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Somniphobia: the irrational fear of falling asleep. -- idea: Tim surrering from somniphobia due to PTSD developed through a traumatizing moment that he experienced as a child. It is often misunderstood for or misdiagnosed as insomnia. But Tim knows the truth, for he sees it flash in the darkness behind his eyes every night.

Thanks for the request and being patient while I write it :) Sorry if the ending seems a little rushed. It was getting a little longer than my usual requests. 

“Batgirl on your six. He has a gun.”

Tim smiles as he watches Stephanie flip out of the thug’s range of fire, throwing a batarang expertly and hitting his wrist. The gun drops from his hand as he cries out in pain and then Stephanie is on him. He doesn’t last two seconds.

Afterword, Stephanie stands hardly out of breath but smiling in the success of thwarting a robbery.

“Looks like the only thing you were successful in robbing tonight was your- your freedom?….Shoot.” Steph sighs at the thug’s confused mumbling through the gag. “I’m still bad at these one-liners. How does Nightwing do it all the time?”

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