Imagine being able to transport yourself inside the paintings of Salvador Dalí and exploring the singularly surreal worlds he created. The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, FL is currently hosting an awesome interactive exhibit that enables visitors to do just that by using an Oculus Rift headset and a virtual experience created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners.

Entitled Dreams of Dalí, the experience immerses visitors in the world of Dalí’s painting Archaeological Reminiscence of Millet’s “Angelus”:

While “inside” the painting visitors can walk around and explore its vast desert landscape and encounter motifs from some of Dalí’s other paintings, including his towering elephants and the Lobster Telephone.

“The Dalí Museum chose this painting carefully: In the foreground of Dali’s original painting is a tiny silhouette of a man and a child. The child is Dalí. The man is his father. In Dreams of Dalí, you become a viewer and a visitor, a third inhabitant of the surreal dreamscape.

“We want to be that ant, that’s staring at these towers,” says Sam Luchini, a creative director at GS&P. “The lonely feeling, of you being in the middle of the desert and finding those gigantic towers” is the sensation the creators wanted to summon with Dreams of Dalí, which works with Oculus Rift and is part of the Disney and Dalí: Architects of the Imagination exhibit through June 12.”

Watch this video for a taste of the Dreams of Dalí experience:

[via mental_floss, Ufunk, and Wired]


Poetic Surreal Settings by Lory

Focus on the amazing work by Laurent Rosset known as Lory on Instagram. Each images he publishes inpires adventure loves ans fascinate fantasy enthusiasts. The visual stories he creates depict hot-air balloon above a stormy sea or a little craft in direction of a mysterious island.


10-02-16 // It is actually 1:38 but I can’t sleep so whatever.
My literature teacher is nuts, she has this crazy ideas in class where we just waste our time. The first idea was to write a group novel, every single person in class would write a few paragraphs and no one can know about it until it is their turn. It was mine two weeks ago. The second “brilliant” idea was taking a surrealist photo. I had no idea of what to do so I took a picture of me reading Madame Bovary (the background is the shower curtain, don’t judge me) and I deleted my face with a Renoir painting. She loved it.
Plus my History notes because this is a chemistry student who only post about her Spanish History classes.

What Violins Sing in their Bed of Lard

by Hans Arp translated by Paul Auster

the elephant is in love with the millimeter

the snail dreams of the moon’s defeat
his shoes are pale and purged
like the gelatine rifle of a neo-soldier

the eagle owns the motions of a mind’s-eye void
his piss is speckled with gleams

the lion sports a pure and racy gothic mustache
his hide is calm
he cackles like a splotch of encores

the crayfish owns the raspberry’s bestial voice
the apple’s cunning
the prune’s compassion
the pumpkin’s lascivity

the cow takes the parchment path
last in a book of flesh
whose every hair weighs a pound

the snake jumps pricking and pricking
around the dishpan of love
filled with arrow-pierced hearts

the butterfly buttered with straw becomes a butterfly in straw
the butterfly buttered with straw becomes a big butterfly
                                    smothered and pappaed in straw

the nightingale pulls heart-stomachs from gut-brains
that is to say the lilies of roses from the carnations of
the thumb holds its right foot behind its left ear
its left hand in its right hand
on its left leg jumping over its right ear