Late Night Head Canon Party: Who would be good friends for Dragon Queen?

So I’ve been mulling around with something in my head that may amount to a teeny teeny fic or maybe will amount to nothing but my imagination…. But I need outside opinions: Let’s say that Dragon Queen are together in the (**waves hands**) relative distant future and decide to have a night in with friends. Who are they inviting? Mal and Regina need friends yall! 

They don’t have to be couple friends, I think for the scenario in my head to work I would prefer but do not require that they be lady friends (it’s likely anyway in a cast that’s 80% women, but I digress). It has to be people they would feel open and comfortable around.


MBTI and birth order survey

Hi everybody!

There’re some theories about birth order and personality, some other people says that personality doesn’t actually have noting to do with one’s birth order.

Still, I’m interested on finding out if there’s some correlation between people’s birth order and MBTI personality type.

Could you, please, reblog this with your MBTI type and if you’re:

-Only child

- Oldest child

- Middle child

- Youngest child

Thanks to everybody participating! If I collect enough data I’ll do some graphs and stuff :D

Also, if you know your brother’s and sister’s MBTI type, you could add it with their birth order too?

Bangtan Asks Meme

Ask meme series: BTS Songs Ask Meme | KPOP Bias Ask Meme | Red Velvet Ask Meme

Put a song title in my ask & I will answer the corresponding question.

2 Cool 4 skool

  • 2 cool 4 skool: When you were a kid, what was that one thing that everyone obsessed over? Did you like it too?
  • We are Bulletproof pt 2: What are 3 characteristics you pride yourself on?
  • Circle Room Talk: Are you an introvert or extrovert?
  • No More Dream: Tell us about a dream you had about your bias.
  • On the Start Line: What was your first job?
  • I Like It: 5 gifs of your bias, please.
  • Circle Room Cypher: Tell us about your BFF.
  • Path: When you die, how do you want to be remembered?


  • O!RUL82?: Tell me about a time you were late for something.
  • N.O: Tell me about your most rebellious moment.
  • We On: List your favorite TV shows.
  • R U Happy Now?: Tell me what your ideal paradise would be like.
  • If I Ruled the World: Tell me what you’d do if you were Ruler of the World for a day.
  • Coffee: Coffee or Tea?
  • Cypher 1: Boardgames or Video games?
  • Attack on Bangtan: F*ck, marry, kill (then name three idols)
  • Satoori Rap: Tell us about a custom from your country.
  • Luv in Skool: Tell us about your favorite school subject.

Skool Luv Affair

  • Skool Luv Affair: What is the ideal way to woe you?.
  • Boy In Luv: What are your otps? 
  • Soulmate: Do you believe in love at first sight or soulmates?
  • Where did you come from: Talk about your place of birth.
  • Just One Day: If you had one day to spend with your bias, what would you two do?
  • Tomorrow: What do you aspire to be?
  • Cypher 2 Triptych: Who is your OT3 and why do you love them?
  • Spine Breaker: Do you enjoy exercising?
  • Jump: Do you like extreme sports?
  • Propose: What do you think about public proposals?
  • Miss Right: Who in your bias group is most compatible personality wise to you? 
  • I Like It, Slow Jam: Care for a dance? (Can you dance?) 


  • What am I to You: Describe yourself in 10 words or less.
  • Danger: What is the most dangerous situation you’ve ever been in?
  • War of Hormone: Tell me about your crush.
  • Hiphop Lover: What kind of music do you like other than kpop?
  • Let Me Know: Tell me a secret that someone in your real life doesn’t know about.
  • Rain: What kind of weather is your favorite?
  • Cypher 3 Killer: If you could kill someone without being caught, would you?
  • What are you Doing: What were you doing before you logged into tumblr today?
  • Would you Turn off Your Cellphone: Have you ever gone on a day without using your cellphone/computer, and what was it like for you?
  • 24/7=Heaven: Do you believe a heaven or afterlife exists?
  • Look Here: Post your best selfie.
  • 2nd Grade: Tell me about your childhood crush.
  • Does that make sense?: Tell me about something that confuses you.

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt 1

  • The most Beautiful moment in life: Tell us about your most beautiful moment in life thus far.
  • I Need U: What is something you can’t live without?
  • Hold me Tight: Do you like cuddles/hugs?
  • Expectation!: What are you like when you’re angry?
  • Dope: List your favorite songs this week.
  • Boyz with Fun: List your 5 favorite bias group moments 
  • Converse High: How many pairs of shoes do you own?
  • Move: Have you ever moved from one house to another?
  • Love is not over: Name one regret.

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt 2

  • Never Mind: Name something you’re trying to forget about.
  • Run: What is something you hope to accomplish this year?
  • Butterfly: Tell me about any collections you currently maintain.
  • Whalien 52: Tell me about the time you felt most alone.
  • Ma City: Name something you’re proud of about your city.
  • Baepsae: Talk about a time when you exceeded other’s expectations of you.
  • One night in a Strange city: Where in the world do you most want to go?
  • House of Cards: List out your bias ranking.

I thought I’d make a BTS themed one. Anyone of the tagged cool peeps who reblogs is bound to get at least one of these asks thrown at you. :D YES I’M WATCHING YOU  

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