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Do you have any headcanons about Enoch's (or any of the other kids) life before he knew he was peculiar?

Here’s a couple!


  • I like to believe that the reason behind his rich taste would be from the fact that he came from a very wealthy family
  • I mean very wealthy
  • His parents threw almost Gatsby-esque parties an awful lot
  • They were basically just a bunch of rich people in one room gathering together
  • Since he was almost always surronded by people with opulent clothing, he started to have a liking towards wearing grander clothes and would rather dress to the nines instead of the usual button up and slacks
  • He knows how to speak French, Italian and other romance languages since him and his parents would go and travel around alot.
  • Horace was an only child


  • ok so I tried to calculate when Enoch was born, and it’s litterally 1894
  • this kid is old
  • anyway
  • He mostly spent his days helping his father make caskets and bury the dead, and helping the rest of his family on their farm
  • If he wasn’t doing that then he was taking care of his younger sister
  • He had alot of siblings growing up
  • six others to be precise
  • all of them were boys except for two of them; his younger sister Ethel, and his older sister Charlotte, who were probably his favorite siblings
  • A little before he found out his peculiarity, Ethel died


  • She’s orginally from France!
  • Claire had an older sister that she adored and looked up to immensely, they did everything together
  • Her family didn’t really have much, because of the depression, but they made do
  • very very loving family
  • Claire’s mother made her a teddy bear that she still keeps to this day
  • I like to think that Claire was kind of born with her peculiarity though, so I think one day everyone kind of decided that she had to go to a loop for her own safety

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i'm a cis lesbian and could never sleep with someone who has a penis, not because i've been conditioned to associate penises with men, but because they literally repulse me, and suggesting that because i don't want to sleep with trans women who have penises makes me transphobic is extremely insulting to lesbians bye!!!

weird how I just said trans women, who don’t all have penises, and not “someone with a penis” then

The “you need to be willing to sleep with someone with a penis” thing that Laci said is very much just a strawman to make it look like trans people want to force others out of their boundaries when the actual conversations people are having has been about examining your preferences (which obviously you have done already) and the fact that not all trans people are the same. Not all trans women have penises, so saying “I don’t like trans women because I don’t like penis” doesn’t work, along with the fact that you can’t tell what genitals someone has by looking at them (unless they’re naked) so saying you can’t be attracted to someone at all because of their genitals also doesn’t work. That’s what the post was about, the fact that wat Laci said is not what’s actually being talked about.

Ruined. Theo Raeken.

Requested: Yes.

Well, love, can I ask you about writing again? :) someone writes you letters and you like it! He tells you about his feelings and you too. And he asks you about a date☺️ you meet him and you are so disappoint because it is Theo (you hates him but he is in love with you) he is a little bit shy at this moment but you are angry. You tell him that you don’t care about his love. He is so upset😞 then you will see him this different girl (kiss) it makes you understand your feelings. need happy end!

I hope I did the plot justice. I changed it slightly. I’ve actually had this in my drafts, completed, for awhile now, but I made a post saying I wanted to take a break from writing because of the poor feedback I was receiving. I’ve also been feeling down, in general, for awhile and I just couldn’t get anything efficient done.


Requests are closed for the time being.

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Y/N’s mum called up the stairs, claiming Y/N had a letter in the post. Y/N bolted down the stairs, her feet hitting the creaky steps rapidly. She skidded to a halt in front of her mother and was handed a letter.

“A bit weird you get a letter right? People still write letters?” Y/N’s mum chuckled before walking into the kitchen and starting breakfast. Y/N shrugged, ripping open the seal. She tugged the piece of paper out of the envelope and her eyes flittered across the neat handwriting.

I’m sorry I don’t have courage to actually hand this letter to you face-to-face nor sign the end of the letter with my name, but I’m kind of nervous, because you’re… well you’re you. You’re amazing, spectacular even. So far out of my league, you know? I know I’m a coward and you may think this is slightly creepy, but I didn’t know any other way and I couldn’t keep my feelings bottled up for any longer.

I’ve liked you since day one and you’ve kind of always despised me. You barely acknowledge my existance and when you do, it’s only to tell me to leave you alone or to say something bad to me. It’s understandable though; I deserve it. I’m a bit of a douchebag to everyone - I know - but I don’t know any better. I was raised by cocky people and they taught me that it was acceptable to treat people like that; I know realise it’s not and it never was.

Anyway as I was saying, you’re nice to everyone and I think that’s why I like you, because you are the complete opposite to me and you know what they say, opposites attract. I like that you support the people that are bullied and you stick up for them; I like that you do well in class and always seem so interested and focused. I like that you’re adventerous and you don’t always follow the crowd. I especially like that you don’t judge people on what others say and you take it upon yourself to find out if they’re bad or not - but you decided I was bad news.

I’m rambling and you probably think this is creepy and gross, so I’m sorry again. I probably won’t write again…

Love from someone. xx

Y/N frowned, her eyebrows furrowed. She slipped the letter into her bag and zipped it up. She strolled into the kitchen and took a seat on the island seat, but the letter didn’t leave her mind for a second.

Y/N examined Lydia expression as her vibrant green eyes flickered across the neat handwriting sprawled across the page. Y/N watched as Lydia’s eyebrows scrunched together and her teeth clamped down on her plump lower lip. Y/N could tell she was trying to puzzle the pieces together.

“But you don’t hate anyone.” Lydia uttered, finally meeting Y/N’s intense stare.

“Exactly. It doesn’t make sense.” Y/N frowned, leaning her chin against the palm of her hand. Her dull eyes flickered around the room, trying to think of someone who she hated.

“It’s kind of romantic though, isn’t it? He, or she, confessed their love for you, anonomously, by letter. That’s the kind of stuff you read in books and watch in films, it doesn’t really happen in real life. I think whoever this person is, they’re a hopeless romantic.” Lydia chuckled, handing the paper back to Y/N. Y/N smiled down at the slightly tattered paper and pushed it back into her bag.

“Yeah, Stiles said it was creepy, but I couldn’t disagree more. I think it’s cute - I just wish I knew who it was, you know?”

Y/N recieved more letters after that day. Each letter containing small confessions of love for Y/N. The letters didn’t cease to make Y/N’s day ten times better. She recieved a new letter every week and it was probably the highlight of her week. She could feel herself falling for her secret admirer and she couldn’t possibly understand why he believed she hated him; he was a complete sweetheart.

Lydia pestered Y/N constantly into bringing the letters in so she could read them. Y/N didn’t really mind, she knew that if anyone was going to crack who ‘someone’ was then it would be Lydia; she was probably the smartest person Y/N knew.

On one fortunate day she did. Lydia was reading the letters and suddenly it clicked. She nearly dropped the piece of paper on the floor and she stopped dead in the middle of the hallway, causing the surronding people to groan and try and shove past her. Y/N furrowed her eyebrows and grabbed Lydia’s wrist.

“Lydia, what is it?” Y/N quizzed, dragging Lydia to the side of the hallway. Lydia almost seemed to be frozen in shock, staring blankly at the piece of paper in her hands.

“It’s obvious. I’ve seen this handwriting a million times before.” Lydia mumbled, her eyes remained fixatated on the neat handwriting sprawled across the tattered paper.

“Who, Lydia?”

“Theo. I sit next to him in Biology and he let me copy his notes when I was away. It’s identical. C'mon, I think I know where the teacher keeps our books.” Lydia grabbed Y/N’s hand and tugged her towards the Biology classroom. Now it was Y/N’s turn to be frozen in shock. Theo didn’t seem like the type to be so poetic and romantic, but he wasn’t wrong when he said she hated him. He seemed like an entirely different person when he wrote her those letters.

Lydia pushed open the classroom door and shoved Y/N in causing her to stagger back slightly. Y/N’s heart was thumping, almost as if it was going to fly out of her chest. Lydia pushed Y/N down onto a chair, knowing she was in shock, and began to search through the stacks of books in the shelf. Y/N could barely hear, the sound of her blood pulsing was ringing in her ears, almost deafening.

Lydia released a huff as she tugged out a green book and whipped around, stalking over to Y/N and dropping it on the table in front of her. Y/N’s eyes moved from the door and dropped onto the book. Lydia flipped open the first page and took the letter from Y/N and placed it next to the open page. Y/N gulped as she examined and compared the words. Lydia was right; it was identical.

Y/N almost cried. The person who wrote all the letters, complimenting everything about her, was Theo Raeken. The boy who bullied her in elementry school and poured sand in her hair in kindergarden liked her. The boy who killed his sister and was the enemy liked her. The anonomous person who proclaimed his love for Y/N and made her love herself. It was Theo that made her day; sometimes even her week. It was Theo who made her feel giddy and worth it. It didn’t seem to add up, but at the same time it made complete sense.

Suddenly, Y/N snapped out of it. She bolted out of her seat, causing Lydia to curse, and Y/N stormed out of the room, a glint in her eye that could scare anyone. The people in the crowds seperated against the lockers, intimidated.

Y/N ripped open the door and marched up to Theo. She shoved his bare chest and he staggered back in shock. Y/N didn’t take time to take in his appearance, she pounded her fists against his hard chest, Theo didn’t even flich; which angered Y/N more.

“You asshole!” She screamed, her face burning with fury. Theo’s face contorted with confusion. He didn’t know what caused Y/N to feel so angrily towards him. 

“What did I even do?” Theo bit back, grabbing Y/N’s wrists in his hands. She struggled against his iron grip before giving up and collapsing onto her knees, small whimpers and sobs escaping her lips. “Y/N, tell me what I did - I don’t understand.” Theo frowned, crouching down in front of her.

“You were writing the letters. I thought someone actually liked me, but it was you all along; you probably only did it to be cruel and to play with my feelings. Well, Theo, you succeeded, congratulations. I’m well and truly ruined and that’s what you wanted, right?” Y/N rambled, tears escaping her eyes.

“Y/N… I didn’t do it to be cruel, I just didn’t have the guts to actually admit my feelings for you, so I thought it would be best to do it anonomously, so I wouldn’t have to keep them bottled up anymore. How did you even find out?”

“Lydia noticed the similarity in your handwriting and she just puzzled it together.” Y/N finally looked up, dark streaks of mascara were flowing down her flushed cheeks and her eyes were slightly red. She looked ruined. “You said you didn’t have the courage, but you asked me on a date in the letters, were you going to stand me up?”

“I don’t know what I would’ve done, honestly. I was just going to go and hope for the best. It was stupid from the start and I’m sorry.”

Before Y/N could utter another word, Lydia burst through the doors, looking distraught. Theo removed his eyes from Y/N’s face and glanced up at Lydia. Y/N looked over her shoulder. Lydia let out an whimper at Y/N’s appearance and bolted over to her, pulling her up and into her warm embrace. Lydia smiled apologetically at Theo before guiding Y/N out of the gym and out of the school entirely.

A few days had passed and Theo and Y/N were avoiding each other at all costs. Theo didn’t want to make her feel even worse and Y/N didn’t want to look at Theo, because it hurt her too much. She was a tad bit disappointed that it was Theo that was wrting all those beautiful letters, but at the same time she only knew what she heard about Theo, she didn’t know Theo as a person and she sure as hell didn’t know he was capable of such deep and etheral literature.

Y/N wandered through the halls of Beacon Hill High School like a lost spirit, she was entranced by a daydream. Lydia grabbed Y/N by her forearm as she wandered past. Y/N snapped out of the day dream when Lydia’s cold fingers gripped her and tugged her back. Y/N furrowed her eyebrows at Lydia’s abrupt actions and Lydia kept switching from foot to foot, blocking Y/N’s view of Theo’s locker. Y/N rolled her eyes and shoved Lydia slightly out of the way. Her eyes widened at the sight; there was Theo Raeken kissing Tracy. Y/N swallowed thickly and her heart hammered against her ribs. Her mouth ran dry and her throat began to close up.

“Y/N…” Lydia muttered, trying to snap Y/N out of her fixated stare, but it seemed almost impossible. Y/N’s eyes were burning daggers into Tracy’s head and Lydia was almost certain that Theo could sense Y/N staring. Lydia grabbed Y/N, harshly, and dug her nails into Y/N’s arm, causing her to yelp rather loudly.

Theo ripped himself away from Tracy and his eyes instantly fell on Y/N, who was clutching her arm, blood trickling down her glowing skin. Theo could hear the small curses leaving her mouth as she stared helplessly at her arm. She then looked at Lydia and glared at her.

“What was that for?” Y/N hissed, trying to wipe the blood away from her arm.

“You were staring.” Lydia snapped. Theo smirked as Tracy waved goodbye and began to walk to class. “I was sparing you the embarassment of getting caught red handed.”

Y/N huffed, licking her finger and cleaning the dry blood with it. She looked up and her eyes met Theo’s blue ones, causing her to gulp. Lydia followed her eyes and copied Y/N’s movements. The pair practically gaping at Theo, eyes wide and mouths ajar.

Theo smirked as Lydia scurried away from Y/N and off to her next class, rushing past Theo. Y/N cursed Lydia and attempted to look busy by looking through her bag. Theo stopped in front of her and examined her appearance, she looked kind of sleepless and a bit worn, but she couldn’t look more beautiful in Theo’s eyes. Y/N hesitantly raised her head from her bag to meet Theo’s warm eyes. She instantly regretted it, knowing she would fall for his charm.

“Did you enjoy swapping salavia with Tracy?” Y/N snickered before rapidly covering her mouth. She didn’t mean to actually say it, she sounded jealous; which she was.

“Nah, I’d much rather be trading salavia with you.” Theo flirted, causing Y/N’s cheeks to heat up.

“Nah, I’d much rather be trading salavia with Harry Styles.” Y/N scoffed, turning away from him. She began to walk off, but Theo grabbed her wrist. “Why does everyone grab me so forcefully?” Y/N huffed.

“Listen, Y/N, that was a dick move and I’m sorry. Let me take you on a date?” Theo pleaded, he resembled a wounded puppy.

“Fine.” Y/N huffed, grumbling slightly.

“You wont regret it.” Theo promised before placing a chaste kiss on Y/N’s forehead and dashing off to class. Y/N stood there, gob-smacked as she recalled the previous moment. Theo Raeken kissed her forehead sweetly and she enjoyed every moment.

Y/N sat down in Math and pulled out her book. She absolutely hated Math and it was a double period. She began to write down the date and title until Theo strode into the room and her eyes left the page in front of her. He smiled at her and took a seat beside her.

Y/N continued with the assigned work. Theo glanced down at Y/N’s thigh to see her spare hand resting on the skin there. He hesitantly placed his hand on top of hers, causing her to look at him in the corner of her eye. He slipped his long fingers in between hers and smiled down at his work before scribbling down the title. Y/N smiled too, her eyes fixated on their intwined fingers under the desk.


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i feel like i dont matter. which is hard for to come to terms with because i felt like that for so long and surronded myself around people who became my friends, who i invested my time into and slowly fell in love with. now they don’t answer when i call because they got tired of me. or they’re with some guy who has her wrapped around his finger because she’s never tasted danger this strong in her life. everyone you once knew start to become other people and you start to see the evil in them and ask yourself why you even associate yourself with people like that. then everything consumes you, all the questions that make yourself ponder if you’re just as evil as them, or if you’re just being used, or if they even like you. and i think that’s what’s wrong with me tonight.
—  friends.
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at age 5, i was taken to a park to play with my friends. we played volleyball, football and we danced. we were happy. one girl suggested to play around like we were princess and that we have shiny dresses. i froze. i didn’t know why.

at age 7, my mom enrolled me in primary school and the teacher yelled: “boys and girls on opposite sides!!!” and i didn’t know what to do, i froze. i didn’t know why.

at age 9, a group of kids in my class teased me about my wide clothes and my unconventional behaviour. i turned my back on them. i didn’t realize why that was a problem. i didn’t understand what was their problem.

at age 11, i watched a movie with a group of people who were born differently and they didn’t feel like they belonged in their bodies. i asked my mom why. she said that those kind of people are okay, but the important thing is that i am not one of them and that that makes my life easier. she didn’t give me an answer and i cried that night.

at age 12, i suspected my mom’s words. i knew she was wrong. a boy approached me and said “you should wear clothes that suit you, that were made for you ” and that the opposite sex will love me because of that. i didn’t understand why. once again, i froze. and then i turned my back on him.

at age 15, i enrolled high school and i felt more mature than before but i still didn’t fully understand the world. there were so many things about me that i just didn’t know. i started to realize all of them but not fast enough. the catholic school i unfortunately attended made me realize how much hate there is in this world. i stopped. i froze and then i turned my back.

at age 17, i learned what “dsyphoria” meant and until then i didn’t really realize i had that. i went to my mostly acceptful friend and told her what i thought i was, what i actually was and she gave me a strange look. she didn’t believe me. she said “i wasn’t the type”. i didn’t understand what she meant? was there a type?

at age 18, i told my mom i wanted to cut my hair really short and wear clothes that are not “suited” for me. she gave me a strange look. even though i wanted to subtly hint it at her, she didn’t even give me a chance to say it. i was scared. i went back to my room

at age 19, i am writting this and i realize that i still have hope. i am still locked away from everyone else but i am here, alive and breathing and i have hope for the future. i am not surronded by open minded people but i know there are a few of those kind in the world. maybe, at some age i will be able to write that hey, i survived and so can you but until then, the only thing i can do is hope. and live.

—  at the age of…
Tranquillity. Michael Clifford.

Requested: Yes.

can you do like a sequel to serenity or make another one, Idk I just loved that one so much.

A/N: Whatever colour your soul mate dyed their hair first is the colour of your eyes. In Michael’s case, his eyes are a bluey green colour and Y/N’s are brown.

(I spent like half an hour looking up what was the first colour Michael dyed his hair, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. When I first heard of 5sos back in the day, Michael had brown hair… So I’m just going to pretend the first colour he dyed his hair was brown).

This is set around January time 2017 in Minnesota. I’m from England and have never been to America, so I don’t know if Minnesota gets a lot off snow or not. Therefore, bare with me. :)


Serenity. Calum Hood.(****)


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Y/N didn’t believe she actually had a soul mate. She definitely believed in soul mates, but her eyes were the same colour as those who were born without a soul mate - brown. Most people dyed their hair a crazy and unique colour in hopes that when they actually met their soul mate, they’d instantly know. Everyone is born with brown eyes until their soul mate dyes their hair. Those who have soul mates who died before they could dye their hair or were just destined to be alone remained with brown eyes their entire lives.

When Y/N was 14, she was experimenting with blue hair dye and accidently dyed her hair a pale green colour. She absolutely loved it. However, her eyes never shifted colour, even after years. Her mother, at one point, said that they had changed shade, but Y/N didn’t believe her.

Michael at 13 dyed his hair brown, because he was constantly teased for the blonde colour of his hair and he thought if he dyed his hair brown, it wasn’t too drastic and he didn’t think that it would affect his soul mate’s eyes, because it was only temporary dye. Just weeks after his 14th birthday, his eyes changed colour and he decided to change his hair to match. However, by then the damage was already done and Y/N’s eyes were forever brown.

Y/N had recently moved to Minnesota from her home town and was completely settled into her small apartment in a calm area. She had heard news on the street that a popular band where coming to her town. She didn’t care enough to actually listen to who they were.

She thought they’d probably be another version of One Direction that only sang about girls and didn’t have any real meaning behind their music. Y/N didn’t mind One Direction and she’d often find herself humming along to Night Changes when it blasted through her car radio, but she preferred the music that held meaning and depth. 

She grumbled as she trudged through the thick snow that coated the city. She absolutely hated the winter. It was a time when all the couples were having snowball fights and kissing in the snow and Y/N had to spend it alone, like every other year. She begrudged the people who had found their soul mates, whilst she wandered the streets lonesomely.

She staggered into a coffee shop that wasn’t too crowded and shrugged the snow off her shooulders. She got behind a man with a dog and glanced around the room, there was only one other person and it was a girl slouched over a laptop, furiously typing away. Y/N let out a sigh, who would have known Minnesota could be so cold in the winter? She had orignally moved to Minnesota to get away from the chilly winters in her home town.

She ordered a coffee to go and tipped the cashier, offering a sweet smile, before turning around and exiting the warm coffee shop. Oh how she longed that she could stay, but she had work and she was running late. Hopefully, her boss would go easy on her considering she was still new to the area and there was 4 inch deep snow outside.

She continued her venture towards her work, trying to bustle through the growing crowds on the street. She couldn’t wait to get into the warmth of her office at work. Only five more minutes. She glanced down at her watch.

She collided into quite a tall person and her coffee splashed all over said person. She gasped and staggered back. The people surronding them giving the pair of clumsy people a odd stare, before continuing walking. Y/N looked up at the person and the first thing her eyes met were his bright green eyes that illuminated his pale face. His cheeks, however, were flushed red. He was beautiful, entrancing even.

Y/N rubbed her eyes, feeling flustered and embarrassed. "I’m so sorry. I’m such a klutz.“ She rapsed, her voice raw and hoarse.

“It’s alright, accidents happen. C'mon, lets get out of the way of all these people.” The green eyed boy smiled. Y/N wasn’t one to take up offers to spend time with complete strangers and possibly be late for work, but something about the boy captivated her and she couldn’t bring herself to say no. She did owe him that. Y/N nodded her head and the boy placed his hand on the base of her back, guiding her towards a bench on the other side of the street.

“I’m really sorry. How can I make it up to you?” Y/N squeaked, the pressure on her back was electrifying. She felt tingles wherever the boy touched.

“Hmm, I’ll think about it and then tell you, yeah?” He pondered, rubbing the scruff on his chin in thought with his free hand. The pair sat down on the bench and Y/N watched the people rushing by. Y/N noticed a faded Australian accent when the green eyed boy spoke.

“Yeah. You’re Australian, right?” Y/N asked, smiling faintly.

“Yeah. Don’t spend much time in Australia though.” He sighed, clearly that troubled him. “You know, under the circumstances.”

“Yeah, I understand. I don’t get to visit home much either. Works quite… demanding.”

“I’m Michael by the way.” He smirked.

“I’m Y/N. I like your eyes… They remind me of my hair when I was 14.” She laughed, recollecting the memory.

“Oh, really? What made you dye your hair that colour?” The boy asked, cocking a pierced eyebrow.

“I attempted to dye my hair blue, I was unexperienced, first time, and it messed up…” She shrugged, giggling to herself.

Michael fell silent. “How long ago were you 14?” He finally spoke; breaking the painful silence.

“Oh, 6 years ago.” She smiled. “Why?”

“Fuck.” Michael breathed, grabbing Y/N’s hand. He squeezed it in his own and tingles ran up his arm. A kaleidoscope of butterflies erupted in his stomach at the simple touch. He looked down at Y/N with his beautiful eyes and hoped she felt it too. She did and she gasped.

“You dyed your hair brown… God, Michael, that’s the most generic colour there is.” Y/N chuckled, watching his every move with watery eyes. She couldn’t believe she had finally found him. The person she’d been waiting for all her life. 

“I thought it wouldn’t affect your eyes, because it was temporary. I was clearly wrong. Your eyes are really beautiful though.” Michael complimented, brushing his fingertips against her tinted cheeks. “I’ve got to go…” Michael huffed.

“So soon?” Y/N whimpered, she wanted to spend all day with him. They’d just met and he was already leaving.

“I really have to. I’m kinda in a band and I have sound check.” Michael complied. “I have a spare ticket you can have? It’s in the arena just a few blocks away, you know it?”

“Yeah… I know it. I’m sorry, but I don’t really know any of your songs or even your band name, I think it would be unfair if I went… Maybe you could give it to a fan?” Y/N queried.

“Not really… I’m going to be in sound check until the concert and then it’ll be too late to give it to one, you know? Please…” Michael begged. Y/N huffed, before nodding.

Michael placed a chaste kiss on her cheek, causing her cheeks to flare in colour. He pulled away and reached into his pocket, handing it to her.

“It’s a bit strange you carry a spare ticket around.” Y/N laughed.

“I always do. In case I met my soul mate. Good thing I did.” He grinned. Y/N glanced down at the ticket. 5 Seconds of Summer. She glanced up at Michael and nodded. “See you tonight?”

“Yeah, see you.”

Michael hesitantly stood up and waved Y/N goodbye, although it wouldn’t be goodbye for long. Y/N leant back against the bench, still clutching the ticket in her hand. She hazily smiled. She finally found him and she felt a sense of tranquillity.

Right. Time to rant again. First off this I why I love tumblr because you wouldn’t be able to do this on twitter as you would be surronded by nonsensicalities of people. Anywhoo…

What is this? Like what the actual fuck is this? I have seen many of these types of photos before and they have turned out to be fake and are different people. I will let you make your decision on this one. It could possibly be fake who knows. But if it is real…

So here we have a dark-skinned girl using make up to become a brown/light skinned girl. Why in this life are you changing skin colour please? Are you not content in your own skin? Do you feel that you will not be considered beautiful because the melanin in your skin is more prominent? So many people nowadays are starting to do this and it is becoming worrying. I am dark skinned and I am happy to say it. I am happy in my skin. So a lot of my family and friends are brown or light skinned but I don’t really care. We’re all black and I love them and they love me. Why can’t you be proud? Scared you won’t find love? Worried you will end up being alone?

Don’t be. Many nights I use to wonder if there was someone out there for me- I haven’t found them yet but I have learned a useful tip- don’t go searching for love. Live your life in love and it will come your way. Sometimes the person we were meant to be with could be right under noses.

It pains me to see pictures like this. Black girls. Unite together. Don’t put someone down because they have a darker or lighter complexion. Encourage and love one another. Love brings confidence and peace. You are all Nubian Queens.

In the words of Olay “Love the skin your in”

but imagine jason knows that nicos about to propose and so he books a table with piper and then percy comes to know so percy books a table in the same place and then nico and will sit across each other in this expensive place and theyre both wearing suits and surronded by all the people of camp half blood and reyna and then nico just facepalms

sometimes i think we forget how strong taylor is. and how many great people surrond her. its so easy to loose yourself and loose your balance doing what she does and she’s more talented, stronger, happier, centered and more in control as never before. im just so proud of her

Tabula Rasa {Open}

They had put him on the hospital.

Why he had no idea, but he didn’t actually had idea of anything.

He had woke up in the road, feeling cold and surronded with people that keep calling for somebody that wasn’t him or rambling about town lines. He had no fucking idea of who he was but god forbid he got hurt inside the town lines and could sue them and he had told them as such, screaming when they wouldn’t tell him anything or react to somebody else’s name,scaring off most of the nurses and doctors.

The doctor had bandaged his arm and let him alone in the room, where he sat on the bed and looked over the window. He felt relaxed to have  a moment to himself. Or so he thought

“Just leave me alone” he spat at whoever stood int he doorway.