Activists win access to NYPD’s Black Lives Matter surveillance files

  • A New York judge has ordered the New York Police Department to divulge files showing how it surveilled Black Lives Matter demonstrations two years ago, a group of activists announced Wednesday.
  • According to a written decision by Judge Manuel Mendez, the NYPD must release records of the undercover surveillance it conducted on BLM protests related to the police-involved death of Eric Garner
  • The activists, whose initial request seeking the records was initially denied by the NYPD, learned through court documents in September that officials have files that match their request, as well as records of communication between the undercover officers assigned to the demonstrations and officers’ handlers. Read more

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The NYPD sent video teams to film Black Lives Matter and Occupy protesters over 400 times

  • Since 2011, the New York Police Department has deployed officers with cameras to film protesters over 400 times, according to police documents obtained by the Verge.
  • The documents were obtained by New York City lawyer David Thompson, who discovered that the NYPD’s Technical Assistance Response Unit has been deployed to Occupy Wall Street protests as well as Black Lives Matter demonstrations.
  • The revelations come on the heels of a New York Supreme Court judge’s ruling that police had to turn over the records of the NYPD’s undercover surveillance of Black Lives Matter demonstrations after the death of Eric Garner. Read more (3/23/17)

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Secrecy is the keystone to all tyranny. Not force, but secrecy and censorship. When any government or church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, ‘This you may not read, this you must not know,’ the end result is tyranny and oppression, no matter how holy the motives. Mighty little force is needed to control a man who has been hoodwinked in this fashion; contrariwise, no amount of force can control a free man, whose mind is free. No, not the rack nor the atomic bomb, not anything. You can’t conquer a free man; the most you can do is kill him.
—  Robert A. Heinlein

a̫͔̬͔̭͎͚m̼o̬̭̙̦n̻̩̙̘g͍̫̙͙̼̬ ̺̖͔̺̱͔t͉̫͕͎h͓o̲͍͔ș̪̺̘e w̖h̝̘̥̼o̹ ̯w͓̠̼̣̯̜a̼͕̝̼̯l̮͚̪̳̥k̥̪̥̯͎͍͍e̩̫̗̯ͅd͚̻̥̩̝ ̟t̳̲h͍ͅe̼̞̲̖̯͔̞ ̺s̱̼͇̣̪̱t̞r͚̟̮̩͔̬͚ee̳̺̜̠̥̮t͓̩s̯͇̟̳͍̩̯,͖̣̬̱ ̪͚w̟̣̞ͅho̻̫̟͎ w͚̠̫̰ͅas̺̳͕͍̺̩͕ ͎̹̺͓̤̞t̗̬̖̰͍̩r̙̳̼͉̜͚ul̝̤͓͙y͇̱ͅ ̣͇͉͕͈͙h̝̻̟̹̬̼̯u̪̥̹͉͉m̹̖a̰̭͙̹̣̳̲n̦̗̟̭̹̲̮ ̘̖̥͍͈͉a͖̘ṉ͚y̫͕m̙̞̥̼̩̥o͍re̯̻̲̱͔̘ͅ?͙̭̩̝̖͍̦/̞̺͇̲/͇̯̺̱4̞̥̠̳̟̲5̦̣͎

Imagine that during his punishment on Earth, Loki met you in the Stark tower glass prison, where he was once held. Curious as to why you were held there, Loki visits you on a fairly regular basis, trying to manipulate an answer out of you and yet, in the end, he realises that the end of each of his visit that he was the one who was manipulated into giving out information about himself to you. Intrigued, he keeps on playing this game with you, where you both try to get information out of each other, becoming good friends as time passes.

Later on, due to special circumstance, Loki and you were both sent on an assassination mission with a surveillance group to keep tabs on both of you. Loki thought that the mission had too big of a team for such a simple mission, making it odd, but he was much more excited to be able to do this mission with you, putting any oddities the mission had at the back of his mind. But you on the other hand, was much more aloof than usual, giving weird, spontaneous comments about certain things. One night, on the way to the designated area where the mission’s target was at, you had slipped under the radar and sneaked into Loki’s room, giving him a diary you kept along with instructions to only read it after the mission was over. Even though he found it weird, Loki just brushed it off, attributing it to the fact that you were locked up for quite some time and were not used to the change in environment.

It was only when the group had arrived at the designated area that he made sense of everything that you had said and the oddities that he had overlooked. By the time he realised the truth behind the mission, it was already too late. You were already on your last breathe and the last thing you had said to him while he held you in his arms was to read the diary you left him.

Devastated by your death, Loki became much more sombre while alone and mourning the loss of a friend, only keeping up with his pretence that everything was fine in front of an audience.  It was only when he started reading your entries did he have some semblance of hope in gaining back his friend. The diary held many different types of entries, some personal, a few were facts about you and others were warnings and notes written to him, explaining why he was given this diary.

The thing that held his attention the most was the story of your origin. It explained to him why things turned out the way they did and what would likely to happen in the future after your death - your return as a brand new person with no memories of your previous life, though most likely would be hunted down again by S.H.E.I.L.D to be held captive, bringing about a repeat of what had happen.

This gave Loki hope to be able to see you again, returning to the times where you were his friend. Afraid of a repeat in history and also by your request, Loki started looking for you, using your diary as a guide to find you and of solutions to remedy your situations along the way, despite you telling him not to do the latter as you found it hopeless. Day after day, Loki read every entry you had written, taking note of certain wishes you’ve had, hoping to help you fulfil them under your new lease in life.

It was only much later on when Loki had found you due to some mishaps on the way. Despite longing for this reunion of friends for a long time, when attempting to reconnect with you, he was at a loss of what to do. You, having no memories of your previous life, was filled with a sense of familiarity when you first glance at Loki. However, his awkward attempt at reconnecting with you had you wary of him and actively avoiding him afterwards. Stumped by your distant behaviour, Loki enrolled at your school and manipulated the system to ensure that he had at least a few classes with you on every school day. He then use his status as the ‘new kid in town’ to stick close to you and work his way into becoming a part of your life again. This lead to many hilarious situations and also aided Loki in secretly helping you to fulfil all your previous, unachieved wishes along the way.

Despite the rocky start, you and Loki had started another unlikely friendship, this one proving to be more intimate that the last, progressing into the path of being something more. Loki, still pretending to be a human, became your best friend, and both of you became that ‘unofficial couple of the school’.

 As Loki had been actively hiding you from S.H.E.I.L.D.’s radar, both of you had enjoyed each other’s companionship without much trouble coming your way these few years. Yet that was changed in one night, when a series of freak accidents lead you right into S.H.E.I.L.D.’s arms, putting both you and Loki in danger