“In a way the song is, is kinda is about our relationships with the fans, without the fans, we couldn’t- well we couldn’t be anything without the fans” - Liam Payne

“The support from the fans is the reason we’re here. They’ve been…incedible I think everytime that we think that they can’t surpsise us anymore, they do, as soon as they have the chance….it’s amazing” - Harry Styles

“Sometimes you’re having a bad day or whatever and you just- once the show starts, you literally go ot there, hear that first roar and it’s just, it’s a game changer you’re like "why was I even like that?” - Niall Horan

“What we tried to do with the music on this album was make it grow with us as we’ve grown and, you know, hopefully the fans have grown with it as well and, and they get to see that progression” - Zayn Malik

“In a way you can kinda say they’ve grown up with us, so, I mean, it’s important that the music does as well” - Liam Payne

“It’s always nice when you come back to a video shoot and uh…have the guys outside waiting…um….yeah, it’s always nice to see” - Louis Tomlinson

“They’re always in their thousands outside…shut down streets and stuff, they’re very good at that” - Niall Horan

“We’re incredibly lucky to have the fans that we have and…they’re outrageous. They’re amazing” - Harry Styles

“This song’s for you guys so we hope you like it”