surprised turtle

Henry, Yorkshire Terrier/Poodle mix (6 y/o), Urban Resource Institute (URI), NYC • “A study showed that 48% of people delayed leaving a domestic violence situation because they didn’t have a place to go with their pets. URI People and Animals Living Safely (URIPALS) is NYC’s only program that allows domestic violence victims to live in a shelter apartment with their pets. Most of the time it’s cats and dogs, but we also have a surprising number of turtles in the program. These animals are such a source of comfort for our survivors. Having their pets here makes it feel much more like home – it’s a subtle but dramatic shift.” • “I was a domestic violence victim of my husband of 35 years. He was abusive towards us financially and emotionally and I wasn’t allowed to have an animal in the house. I knew I shouldn’t get the dog, but my sixth sense as a mother told me to get the dog. He’s been an emotional support for my son through all of this and I would not have come to the shelter if I couldn’t have brought Henry with me.”

As some of you may know tomorrow is Ushijima’s birthday, but did you guys know that tomorrow is ALSO Aone’s birthday? I bet you didn’t, so I’ve taken it upon myself to give you all some Ushijima AND Aone  birthday head canons (will there be Ushiten? a little bit, but what did you expect from me

  • Aone likes his birthday, but a lot of people never ask him when it is, because of this the only people who really know are Futakuchi and Hinata
  • Hinata and Futakuchi tell everyone to wish Aone a happy birthday
  • Aone got his pet turtle when he was five, it made him so so happy. When he got it, it had a little turtle party hat and had a red balloon tied to it
  • Aone’s parents would always throw parties for him, but they made him uncomfortable b/c he didn’t know/wasn’t friends with any of the other kids there besides Futakuchi
  • Futakuchi plans a surprise party for Aone (even though he knows Aone doesn’t like getting surprised) which consists of turtle themed everything, the entire Dateko team, and all of Karasuno
  • Hinata gives Aone a bunch of turtle plushies, including one gigantic bean bag turtle. (Aone was blushing real hard, also I think Aone having a small crush on Hinata is adorable.) 
  • Ushijima is used to spending his birthday alone b/c his mom was always busy, so when he got to high school he thought it was going to be the same thing, but it wasn’t
  • Tendou and the other third years plan the entire thing, it is both volleyball and farm themed
  • Ushijima is really happy when the others get him a cake in the shape of a volleyball even if he doesn’t like cake that much
  • Ushijima gets a lot of volleyball stuff from the non-starters, the regulars give him a bunch of gardening equipment and flower seeds. 
  • Tendou gets Ushijima a bunch of anime figures and buys the complete manga of Sailor Moon for him. Ushijima appreciates the gesture, but wishes that Tendou wouldn’t spend so much money on him. (or would at least give him a kiss or something)
  • Ushijima is also taken to a petting zoo, where all the baby animals flocked to him. (Tendou and the others took so many pictures, it’s not even funny)
  • Alternatively, Imagine Ushijima and Aone meeting at the petting zoo and bonding over their love for baby animals. (they don’t talk to each other much though, just little acknowledgement nods) and eventually Futakuchi decides to invited Shiratorizawa to Aone’s party 
  • (Ushi blows out the candles on his cake and wishes to continue being friends with the other third years, and maybe to hold hands with a certain red-headed middle blocker or a kiss, that would be fine too)
  • Aone wishes for the well being of the team and for his friends, and his turtle. he also wishes for another turtle to keep turtle #1 company when he’s not home. (Aone is so cute, so pure)

I just wanted to makes some birthday head canons for tomorrow, also don’t forget that tomorrow is also Aone’s birthday not just Ushijima’s. I wish them both happy birthdays!!

What is this planning you speak of?

I am terribly guilty of doing a lot of my assignments last minute. This year, however, I’m very determined to change that. 

For starters, I’m starting an essay a month in advance and it’s daytime as I’m writing - it’s not 9pm the night before it’s due… how odd!! Because if I’m being really honest, I never start essays this early. And the main reason I’m starting it now is because I have very little choice. It’s 3000 words so there’s no way I could do it the night before, and starting this Monday I have a months worth of placement.

So this process is kind of new to me. I mean I’ve written essays before, but I usually skip the planning part. My method tends to include just pouring out paragraphs and hoping that they make sense. Today I’ve realised there is a much more sane method (only took me a few years to reach such an epiphany) - plan ahead.

To some of you this may sound silly because teachers have been telling us this since primary school and you probably already do so, but it really does help to plan. If you don’t already plan your essays, I implore you to start doing so!!

Having a structure to follow is amazing - especially when you need to look for references to back up your arguments. Sooooo much easier when you know what you’re going to argue.

Basically, I’ve been doing this backwards for so many years… and now I’m wondering what is your process for essay writing?