and here is the comic i alluded to a week or so ago. i’m aware of the vanishing objects and can only say that maybe they accidentally got bubbled off-screen?? hope you like this headcanon, anyway! 

note that i’m not implying rose is like a surrogate mother to pearl, just that she may have seen something valuable and important in pearl very early on, even when others couldn’t.

edit: i forgot to mention this comic is supposed to be titled, “My Pearl”

Are you a good father, Will?

Thought I had while making this gif set

I think at least part of Will’s reaction to Hannibal’s question is that might be first time he recognized how much his desire for fatherhood started with Hannibal. 

We see no signs in the Will of Wolf Trap, with a family of stays, disconnected from the concept of family, that being a father is a particularly important goal. 

It’sHannibal who is constantly pushing the idea to Will: you brought back a surrogate daughter, I was referring to Abigail, we are her fathers now. 

When will broke up with Hannibal, he thought he’d locked Hannibal from his mind, separated from him. 

But he’s just realized that what he replaced that with was a desire that started with Hannibal, the desire for family. 

So while Hannibal is hurt to discover Will has found a family that doesn’t include him, he’s also reminding Will why Will wants one so desperately. 

Hey guys. Hope you all have been doing well. I was gonna write tonight and have the Cas fic posted but something came up. Right now, I’m on my way to my surrogate big sister’s house because my niece is close to undergoing a massive surgery. Basically, it looks like she’s gonna have to have her entire digestive system transplanted. A donor was found and now we’re going to go spend time with them and I’m gonna try not to cry in front of my baby. I love her so much and I don’t want anything to happen to her. So, please keep her in your prayers.
Thanks, guys. Promise I’ll get to writing asap.

From bladder problems to awkward erections, Batman stories have it all. Honestly, what’s more inappropriate than a rich bachelor adopting an orphan trapeze artist and drafting him into his personal war on crime, right? Frankly, the Dark Knight started from the bottom in terms of appropriateness, yet he managed to dig even further down into the bowels of the creep-cave. Turns out a guy who wears pants over his trousers isn’t the best kind of role model… Getting sky-high off of the plants of Poison Ivy is merely the tip of the iceberg! Pretty hard for fans to reconcile the stoic Batman as somebody who has taken his shirt off to get freaky with Talia, impregnating her in the process. Yes, folks, Brucie got roofied; date rape much? The Batfamily is spectacularly incestuous. It’s a good thing they’re not biological, but surrogate figures getting down still has an edge of ickiness. Robin has the first stirrings of puberty while trapped in an air vent with Batgirl: “That better be your utility belt pushing against my leg.” As if a boner poking Barbara isn’t already enough, once freed, Dick has to hide “little Grayson” behind his cape. The Batman of Frank Miller is unlike any other. In Dark Knight Returns, battered; okay. In Year One, rookie; sure. But during All-Star Batman and Robin…? Well, there’s no excuse there. As part of the All-Star line celebrating the best of DC characters, Superman shows a bright, altruistic Man of Steel, but when it comes to Batman, Miller decided he should be a foul-mouthed psycho who abuses kids by calling them retarded, having sex with Black Canary on top of a motorbike, and constantly calling himself the “God-damn Batman.” Yeah… No. Comics have been struggling against a notion that they’re only for kids. Then comes Killing Joke, which sees Babs get shot, crippled, stripped, and a nice photo shoot for daddy. Ableism, sexual assault, poor treatment of mental health issues… This comic really has it all!

Most Inappropriate Batman Storylines, by Tom Baker and Ayya Saparniyazova.

anonymous asked:

I bet you if louis confirmed it himself the larries would still say something like management made him do it or like Brianna is a surrogate

management planted the nut in her

anonymous asked:

i just feel like that the baby rumors aren't true?? if im right she's supposed to be 6 months pregnant, where u can definitely see a tummy. we have no pictures of her lately so? then all the boys and louis' mom would've tweeted and been erratic about but no one did?? like they said so many bullshit things in some of the articles. but maybe she's actually pregnant and we should be glad it's confirmed bc it could be a surrogate for louis and harry who knows maybe im behind on my shit.

  1. It isn’t true like none of this is true. It’s bullshit, all of it. Nothing adds up.
  2. She’s supposed to be 3 months by now if it happened in May like they say.
  3. This is not a surrogate to HL, it just isn’t IMO. It would not work this way like it would never in a million years be handled like this, Briana is not fit to be a surrogate mum, she would never ‘qualify’ . And I’m gonna be frank: HL are not ready for a baby right now. It’s just not realistic. 
  4. Scenarios I can see is : she’s pregnant and it isn’t his, or (I really don’t want this to happen but) miscarriage.

anonymous asked:

Part of me thinks Briana is a surrogate for H&L. Like they're hiding their time until they can come out and have the truth out there. Then I realize there's no way they're having a kid right now. I just really hope they don't take the miscarriage route.

I know people mentioned that before, but I think many failed to see the sarcasm in it. She can’t be a surrogate if this is her first child. The best you can hope for, I guess, if she is pregnant is for Harry and Louis to adopt…but yeah I don’t think she’s pregnant. 

anonymous asked:

what do you mean she can't be a surrogate if it's her first child? phoebe on friends was?? are you telling me that friends is not factually accurate?? but legit though i just tried to google it, is this maybe an american law? (i don't think she's a surrogate anyway like what a random af choice)

Hahah this made me laugh. Yeah, I am pretty sure it’s an American law. More specifically, a California law.

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honestly, I agree with the anon who asked if Brianna really is pregnant with Louis' kid.. I honestly could bet my whole life that she is Louis and Harry's surrogate (!!!!!!!!!)

Nooooo. Harry and Louis would NEVER subject their child to this sort of media mockery. They would never put their child in a position where they google their name only to find slander about their father and the ‘surrogate’, and then manips of their other father pregnant. They wouldn’t have their child in a position where they see media tapes announcing the pregnancy with ‘Larry’ montages. They wouldn’t want their child to find out that their surrogate’s step-mother basically treated them like One Direction TM merchandise. They wouldn’t do that to their child. No decent human being would do any of this to their child.
Mumbai attacks trial
Dealing with the Mumbai mayhem, planned and launched from its soil, requires Pakistan to face the truth, admit mistakes.
By Tariq Khosa

THE Mumbai terror attacks were claimed by India to be its 9/11. For more than 66 hours, 10 highly trained militants played havoc in India’s commercial metropolis, spraying bullets and shedding the blood of innocent civilians and tourists in November 2008, bringing the two nuclear neighbours to the brink of an all-out war.

In Ufa, Russia on July 10, 2015, both the prime ministers of Pakistan and India were “prepared to discuss all outstanding issues,” and both the leaders “condemned terrorism in all its forms” and agreed to cooperate with each other “to eliminate this menace from South Asia”. Therefore, we in Pakistan should welcome this development wholeheartedly.

Didn’t we suffer the pain and agony of our own 9/11 on Dec 16, 2014, at the hands of the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan and its surrogates and aren’t we as a nation determined to root out terrorism in all its forms from our soil? The answer is obviously a resounding yes and I have no doubt that the political and security leadership have resolved to eliminate the scourge of terrorism, militancy and extremism through the counterterrorism National Action Plan. The duality and distinction between good and bad Taliban, including all militants and terrorists, should stand removed from Miramshah to Muridke, from Karachi to Quetta.

Against this backdrop, the agreement between PMs Sharif and Modi in Ufa to approve the meeting of their national security advisers to “discuss all issues related to terrorism” was a welcome development. Pakistan’s concerns in respect of the botched investigation into the Samjhauta Express bombing and alleged covert support to the Baloch insurgency as well as reported ‘terror financing’ both in Karachi and Fata by Indian and other foreign agencies should not only be highlighted but concrete evidence presented to put a stop to such means of non-kinetic warfare resorted to by sleuths from both sides to further their so-called national interests.

There are very knowledgeable and competent professionals with investigation and intelligence background in Pakistan who can meet the Indian security officials and talk as professionals. They too have many skeletons in their cupboards. So why fight shy? Let both India and Pakistan admit their mistakes and follies and learn to co-exist while trying to find solutions to their thorny issues through peaceful means.

Pakistan has to deal with the Mumbai mayhem, planned and launched from its soil. This requires facing the truth and admitting mistakes. The entire state security apparatus must ensure that the perpetrators and masterminds of the ghastly terror attacks are brought to justice. The case has lingered on for far too long. Dilatory tactics by the defendants, frequent change of trial judges, and assassination of the case prosecutor as well as retracting from original testimony by some key witnesses have been serious setbacks for the prosecutors. However, cognizance was taken by the Islamabad High Court which directed the trial to be concluded within two months.

The following facts are pertinent. First, Ajmal Kasab was a Pakistani national, whose place of residence and initial schooling as well as his joining a banned militant organisation was established by the investigators. Second, the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorists were imparted training near Thatta, Sindh and launched by sea from there. The training camp was identified and secured by the investigators. The casings of the explosive devices used in Mumbai were recovered from this training camp and duly matched. Third, the fishing trawler used by the terrorists for hijacking an Indian trawler in which they sailed to Mumbai, was brought back to harbour, then painted and concealed. It was recovered by the investigators and connected to the accused. Fourth, the engine of the dinghy abandoned by the terrorists near Mumbai harbour contained a patent number through which the investigators traced its import from Japan to Lahore and then to a Karachi sports shop from where an LeT-linked militant purchased it along with the dinghy. The money trail was followed and linked to the accused who was arrested. Fifth, the ops room in Karachi, from where the operation was directed, was also identified and secured by the investigators. The communications through Voice over Internet Protocol were unearthed. Sixth, the alleged commander and his deputies were identified and arrested. Seventh, a couple of foreign-based financiers and facilitators were arrested and brought to face trial.

After an exchange of multiple investigation dossiers with the Indian police authorities, the trial court was requested to give approval to obtain voice samples of the alleged commander and his deputies for comparison with the recorded voices. The court ruled that the consent of the accused should be obtained. Obviously, the suspects refused. Then a plea was submitted before the sessions court to authorise the investigators to take the voice samples despite the lack of consent. The plea was denied on account of there being no such provision in the Evidence Act or the antiterrorism law applicable at that time. The investigators then went in appeal before the High Court. That appeal, I believe, is still pending. The Fair Trial Act, 2013 caters for admissibility of such technical evidence. However, its application with retrospective effect is a moot point.

The Mumbai case is quite unique: one incident with two jurisdictions and two trials. While the Indians managed to nab Ajmal Kasab and were able to obtain his confession to close the trial, proving conspiracy in a different jurisdiction is more complex and requires a far superior quality of evidence. Therefore, the legal experts from both sides need to sit together rather than sulk and point fingers.

Indian interlocutors, engaged during the talks between the then prime ministers of India and Pakistan in Egypt in 2009, had conceded that the Pakistani investigators had done a professional job in the indictment of seven perpetrators of the attack. However, the Pakistani authorities should not forget that the FIA declared various other facilitators and operatives as fugitives in the case. The trial will not be over with the disposal of those under arrest or on bail. Other missing links need to be uncovered after the absconders’ arrest.

This case will not be over soon.

Are we as a nation prepared to muster the courage to face uncomfortable truths and combat the demons of militancy that haunt our land? That is the question!

The writer is former DG, FIA.