“Veronica met Peter in Yale Law School, though she always told her children they met at Martha’s Vineyard. She was intending to practice law herself, but she found out she was pregnant with Melissa just after her first year of graduate school. Peter’s mother demanded they get married, and Veronica never did get to go back to law school again, though it was her initial intention. She could not get pregnant again because she would be risking her health, due to complications from Melissa’s birth, so she and Peter found a surrogate named Olivia Caldwell to carry Spencer to term for them. Though Spencer shares some physical similarities with Olivia, most notably their green eyes, she is still the biological child of Veronica since she supplied her egg to Olivia”

In the PLL books Spencer was born through surrogacy, NOT by Veronica Hastings.. If this is the case, then someone else could be Spencer´s parents! :O

Surrogacy is serious. You don’t make light of it by saying “Gee well these guys have been my friends and done friends things for me for awhile, what’s 9 months of pain and uncomfortableness, and that whole giving birth.” It’s ridiculous.
They made it seem like Rachel owed Klaine for putting up with her so she carried their baby. That’s messed up.


When cartoonist Charles Danziger and his partner decided they were going to have a baby through surrogacy, Danziger knew he wanted a way to tell their children the story of how their family came to be. Thus was born “All Our Wishes,” the beautiful story of two mouse-spouses who want to have a baby. Check out the BuzzFeed article about Charles for the rest of the story! 

Jimmy Fallon reveals ‘awful’ 5-year fertility struggle

(Photo: TODAY)

In an interview with TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie, ‘Late Night’ host Jimmy Fallon revealed he and his wife tried for five years before having daughter Winnie via a surrogate.

"I know people have tried much longer (than we have), but if there’s anyone out there who is trying and they’re just losing hope … just hang in there," Fallon insisted. "Try every avenue; try anything you can do, ‘cause you’ll get there. You’ll end up with a family, and it’s so worth it. It is the most ‘worth it’ thing." 

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When I tell people my Mom had a baby for a gay couple from Israel…I often wonder what goes through their heads

I wanted to make a post about this, since I rarely talk about my Mom’s surrogacy here, and since I know Tumblr appreciates life stories like this. My Mom has been working with a surrogacy agency for around 8 years now, trying to have a baby for those who could not have one of their own. 8 years, and it wasn’t until now that it finally worked out.

But, it came with its downsides. Something went wrong with the pregnancy, and due to issues with her hips, she can no longer walk or move them. But, she’s not as upset about it as our family has been. Her only concern? The fact that now, she cannot have this couples second child for them.

Unfortunately, most of our extended family, and anyone she tells about it, think she’s doing it for attention, which, if you knew her, you would know that would never be the case.

I want to show her how important she is. I want to show her that people care about what she’s doing. Please, like or reblog this, so I can show her when she gets home from the hospital that people appreciate what she’s doing.

My very clever Mother has been writing a book about all the Legalities of having children through Surrogacy. This is a sneak peak at the cover Illustration I have been cooking up for her. The book launch will be the ultimate in Mother Daughter collaborations!

Open House, Open Talk

Attended the twins’ open house.

If you allow your first grader to run around pointing at my kids and screaming, “They adopted you. They adopted you,” then I’m going to tell him, “No. We used a surrogate and an egg donor.” When he then says, “What are those?” I’m going to tell him, “Ask your mommy and daddy.”

You can now explain all the biology to your rude ass kid since you haven’t taught him any damn respect for adopted children.

I am not your argument piece

I have been told I will never have kids, and I absolutely hate that anti abortion activist use people like me in their argument. There are millions of kids in the foster/adoption system that you need to stop ignoring. If you were concerned about adoption, you would fight for the rights of people other than one man one woman married couples to adopt. You would fight for adoption to be more affordable and accessible. Even if you fight for all of that, even if we get the rights for every responsible loving person to adopt, even if you got all of the children into loving homes, it would still be unethical to force someone to stay pregnant for the sake of someone else wanting kids. That’s why we have surrogates. They are people who willingly get and stay pregnant for the sake of others, so that the people who can’t get pregnant can have kid. If you really wanted people who can’t have kids and want them to have them, you would fight for surrogacy to be more affordable and accessible. If you got all of the kids in the system adopted and got all of the people who want to be surrogates matched up with a person/people who wants kids, and there were still people who wanted kids but couldn’t have them it would still be unethical to make people who don’t want to remain pregnant do so. It’s not about making kids for those who can’t have them. It’s about consenting to pregnancy. If a person gets pregnant whether it be through failed birth control(the morning after pill fails too), lack of birth control, or rape, they have the right to say a fetus can’t use their body to survive and people like me who don’t have the chance to make that choice aren’t selfish enough to take it away from them. We are not so desperate to have kids that we would want to take away someone’s bodily autonomy.