I honestly love hearing all this mon-el hate.

Hear me out – people could literally just be mature? and like ??? not post hate and respect ships ?? like what is you calling people rude names gonna do ?? Make people stop shipping something ?? make them leave the website ?? make you feel better ?? that means you felt threatened in the first place ?? 

Do you seriously have nothing better to do than harass people on the internet ??

i’m really tired of people not giving mon-el the credit that he deserves. of course he had his flaws when we first met him because perfect characters are boring. he was raised in a corrupt system where he knew nothing else. and then he ended up on earth and saw that people can have another system of equality. and then he immediately grabs onto that new system and, when he seems to be forced to go back to the old, corrupt system he attempts to make this homeworld better for everyone. is he perfect? of course not. but he sure as hell is learning.