surprising no one i imagine

The official SU page on Facebook posted a clip from the episode with this description and, I dunno, I just really like that they did that

Oh would you look at that, Ashton posted a new instagram video

They literally posted a video of cal whipping eggs with moans in the background, I chose the right band.

Oh what is that piece of paper under the bowl? Must be a recipe or something like that.

Well I cropped it but it’s upside down let me just flip it…

Well this wasn’t what I was expecting.

HAHAHAHAHA OMG THEY HAVE AN ARTICLE ABOUT PURSING A CAREER IN THE EGG INDUSTRY. Legitimately it is about a guy looking for the elusive jobs in the egg industry! This guy learnt the ropes under “Gail’s patient guidance”, and he worked under a man named Bob Beauregard, wow this is actual gold. I am sorry I find this way funnier than it actually is, but omg DID YOU KNOW JOBS IN THE EGG BUSINESS WERE ELUSIVE?

Alright, I have to admit. Vegas was a huge step up from LA but now it feels weird not to have music booming in my ears all the live long day…. Anyway, now that I’m here, how’ve you been, sweet stuff? 

Kim Mingyu | Highschool!AU

i might have gone overboard w/ this one but i cant help it!!! mingyu is so nice to write for, i love him. bulleted post bc i tried so hard to write a thing but it was too much for me to handle..

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Replace VI Novel “海を渡った「キセキ」”(A Miracle That Crossed the Ocean) English Translation Parts 5-6 of 13

This took longer than expected to get out, but it’s here! Thanks for the wait guys!

Parts 5-6 were quite short so I combined them! In these parts we find out more about Aomine’s friend/rival in Hawaii, Tiki! 

Next update: Seirin’s Next Generation Part 5. This part is a bit long but I’ll try to get it out this week.  We’ll finally get to meet the other new member, Yagi Yuuta!!

And now the adventures of Ahomine continue

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Chocolate Abs [ft. J-Hope]

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a b s; 

shortened verson of rectus abdominis - swoon-worthy thing that makes one drool and lose shits

Genre: One fluffy cupcake with six-pack of chocolate wink

Word count: Way too short

It wasn’t the fact that he jogged past your house every single morning that freaked you out. No, it was the fact that he did all that while being shirtless, shamelessly showcasing his swoon-worthy body that threw you off the edge.

Blame your hormones for that.

He was attractive, you’d give him that. But that didn’t make everything less annoying, it only frustrated you further. You were fully aware that your thoughts were freaky and weird. Any other girl would die to be in your position, or live in your house just to watch him jog by your window every single morning. to be more precise

But you didn’t. And the reason why was…

You had grown a crush on him before even knowing.

It was pathetic. You didn’t even know the guy, except for how his chest and abdomen looked.

Yeah, real creepy there.

Plus, the sight of the six-pack guy was making your heart jump in excitement. No one had ever managed to do that before. Except for…

Your chocolate-bars and those had been a part of your morning since you got your first pimple. Eating chocolate-bars for breakfast was something you were not ready to remove from your life-style anytime soon. Although it was unhealthy as hell, you could just not stop eating them. You truly hoped that you weren’t the only one feeling that way…

You had been effortlessly stalking him for the past three weeks now. Effortlessly because you didn’t have to do much, sitting beside the window and eating your chocolate-bars with half of it smudged all around your mouth was something that you had been doing for years.

So, fifteen seconds per day, sometimes up to twenty if you were lucky, was the time it took him to appear into your view and then disappear.

Kind of freaky now that you thought of it. How he managed to capture your heart in such a short amount of time and without even trying.

Ugh, you felt easy and pathetic, once again.

You didn’t want to be obsessed, you truly did not! But it was really hard to stop, it was kind of addicting - just like your chocolate-bars - to see him (and his abs, yum…).

Then the fourth week came and everything kind of changed.

At the fifth second into your freaky-staring-mode, he turned his face, rather slowly and looked at you. Right into your eyes. And grinned.

It all happened oddly fast, but it still managed to send you backwards.

You had fallen onto the ground at that point, disappearing from his sight.

You were so embarrassed the next morning that you decided to eat your chocolate-bar in the living-room. It was frustrating to not be able to see him, and that happy grin of his again.

He had smiled so brightly at you yesterday. Like, his perfect teeth literally shone as he did that.

You let out an annoyed sigh when you heard a firm knock on the door but still went over to open it. The moment your eyes met his for the second time, you almost fell on your bum.

“H-Hi.” What is air?

Oh gosh. You weren’t dreaming, were you?

“Hi, I’m Jung Hoseok.”

[Writer’s Note:]

Sorry guys, couldn’t help it. Saw a picture of him and saw the outline of his mouth-watering abs. I just couldn’t stop myself…

masterlist whoooooo

hi guys!!! so i finally updated my masterlist since doing a blurb night with hannah last week!! i’ve got some really cool stuff in the works so stay tuned:-)

One Shots ~

Blurbs ~

I’m so happy to hear that Harry’s checking out colleges, okay. Everyone was like “He’s going for a solo career after 1D” but literally no one thought the boy would wanna study again. No one considered that he would want to pursue Law, Sociology, Business, and all the stuff he wanted to do before joining X-Factor. I love him.

Word Count: 1175

Triggers: None

A/N guess who makes a surprise appearance!

Requested by Anonymous

You met Nate when he was still in the legal business. He was Mr. Ford back then. You hadn’t seen him in a while, not since you were eleven, but you couldn’t forget a man like that. He was always trying to do the right thing, no matter what. So when you grew up and moved to Boston to get away from your nagging father, it was fitting that you ran into the one and only Mr. Ford whom you had admired for all those years.

“Mr. Ford?” He looked up at you with surprise?

“Um, I’m sorry, do I know you?” You chuckled and gave him your name, which seemed to jog his memory. “Ah! What brings you to the big city?”

“Trying to find a job, not really that successful, though,” you told him, shrugging your shoulders.

“I was just going back to this bar I know, why don’t you come with me and we can catch up?” You smiled and walked with him back to a bar called McRory’s. He got you a coffee, but you were interrupted before you could even begin. A young man came over and sat down next to Nate.

“New client?” You raised your eyebrow in confusion. Client?

“No, no Hardison, just an old friend, go see if Sophie has someone, I’m busy.”

“Oh if now’s not a good time, it’s really not that big of a deal, Mr. Ford,” you tried to back track, realizing that not everyone had the immense amount of free time you had recently found yourself with. Hardison rolled his eyes and stalked away, but again, before you could begin, you were interrupted.

“Priority client, upstairs,” a woman said as she strode quickly by the table. Nate rolled his eyes.

“C’mon, we’re not going to get anywhere down here.” You were a bit perplexed by the latest statement. “I’ll figure out what everyone is so antsy about and then we can talk, promise.” You nodded, but you were still hesitant when you followed him up a flight of stairs to an apartment. In it were five other people. You followed in behind Nate, who sat you down at the counter while he dealt with his client. He tried to talk in a hushed tone, but you could still overhear what he was saying. You tried really hard not to listen, but the harder you attempted to shut your ears off, the louder it seemed he would talk, and you eventually gave up and tried to distract yourself with something in the apartment. On one wall was a series of six TVs. Splayed across all six there were what appeared to be blue prints, and the man with long brown hair and a skinny blonde woman seemed to be arguing about something. You glanced over at Mr. Ford and saw he was completely engrossed in his conversation, so you walked over to see what the two were fighting about.

“No, Parker, you can’t go through that vent, it’s a steam vent!”

“I could, too, you just have no imagination.”

“The best way would be through the roof, no one expects the roof.”

“Actually, there’s pressure sensors on floor just inside the roof access, so you can’t do that, but you could repel down and cut the glass of one of those higher office rooms, they don’t like security very much when they’re up that high, and no one expects the inquisition from the windows.” You felt blush creep its way up your neck and into your face. You hadn’t meant to say that out loud. The two who had been arguing turned to face you. The man was suddenly on the defensive.

“Who the hell are you?” You swallowed and took a step back.

“Sorry, I, don’t worry, just forget I said anything, sorry,” you tried to make it back to the counter, but Mr. Ford had stopped his conversation. You hadn’t noticed because you were too engrossed in your own plan.

“Ya know, that’s actually a pretty good plan,” the blonde woman said. Nate then escorted the client out of the apartment and closed the door behind her.

“Whatever happened to staying at the counter?” He asked you. You felt your blush deepen.

“I’m sorry, I’ll just go, I’ll be out of your hair –“ You went to leave, but he stopped you.

“How do you know so much about the security of that building?”

“My dad did some insurance thing there, he’s been trying to help me find a job, obviously he’s doing a pretty shitty job of that,” you said, trailing off, “Wait are you going to steal the NSA files that are in that office?” Mr. Ford simply stared at you. “Ok, well it’s good that we’re all on the same page here, cause you can’t just steal those files, obviously they’re a little more secure than just locked in some metal filing cabinet.”

“You’re totally cool that we’re going to steal classified government documents?” The tall man from earlier asked. What had Mr. Ford called him? Harley? Harry? Hardison? You shrugged.

“I’m sure you have you’re reasons. And if anything, I’m getting back at my dad for following me here, so it’s a win-win for everyone.”

“Then I guess I should introduce you to my team.” Mr. Ford did just that. You were right, the man from earlier was Hardison. Along with Hardison, there was Devereaux, Spencer, and…Parker. Parker was introduced with only that name, which tripped you up. You didn’t want to be rude, so you just nodded and went along with it.  

“You realize that you can call me Sophie, right? None of this Ms. Devereaux nonsense. You can call him, Eliot, and you can call him Alec, or Hardison, we all call him Hardison.” Sophie was trying to make you feel more comfortable. Nate had decided to treat everyone by taking them out to a local 24 hour diner he knew of to celebrate the success of the con. Several times you had been essential to stopping Parker from tripping a silent alarm, or Hardison from tripping in general.

“It’s just weird. What should I call Parker?”

“Just Parker. That’s all we call her. We never got another name.” You pursed your lips. You’d never met anyone whom you couldn’t call Mr. or Ms. It was just weird to you. After a minute, everyone had order and you were all swapping stories about different places that you’d looted, or things that had been stolen. Then the front door chimed open and you felt an immediate sense of dread. A man walked through the door and went straight to your table.

“Hello Nate.” Everyone froze. Nate put his hand out to stop Eliot from leaping up and strangling him.

“Sterling.” Nate’s voice was full of poison, but it was as if James Sterling hadn’t even heard what he’d said. You felt your blood run cold when you heard him say, “Hello, darling. Fancy seeing you here.” You swallowed your bite and looked up.

“Hello dad.”

Darlin’, You Give Love a Bad Name

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It was after a particularly brutal hunt that it happened. Both you and Dean were too emotional and when you were cleaning off a wound on his chest, you made eye contact with him. That eye contact led to a kiss which led to a passionate night shared between the two of you. When you woke up in the morning, Dean’s warm arm was thrown over your naked torso. You slid out of his grasp and went straight to the shower. When you were out and dressed, Dean was still asleep so you decided to pick up some breakfast for the two of you. You left a note for Dean telling him where you had gone and left to find some food.

When you got back, Dean was showered and ready, so you wordlessly tossed him one of the breakfast burritos. You opened your own and ate it while scrolling through your phone. When the two of you finished, you both loaded up the car and then Dean went to check you two out while you sat in the front seat of the impala waiting for him to return. You played with your hands in your lap as you heard heavy footsteps, that you recognized so well, approach the car. The car door creaked open and the car shook as the hunter got into the car with you.

“Listen, Y/N, can we talk about last night?”

“Dean, let’s just leave it as it is, a mistake that will never happen again.”

You couldn’t bring yourself to look him in the eye and rested your head against the window. You could both feel and hear the car door slamming shut.

“Right, a mistake,” Dean repeated back to you.

You could hear him fumbling with the tapes for a particular one before loading it in. You heard a Bon Jovi track begin to play, but Dean fast forwarded through the tape until he got to “You Give Love a Bad Name.” Dean turned up the song and began the drive back to the bunker.  As soon as the song ended, Dean went back to the beginning of the song and played it again, but this time he sang softly with it.

After the fourth time Dean played through the song, you asked him, “Alright, I’ll bite, why do you keep playing this song?”

Dean pulled off onto the shoulder of the road and paused the song before telling you, “Shot through the heart and you’re too blame, Darlin’, you give love a bad name.”

You looked into his eyes for sincerity before leaning forward to press your lips to his. After a few seconds you pulled away from his lips and rested your forehead against his.

You whispered back, “I play my part and you play your game, you give love a bad name.”