like it’s 2015 and i’m still using fictional characters as one of my many coping methods to, uh, cope and every day we are one step closer to 2016 where i will more than likely continue using fictional characters as a coping mechanism and i quite frankly am having the time of my life

Anonymous Portuguese Artist

Saint Iphegenia

Portugal (18th Century)

Oil on Canvas, 110 x 75 cm.

AROUCA., Museu de Arte Sacra.


More on Saint Iphegenia:

The legacy of this remarkable black saint, whose story of persecution and victory begins in ancient Nubia, found its ultimate fulfillment in her role as a spiritual guide to her fellow black Africans in their own trials during the Atlantic slave trade. In this painting, the holy virgin Ifigenia (“born strong” in Greek) wears a nun’s habit and holds a miniature church surrounded by flames. The inscription below attests to her Nubian origins and declares her official role as a protector against the ravages of fire.

The story of St. Ifigenia goes back to the earliest days of Christianity. According to an apocryphal account, during a mission of evangelization to Nubia (then called Ethiopia), St. Matthew defeated evil sorcerers and converted the king and his court to the new faith. The zeal of his daughter Ifigenia was especially strong, and with Matthew’s encouragement she founded a convent of 200 women. When she refused the advances of her uncle Hirtacus, he tried to burn down the building. Matthew miraculously diverted the flames to the palace, soon ending the despotic reign of the usurper and ushering in a period of prosperity under Christian rule.

lego house (2014/campfire)
  • lego house (2014/campfire)
  • 5 seconds of summer

imagine going to a campfire at the beach with 5sos and listening to luke sing lego house whilst you surround the flames to keep warm

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i still consider snape having a goatee to be more canon than some bits of the cursed child

[Image: an illustration of Snape from Half Blood Prince, drawn by Mary Grandpre. He is surrounded by flames and pointing a wand forwards with an angry expression. He has long hair and a goatee.]

u know that comic of the dog sitting at a table and like his house is on fire and he’s surrounded by the flames and he’s like “this is fine I’m fine”

that is how I feel literally all the time


Avdol / Muhammad Abdul      //   JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Avdol’s humanoid Stand is Magician’s Red; able to generate exceedingly powerful yet finely controlled flames. Different from the fire in nature, that only goes up or follow where the wind blows, its flames obey Avdol’s own will. Avdol was born with this Stand and learned to control its power, having full control over it.

Avdol’s Stand represents the first Tarot Card “The Magician,” symbolizing the beginning of something. Polnareff notes that this is suitable, as when the world began it was surround by flames, meaning Avdol’s Stand represented the beginning of the world. 

Keeping up with the idea of beginning things, Avdol is shown to be the first character to do many things: He’s the first character to properly use a Stand and get into a fight; the first to encounter DIO; and the first to throw himself in danger to save someone. (X)

After receiving a blessing from an alien race, Lance begins having strange dreams. Dreams where he is a water deity that watches over a tribe of isolated islanders that worship him. The dreams keep persisting, and Lance starts to feel like that maybe these are memories, not dreams.

They’re too real, too tangible, and everytime he wakes up it becomes even more difficult to separate himself from his dream self. It’s gets even weirder when he begins to see another deity in his dreams that looks like Keith, who apparently is his sexual partner.

But the thing is, his dreams always end with him being killed by Keith, surrounded by flames and screams. Sadness tinging his amusement as he looks up at Keith’s enraged face with a weary smile.

So in short this is a past lives AU story. It’s funny cause Lance deity is a calm and soothing, far more mature and solemn than his current self. So when he starts exhibiting these traits to the rest of team Voltron they freak out, except for Keith who looks at him like he’s trying to remember something important.


Alright, picture this: snowy ash drizzles from the sky. A rabid pack of dogs surrounds you as the flame at the end of your stick dies out. There’s only one hope left for you: the door to my shelter. You pound. You beg. “Dwight! Please let me in!” But I ignore your cries and do not let you in. You wanna know why? Because you laughed at me. Kevin will be eaten! Pam will be taken slave! Jim will be made a Warlord’s jester. Meredith will do okay.


“I won’t ask for your forgiveness.”

Typical,” she tsked, walking past him, wishing there was a way to walk through him entirely. 

“But only because I know you will not accept my apology.”

“Oh, and is that why we apologize? When we are sure that we will be forgiven?” She cooed out into the chill of the night, turning and peevishly tipping one thin eyebrow to cast her estranged husband a condescending look. “You do not apologize, because you are never sorry, General.” She finished bitterly, years-decades- of mistakes ricocheting off her words like iron arrows. 

Once it got quiet enough, so silent that she could hear the leaves trembling in the wind, she finally decided to take a good look at him-but she regretted it instantly. This was not her husband, this was not the Lord of the West. This creature standing in front of her was broken and homeless and without name. She felt sympathy pulling down her smirk, but she was anything if not tenacious, and the smile stayed. 

“She is pregnant.” He announced. 


“She will be giving birth soon.”


“Her family wishes her dead.”

“As does yours.”

His jaw twitched dangerously, the muscles on his arms rippling in spasms as he restrained the urge to morph into his full form. A menacing aura ridged out from his shoulders to his toes and the lady in front of him shivered. He opened his mouth, and she expected his temper, but she got his regret instead. 


She blinked and then clasped her hands in front of her calmly. “Many blessings for the new half-breed.”

“They will need it.” He replied thickly, his voice strained. And then briskly turned around, a current of down-trodden energy.  

“They might also need this.” A bulky robe appeared in her hold, a bright crimson, starkly contrasting against the pristine alabaster of her skin. 

He eyed it, and then he cleared his throat, an emotion so strong that it tore into him, leaking out a raw understanding that she accepted with a delicate look.

“Thank you,” He said, meaning it with every ounce of his being. It wasn’t the robe that mattered.

“They will need it.” She repeated. The dark amber of his stare clashed against the steely sunlight of hers, and she finally saw it there, in that desperate glance.

His apology. 

And regardless of whether or not he knew, she forgave him.

Fire Soul Bird:

Ever wonder who this figure is that appears during Rei’s Akuryo Taisan and Fire Soul Bird attacks?

This is Acala Vidyârâja, a Buddhist deity also known as Fudō-myōō in Japan. 

He is characterised by his wrathful expression and being surrounded by flames. Acala protects living beings by burning away defilements to help them towards enlightenment. This ties together Rei, fire and her spiritual sense. 

During Fire Soul Bird, Rei also chants a mantra, this is one of the mantras of the Thirteen Buddhas and the one associated with Acala. Rei chants in the Sanskrit version rather than the Japanese equivalent.

The chant is as follows:

Namah samanta-vajrânâm canda mahârosana sphotaya hûm trat hâm mâm

(Homage to the all-pervading Vajras! O Violent One of great wrath! Destroy! hûm trat hâm mâm)


DONT. (taking out the one little piece in the spark wheel is okay, to make it easier to light.) but im talking about the whole metal housing/hood at the top. because if you use your lighter to burn a bowl/light incense, or really any activity where you have it burning for a while, you will melt the plastic surrounding where the flame comes out. and the flame does not stop, it only looks like it does. it creates a small hole for the butane to start leaking out, which starts the mini fire.  i have had TWO lighters now, spontaneously combust and start burning on my coffee table. I am so so lucky that i have been there notice it, or i could have turned into a very scary situation. maybe its just me & i have terrible luck with fires, but just want everyone to stay safe out there and hopefully learn from my mistakes !

Sunset Candle | Nendo

It appears to be a normal white candle. But once lit, the centre of the candle begins to change colours as it burns: first to yellow, then orange, red, purple, and finally to blue. These colours reflect faintly off of the white wax surrounding the flame. The transition of colours is inspired by the shifting shades of light that paint the sunset sky. Each colour has its own accompanying scent: bergamot, lemongrass, sweet marjoram, lavender, and geranium. Not only does the candle provide illumination, but the transition of colours also serves as a reminder of the passage of time.