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Outfit: I’m wearing one of my go-tos: a flowy shirt with leggings. It was the most comfortable way to not look awful for my sister’s graduation.

Shoes to go are: Converse if my outfit is nice, regular tennis shoes if it’s not.

Makeup/Accessories: I almost never wear makeup because I’m lazy and don’t really care that much. I should, but alas, I do not. I have recently discovered liquid matte lipstick, though, so sometime’s I’ll put that on even though I don’t wear other makeup products. For accessories? I usually wear some simple earrings.

Coffee order: Peppermint hot chocolate. I don’t like coffee.

Nighttime routine: Just the usual. I get ready for bed, then use the computer or my phone for a while (like I am right now!) and then I go into the maladaptive daydream state until I’m too tired to keep my eyes open.

I tag: @smolmontygreen, @enceladanspirit, @badassarachnid, @nicotinedreamer, @phalangine, any sunny discord members who see this, and anyone else who wants to do it!

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Rules: Using songs from one band, answer the following questions and then tag some people!

⭐️Band/Music Artist: The monkees!!!

⭐️What’s your gender: Zilch

⭐️Describe yourself: Saturday’s Child

⭐️How do you feel: No Time

⭐️If you could go anywhere: PO Box 9847

⭐️If your life was a TV show: What am I doing hangin’ ‘round??

⭐️Relationship status: Daydream Believer

⭐️How you wish your life was: Good Clean Fun

⭐️Your funeral: As We Go Along

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Thankyou for everyone who participated in the Smashing Stigma Autism Survey 2017! These are our results, really interesting to see and we couldn’t do it without any of you :)

What the picture says:
Smashing Stigma - Autism Acceptance, Autism Survey 2017.
Autistic people: 94% prefer autistic person, 4% prefer person with autism and 2% prefer the option other.

We asked the same question to parents and supporters: 57% preferred autistic Person, 28% preferred person with autism and 15% preferred the option other.

Everyone together now: “No you think autism speaks is a good organisation for autism?” 95% responded No, 2% responded yes and 3% responded not sure.

(The picture is a poster with the smashing stigma logo, a multi coloured neurodivergent sign, the writing is in amongst 3 pie charts of the results)

Asexual and Aromantic Demographic Survey

Hello! I created this short asexual and aromantic demographic survey (for tumblr users who identify as asexual and/or aromantic or on the asexual/aromantic spectrums). If I get a sufficient number of responses, I can share the results on this blog. Thank you for your time!  @fuckyeahasexual

Shipping Preferences
A survey to determine the diversity of shipping preferences in the Voltron Fandom.

OK! Here is the official first survey of this blog! I’m using Google Forms so there should be no issue with how many people can respond. The survey is 6 questions long and should take less than five minutes. Now, this survey is discourse related so just a warning, but don’t worry about people seeing what you answered because the survey is completely anonymous. 

I thought about waiting a bit to involve discourse related stuff in the surveys but Iv’e been thinking for awhile about where exactly everyone stands on this issue and how many people think one way or the other so I decided to just go ahead and dive into the subject! Please answer all the questions honestly. This survey isn’t meant to judge, just to get an insight about the diversity of opinions in the fandom. The results will be posted on this blog next week!

As always, feel free to send in suggestions for future surveys! I’m willing to cover any and all topics discussed in the fandom.

Is YA for YA?

Me being curious and doing a dumb survey here.

If you’re comfortable doing so and are in the ACOTAR/SJM fandom: Reblog this and tag your age.

I want to see what kind of age range a fandom around ‘New Adult’ sits in. The books are often put in the YA section, but there’s smut in them, and we all know the fandom LOVES chapter 55. This is kind of for relevant data for the ‘Is Sex in YA OKAY?’ debate. 

Spreadsheet with results (being updated whenever I can) can be viewed here for those who are interested. Feel free to use this data for whatever fandom Meta/discussion you like. 

Autism, Mental Illness, and Physical Illness
So I wanted to do a thing to see what most commonly co-occurs with autism just for informational purposes. All information collected is private and will be used anonymously. This survey is for autistic people (both self-diagnosed and professionally diagnosed). Please check off all options that apply and fill in any options that aren't available in the other section. As things are added to other, they will be added as options to select. Please share this survey with others so we can get as much data as possible.

So out of curiosity, I want to find out what neurodivergencies and physical illnesses most commonly co-occur with autism. I would super appreciate it if any autistic people reading this would take a couple minutes to fill out the survey. All autistic people, self diagnosed and professionally diagnosed are welcome to take this survey.

Once the survey is done, I’ll collect the info and make some fun charts to share with everyone.

Please share this survey far and wide so we can get results from a wide variety of autistic people.

Thank you!

Hey everybody! Right now, mod is running a survey about ask-blogs, and they’d really appreciate you guys to fill it in! I just want to get a general feel for what everyone thinks about ask-blogging in general. 

Fill it in here!

Just to specify, this isn’t an April fools prank – It’s April 2nd. So it’s perfectly safe. Please fill it in, if you can! 


Monday’s picture: a travel to Pasargadae, Iran [gallery]

estimated reading time: 3 min.

Once capital of the Achaemenid Empire, the city of Pasargadae was constructed under the reign of Cyrus the Great (559–530 BC). Located in ancient Persia, near the city of Shiraz, it is today one of Iran’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites…

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I’ll be real about the FFXV Survey.

I’m not happy. Yes, they are asking what we want and letting people choose. This doesn’t mean they’re going to do the thing most highly voted for. 

The FFXV team is small right now and consists of very few people able to do everything. What I’m upset about is that no one should have to choose one thing they want over the others because they all should have been in the game to begin with

So just remember when they pick something to begin with, and there’s a ton of people upset over the choice, that have every right to be salty because they didn’t get something that rightfully should have been there in the first place. Please don’t start fights, or make them worse. Don’t get upset. If someone fights, don’t fight them back. Your issues aren’t with the voters, it should be with Square for being negligent with the content they should have released properly to begin with.

Anywho that’s my salt. 

quick test

doing a quick (probably not quick) survey for an article i’m writing. reblog if you support the transgender/transsexual community. like if you do not.

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