surreal body


Drawings that grew from ink splatters. I don’t like to work this way all the time, but it’s a good way to open up a stuck mind, and the drawings come out strange and wild. 

I have posted that last one before but this photo should be a bit nicer than the previous one, which was taken with my phone. 

- Harry’s eyes were wet for the first couple of songs and his hands trembling.
- Amazing. It was just… surreal. Out of body experience.
- Sweet Creature was the first song he wrote in Jamaica.
- During two ghosts a couple of people from our side brought out a fucking rainbow flag and Harry saw it because people started shouting.
- I am a shell of a human being
- Woman and Kiwi are amazing live
- People LOST IT for Stockholm Syndrome

I want more surreal body horror characters. I want abstractly spooky monsters, I want terrifying masses of hands and flowers who steal away those that cannot keep secrets. I want a boy whose mouth hangs over his head like a halo, a column of eyes down his spine, who is just as friendly as anyone else you’d meet on the street. Sentient waterfalls with illogical gaps in the water, a mother who is a confusing tumble of cubes with strings chaining them together. Give me surreal monsters.