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Time to celebrate and rejoice everyone as Neon Trees are back with a brand new track and music video. The bands latest track Songs I Can’t Listen To is a song which very much relates to the title of the track. Lets face it we’ve all got songs we can’t listen to after a certain event, like how I can’t listen to Youth by Daughter due to bad memories and such. Its quite a good subject to have a song about and Neon Trees have combined the emotional side of it with the upbeat I don’t care style of their music absolutely brilliantly. The music video is also well worth a watch - Jakk

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Wayhaught - Surrender (Music Video)



Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko

🌸What happens when girls surrender?🌸


“They would not let people keep them down and oppress them. The idea of freedom, free speech, and free will will triumphing over the long term — we are seeing that. I think we are seeing a reshuffling of the geo-political order right before our eyes. The new world order everyone has been talking about is starting to take shape, but not in such a malevolent way, hopefully.” Tom Delonge about Surrender music video