surveillance p3

Have I posted a photo of my guitar on here before? I can’t remember.

Anyway! More important is that this is my first ever successful push process. It’s gritty as all hell and I love it.

I think I have a new film for gigs.

Fed 2, Jupiter 9, Ilford Surveillance P3, shot at 1600 and pushed in Rodinal 1:50 (!) for 31:30 mins (!!) at 20ºC.



The Australian Defence Force’s highest readiness soldiers conducted a mass, short notice deployment from Brisbane to Exmouth in Western Australian overnight to join the fight on Exercise Northern Shield. The Ready Combat Team (RCT), currently comprising 6th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (6 RAR) soldiers, responded to a simulated enemy threat in remote North West Australia by moving from Amberley to Learmonth in several Air Force C-17 Globemaster, C-130J Hercules and KC-30 Multi-Role Tanker Transport aircraft. The RCT is operating under a Joint Task Force, supported by a significant array of capabilities including a Brisbane-based Deployable Joint Force Headquarters (DJFHQ) element, Air Force fast jets and P3 Orion surveillance aircraft, Army long range reconnaissance teams and Tiger helicopters.