surrender to sin

An Open Letter to Catholics and Protestants

Could we just pause for a moment to look at the world around us? There are too many affected by poverty, war and violence. There are families who are broken or struggling to stay together. There are millions of preborn children killed in their mother’s womb with her consent. And there are new levels of sexual deviance evident around us.

The world is starving for Christ’s love.

And yet  we find ourselves content to bicker with each other, to point fingers and to regard each other condescendingly.

Do you think people are surrendering to depravity and sin because they’ve been presented with the gospel and have chosen to reject it or do you think they’ve not heard it yet? Is it not our task to spread the Good News? To be witnesses for Christ?

Doesn’t the song say “They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love”? and not “They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Squabbling and Pettiness”.

For the love of God, stop. 

We are brothers and sisters in Christ. 

We are members of HIS Body, HIS Church. We are not fully united yet but isn’t it our task to strive towards unity? Should we not focus on the things that unite us and seek God to bridge the divide between us?

And for those who think that that divide is too great, let us not forget the even greater chasm that existed between ourselves and God until Jesus redeemed us by His blood. Now it is our duty to live out the grace that we received.

For the Protestants who deny that Catholics are Christian or believe that we are woefully misled in our beliefs, please take the time to read what we do believe from our Catechism and documents and not from interpretations of what we believe.

For the Catholics who are filled with pride, I love my Church as much as the next guy but do you really think that our smug patronization of our Protestant brothers and sisters is pleasing to God? I personally am offended at that as it discredits the many Protestants who have helped me in my faith journey.

There IS someone who delights in our acrimony. 

Satan knows full well that those who need to hear the gospel are less likely to be drawn to Christ if we are busy bickering and are not authentic witnesses to the joy and hope and truth of the gospel.

It grieves me to know that Christ is grieved by our lack of unity. 

Could we not, should we not try to love as Jesus has loved us?

So like the stupid slow bastard that I am – I’ve finally finished The Demon’s Surrender. I DIDN’T WANT IT TO END OKAY I WAS STALLING.

But as you can see, I’m totally and completely in love with Sin and Alan wow. That book hurt me so so much GOD DAMN. Um - Sorry. Take this picture because I love them so much wow. WOW.

sarahreesbrennan THANKS FOR THIS GREAT SERIES. Wish I would have picked it up when they were coming out.