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Arm wrestling

Doctor Who: I bet you a twenty that I’m stronger than you!

Supernatural: Oh yeah?! You’re on!

Doctor Who: Let’s settle this like men!

*Supernatural wins*

Doctor Who: *sobbing*

Supernatural: HAHAHA! Hey, Lock! I bet you’re even worse than Who!

Sherlock: I bet that Hetalia is stronger than you

Supernatural: Huh–?

Doctor Who: hEY HETA!

Hetalia: Ah! Yes, Doctor Who?

Sherlock: Nat thinks you’re too weak to win an arm wrestling match against him

Supernatural: Hey I–

Homestuck: *Snickers*

Hetalia: That’s a little mean…

Supernatural: *Frowns* Hetalia, I–

Hetalia: Let’s do it! *Smiles* Go easy on me okay? Ready?

Supernatural: *Blushes* Y-yeah I–

Hetalia: *slams Supernatural’s arm*


Hetalia: Oh I’m sorry! I just thought you’d be a lot more stronger!

DW/SL/HS: *Hysterical laughter*

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REEEEEEEEEE i love your style sm,,,, anyway ik this is canonically impossible but could you do fefetarquiussprite^4 i'm so fucking curious to see what you'll come up with

ok so this is prob the only combo over three im gonna do but it was too good to pass up, thanks for all the nice words!

i think a particularly smart writing decision that Hussie made early on was inventing the concept of ‘troll words’. not only is it hilarious and genre-aware and a way to avoid making up a language, it also lets him repeatedly rescue cliches. “I was really just shoving my strut pod down my own ignorance shaft,” is much more inventive than “I really put my foot in my mouth” ever would be. Hussie does it over and over: ‘don’t let the meowbeast out of the bag’, ‘i guess she just isn’t my container of scalding leaf fluid’, ‘like march-bugs at a lawn-meal’. They don’t come off as trite, even though the only real reason they’re funny is that the reader knows the idiom they are referring to. 


and thats a wrap !


They both try too hard.

Despite being my patron I never draw Kanaya enough. I absolutely love more alien designs for trolls so I decided to test things out with Kan. It went really fast and really well surprisingly????