surreal tiger man

spn fic: Castiel is Saved

I said, “You saved my life.” And he said, “I guess it’s mine then.”

Summary: Castiel’s last days in Purgatory, wherein he is rescued not by an incursion of angels, but by a surreal tiger man. (This is not rpf.) Gen. 2,010 words.


Dean Winchester is saved.

He kneels there for a long time, after Dean is gone and all light has faded, and this is what rings in his mind. He remembers shouting it to all of Heaven, to every angel, when he had finally pulled that struggling soul from the Pit. He shouts it again now, though there are none to hear but monsters. He does not care about monsters, and he does not care about Leviathan, and so he shouts it with all the strength of his vessel and with every dimension of his own being. The sound of it is not the full sound of this body at its strength, nor the rolling multicolored ring of his own true voice, but a broken and shuddering cry.

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