Hey you all,

a year ago I did a femslash-fans survey for my bachelor thesis. So many of you helped me and filled out the questionnaire. Again: THANK YOU!

Today I wanted to share the results with you. There aren’t a lot of studies out there that research femslash-topics but I do think it’s an important topic. I focused my study on cyberbullying of femslash-fans and its emotional consequences. I asked people if they witnessed bullying of other femslash-fans or experienced it on their own.

Just to be clear: I only asked about cyberbullying from outside the femslash-community. This does not mean that everything is “rainbows and unicorn stickers” inside the community. And I’m also aware that not all femslash-fans are saints, some cyberbullying goes the other way around too.

And yeah of course I knew that there is a lot of cyberbullying going on but I was still shocked to see the results.

Why this is so problematic: Femslash-fans see their community as their safe-space. A lot of LGBT+ people need safe-spaces because life outside the internet is sometimes cruel. So some find a safe-space (like a femslash-community), were they can speak freely and openly. BUT even in this place they are not always safe.

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to ask me :-) My bachelor thesis is in German or else I would publish it for you guys.

anonymous asked:

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Thankyou for everyone who participated in the Smashing Stigma Autism Survey 2017! These are our results, really interesting to see and we couldn’t do it without any of you :)

What the picture says:
Smashing Stigma - Autism Acceptance, Autism Survey 2017.
Autistic people: 94% prefer autistic person, 4% prefer person with autism and 2% prefer the option other.

We asked the same question to parents and supporters: 57% preferred autistic Person, 28% preferred person with autism and 15% preferred the option other.

Everyone together now: “No you think autism speaks is a good organisation for autism?” 95% responded No, 2% responded yes and 3% responded not sure.

(The picture is a poster with the smashing stigma logo, a multi coloured neurodivergent sign, the writing is in amongst 3 pie charts of the results)

A survey for nonbinary/genderqueer folks, about your pronouns

This is an attempt to collect as much information as possible about nonbinary people’s pronouns.

This survey opened on 2017-08-19, and will stay open until there are less than 10 responses per day. I will then process the responses into some useful statistics and lists, and publish them.

We’re interested in and collecting information any pronoun preferences at all, including wanting people to avoid pronouns and not minding at all which pronouns people use to talk about you! If your gender is not strictly binary, your response is very valuable. :)


Asexual and Aromantic Demographic Survey

Hello! I created this short asexual and aromantic demographic survey (for tumblr users who identify as asexual and/or aromantic or on the asexual/aromantic spectrums). If I get a sufficient number of responses, I can share the results on this blog. Thank you for your time!  @fuckyeahasexual

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okay, so bighit/BTS basically made a full 30 page survey asking us to tell them our thoughts about BTS and kpop and hallyu even though they already have a shit tons of fans and I'm like so emotional???? Like they even put other options for you to choose your gender?? They're so caring????? (and btw fuck google servers, I can't get past the 5th page)

Everyone is here like: BigHit is so kind asking us what we like

Meanwhile, I am here like

 "Their marketing and communication team are doing a great job trying to update their data by understanding the needs and behaviors of their customers. I applaud that!. But why a survey now? 

Getting feedback? They want us to know what we like the most, what we think of BTS … this can help in loads of strategic moves in the future. For example, if teamwork is voted as the trait that fans get attracted to the most. They will come up with more concepts that straighten that aspect of the team. 

BTS is growing so maybe to guide future business ideas. WAIT!!!! THIS survey can not only help BTS it can also help Bighit come up with a new boy group. OH BOI THEY ARE SO SMART! 

I really want to know the survey's goals and objectives. Even if just by reading it having an idea ain’t hard … ARGH"

Originally posted by jkookisdaddy

Disclaimer: I am not cautious, I am amazed and VERY happy. BTS are in good hands!

Shipping Preferences
A survey to determine the diversity of shipping preferences in the Voltron Fandom.

OK! Here is the official first survey of this blog! I’m using Google Forms so there should be no issue with how many people can respond. The survey is 6 questions long and should take less than five minutes. Now, this survey is discourse related so just a warning, but don’t worry about people seeing what you answered because the survey is completely anonymous. 

I thought about waiting a bit to involve discourse related stuff in the surveys but Iv’e been thinking for awhile about where exactly everyone stands on this issue and how many people think one way or the other so I decided to just go ahead and dive into the subject! Please answer all the questions honestly. This survey isn’t meant to judge, just to get an insight about the diversity of opinions in the fandom. The results will be posted on this blog next week!

As always, feel free to send in suggestions for future surveys! I’m willing to cover any and all topics discussed in the fandom.

The Relationship Between Class and Personality Type
This test will compare your OCEAN personality type (Open-mindedness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism) and your dark triad types (Machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy) with your main class in TF2. This model is split into three parts: • The OCEAN personality test will have fifty questions (don't worry they're easy) • The Dark Triad personality test will have fifteen questions (they're a little more difficult) • The final section only has six questions (they're supah simple yo) This test is a simplified model and is based on others such as the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire and the Hare Psychopathy Checklist, if you would like a more detailed psychological test, please check out The Big Five Project: http://www.outofservice.com/bigfive/ . Thanks! Monsieur Saboteur

A TF2 Survey made by Monsieur Saboteur