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Clownsuit from Cave’s Surrational Series.

Colourised photograph of Lewis Powell (April 22nd, 1844 - July 7th, 1865)

Lewis Powell was part of the conspiracy to cut off the head of the United States government by assassinating its key leaders. Powell’s job was to go to Seward’s home and murder him while he slept. This, along with the failed assassination attempt on Vice-President Andrew Johnson, meant that if Powell were to succeed then at least the conspirators would successfully carry out two out of three assassinations.

Powell hid for three days after his assassination attempt however he had the misfortune of turning up at Mary Surrat’s boarding house at the exact moment she herself was being arrested for her role in the plot. Powell could not give a good reason as to why he was there so he was arrested and taken to the Navy Yard. He was found guilty by a military tribunal and was sentenced to hang. On July 7th, 1865 he and the other three conspirators were executed. (x)