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34 + hoshi

34. First time using a sex toy

This is the last one of the 1k scenarios! They’re all done now yaay c: Thank you so much for being patient with me

“You got me a sex toy?!”

“A mini one!” Hoshi pointed out, as if that would make your reaction any less dramatic.

“And it’s in your favourite colour as well!”

“How…thoughtful of you…” you said slightly sarcastically. You were totally baffled by his gift, not expecting to receive anything like this, especially from him. What were you supposed to do with it? Or, okay, it was clear what he wanted you to do with it but you had no experience on objects like this inside of you. So far, you had been happy with only him inside of you, so the thought of an extremely powerful vibrating object inside of you scared you.

“We could try it out, you know, to see if it’s broken or doesn’t work well. Then I could maybe get a refund, ” Hoshi said, his grin wider than before. His mind was probably racing all over the place. “A refund of a used vibrator?” you asked, raising your eyebrow at him. There was no way that could happen.

“Listen, sweetheart. All I want is to make you feel good and I know that this would make you feel even better. Wouldn’t you want to try it?”

The idea of him using the vibrator on you sent chills down your spine, turning you on more than you thought it would’ve. You were nervous, but everything Hoshi said was true - there was no denying that the vibrator would make you feel good. After all, it was made for pleasure.

“Promise to take it slow?” You asked, lips turning into a slight pout.

“Of course.”

Taking one large stride, Hoshi stops right in front of you, bringing his fingers to grasp your chin. You expect him to kiss you, but he doesn’t and instead he stares at you, lips parted and his breath heavy.  

“You know I would do anything for you princess,” his voice dark and surprisingly calm.

Your stomach twists at his tone, reminding you of the times he was extremely dominant with you. This was clearly not the soft Hoshi who gave you random piggy back rides and asks for cuddles after a long day but his gaze was not as piercing as it had been those times when he was full of lust and desire. Since this was something completely new for the both of you, Hoshi didn’t want to make you uncomfortable or push you past your limits.

Goosebumps immediately appeared on your skin as Hoshi brought his hand to your hip, his fingertips softly grazing the skin underneath your shirt. His gaze was locked on your expression, seeing dozens of emotions flashing in your eyes.

“We don’t have to do this Y/N, this is all about you.”

His dark eyes are full of sincerity and concern and your breath hitches as he runs the back of his finger down your cheek. He was so gentle, the touch on your skin just enough to calm your nerves. You bit your lip, unable to trust your voice so you settled for a nod. You wanted to do this.

He grins, gripping the hem of your shirt, tugging it off of you and throwing it on the floor, soon followed by your bra and your panties. He leans down, pressing his lips against yours in a first sweet kiss, until his teeth found your lower lip. He nibbled on your lip, biting down just enough to elicit a gasp from you.

Both of his hands now rub your sides, up and down and then he’s reaching up, grabbing your breasts in each hand. Rolling your nipples between his index finger and thumb, still kissing you as hungrily as before. A quiet moan slips between your lips, and you decide to swing your arms behind his neck and pull him even closer.

At that point, you could feel his prominent erection rub against your lower stomach, and a low groan escapes his mouth.  “You’re so fucking beautiful,” he groans, shedding himself of his shirt and pants quickly. They join your shirt and underwear in a pile on the floor, forgotten as soon as they leave his body. His focus back on your lips and breasts again.  

Hoshi guided you to sit on the couch, pushing your knees apart, only to reveal your already wet core. He kneels down in front of you and leans forward to place small kisses on your thighs.

You sigh, leaning your head to the back of the couch, watching him slowly caress your upper thighs with his warm lips. His teeth dug in to the area just next to your heat, lips sucking your soft skin into his mouth. You gripped the edge of the couch with your hands with all the strength that you had - you were so sensitive to his touch, it was nearly impossible to stay still.

Hoshi brought his hand between your legs, slowly running his finger up your slit. Your eyes fluttered closed, a quiet breath escaping your lips as the tip of his finger brushed against your clit. He smiled against your thigh, feeling the wetness left on his finger, and pulled it back to slip it in his mouth.

His gaze locked on yours as he sucked it clean, bringing it out of his mouth and dropping his hands to your thighs, rubbing up and down.

“How do you feel Y/N? Do you think you’re ready for the toy?”

You swallow and take a deep breath, “Incredibly good,” you nod. “I’m ready.”

Hoshi continues to stare at you, looking for any sign that contradicts your statement. But he finds none, because it’s true, you’re ready and you trust him and if it was anyone else you’d be uncomfortable.

He leans down, pressing a soft kiss to your clit, before replacing his lips with the slightly cold head of the vibrator. His thumb flicks something on the bottom, turning it on.

It begins vibrating, sending sparks of pleasure all over you. You can’t help but to whimper as he moves  the vibrator in small circles around your clit slowly. You arched your back, lifting your hips to create friction with the vibrator, already needing more.

He nearly moans by just watching you squirming on the couch, his name constantly falling from your mouth.

“Please, more.”

Without hesitation, he flicks the switch up to three, the vibrations immediately turning harder. A loud groan leaves your mouth as he presses it down on your clit. Your toes curl and your legs shake, and if he wouldn’t be pinning them down, you would be sliding off the couch.

Hoshi watches your reactions, and after a while, he removes the vibrator from your clit and instead, slides it down to your entrance. Your eyes shoot open, looking down to meet his gaze on you. You were not expecting the sensation to be so different.

Quick breaths continued to fall from your mouth, your walls clenching as he slowly thrusted the vibrator into you. You could feel the vibrations in your stomach, which was a sensation you never knew existed, making you feel so good you didn’t know it was even possible to feel this way.

Hoshi’s gaze was still on you, his cock twitching as your back arched off of the couch. “Fuck, babe…I can’t take it much longer,” you groaned, unable to form a coherent sentence as he pulled the vibrator out, thrusting it back into you. He cursed, intently watching you react to the vibrator slipping in and out of you. “You’re taking it so well,” he commented, returning his lips on the skin on your thigh.

He turned the vibrator onto the most powerful mode, and in seconds, the ball in the pit of your stomach broke. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head and you grabbed Hoshi’s hair and pulled his face into your heat, eliciting a groan from him. He happily licked your juices as your body was still jolting from the intense pleasure. in once more, and the ball in your stomach broke loose.

After you came down from your high and loosened your grip on his hair, he got up and smiled at you, taking your hand in his. “Did you like it, honey?”

You pushed your hair back as you were still trying to catch your breath. “Yeah,” you whispered, smiling back at him. Hoshi was smiling brightly as he stood up and sat next to you, pulling you in for a hug. You wrapped your arms around him and whispered that you loved him. “I love you too,” he said, kissing the top of your head.

“I think we need to take care of your situation as well,” you said after noticing how erect he was, precum leaking from the tip of his cock. “Do you want to try the vibrator?” you asked, half as a joke. His reaction was priceless, as he vigorously shook his head, looking down at the vibrator in his hand. “I think I’m good, all I really need is you, trust me.”

You laughed at his words and gave him a sweet kiss, your hand already rubbing on his erection.

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Lotte World Adventure

Summary: A cute date out to Lotte World with Taehyung.
Member: Taehyung x Reader
Type: Fluff
Length: 1,847 Words

After looking up all of Lotte World for this, I really really want to go there for a date. It seems like so much fun! Anyways, I hope you guys like this scenario <3

-Admin Kat

Originally posted by averageoppa

“Slow down!” You tried to scream over the sound of laughter, screaming, mechanics, and joyful children music. You had to practically run to keep up with your boyfriend, pushing past and between people as you tried to keep sight of Taehyung’s bobbing head. He was weaving through the crowd with obvious years of practice. You almost resorted on jumping onto a bench to get a better glimpse above the crowd. “Tae, slow down!” You yelled again. This time he seemed to actually listen to you. He stopped dead in his tracks, causing you to unexpectedly run into him.

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Everlasting Party - Mystic Messenger Time Loop AU (pt 25)

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Summary: You’re caught in a time loop during the 11 days leading up to the RFA’s party unless you can do… what, exactly?

13+ Spoiler-free…kinda? Doesn’t spoil any events from the game, though I do mention a thing or two about the organization Unknown is with. I think you first learn about it in Yoosung’s route. …Frankly if you’ve read this far, I expect you’re fine for spoilers :P

But how to get inside…?

He can hack the security cameras – give them a dummy feed that just loops over the same empty hallway. But the RFA’s hacker is good; he’ll notice it rather quickly, and then he’ll call their new member to warn her or something. From his observations she seems to be a highly suspicious person, so it’s also unlikely that she’ll willingly unlock the door, even if he’s disguised as someone else.

The passcode to the apartment has changed, too. If he brings his laptop he can probably hack it, but there’s the matter of time, again – he’ll have to give the security cameras the dummy feed and time it so that the hacker doesn’t have time to warn their new member that something is up. He might be able to distract the hacker if he lets him know about V’s current situation, but it’s a gamble he’s decided not to take.

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[Gifs not mine. This fanfic was requested by @nightlovechild​ detailing the Jokers interaction with Griggs before Harley enters the room in this fic WARNING: THIS FIC IS GOING TO BE FAIRLY GRAPHIC AND TWISTED. (Surprisingly less twisted than I intended but if again, you all would like the original just shoot me a message. Again, I do take requests]

            Y/N was curled up in the limousine with her head in my lap like a child. So pale, so fine, and back where she belongs. 
           “Are you my friend?” I asked, stroking Y/N hair.
           Griggs looked at me in that half stupid half frightened way that made me want to staple his tongue to his forehead. 
           “Yeah man, yeah, we’re cool, you know me.” 
           The car stopped and I grinned at him, “I’m going to need you to be quiet for this part.” 
           “What part?” He asked before Panda yanked him from the car.
           I absently stroked Y/N’s hair as he struggled yelling “get off me” before he was dragged out of hearing range.
           I got a little surprise for ya, honey. I carried her up to the penthouse, laying her down on the bearskin rug before covering her up. When you wake up the real fun will begin.

***Time skip, Griggs P.O.V

           I woke up with a headache worse than initiation week in college when I woke up naked and hog-tied on the dean’s desk. This wasn’t as funny though, not even close. I was bound to a chair in the middle of the Joker’s decked out pad. When I had got up here I had tried to run only to get tackled and my head smashed on the kitchen floor. I struggled against my restraints.
           “Yo! Yo Mister J, what’s up? What did I do?”
           The man himself walked around barefoot and shirtless like I wasn’t tied to a chair in the middle of his living room. In fact, he almost danced around, waving his arms with a knife in one hand like he was conducting the dopest concert in the world. Walking past me I yelled out as he cut my shoulder, then again as he cut my cheekbone.
“What’s the deal man?!” I demanded.
“Shhh, you’re going to ruin the best part.”
           He waltzed around the penthouse, banging around in the kitchen and carrying a silver tray with a bottle of grape soda and a rose to another area of the house. I’m not gonna’ lie I was panicking, this was worse than being held at gunpoint by Floyd during his ‘Tryouts’. 
           “Tell me, friend, do you like films?” The Joker asked, appearing once again.
           I gulped. “Yeah,” My voice was high and I cleared my throat. “Yeah, I like a good movie, action ya know, that’s my shit.” 
           “Action,” he repeated, his eyes lighting up when saying “Violence.”
           “Yeah, yeah, you know the deal.” 
           “What about… torture films?” He asked, his breathing coming out heavy and sweat dripped down the back of my neck.
           “Nah, I uh, I like action. Torture kinda isn’t my-”
           He held up his cell phone and all of the air in my lungs left in a whoosh as I watched the video I had filmed of me and his girl. I watched as security footage played footage of the prison that I didn’t want to know how he got access to. I licked my lips. 
           “Torture isn’t your thing? Isn’t your thing? Isn’t. Your. Thing?” He said mockingly.
           “N-n-n-n-now hey man. We’re cool. I-I-I-I-I was just doin’ my job, i-i-i-it was before I knew you man, ya know? I-I-I-I helped you remember? I g-g-gave her the phone, don’t look at me like that m-man.” I stuttered and he sat down in my lap, grinning.
           “Don’t frown, we’re all friends here.” He purred.
           “Yeah, yeah man, we’re friends.”
           “Let’s turn that frown upside down buddy, LETS PUT A SMILE ON THAT FACE!”
I nearly blacked out; all I could do was scream as he grabbed my face, sticking the blade of his razor in my mouth as he carved it open. Tears streamed down my cheeks as saliva and blood dribbled down my chin.
           My speech was garbled as I tried to beg “Puh- puh-leesh mista J. I’m shorry, puh-leesh, I’ll do any-fing you want. Any-fing.”
           He laughed, smacking my face with a purple gloved hand and I whimpered, hearing the squelch of my blood, and feeling the tug of my flesh as it flapped open. 
           “You hurt my Y/N. You tortured her, you touched her, you find my baby sweet, pal?”
           “Huck you man, huck you.”
           He grinned again, pulling a long tube from his pant pocket he grabbed me, jamming it into my nose and I cried out.
           “The doctor says don’t move,” he cackled.
           I struggled, feeling it in the back of my throat. I started to gag, tears burning my eyes. “Now swallow, pal.”
           I was crying, gagging as I felt the tube go down. “Strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla?”          
          He asked as he hooked up the tube to a machine with thick, mucky looking shit in it that in no way looked like strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla. Almost as soon as it pumped into me I was vomiting it to the side, I felt the odorous liquid come out my nose and it burned on its way out. The taste of it made me fear what the concoction contained but after a few minutes he turned it off. 
           “My job is to keep you alive until you die!” He quoted me.
           “My girl is going to have so much fun with you.” He purred. 
           All I could do was bow my head, and regret ever taking that fucking job at Belle Reve. “Go to hell,” I managed to croak after a few tries. 
           “Awww pal, we’re already there!” He sat down on the metal table across from me. 
           “Don’tcha just love Spring break?”
           “I shouldn’t have touched her,” I croaked.
           “No, you really shouldn’t have.”
'Grey's Anatomy': Who is Jo Wilson, really? | EW

Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy finale finally revealed the reason why Jo Wilson won’t marry Alex — and you probably didn’t see that twist coming.

After surprisingly turning down Alex’s (Justin Chambers) proposal once again, it seemed the end was nigh for the couple fans refer to as Jolex. Lamenting her inability to tell Alex why she couldn’t marry him, Jo (Camilla Luddington) decided to get drunk and reveal the truth to DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti): She’s already married.

Years prior, Jo married a man whom everyone loved, but who secretly abused her, so she ran. If she tried to divorce him, he would find her. In fact, Jo Wilson isn’t even her real name. Unfortunately, the reveal comes out as DeLuca helps a drunken Jo into bed, accidentally falling on top of her just as Alex walks in. Alex responds, well, just about how you’d expect him to: by punching DeLuca. How will this change things with Jolex? And who is Jo Wilson, really? EW turned to Luddington to find out:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Jo Wilson is not Jo Wilson! How long have you known that about her?
CAMILLA LUDDINGTON: I really didn’t know much at all. I knew midway through the season that Shonda [Rhimes] was wanting to explore her backstory. I had assumed it was probably going to be relationship-wise maybe with an ex, just because of the lingering question of engagement, but I didn’t know which way she was going. I had no idea until the table read that Jo was married. I had no idea that her name wasn’t Jo Wilson, too. That was completely shocking. Nobody else knew at the table read either, so everyone was gasping at the table read. I still have no idea what her name is. It’s weird, because I feel like she has this [whole other] identity that now I’m questioning everything.

What was your reaction to learning about this abusive past?
I was thinking about this myself in going back and thinking about other moments. I still think that when Alex asked her to marry him around episode 8, she was going into that apartment to break up with him because of where she felt like her relationship was at. Him throwing that in there, I think there was no way she was going to divulge any information about something she felt so incredibly vulnerable about at that point. I don’t think it was the reason why she left him hanging. She wants to see where the relationship was going.

What’s happened is this is a person who has been described to me as very charismatic but extremely dangerous to her. She thinks that filing for divorce papers would out where she is. She’s been living in secret. It would also be dangerous for Alex. So it’s a really sad situation she feels like she’s in where she also cannot tell the person that she’s trying to protect, and therefore might lose them, too. It was really difficult to play. It was really heartbreaking to play. I also feel like it was difficult because she had so many opportunities to maybe, in that finale, tell him, like during that conversation where he’s really grilling her, and she just can’t do it.

Worse, Alex catches her half-naked and drunk in bed with DeLuca. How does that damage the trust between Jo and Alex?
That was the last scene we filmed. We may have even filmed all of that finale in chronological order for me personally. I was glad that it was the last scene that I filmed, because I walked away from the season, and I posted a picture on Instagram, which nobody knew at the time [what it meant]. It’s a picture of me, I dragged my bed covers onto the couch, and I just got into bed, because I literally felt heartbroken myself. I was thinking, “I don’t know how she can recover from this.” She now has so much to explain, not just why she’s been married, or why she didn’t tell him, or that it’s not her real name; now she has to also explain how she got herself in a situation where it looks like cheating, and that she wasn’t cheating. I wonder if it’s just all too much to recover from.

Does this force her hand to be honest about her husband with Alex?
It might, but I almost feel like she’s so terrified about it that I don’t even know if that will. I have no idea. She already thought she’s lost him by the time she gets in that bar with DeLuca. Still, that wasn’t enough to tell him. That’s how frightened she is about it and how much she thinks that she’s also trying to protect Alex. It’s a really sad situation. I remember doing this scene with Justin, I said to him, “I really don’t know how I can recover from this” — I speak like I’m my character — “How do I explain this to you?” He’s like, “I don’t know.” You hope that maybe their love is so strong and so unconditional that it doesn’t break them, but I don’t know how it can’t at this point.

Alex really wants a normal married life. Right now, Jo can offer him anything but. How do you think this is going to change their relationship since this is a lie from the very beginning?
Alex has come from an abusive place himself, which I’m assuming he’s talked to her about, a difficult home life, so I don’t understand why — well, I do understand why she hasn’t told him, but I would feel like, from his point of view, he would think, “Why haven’t you told me that part? Because I would understand.” Again, she feels like she’s protecting him.

Presumably we’re going to meet Jo’s husband.
We don’t know. We have no idea, just like how I literally didn’t know any of this backstory until recently. I want him to come in, and I don’t want him to. I feel like I don’t want want to see him, because I know that’s someone who’s deeply, deeply affected her in a negative way. Then there’s a part of me that wants him to come so that maybe she can really, truly move on from it, because it’s still something that’s really affecting her. It’ll make for a very interesting story line.

Who would be your dream casting to play Jo’s abusive husband?
I think that it’s actually important for him to be charismatic, because he’s described that way. I think that’s interesting, and it also makes him even more of a dangerous person that he’s not obviously someone that’s abusive. I think that’s why she originally fell for him. I hope that it’s someone charismatic.

Jo also fears Alex will go after her husband. If we do get to meet him next season, do you expect that to be the case?
I mean, look at the way Alex went after DeLuca. [Laughs.] I cannot even imagine what he would do to an ex that he knew had been that abusive to her. I can’t even imagine.


Seriously though, this is one of the most emotionally intense movies I’ve watched in a while.

It helps that the movie keeps itself focused on what’s important, which is the conflict/sisterhood between the two protagonists, and the challenges they have to get through to reach to their happy ending. But the way to that happy ending is so full of surprisingly dark and twisted blows. From the parents dying to Anna being the target of the meanest twist I’ve seen in a Disney movie.

However, there is enough comedy, songs, and likeable characters that the ride doesn’t feel too heavy handed. At no point it cheapens the drama or it overloads the pathos. It’s one of those rare movies where everything seems surprisingly well balanced.

My only problem with the movie was the unbelievable amount of hype it created. I mean, wow, this is a huge movie inside and outside the screen. Granted, its quality justifies this appreciation, but I’ve put it back for this long so I could see it without the hype affecting my reaction. So with that said, count me as one of its fans, this movie is really, really good.

And now, if you excuse me, I think I’ve unintentionally traumatized the Royal Sisters. I think I’m in trouble.

A Goodbye

**AU Sherlolly. The Sign of Three episode.**

Molly sat alone at a table in the back of the intimately decorated ballroom taking a short break from all the dancing and merriment. Tom was enjoying a spin round the dance floor with someone’s lovely matron aunt.

He was a kind man. A good man, but… not the man for her. Apparently, she had a type. High functioning sociopaths.

She had struggled with her doubts after the engagement and well, after today’s events her decision was made. She felt relief at making up her mind, but sadness quickly followed with the knowledge that she would end up hurting him.

The wedding had been beautiful and of course how could there have been a wedding of John Watson without a crime to solve.

She shook her head slightly as she smiled at the memory of Sherlock’s best man’s speech. She had worried for him, even going so far as to mention her fears to both Mrs. Hudson and Lestrade.

She clearly should have known better. She knew Sherlock cared for John and they all were able to see just how much today. In his socially awkward, unpredictable and yet, loving way Sherlock had made the most incredible dedication to a friend, Molly had ever witnessed.

“It was perfect.” She muttered to herself.

“What was perfect, Molly?” asked Sherlock as he sat down next to her. His deep baritone sending small shivers down her spine.

Under the table, Molly’s skirt gently swayed against his tuxedo trousers as she turned towards him. “Oh, hello there. Your speech, of course.”

“Perfect, was it.” Sherlock said as their eyes met. She could see the pleasure at her words flash across his brilliant eyes, but sadness hovered around the edges as well.

She reacted as she always did to seeing Sherlock in pain. She wanted to comfort and help him. She reached out and placed her hand on top of his where it rested on the dinner table. “Yes, perfect Sherlock.”

At the touch of her small, warm hand over his, Sherlock thickly swallowed back the emotions only she seemed to make him feel. Of course Molly would see past his typical facade to the slightly messy bundle of a man he was tonight. For weeks now, he had been fluctuating between resisting change as strongly as possible and wishing John and Mary his absolute best. During today’s ceremony, he had finally come to peace with the fact that with this change, his life would be infinitely richer. His family had just grown a little bit bigger, especially with the unknown package that would be arriving in 8 months.

Sherlock glanced down and took a moment to follow the delicate line of Molly’s arm from where her hand lay upon his. He could see that the constant tension that she had been carrying lately seemed to be gone. Her breathing was calmer, her shoulders relaxed and her fingers steady upon his, displayed her quiet contentment. Something had changed and he believed he knew exactly what. He wasn’t the only one who had come to an important decision today.

Gently squeezing Molly’s hand in gratefulness and shared understanding, Sherlock rose from his chair and held his hand out to her. “Would you like to dance, Molly Hooper?”

Molly looked over to see Tom still enjoying his dance partner and then turned to Sherlock and gently placed her hand into his. “Perhaps one dance.”

As Sherlock led her to the dance floor where he surprisingly twisted her in a perfectly graceful turn before gently pulling her loosely into his arms, Molly felt the happiest she had in ages. Yes, her decision was made.