Auto-Erotic Sphinx with Toys by Cody Allen Seekins, 2013. Oil on Canvas, 24 x 30 inches.

Artist’s note:

In this image, a giant sphinx spoons itself in erotic play within an aquatic-styled environment littered with various denizens. These creatures include symbols and archetypes, both current and nostalgic – each inhabiting a rootedness within mass cultural adolescence. These include Servbots from the Megaman series (apparently having wandered off from Ms. Tron Bonne), Mario Brothers inspired mushrooms, Pacman, a distant sea faring rubber duck, creatures sporting the symbols of Gaara from the Naruto anime, and a Pokemon-like rabbit–a novel incarnation of Ganesha indicated by the Shiva trident on its nose. In addition a few sea creatures partly inspired by sea monsters of western antiquity conglomerate along the mid-left side of the composition. The Sphinx itself is a conglomeration of aquatic, fetishist, ancient Egyptian, and 80s style adornments, both living as in a clown fish, or material, such as a cassette tape. Nautically colored antennae receive somatic signals from the atmosphere beyond, perhaps from the 8 Ball moon or giant ringed planet beyond.



Leszek Kostuj

My name is Leszek Kostuj. I was born in Pleszew, in 1973.
I graduated from Pedagogy and Art Department at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. I am involved in painting, drawing, and traditional and computer graphics. Oil and acrylic painting is my preferred favourite.

I started from small realistic drawings, then paintings inspired by surrealism cropped up, and works at the boundary of surrealism and allusive abstraction.
My art is in constant change, I am in search of the forms of artistic communication that would be optimal for me. When I begin to paint, it is quite frequent that I do not ponder over the final effect.