surrender your ego

Imagine how life would be different if you just completely let go. Surrender your ego. Let go of your negative thoughts, worrisome plans, and unrealistic expectations. Imagine how much more peaceful things would become.

Life would be so much simpler.

—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

anonymous asked:

Hello! What is your opinion on north node in the 12th?:)

Hello to you as well.

In my opinion North Node in 12 is probably among the hardest of “soul missions” to focus on and integrate.  We are talking about about a south node comfort zone that is all to familiar with what society stresses.  With South Node in 6 we are coming from a comfortable need to work, supply skills and make ends meet for ourselves.

These traits from the south node conflict greatly with matters of the 12th house.  Of course it is important to point out that all nodes have direct opposites. In this case however it’s the power of what is stressed and the importance our society stressed on work for basic needs (and self worth) that make this nodal access difficult.

With North Node in 12 you are going from working for self recognition to doing things selflessly.  That may mean volunteering - which is undoubtedly hard considering the need for financial sustenance we need in society to make it. With the southern node in 6 it creates a need for practical down to earth attachment; well simply towards…Earth and our physical body.  It conflicts so greatly with the 12th house soul mission.  the 12th house north node also opens oneself to dreams and imagination; two areas that are very impractical and need an open mind to take in.

The mission in NN in 12 is to turn away from our physical commitment to self and engage in the idea of the universe and something greater then “self.”  It’s so hard though because as people we have egos and survival needs; and going from an Earth state of mind towards the 12th house water one is quite difficult because of this.  You are more or less working to surrender your ego, pursue spirituality and help those suffering in hidden places in life.  

Sometimes it can indicate an inherent need to walk away from having pets and respect the fact that we can build relationships with those suffering and in need instead.  You turn away from what is comfortable in taking care of yourself and take care of others.  It’s a major theme, and one very hard to do as previously stated.  A strange way of looking at it might be “Letting go and understanding everything physical is temporary, but realizing life is more then what we have “this time.”

Again, what are you doing with your life now?
What do you believe?
What do you do every day?
Do you allow the pressures of the world to cave in on you?
Leave the world alone.
Do not attempt to figure it out.
Do not attempt to argue about it, whether it’s real or not.
You must find it out for yourself.
In the process all will go well for you, no matter how it appears.
Your “job” is to find out your true reality, to surrender to yourself, to surrender your ego, your mind, your body, the world, the universe, God. Surrender all of that to your Self. Let it all go into your spiritual heart……
Above all do not worry about anything.
You are well taken care of.
The Self which you are, knows when the time is right for you to discover your reality. Have faith in yourself. Know it’s there inside of you, awaiting your surrender.
No longer will you fight this world.
No longer will you react or respond to this world.
No longer will you be frightened by this world.
Your wants will become simple.
—  Robert Adams
Doctor Strange 2016 Starter Sentences!!!!

I’ve put it under a read more due to length and spoilers, everything above the read more was in a trailer / doesn’t give away plot and is therefore not a spoiler.

“You’re a man looking through a key hole trying to widen the key hole.”

“It’s not a cult.”

“That’s what a cultist would say.”

“Mister Doctor?”

“What is this, my mantra?”

“Teach me.”

“Have you seen that before in a gift shop?”

“I reinvented a way for the spirit to heal the body.”

“What’s in that tea?!”

“its just tea. With a little honey.”

“I call it the Strange Technique.”

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Spruce Yourself Up Spread

It’s the colder season right now in Michigan, USA, so I usually like to do spreads that are centered on intuition, receptivity to growth, soul transformation, karma, and introspection on the year past and new. This spread seeks to show people how they could improve their lives based on the views of the self, others, and Spirit, as well as stating if someone even needs to spruce their life up to begin with.

  1. Physical: What needs to be done physically at this time, such as any physical event like shopping, driving somewhere, cleaning, removing negative friends and posts from Facebook, organizing the office, etc.
  2. Society: The main forces and people who are influencing your behavior. The idea is that if you know which main forces are impacting you, then you are able to redirect the control of your reality.
  3. Emotional: What emotional aspect which must be transgressed currently. This could be any feeling which your ego is ignoring that could actually help to benefit you by working through it. This is the primary soul lesson to learn.
  4. Outlook: This is your outlook in life. You could have the best environment to grow, but a stubborn seed is a stubborn seed. This is the attitude you take in life, negative or positive, optimistic or pessimistic, neutral, etc.
  5. Habits: These are the negative habits and vices you use which limit you from enjoying the most out of your life. This is also which qualities you’re expressing that are toxic to those around you.
  6. Destiny: The things that are out of your control which should be in your control. An additional card may be pulled for here if there are multiple destiny cards which could add insight in instances of no self-control.
  7. Advice: These are outside views and messages which you should consider from those around you or the spiritual plane.
  8. Destruction: How things might worsen if nothing is done to spruce up your life. This could be anything which could result in a negative situation, such as a red flag you picked up on someone a week ago and the cards have encouraged you to drop them, but because you didn’t, they had the opportunity to stand you up and leave you hanging.
  9. Step A: Not to be confused as the first step, this is merely a card which gives you strong advice. This is what to focus on while you are sprucing up your life, and it is also your higher self’s opinion on the entire reading.
  10. Step B: What action or series of things to ponder about doing and how long. This will be what you actually do to spruce up your life and how you maintain it. This card will correlate to the Physical and Emotional card, as they are both usually of the same situation.
  11. Significator: This card is actually to be read first, even though it’s the 11th card. This represents the exact present moment, the entire heart of the spread, the actual thing which must be spruced up. This is also the Significator, so this card will represent your aura, thus your chakras. This card will tell you if you’re even dedicated to sprucing your life up, or how you personally feel about doing anything. If you’d like to pull seven cards for your chakras, you may.

Example Reading:

  1. Eight of Cups - This would be a good time to remove yourself from stressful relationships which aren’t currently listening to you. You feel unappreciated and unheard. If you want others to listen to you, now is the time to simply be quiet and allow things to order themselves out. In the next week, walk away before things escalate.
  2. Six of Cups R - There isn’t a major theme of past situations weighing you down, but there seems to be a lack of progress with personal activities at this time. Ruled by The Lovers, an emotional passion should be focused on. What seems to be impacting you is a lack of faith in self or having past experience.
  3. Three of Cups - Your primary soul lesson is allowing others to influence and impact you, but positively. The three of cups is shared passion and joy between a group of people, so as an emotional soul lesson, it’s important to gain a sense of togetherness with those you enjoy. As the community card, allow yourself to positively interact with a community near you. If dissenting opinions or cognitive dissonance appears, simply do not engage, walk away (8c).
  4. Six of Wands - Your attitude in life is very energetic and open. You feel vivacious and strong in your opinions and lifestyle. But if you seek recognition or praise in your work, do things which merit such laud from those around you (3c + 8c). As your attitude, allow yourself to feel worthy by the worth others give you and yourself. This will encourage humility and true success and victory.
  5. The Magician - Negative habits could include a tinge of arrogance in skill or talents. The Magician is a very powerful, talented man, but sometimes in negative, he can be a bit of a charlatan. This energy translates into bad habits as arrogance, pride, clamming up, or running away (8c) when you feel attacked by a community (3c). Chances are, you know what you’re talking about, but feel not in a good place to express it. As a bad habit to let go of, try working on skill performance.
  6. The World R - As an omen for things which are out of your control, The World comes to tell you that life for you is in an extreme pattern of dissension until you figure out the kind of reality you are seeking. As the Universe card, this is Divine Spirit coming down to tell you that you are going through a major soul growth phase where discord will bring rise to self-understanding. Reborn and allow yourself to make any necessary mistakes to learn and grow.
  7. The Fool - How bizarre card 0 appears after card 21. In a lot of traditional Tarot decks, The Fool is the last card of the Major Arcana. This omen alone recognizes that a rebirth will occur and it will be a sense of newness in the world. This will be a great period of learning and discipline in something. As advice, again, allow Destiny to flow and practice surrender. Completely free your ego and allow reality and Spirit to guide you into a new form of living. You may be the fool now and soon, but some day, you will be wise, but it is only through accepting that sometimes you must be a novice to new trades.
  8. The Hanged Man R - If there has to be a destruction of self or others, it’s definitely through a lack of worldly understanding in the systems currently at place for you. This translates to being misunderstood in society or deeply misunderstanding yourself and thus being misunderstood by others. Having received this card days ago, perhaps Neptune is still begging you listen to Spirit, dive deep within, and peer into the mystical realms within which you’ve been ignoring. Messages will soon be pouring in.. remove ego, humble out, and listen. Be receptive.
  9. Seven of Swords - The primary FOCUS while sprucing up your life should be in being lazy or taking the easy way out in situations. If you need to look something up, then do so. If you should replace the toilet paper on the roll, then do so. If it could be done now, why put it off later? You will cheat yourself if you take only shortcuts in life. There is a high procrastination energy present.. even it off. You and others will be less unpleasant (3c + The World R).
  10. Ace of Swords R - Maintaining your life after you have spruced it up is done through self-hoensty and higher planes of virtue. Like always, practice your ethics, morals, make your word your reputable law, and allow others to trust you and believe in you. Follow higher truth and don’t give in to laziness or shoddy work in your skills (The Magician + 7s). Give life a good stab and always aim to hit your mark, if you do, and your word is good, then you will go far (8w).
  11. Knight of Pentacles - As the Knight of Pentacles representing surety in time, stubbornness, methods, hard work, and effort, the omen here is that you must put in the hard work and tenacity to achieve things right now. You should be working on goals and projects at this moment, focusing all your time on intellectual pursuits, and actually finishing the projects. As the element of Earth with a Fire essence, this knight represents the determined fire of our physical manifestations, business plans, projects, and long-term goals. When there are decisions to make, this knight is able to make them in consideration to his ideals, morals, and values. This knight can set his eyes on the prize and push himself to work towards his goals regardless of what stands in his way. Whether he is bound to self-worth or self-destruction, he is determined to pursue it. With the volatility of Fire, it makes this sign less fastened to his ways, good or bad, but able to change when valuable information is presented. He seeks to get what he wants immediately, often slowing himself down with impatience.

The universe is not built with problems.

There are no problems in the universe.

A problem only occurs when something is not going the way you want it to, isn’t that true? A pain may be good for you, you don’t know. Changes may be good for you. There’s nothing in this universe that wants to hurt you. You simply have the wrong conception of the universe.

Another name for the universe is love. The universe can only love you. If you accept it. It’s like God’s grace. God’s grace is always available. God does not bestow any special grace on anyone.

But you have to be receptive. And how do you become receptive? By surrendering your ego. By realizing it is my personal ‘I’ or the ego that causes all the mischief. And asking where does the ego come from. How did it get born? It didn’t! It doesn’t exist. It has no foundation. Then there are no problems.There are only problems when your ego is active, when your personal 'I’ is active. Then you believe you got a problem.

This is why you have to work on yourself everyday. You have to awaken to your true nature.

Leave the world alone. Don’t worry about others. Find out who you are first. Discover your true identity. Then you can worry about others. Until then, you have to put first in your life, understanding your true nature.

You are not your body. You are not your mind. You are not the world. You are not your ego.

Who are you? Find out. And then see if you’ve got a problem.

—  Robert Adams

anonymous asked:

Hey, Aaliyah. I have a problem. I really don't believe anyone can truly love me. I'm scared of letting someone get too close to me because I'm scared they'll end up leaving eventually. I've been so hurt in the past and no matter how much I try to think more positivly about this, I just won't seem to get over it. Also I'm scared I somehow allow people treat me badly, that I just "pick" the people that treat me like shit. And tbh I don't know if I'm more scared of that or being alone at this point

This is an extremely complex question, because it has many levels, that are all simultaneously connected to one another.  To make it simpler for my mind to comprehend, without explaining in psychological terminology, I’m going to put the key thing’s I noticed from what you said in bullet points, and work from there:   

  • The unconscious fear of rejection expressing itself through feelings of ‘unloved’ or ‘unlovable’, not because one is these things, but the unconscious belief of having to earn love, instead of letting love come by right of consciousness - for simply just being. Maybe growing up one’s parents were not affectionate with their child or more often with each other, resulting in the tendency of needing to prove you are lovable before being loved which then creates more insecurities within itself, for one cannot be all things to all people - it is impossible. 
  • Fear of Abandonment, which expresses itself in two extremes. The most obvious one played out in common relationships would be, being too dependent on someone else as a source of fulfillment and happiness, whether that’s a partner, friend, child, parent etc.The second would be, being so closed off out of fear that you reject human interaction (consciously or unconsciously) creating social isolation, which results in loneliness. Someone gets to this state to due to childhood trauma of being neglected on some level, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Your emotional needs weren’t met, you cried, no one came or more often  you were told to “shut up and stop being soft”, so now one sits in their room alone and cries in the darkness with the expectation of no one will come, yet still has the desire for someone to come and save them, an extremely conflicting complexity manifesting at the same time.
  • Playing the role of the victim. Every victim needs an oppressor, thus inevitably you will “pick” bad people as you said, or you will attract them to, which is really the same thing. Humans are plural beings, we are made from duality, thus opposites of the same pole will always live within you. If you are capable of being hot, you are capable of being cold. If you are capable of being a victim, then you are capable of being an oppressor…so all that is really happening is you are projecting unconsciously your aggression onto someone else or your environment to play out for you. Everyone does this, not just you or I, they key is being conscious of it and trying to balance out the opposites, this is what they refer to as ‘the middle ground’ or ‘the pathway of peace’. Balancing Yin and Yang; Feminine and Masculine within our own psyche. The middle ground for a Victim and an Oppressor was hard to understand, I had to discuss it with my mother first. But then I realised the middle ground is actually a Healer. Healer’s have to experience pain before being able to heal it, thus they have been victims at some point in their life, then healers have to be able to manipulate the energy into something different. Manipulation is a form of oppression if you take it out of the realm of healing/energy and use it against someone’s mind without their permission. So the possible outcome of victimization or oppression is becoming a healer, specifically to people who have suffered the same wound. 

So becoming a healer is your potential, you can turn something that was a dark experience, into the greatest experience of your life by purifying it with light. 

  • Rejection: I healed my own rejection wound, as we all have one, especially if you grew up without one or both parents, by being open to life. Learning simply to just be without trying to win over everything, realising things come to you without any need on your part other than being conscious. The flow of love and life is abundant, it is when we begin to reason with logic that things become stagnant. That’s why meditation and yoga is always recommended, you learn to just go with the flow, to surrender your will (ego) to God and let the divine take control whiles you sit back and enjoy the moment. Affirmations really help, I would suggest these books for this: You can heal your life, The monk who sold his Ferrari, and The Power of Now.
  • Abandonment: I read in one of my astrology books about a meditation that you can do to heal the abandoned wound created in childhood, if I remember correctly you let yourself remember the time in your childhood were you felt alone and needed someone to hold you. You go to that part of yourself, remember yourself at that age, and be to yourself (as the child) in the age you are now and give yourself what you needed. Hold yourself, give yourself words of compassion, try to help yourself understand without trying to diminish the importance of how you felt. Do this for yourself at every age you needed someone to be there for you and that will help you overcome the fear of abandonment, the child in you will understand that it can always trust on you to keep it safe and there will be no need to rely on anyone else because you will be your own greatest guardian. Also understanding that God is everywhere, including within you, wherever you go, there is where god will be…right there with you. Remember God is omnipresent, everywhere at the same time, within everything, nothing can be outside of God. If you feel lonely write to God, I write poems to God when I feel sad or happy and instantly I feel loved, it’s like getting instant love and approval on a deep level. Everyone loves it when someone writes something for them, especially God, trust me try it. The book in becoming closer to God would be The Shack
  • Playing the Victim or Oppressor: I stopped taking myself so seriously, humor will save this world, if you can laugh at yourself instead of be angry at making a mistake, life you will find is much more pleasant and prosperous. Humor, Humility, Oneness and Compassion will save you from all levels of self-defeating behavior. 

My cousin Orianne, who I was talking to at the time writing said this: 

My mate is going through the exact same thing, all I would say is you’re a strong women/male you don’t NEED someone or to be in a relationship. You should just focus on yourself and all the positive energy around you …. Learn to be alone and love yourself and understand you before anyone else can. Relationships are temporary and no women should ever think she is lower then another or feel so insecure because there’s nothing worse then a feeling not good enough or scared.

Hahaha I could write loads but honestly it’s so sad when I hear girls complaining about guys and she is not good enough…. Then walk away that situation should not even exist to you that situation right there should get blocked and you should rise up the queen you’re and become a confident and strong girl who doesn’t need no man but yourself…. Lemme tell you LOVE will ruin and CHANGE a person! It’s so dangerous because honestly you can’t trust anyone these days! So my advice work on yourself , travel and surround yourself with people who bring the best out of you and just live life before it’s tooooo late :)

TV-Writing Twitter Master Class From Javi Grillo-Marxuach @OKBJGM

Earlier today, TV writer and showrunner (and graphic-novel and comic-book writer) Javi Grillo-Marxuach, currently of Syfy’s “Helix,” posted a string of tweets that every aspiring TV writer should read and take to heart.

Edited for punctuation and clarity, here they are:

A staff writer’s first script is literally a spec for the show they’re on (it’s counted against pay), so they’d better know how to write one. Pilots, short stories, plays, are nice ways to get TV writing jobs, but you KEEP the job by successfully mimicking your showrunners’ style. That most agents/managers don’t encourage beginning writers to write specs feels short-sighted. Write a spec, even if just for practice.

Showrunners who say they want only “distinctive” voices are amateurs/posers. By ep. 13, all a showrunner wants is to not have to rewrite. It’s cruel: entry level TV writers are told they get jobs for being “a very special snowflake” when the real work is mimicry and pastiche.

Agents want original pilots because they can sell if you don’t staff. Write one, but better be ready to play in someone else’s sandbox. But know that you need to know how to write a show you didn’t create, in another writer’s style. Write the specs for your own education. Even if your agent won’t read your spec or go out with it, write it! Showrunners want people who UNDERSTAND their job… and the job is this: write ideas your showrunner didn’t have but liked, and write them in the way the showrunner would have if s/he had!

There is nothing more insulting to a staff than an entry level writer who thinks they are only slumming in television so they can “fix” it. Finally: being a staff writer is about surrendering your ego, knowing it is NEVER about you, good or bad. Make peace with that early, often. The two worst personalities in the room, the “Dr. No” (I don’t like that) who hates it but doesn’t have a pitch on how to fix it, ever.

As a staff writer, you may think you understand what’s gone horribly wrong and want to lead the charge to fix it for the sake of the show. Resist that urge at all costs. Your job - and that of most staff positions - is sometimes to produce “proof of lack of concept.” Sometimes you have to give a showrunner’s bad idea the best college try in good faith. It’s not bullets; it’s dry erase ink. Acting like it’s beneath you to take an idea out for a test drive pisses off your boss and is the fast road to being labeled "difficult.” If the room decides an idea doesn’t work, let the co-ep break the news, they get paid very well to take that hit: they are your flak jacket.

Your job on a TV staff is to express your showrunner’s vision, not to insist on your own. Your showrunner’s job is to articulate what Maya Lin called "a strong clear vision” that the staff can follow… but here’s the bummer. Even if a showrunner can’t articulate a clear vision, it’s still your job to find out what you can about it and try to do express it. That’s the Sisyphean task of a TV writer who is not a showrunner: it’s their show for better or worse, there’s no work around for that.

And finally, if you don’t like what your showrunner does, DON’T VISIT IT ON YOUR STAFF WHEN YOU BECOME A SHOWRUNNER. The bad ones teach you more than that good ones sometimes. Our business is legendary for enabling abusers, that’s not a blank check for you to “get yours.” When you get to the top. If you were abused or experienced shitty management on the way up, but don’t stop the cycle, you are every bit as bad as they were to you. Staffs work in harmony when everyone knows their part clearly and plays it to the best of their ability.

In short: whether you’re at the bottom or the top, don’t be a dick.

Just the idea of wanting to awaken is a mistake.
Just the feeling that I want to become awake,
I want to become self-realized,
I want to be liberated, is a mistake,
for it’s part of the thinking process,
and the thinking process can never liberate you.
There are no thoughts that can liberate you.
There are no emotions or feelings that can liberate you,
awaken you, make you free.
It is only when you keep still, when you stop trying,
sort of when you give up.
For when you give up, are you not surrendering?
When you give up all hope of ever getting anywhere,
you’re really surrendering.
And that’s a good sign.
You’re surrendering your ego, your thoughts, your feelings,
and then you become still.
It is in the stillness that things begin to happen, in quietness,
when things begin to happen.
Not when you’re making noise, but when you’re quiet.
—  Robert Adams