Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop

word count: 1.7k (exactly wow)

genre: fluff.

warnings: swearing, but that’s it…

based off the prompt: “I just spilled coffee all over you and i’M SO SORRY but now you’re laughing and shaking your head and I’m falling hardcore in love with you.”

beta: beth (you were a great help tysm!) <3

A/N: This song is nice to listen to while reading this and it the inspiration for the title. (It is also just one of my favourite songs in general). (Originally posted in May before I deleted my blog!)

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Dmitri: “I can’t believe we’ve got such a beautiful family… this is so surreal.”

Jonah: “It’d be nothing without you, babe. You’re the reason we had Denver and you’re the reason we adopted Juno. You’re the mastermind behind our beautiful family.”

“I love you.”

Got back from my interview and I think it went pretty well! The art and creative directors were really nice and they had me and the other intern applicant tour the building and meet with the art team and programmers. They had us there for four hours (holy balls a four hour interview) but they seemed pretty excited about working with us from what I could tell. They seemed to like us both for different reasons and  we filled the positions available, so it wasn’t like I was competing with the other guy.

 I should find out if I got the job or not in about week or so. Then it would be just a matter of when they get new computers and cubicles in :> 

WE GET OUR OWN WORK CINTIQS *squees* I didn’t even consider that!  It’d be surreal going from my at home laptop set up to a desktop with dual screen monitors and a cintiq tablet :’D 

 But now anxiety is kicking in and I’m just going to plant myself in this here chair and wait for my chest to stop feeling light and flighty

I miss enjoying every second of life at Bonnaroo. So much freedom. So much positivity, happiness, and love all in the atmosphere. Love and passion oozing out of my pores in reciprocation to the bodies around me. Amazing music being played. The vibrations on the farm were surreal. I’d do anything to have it be June 9th, 2015, just one more time.
It’s okay though. I’ll be back next year.

transcription work is becoming every bit as surreal as i’d hoped it would be. i spent 2 hours listening to this loyalty rewards interview with this guy who just.. couldn’t stand the number 4 for some reason. heard his voice played backwards and at really slow speeds. wrote down every word he said. it was a dreamlike experience.