A really good example of a microaggression from systematic ableism in american society is that in public speaking classes you’ll lose points on graded speeches if you don’t make enough eye contact. As someone who’s autistic and struggles with sensory processing in addition to a very avoidant personality, it’s extremely unfair to take away points for my inability to make consistent and frequent eye contact with those in my audience. Even in one-on-one conversation, you can easily notice that I will spend more time looking in a different direction than making eye contact. It’s not because I’m disinterested in the conversation, or not trying to speak directly to others, it’s because making eye contact makes me uncomfortable and distressed, and to give me a lower grade based on a habit that was developed from a disability of mine is ableism no matter how you look at it (no pun intended). It’s no different than docking points from someone with a physical disability that prevents them from doing certain exercises in a phys ed class. It’s unfair to grade an autistic person’s abilities that are specifically impaired by their autism, and not many people realize or say anything about it.

don't forget allism awareness month is coming up!

What are your strategies for dealing with friends and family affected by allism? What new therapies and potential cures are on the horizon for the tragedy of allism? How do you support and help loved ones overcome this often-tragic condition?

Throughout April, this blog will shine a much-needed spotlight on this little-understood disorder. Join in by sharing your personal experiences here!

Friendly language reminder!

Autistic and neurotypical are not pure opposites.

Neurodivergent and neurotypical are complete opposites.

Autistic people are one subcategory of neurodivergent. The opposite of autistic is non-autistic. (Some people say “allistic” for “non-autistic,” but this term is controversial.)

It is possible for someone to be neurodivergent (non-neurotypical) and not be autistic. For example, a non-autistic person with ADHD is not neurotypical, and not autistic.

  • Allistic people: High functioning Autistics are not allowed an opinion on Autism because they don't understand the ~true suffering~ of it
  • Allistic people: Low Functioning Autistics are also not allowed an opinion on Autism because they are confused and can't be trusted to know whats best for them
  • Allistic people: Oh man, so who should speak for Autistic people?
  • Allistic people: ...
  • Allistic people: Omg.....its me.....I am the true voice for Autistic people. I will now devote my life to telling Autistic people to shut the hell up whilst I tell them how much I want to eradicate them
  • Allistic People: I am an angel, a brave warrior of justice, the true champion of the weak and voiceless
Stop romanticizing allism!

All uses of “you” are general.

OMG why does everyone keep self-diagnosing themselves with allism? I know actual people with allism and it’s so horrible and sad! They sit too still, they can’t communicate except to use too many words and they act too spontaneously. People with allism are so hard to take care of because they need so much socialization!

I won’t listen to anyone on the internet with allism because they’re too high functioning for it to matter. They aren’t like this person I know. I want everybody to feel sorry for me and what I have to deal with every damn day!

Hey, can the punks who think allism is a trendy diagnosis fuck off now? These allism fakers go around romanticising allism like it’s a Chanel bag and I hate them for saying anything positive about allism or having allism. 

There is nothing good about having allism, so stop this trendy shit! 

If you really had allism you would be miserable every second of every day because I know what you’re experiencing better than you do and your struggles don’t count if I can’t see them!

I’m autistic, but I’m an Allism Expertᵀᴹ and nobody knows more about allism than me!

Note: This post is satire.

My friend with aspergers posted this on facebook and while my initial reaction was “@ myself, stay in ya lane ho” bc I’m allistic, my forthcoming reaction was “gonna stay in this lane but something about this doesn’t seem right, from the fact that people assume that all people with aspergers syndrome will get along and understand each other automatically to the fact that my friend assumes that all people with aspergers syndrome are on the same spectral point as him BUT I WILL STAY IN THIS LANE”

anyway, I’m curious to know your thoughts. This is the same friend that described himself as having “autistic lips” because “autistic kids have big lips” which also didn’t sit well with me, but if all of this is just allistic discomfort, then drag me please

If allistics were labeled and treated the same way autistic people get labeled and treated.
  • Mild / high functioning allism: Almost autistic enough to pass undetected in autistic society and they have some use to capitalism. They don't look allistic all the time, but if you catch them at the right time you can spot it. A little humiliation and shame will help them cover up those allistic behaviors in public and make them acceptable to autistic society.
  • Severe / low functioning allism: Useless to capitalist society and unable to understand anything. They look very noticeably allistic at all times and they have nothing useful to say, so let's abuse their allistic behavior away to make them acceptable for autistic society and use them as the standard for why allism needs curing.
  • autie: hey this is actually a really shitty rhetoric that hurts autistic people so can you please not promote it?
  • A Normal™: uMM i beg ur pardon but have you considered that maybe it's actually HELPING you? i don't know much about autism but my neighbor's pen pal's pet rock is autistic so i know enough to know that autists need us typical developers to show you the error of your ways and HEY DON'T GET SALTY IT'S JUST MY OPINION STOP ATTACKING ME
  • what you say: my little brother has autism so i think i know what i'm talking about.
  • what you mean: i don't actually know enough about autism to debate about it, so i use my sibling to make it seem like i know more than i do and to gain sympathy from other allistics because apparently our opinions hold more value than those of actual autistic people and my brother could very well grow up to resent me for it but no one will take his concerns seriously anyway.

I just realized something: allistics often lack special interests, but make up for it by being able to detect people’s emotions easily without so much as asking. They also tend to have slightly above average motor skills. Perhaps they merely have an intense special interest in the movements of the human body, especially in social situations? This intense fixation is normal in young children, but allistics never grow out of it, in stead becoming so good at it that it becomes subconscious. Perhaps some outside agent causes this, like vaccines. I’ve heard allism symptoms start manifesting around the time a child gets their shots, is it possible vaccines are the cause?

What is it with neurotypicals and their bizarre conception of ~life experience~ as this fungible commodity that makes someone across-the-board more qualified than any other given person?

Like. Seriously. This crops up everywhere.

My mom: “I’m worried about you, honey. You’re smart, but you don’t seem to have a lot of life experience”.

You must gain more life experience. You must construct additional pylons.