“you’re a classicist, huh? well, all roads lead to rome i guess, haha!”

the classicist chuckles along, but there is a nervous tinge to their laughter. yes, all roads lead to rome, they mumble under their breath, glancing with apprehension at their roman architecture book. every single road ends up in the exact same place. there is no escape. rome consumes all.


Photographer Recreates Children’s Nightmares From The 60s In Dark And Twisted Images (16 Photos)

Most of us have at least one unforgettable childhood dream or nightmare that branded itself permanently into our memories.
These powerful and imaginative childhood dreams were what interested photographer Arthur Tress when, in the late 1960s and 70s, he created his psychoanalytic “Dream Collector” series of images, which captured children’s nightmares in terrifying detail.


About 43 seconds into this amateur footage of a fire, the flames begin to emit an eerie screaming sound that is enough to frighten anyone. The whole things gets a little less surreal when you learn that the fire was created from gunpowder being burned inside large steel drums, and the noise created was from holes in the the steel drums, creating a whistle effect.


Paintings by Jennifer Presant

My paintings address the complexity of memory, by blurring and questioning the lines between recollection, projection, and reality. Each painting becomes a psychological landscape or waking dream, examining the notion of “reality”. The shifting environments become a metaphor for the transience of our experience and the indelible impressions they leave in us.