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Being the 4th of July does not change the fact that today is still –

Surreal Saturday!

That’s right. To commemorate this patriotic holiday we remember our French revolutionary comrades by concluding Max Ernst’s La Cour du Dragon (”The Court of the Dragon”) from his 1934 surrealist graphic novel Une semaine de bonté (“A Week of Kindness”). It seems ironic, or perhaps fittingly surreal, that this narrative of melodramatic and violent smokey interiors would end furtively outside on a cold winter night.

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Image via The Guardian

This is pretty much the best thing ever: The Guardian reports that Haruki Murakami will be writing AN ADVICE COLUMN.

The website, named “Murakami-san no tokoro” or “Mr. Murakami’s place” will solicit problems from fans of the surrealist, whose novels are published in dozens of languages around the world.

The publicity-shy writer will pen answers to queries, offering his opinions and advice on how to tackle all manner of difficulties, said Shinchosha Publishing.

“He will receive questions of any kind,” a company spokesman said, adding that he will answer queries written in a variety of languages.

Murakami will also answer fans’ questions on his likes and dislikes - including cats, a favourite animal of his, and the Yakult Swallows, the Japanese baseball team he supports.

Problems and queries will be accepted until the end of January, and Murakami’s answers will be published over the following two months.

I prefer the Nippon Ham Fighters, myself – maybe he and I can argue about baseball when his publishers actually announce the URL (sadly, it isn’t live yet).

However, there is this amazing photo composite from the AV Club to see you through until you can actually send in your questions:

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– Petra