Duaji njerëzit, edhe sikur të të dëshperojnë, edhe sikur të të hedhin baltë, të lëndojnë, të shesin, të shajnë. Perpiqu ti shohësh në sy dhe te kuptosh një mijë arsyet pse e bëjnë ate që bëjnë. Mendo që ligesia është fuqi e huaj, e sundon njeriun dhe shpesh është më e fortë se ai. Dhe ti qeshi ne surrat, duke ju treguar qe tek ty mbizoteron fuqia e së mirës.


This was actually taken over the course of two days which I would NOT recommend doing lol. Tbh it’s very dangerous to hit up the same store two days in a row but hey

🌸Boscia black mask: $34

🌸Origins peel mask: $26

🌸YSL lipsticks (x3): $37 (each)

🌸Anastasia Brow definer: $23

🌸Urban Decay setting spray: $30

🌸NARS creamy concealer: $29

🌸YSL bronzer: $55

🌸Better than sex mascara: $23

🌸Givenchy lipstick: $36

🌸Tatcha setting spray: $48

🌸Make up forever ultra HD foundation: $43

🌸Make up forever step 1 primer: $37

🌸Becca highlighter: $38

🌸Becca backlight primer: $37

🌸Becca shimmering skin perfector: $41

🌸Marc jacobs eyeliners (x2): $25 (each)

🌸Kat von D tattoo liner: $20

🌸Anastasia clear brow gel: $22

🌸Buxom empty eyeshadow palette: $40

🌸Buxom eye shadows (x6): $12 (each)

🌸Sephora foundation brush: $36

🌸Sephora highlighting fan brush: $27

🌸NARS single eyeshadow: $29

🌸Surrat bronzer: $32

🌸Formula X nail polish: $11

💖💖GRAND TOTAL: $951 💖💖

anonymous asked:

Hello. Im kind of new using makeup and I was wondering, since your a makeup artist and all, if you could possibly recommend me some of your favorite products? thanks! (btw your gorgeous)

- Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation (Not a lot people like this because it doesn’t “cover up” well and they don’t like the new formula. However, I think this is amazing because it’s ‘buildable coverage’ and it’s also lightweight.) ** You don’t have to take my word for it, but if you’re gonna invest in any makeup product, invest in a good foundation. 

- NARS Blushes are amazing. “Orgasm” and “Deep Throat” go off. 

- MAC’s Pro Longwear Concealer is my favorite concealer thus far. Bobbi Brown’s Concealer & Corrector Palette is also another great concealer product. 

- Morphe brushes are good quality and if you’re on a budget, their prices are fair in my opinion. Check out Sigma as well. 

- BECCA’s Shimmering Skin Perfector is !!!! If you want to glow and look healthy, this is the stuff honestly. If you’re feeling expensive, check out Tom Ford’s Shade & Illuminate. 

- If you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend like $18 a lipstick from MAC, check out MILANI. It’s like $5-$6 dollars a tube and they’re just as good. 

- SURRAT Auto-Graphique eyeliner is my favorite eyeliner (liquid). If you’re into gels which I recommend, try Bobbi Brown or better yet the Inglot AMC eyeliner. MAC’s pencils I heard are also very good. 

- Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade is still my favorite brow product. You can use eyeshadow as well for your brows if you don’t want to buy brow products. 

- Chanel’s ‘Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzer’ is amazing to warm up the face and give your base a ‘natural’ finish if you feel your foundation looks too light on your skin. 

… that’s all i can think of at the top of my head right now. 

Your New York Fashion Week Tumblrs, Fall 2015 Edition

Every six months, we put together a crew of bloggers, gather them up in New York City, and send them off to the runways and parties and backstage shenanigans of Fashion Week. From now until the 19th, their blogs (and the #nyfw tag) will be filled with clothes from the near-future. Enjoy.

Joel Castillo (whatdoiwear)
Proprietor of What Do I Wear and creator of extremely useful runway GIFs.

Remington Guest (cheapbesthidden)
A canny food blogger with a sharp socks-and-sandals game.

Kat Irlin (katinnyc)
Globetrotting photographer-at-large.

Mario Kroes (mariokroes)
German-born. Picture-taker. Bi-coastal. Black-and-white. Beautiful.

Romain Laurent (romainlaurent)
Surrational GIF'er of loops.

Meagan Morrison (travelwritedraw)
Young Canadian watercolor whiz.

Ryan Plett (youbroketheinternet)
Delightfully scruffy camera genius.

All images via their respective blogs. See you at #nyfw

Texture bomb.

Clownsuit from Cave’s Surrational Series.