surprisingly my dad got these earrings for me

POC Headcanon Series

Being Sam Wilson’s daughter, and dating Peter would include…

  • Sass. So much sass. Living and breathing sass (Mainly Sam’s fault)
  • Steve always trying to be the ‘responsible role-model’, which usually ends in you making fun of him
  • “Okay, grandpa, I won’t throw my food at you anymore.”
  • Sam not knowing what to think of Peter
  • Tony liking you and your snarky attitude so much that he’s tempted to adopt you
  • “C’mon, Wilson, she could be a mini-Stark. Stark Jr. Stark #2.”
    “Tony, for the last time, you’re not adopting Y/n.”
  • Sam being creeped out by Peter’s abilities
  • “Is this stuff coming out of you?!”
  • Being really good friends with Bucky, despite his on-going war between your dad
  • Becoming a double-agent for Bucky and Sam, which you find hilarious
  • “Y/n, why are you hanging around Barnes?”
  • Sam sniggering in the background when you’re training with Peter, and demolishing him (Because you’re just that awesome)
  • Inviting Scott over just to piss off Sam
  • “Y/n, what’s tic-tac doing here?”
  • Peter ranting to you about how cool your dad and Steve are
  • “They’re like a crime-fighting super duo!”
  • Natasha teaching you how to be bad-ass
  • Natasha also being your listening ear about guy problems
  • Stealing the EXO-7 Falcon and flying around the tower
  • “Y/n, give me back my wings, right now!”
  • Surprisingly being really good friends with Fury
  • Sam glaring at Peter all the time, because he still hasn’t forgiven him for webbing his hands to the airport floor
  • “Y/n, your dad’s scaring me.”
  • Visiting Riley’s grave with your dad, and just standing there for a while
  • “We miss you, Riley.”
  • Clint teaching you how to climb the vents inconspicuously
  • “So, you’ve got to be quiet, and don’t make any noise, no matter what.”
  • Helping Peter with his homework, even though he’s smarter than you in maths.
  • “I think the answer’s 42.”
  • Smuggling in random animals into the tower
  • “Y/n, no.”
    “Y/n, yes.”
  • Wanda using her telekinesis to play pranks with you
  • ‘Accidentally’ destroying parts of the Avengers Tower
  • “Y/n, for the last time, you can’t keep blowing up the kitchen. We eat there.”
  • Rhodey convincing you to call Tony ‘Mr Stank’ every time you see him
  • “Hey there, Stank.”
  • “Shut up.”