Persona (1966)

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It took me way too long to see this, but I’m glad I did.

As a technical masterpiece, Ingmar Bergman creates another cinematic genius, among many others. I’ve only seen The Seventh Seal before this, but it was emotionally wonderful.

Here’s the basic story: Bergman wrote and directed, where a young nurse named Alama is assigned to take care of an actress, Elisabet, who has suddenly become mute, even though she is seemingly healthy. Only one of them slowly unravels…

And it’s an Ingmar Bergman film. Can’t wait to watch The Hour of the Wolf, Wild Strawberries, The Passion of Anna, Through a Glass Darkly, etc. 

Really, really excellent. Spam on it’s way.

seeing ppl get callout posts over OC shipping drama is surreal bcus i totally could have been caught up in that shit were i like 3 years younger
L’Appetito Venduto – Sale of An Appetite: surreal drama

SYNOPSIS Emilio, 35, is a poor man always on the prowl for food. One morning the Gentleman, 60, a fat wealthy man, and Gobbari, 45, his right-hand man, lure Emilio into a luxurious restaurant. During the meal, Emilio is offered a huge sum of money to sell his appetite to the Gentleman. Everything the Gentleman eats and drinks will be digested by Emilio. Emilio accepts the proposition and begins to enjoy the pleasures that poverty once deprived him of. After several embarrassing situations caused by the massive amounts of food ingested by the Gentleman, Emilio understands that the ever-growing appetite of his employer won t allow him to live a normal life. Emilio has become a slave to the contract he so eagerly signed. Determined to break this bond between him and the Gentleman, Emilio is ready to give up everything in order to get his life back.   ABOUT THE PROJECT Hello. This is Luigi Rossi, producer of L Appetito Venduto Sale of An Appetite and alongside with Enrico Granato, direct