This is a tv commercial in Belgium (and the Netherlands too I think).
I know most of you won’t understand what’s being said, but the concept is very clear and I just think it’s pretty funny and cute.

(Basically the rabbit thinks he’ll be on the menu for Christmas because those people are buying new knives, a book with recipes like ‘rabbit with prunes’, … And when they take him out of his hutch, he thinks that that will be the end of his life. But in the end there’s a nice surprise!)

“Surprise” – Not really crazy about this (have I mentioned I’m not really that crazy about painting/sketching actual kisses–they’re hard to make aesthetic), but I think it’s as good as it’s going to get and folks have asked for a kiss. I kinda like the slightly rough quality of it and love how Cat’s hair came out (the loose curls can be challenging).

Edited to add:  Just looked at this enlarged and y’know, I think I actually like it better than I initially thought. This is why I post things sometimes, helps me get a more objective view on my work. Most often than not, I find mistakes I missed or conclude something isn’t as good as I’d hoped, but sometimes it goes the other way and I like it better. Yeah, it’s flawed, but there are some really nice things about it, I think.

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there’s a trio of cats at the sanctuary that we call “the cows” bc they’re all fat black + white cats and yesterday my mom was chatting with me and she was like “OH!! you know who does like tummy rubs?? the cows!!” and for a second I forgot that she was talking about the cats and I was wildly trying to remember where on earth the cows at the sanctuary are kept


Bunny sneak attack!! #bun #Bunbun #ninja #binky #surprise #rabbit #personal

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