what I want.”  Jungkook finishes just as the dumplings come out.  

“Could we get two bottles of makoli?” Jungkook asks the waitress before she walks away.  “You’re drinking?”  You ask giving him a questioning look.  “No.  We’re drinking.  It’s Chuseok we should have some alcohol.”  Well you can’t argue with that.  

You’re not sure how Jungkook talked you into a second bottle.  A little voice in the back of your mind was telling you that he was only stalling and keeping you out as long as he could.  The alcohol is starting to give you a pleasant glow.  You think about speaking on your thoughts but Jungkook speaks first.  

“So have you been thinking about Yoongi lately.”  He mumbles into his glass.  A shiver runs right up your spine ending in a blush across your cheeks.  Jungkook laughs at your reaction.  “Ew, you definitely have.”  He says scrunching up his nose.  

You’d be lying if you said you hadn’t thought about Yoongi.  The images that had crossed your mind that night were practically burned into your thoughts.  You dreamed about them more times than you would like to admit.  Your brain dizzied every time you tried to figure out just what had happened that night.  

“You never did tell me exactly why you kissed him anyway.”  Kookie continued.  “I.. don’t really know either.  I feel like he tricked me somehow.  It was so weird.  One minute I’m standing a few feet away from him just talking, then all of a sudden I’m pressed against him wrapped in his arms.  It was like he was moving me himself from inside my brain.”  Your head is flooding again with the memories and you have to shake it to push them away.  

“I told you he was weird.  Better listen to me and just avoid him.”  Jungkook says watching you carefully.  You sigh.  Maybe he’s right but even if you were a little freaked out there was some strange feeling drawing you to Yoongi.  

Jungkook can see your hesitation and it worries him.  “Don’t tell me you’re into him.”  He asks.  You fidget in your seat.  “Kook I don’t know what I feel.  I’m really confused.”  You sigh.  “Well did you enjoy kissing him or not?”  His straightforward question makes the blush cover your cheeks again.  

You cover your face in your hands and let out a shaky sigh.  “Yea.”  You croak out softly.  Jungkook frowns and finishes up his bottle.  “Well do whatever you want.  Just don’t feel like you owe him anything because he likes you okay?”  You can see the concern in his face and you feel a bit nervous.

“Will you at least tell me why you’re so concerned about it?”  You ask him.  It’s his turn to run a hand over his face.  “Y/N I wish I could.  It’s just that I can’t tell you.  He has to tell you not me.”  That only makes you feel more worried.  It must be something pretty serious.  

“I’m just worried because it could really change things for you.  If you got serious with him I mean.”  Jungkook reaches over the table to hold your hand.  “But we’ve always supported each other so I have to respect your decision no matter what it is.”  He says squeezing your hand and giving you a genuine smile.  “Thanks Kookie.  You’re really the best.”  

You finish your bottle not too long after that and head for the boys dorm.  The walk is fairly quick.  The two of you stay quiet as you walk.  Jungkook has his arm around your shoulders guiding you through the streets.  You look up to admire the gleaming full moon overhead.  The sight makes you feel warm even in the chilly fall air.  

The two of you reach the dorm and Kookie starts to punch in the gate code.  When you’re just inside the gate the front door flies open.  You’re both startled to see Yoongi in the doorway.  He moves to step out onto the porch but recoils back to the door when the moonlight touches him.  Just that short touch of moonlight makes him fight his curse to keep from changing.  

He has his head lowered but even from there he looks like he’s in pain.  His whole body is heaving as he sucks in the air.  He looks like he just ran a marathon with the way his form trembles against the door frame.  His hand grips tightly and you think you hear his nails digging into the wood.  

“Hyung, why are you home?”  Jungkook asks holding your arm.  Yoongi tries hard to stand up straight but only manages to slip further down the door.  Why is Jungkook holding you back and not trying to help Yoongi?  “Why wouldn’t he be home?  You said he was sick.  Why aren’t we helping him?”  You ask trying to pull out of his grasp.  

Yoongi chuckles deeply and you look back to him.  It looks like he’s starting to recover and can finally stand up.  He tilts his head up to look at you.  Your breath catches in your throat at the sight of his eyes.  Unlike the last time they’re a bright gold.  They’re filled with an intense fire that reflects the moon.  

Before you can react your mind is once again filled with the golden color.  The light much brighter and more vivid than the last time.  Images of a large wolf pinning down a small rabbit and tearing it’s throat fills your mind.  The wolf catches you in it’s gaze and you’re terrified.  You recognize the eyes as Yoongi’s and the wolf changes into him.  

His look is filled with an insatiable hunger.  Then it’s altogether too close to you.  You’re pinned to the ground in an instant.  The image coming full circle when you realize now you’re the rabbit.  Yoongi tears into your shoulder and the pain is so real but is laced with a buzzing arousal.  His teeth continue to press deeper in until he cracks the bone.  Then the pain starts to fade and you think you can hear Jungkook calling your name.  

As soon as Yoongi locked gazes with you he flooded your mind with the truth about what he was.  He easily controlled your body to move towards him.  Jungkook began to panic when you moved and wouldn’t answer him.  “Hyung what are you doing to her?”  He yelled to Yoongi.  He made you avoid Jungkook each time he tried to grab for you.  “Oh, just a little trick Kookie.  Don’t worry she’s not in any pain.”  Yoongi drawled without breaking the eye contact.  

That didn’t settle with Jungkook at all.  You were his best friend and there was no telling what Yoongi might do to you in this state.  His inner beast was always insatiable during the full moon.  He tries to call out to you but Yoongi already has you in his arms.  

You snap out of your haze trying to catch your breath.  Your shoulder is still throbbing and it makes you feel weak.  Yoongi’s fiery eyes hold you in your place.  You still feel like the trapped rabbit caught in the grasp of a predator.  Both Yoongi and Jungkook notice you trembling.  

“Y/N are you okay?”  Jungkook tries again to reach for you but is met with a glare and growl from Yoongi.  Jungkook stays in his place.  Yoongi moves to put a loose strand of your hair behind your ear and you flinch away from his hand.  “Easy pet.  No need to be frightened.  I promise I won’t hurt you like that.  I just wanted you to know the truth.”  He coos to you and strokes your cheek.  

His eyes keep you in a slight haze and his words soothe your panicked state.  “You have a good friend.  You know that?”  Yoongi asks you.  “He’s been trying to keep you away from me since I first met you.  He tried to protect you from the beasts of this house.”  Yoongi’s gentle touches are strong again as he pushes you into the wall.  

He crowds you into the surface and your heart rate sky rockets.  His nose runs along your jaw and your breathing stops.  “How long have I imagined fucking you all night every full moon.  It’s driving me insane.  I can’t even get off on other girls anymore.  I only want you.”  He groans the words softly into your ear so to make it hard for Jungkook to hear.  

The lust filled words make you weak in the knees and you’re glad he’s holding you.  “I know you’ve been thinking about me.  I made sure of it last time.”  He presses his hips into you and you can feel the distinct outline of his rock hard erection along your stomach.  “Please don’t make we wait anymore.”  He growls against your neck.  The guttural sound sends a chill down your spine but sparks a fire in your gut.  

He looks at you expectantly.  You think about pinching yourself to make sure you’re in control of your own mind but there’s no golden haze flooding your thoughts so you nod assuringly.  Yoongi takes you by the hand right away.  Your heartbeat thunders in your chest as he drags you away to the bedroom.  

Jungkook stumbles along behind you but keeps a bit of distance.  “Hyung promise you won’t hurt her.”  He pleads before Yoongi goes to shut the bedroom door.  “Sorry Kook, no promises.”  He gives the boy a wicked grin before closing the door on him and locking it.  You’re embarrassed to know that Jungkook is probably going to pace the hallway the whole time waiting in case you scream for help.  

Yoongi is stalking after you as soon as he has the door closes.  The room is dark beside the glow of his irises and the pale moonlight filtering in through the window.  His hands cup your cheeks when he reaches you.  “Last chance to scream and run pet.”  He smirks, thoroughly enjoying himself.  

“It’s okay.”  You squeak out on an unsteady breath.  He wastes no time in devouring your mouth.  His lips move roughly against yours.  His tongue presses into your lips and you let him deepen the kiss.  Yoongi wraps an arm around your waist and one into your hair.  You’re like a pliant dough in his embrace.  

He pulls you tight against him, releasing another feral growl when he ruts his length against you.  His hands move to your hips and continues to grind against you, unable to control his need for you.  The pace and intensity are such a strong contrast from the weak Yoongi of last time and it excites you.  

He breaks the kiss and nuzzles into your neck.  From your visions you can’t help but fear that he might bite you.  Your pulse jumps in your throat where his lips touch the skin.  “Listen pet.  I promise we’ll take this slow later but I need you right now okay?”  He sounds so desperate you can almost feel how painful hard he is.  

He gives you one last kiss before he pushes you onto the bed.  He has you up on your hands and knees.  Your shorts and panties are torn from you and left in a pile of shreds on the floor.  The sounds of buzzing fills your head as your mind races between fear and arousal.  

You yelp in surprise when he presses his nose right into your hot center.  He inhales deeply and runs his tongue through your fold.  Your eyes squeeze shut and you let out a small whine.  “You’re on birth control right?”  He asks.  “Yes?”  You answer questioningly.  “I can smell that your hormones are blocked.  You should be in heat for me.  It’s a bit of a shame but we can fix that later.”  He explains between licks.   

Your skin prickles at the thought of this happening more than once.  His tongue is gone from your soaked core and you hear more fabric being torn from behind but you’re too scared to look.  The bed dips and he smoothes a hand down your back.  His touch returning to you quells the quiver of anticipation that had been coursing over you.  

Without even the aid of his hand he fills you up in one swift stroke.  The feeling of being so full suddenly, pushes all of the air out of your lungs.  Yoongi has to pause and grit his teeth from your tightness.  His forehead rests below your shoulder and again has to force himself to keep control.  His hands twitch against your sides.  

The both of you let out long moans as Yoongi drags his length out of you slowly and slams back in.  He hits you so deep that sparks cover your vision.  “Fuck, you feel even better than I imagined.”  He groans against your back.  

Yoongi picks up speed.  His hips pistoning wildly against you.  The tight grip he had on your waist is let go in favor of holding you desperately with his forearms.  He’s afraid he might tear into your skin with his claws.  The act of finally mating with you makes some of his wolf-like features show.  

The pace is too fast and rough for you to hold yourself up but he is more than strong enough to hold up your hips and continue to pull them back against him.  Your body goes limp in his arms as you let the fire in your core run through your veins.  

Yoongi thrusts roughly one last time before spilling into you.  He moans and presses kisses along your spine.  His cum fills you until you feel swollen and it’s leaking out around him.  You fall weightless to the bed when he lets you go.  He slips out of you letting the cum run out in a hot stream.  

“Are you okay pet?”  Yoongi asks.  He wipes up the cum with tissue after tissue.  You nod your head still feeling a bit lifeless.  Once you’re somewhat cleaned up he pulls you up to the pillows and gently kisses your forehead.  

You look up to see his eyes are still bright like two stars but now they hold a look of pure admiration for you.  “I still promise to take my time later.  I just really needed to get that out of my system.”  He says stroking your cheek.  “Later?”  You ask a bit weary.  You’re not sure if your body could handle doing that again so soon.  

“You didn’t expect to be leaving this room anytime soon did you?  You’re mine pet.”  He gives you another short kiss to seal the promise.  “What about Kookie?  I’m sure he’s worried.”  You say and Yoongi looks thoroughly displeased.  “I’m sure he’s fine but if you want I’ll go check on him.”  He grunts getting up from the bed.  

After throwing on some sweatpants he leaves the room.  He returns a few minutes later relocking the door and flopping onto the bed.  “He’s not here.  Left a note that said he went out to find the others.  We must’ve been too loud.”  Yoongi says smugly.  Again you’re mortified to think that Jungkook had heard any of what happened.  

Yoongi runs his thumb over the worried crease in your brow.  “Don’t worry too much babe.  Just rest for a while.”  He pulls you over to lay your head on his chest.  It seems weird to you that it’s so comfortable to be with Yoongi.  Your eyes drift closed and you let your exhaustion take over.


andreil x s’mores

“You know, Andrew,” Neil scolded, between bites of graham. He licked his chocolate-covered fingers before making his point. “I think we have enough for the whole damn team.”

Andrew rolled his eyes. There was no use explaining to such a people person, especially Neil, that he wanted them to have the alone time they deserved. He only came back to Fox Tower every other week, anyway. Instead, he waggled his wooden stick indignantly and stuffed a marshmallow in his mouth.

Only after swallowing did he reply. “No, junkie. They suck.” He gestured to the s’mores ingredients beside them. “These, in my opinion, are much better company.”

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Which Pokemon character are you? (Bold what applies)

You have a clear life goal in mind.
You wear a lot of hats.
Your pet is very special to you.
You have a lot of friends.
You can easily name your mortal enemies.
You don’t change much.
You are very determined.
You tend to be romantically oblivious.
Your parents are embarrassing.
You like to travel.

You have a quick temper.
You’re a redhead.
You love swimming.
Your siblings are annoying.
You tend to hold grudges.
You are very maternal.
You have a huge phobia.
You really hate bugs.
You have a soft side.
You want to master a skill.

You are the voice of reason in your group of friends.
You have bad eyesight.
You don’t talk about your personal life much.
You like to cook.
You’re very flirtatious.
You have a LOT of siblings.
You desperately want to be in a relationship.
You are quite wise.
You love nature.
Your friends are all younger than you.

You like to draw.
You are very observant.
You idolise someone.
You like people-watching.
You’re a bit of a matchmaker.
You’re quite tall.
You like peace and quiet.
You are creative.
You don’t like to stay in one place for too long.
You are passive about conflict.

You want to see the world.
You are kind of clumsy.
You can be overconfident at times.
You have a friendly feud with someone.
You’re a bit ditzy.
You have a younger sibling.
You love beautiful things.
You are a sore loser.
You look to your friends for guidance and support.
You really love food.

You wear glasses.
You’re very short.
You are a bit of a know-it-all.
You have an older sibling.
You can be kind of childish at times.
You want to be one of the greats one day.
You look up to many people.
You like solving problems.
People call you cute all the time.
You don’t like to do things alone.

You love fashion.
You have huge dreams.
You doubt yourself a lot.
You high five your friends.
Your parents are very important to you.
You have a lucky charm.
You hate arrogance.
You get into arguments with close friends often.
You care about your appearance a lot.
You are a perfectionist

You are often described as ‘wild’.
You tend to grudges.
You lovingly insult your friends.
You want to master a skill.
You grew up in a small village.
You are very athletic.
You believe you can do anything you set your mind to.
You don’t have much in common with your friends.
When you get mad, you really get mad.
You feel like you have to prove yourself.

You like to educate people
People tell you you look just like your siblings.
You look pretty good in a suit.
You have a lot of obsessions.
You are fairly cool headed.
Your favourite colour is green.
You are quite extravagant.
You’re full of facts.
You believe there’s a rational explanation for everything.
You don’t like cats.

You keep up with fashion trends.
You treasure gifts from friends.
You have a crush on someone.
You’re very indecisive.
Your parents don’t always agree with your life choices.
You love baking.
You’re scared of ghosts.
You have totally changed your appearance before.
You hate getting dirty.
You get nervous or flustered easily.

You are full of ideas.
Your friends consider you nerdy.
You love science.
You dress practically rather than fashionably.
You are awkward in conversations.
You wear glasses.
You persevere when you feel like you’re onto something.
You are very unfit.
You dress strangely.
Your remember the small things.

You are very outgoing.
You can get frustrated easily.
You just want everyone to get along.
Everyone calls you cute.
You want your friends to be happy.
You are easily entertained.
You hate feeling left out.
You throw tantrums when you don’t get your way.
You’re very naive.
You can be pretentious.














I am ___

Lancea Longini #8

Summary: Modern-day AU where Steve is a college professor whose specialty is WWII. You work for Stark Industries and after leading an excavation of Hitler’s secret bunker, you find an object that was thought to be a legend.
Characters: Steve Rogers, Female Reader, Ellie [child OFC], Unnamed Female Character
Word Count: 2,275
Warnings: FLUFF, language, & suspense
Author’s Note:  
Miss the beginning?  GIF credit [x][x] Image found on Google. Tumblr is dumb and won’t let me tag everyone, so I’m sorry if you’ve asked to be tagged and it isn’t working. Please don’t hate me.

“Pick you up around 11:30?” His voice wasn’t any better than yours.

“We’ll be waiting.” With a wink, Steve walked out and shut the door behind him. 

Opening the trunk of your car and surveying the amount of bags it now held, you silently thanked Tony for the generous salary. “I don’t know, bug, I think you might have overdone it this time.”

She reached into the trunk and grabbed two very large and heavy bags full of books. “It’s your fault.”

You scoffed loudly, following the lead of your 7 year old niece before leading the way to your door. “How is any of this my fault?”

“All the books my pretty little heart desires, remember, Y/N?” After dropping the bags in her room, the pair of you went back out to the car. There really weren’t a lot of bags, but your trunk was pretty small.

“Remind me never to say that again,” you said with a playful chuckle.  It took another trip to the trunk and back before it was emptied, the last bag to be brought in was yours and Ellie’s new swimsuit, children’s sunscreen, and a pair of sunglasses almost as big as her head. But she said she had to have them. Who were you to say no?

You dropped onto the couch next to your niece. “I’m really glad you’re here, bug.”

She wrinkled her nose at the nickname. “Me, too.”

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You’re All I See

Summary: “There were many theories concerning the multiverse, but Peeta’s favorite was the idea that the universe was infinite, so there were infinite worlds, worlds born from every decision each person made.” Three universes, three decisions. Everlark.


Peeta had been in his new apartment for three days when he realized he hadn’t had a home cooked meal since he made his big move. He checked Google and found the nearest Stop & Shop was twenty minutes away.

Of course. The perks of living in a small town.

He ended up at a local store located five minutes from his apartment building. Higher prices for less of a selection. Yeah, he was going to love this small town stuff.

He walked into Capitol Mart and decided it had a big name for such a small place. He made quick work of the handful of aisles, grabbing whatever caught his eye rather than working off a list. At this point, anything was better than another serving of General Tso’s Chicken.

He stood in line at the only checkout line that was open and studied the magazine headlines as he waited.

“Shit,” the woman in front of him mumbled.

He looked up to find a very pretty brunette staring at the cashier. “Can you try once more, Darius?” she asked. “Maybe it’s a mistake.”

“I tried three times, Kat. It got declined.”

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           When Bentley realized that Dipper and Torako were no longer anywhere near the cart, he stopped dead in the middle of the frozen food section and stared at the bags of mixed medley and stir fry in suspended animation.

           “They’re up to no good, aren’t they,” he asked one particularly limp bag. It bobbed up and down in place and didn’t respond; if it had, Bentley probably would have just stared at it a bit more and then moved on.

           He sighed, swiped the thermoshield out of the way, and snagged first the sad bag of peas and carrots, then a more robust package of green beans. He tossed them into the cart, tilted his head and surveyed his options, then pulled a New California Medley mix from the bottom and slid the thermoshield back in place. He dropped the frozen veg on the other two bags and surveyed his cart. Milk, eggs, cheese, summer sau—he was going to put the summer sausage back, dammit Torako—bread, another small container of ice cream, and he was maybe halfway through the list at this point.

           Bentley scratched that the back of his head, and then pushed the shopping cart forward. Judging by the whine of the front hoverpad, it needed to see some maintenance soon. “If they don’t show up soon,” he muttered to himself, quiet enough that the old lady at the end of the aisle wouldn’t hear him, “I’m going to get myself a bag of goddamn chocolate croissants and eat them all by myself.”

           That was, of course, too much to hope for; not ten seconds after he’d turned the corner, he heard the crackle of the intercom. “Ah, um, would a Bentley Farkas come up to the customer service desk? Your children have been found. Repeat, Bentley Farkas to the customer service desk please.”

           Bentley stopped between aisles 9 and 10 and looked down at the sad bag of peas and carrots again. “I’m going to kill them before we leave the store, aren’t I?”

           The bag did not respond. Bentley sighed, then turned the cart around and headed for the service desk at the front of the store.

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anonymous asked:

Idk if your request for prompts is still valid, but I have one :3 Carl catches a cold and Ron thinks it's finally time for Carl to slow down and get some rest. I'm sooo excited to find someone else that ships Carl and Ron heheh

Finally have a fill for you nonnie!! thanks for the request and hope you enjoy~~

Chicken Soup and Kisses (a cure for the common cold)

Ron let himself into the Grimes house and wandered in from the foyer to find Carl passed out on the couch under a couple of blankets. The top of his head just barely poking out of the nest. Three makeshift hankies at various levels of disgusting and encrusted littered the coffee table along with an empty bowl of the soup that his mom had sent over in the morning and it looked as though Carl had spent most of the day alternately napping and reading Harry Potter.

Carl was making a soft whistling noise in his sleep and Ron couldn’t help but smile as he toed off his shoes and crept into the kitchen.

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