these past three days have been like the extremely dramatic climax to some surreal experimental drama/action movie like all of the walls are literally crumbling down around our ears and explosions and fire are happening in the background and we’re running through a shower of bullets toward the edge of a rooftop and i honestly have no idea what comes next like babygate tumblrlarrygate larrypress exposedupdateaccounts twitterlarrygateWITHACTUALRECEIPTS and through it all one direction are just up onstage singing songs like nothing is different and like the statue of liberty didn’t just explode in the distance like WHAT IS GOING ON IM SO STRESSED IVE BEEN IN THIS FANDOM FOR THREE YEARS AND IT HAS LITERALLY NEVER ONCE BEEN THIS WILD NOT EVEN WHEN ZAYN QUIT THE BAND

Persona (1966)


It took me way too long to see this, but I’m glad I did.

As a technical masterpiece, Ingmar Bergman creates another cinematic genius, among many others. I’ve only seen The Seventh Seal before this, but it was emotionally wonderful.

Here’s the basic story: Bergman wrote and directed, where a young nurse named Alama is assigned to take care of an actress, Elisabet, who has suddenly become mute, even though she is seemingly healthy. Only one of them slowly unravels…

And it’s an Ingmar Bergman film. Can’t wait to watch The Hour of the Wolf, Wild Strawberries, The Passion of Anna, Through a Glass Darkly, etc. 

Really, really excellent. Spam on it’s way.

proseater asked:

I recommend Kafka on The Shore! My absolute favorite Murakami. I haven't read After the Quake but After Dark was very good, closer to Norwegian Wood in being less Japanese Surrealism and more personal drama. I also recommend 1Q84 but its a thousand pages long so thats a commitment.

you rockkkkk. yeah i think id have to be in love with someone to read that much of their writing. sad but true haha

ERASERHEAD (1977) [download or vk-online]

Título Original: Eraserhead
Título no Brasil: Eraserhead
Direção: David Lynch
Gênero: Drama
Ano de Lançamento: 1977
Duração: 88 min
País: EUA

Sinopse: Em Eraserhead nos deparamos com Henry Spencer, um operário em férias, assim como aparenta estar toda a cidade, um local desértico, decrépito, que faz do protagonista uma engrenagem fora de eixo. Henry tem com Mary um filho, ou como ela diz “ainda é incerto que seja um bebê”. A criança é um ser mutante, com feições reptilianas, que produz estranhos sons. Mary abandona o filho com Henry, e este se vê na árdua tarefa de criar a aberração que pôs ao mundo.
Identity: A Comic Anthology
Identity is the first comic anthology from Northside Comic Artists

Hi tumblr folks! 

I contributed a piece to this anthology called Identity, the first anthology from Northside Comic Artists. It contains the work of fifteen artists who each created a piece grappling with the theme of (you guessed it!) “identity.” These are diverse stories and fantastic black-and-white images with genres ranging from poignant drama to surreal sci-fi and characters including humans, half-humans, lizard men, carrot people, and a ghost. My piece is called “Lorelle the Great,” and it’s about me processing the recent death of my professor and mentor. In fact, you can read the piece right now if you like because it’s my prior tumblr post…

Anyway, now that we’ve finished the comics, we need your help printing it. I would love any support you could contribute–whether that’s reblogging this link, checking out the kickstarter page, or pledging any amount you’re comfortable with. This is my first time being part of a kickstarter or contributing to a published work, so I feel a little bashful talking about it, but I think Northside Comic Artists is a wonderful group and am so grateful to be a part of it. I hope you take a moment to check it out! 

Thank you, and thank you to all who read this blog and share their work. I never knew creating a tumblr account last year would expose me to so many inspiring artists at all levels of their careers and help me find my own artistic voice! Y’all are great.



The Inside Story: Dose of Surreality

Real life dating drama through a supernatural lens. The cast and crew explain why there’s never been anything like Man Seeking Woman on TV.

The Seventeenth


Nineteen year old Arlette Chiara Sivizaca Conde -AKA Arlette Chiara- is a Berlin based surreal fine art photographer, who believes quintessentially that “every photograph should tell a tale”.  She mixes drama and surrealism to make her work interesting and captivating and takes the viewer into an altogether different world. 

On her facebook page, Chiara says “ Nature is what inspires me. Cities are built with human hands. Their limitations are where people put them. Nature though is boundless.” She believes that photography is a thread which binds humans with nature and their surroundings and together they complement each other. 

I really like that her images each contain a story and how lovely and dreamy they are, and then sometimes are a little bit creepy too:

For more info see her facebook page:

or this interview:


the drama!